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"Delgado!" Chloe called. She was wandering around the garden behind the pool, looking for the German Shepherd. After a persistent (and rather embarrassing, if you were Delgado) barking period outside that temple, Rachel and Sam had taken Delgado with them back home, to be Chloe's 'body guard'.

She spotted Papi and Rosetta a few feet away. After a couple months of grieving for losing Chloe to Delgado, Papi had fallen for Rachel's new Chihuahua (seems that chihuahua lovers run in the family!). Rosetta was laying under a lilac tree watching Papi play with their puppies. All seven of them. Six rambunctious boys and one little girl, the runt.

"Hey! Watch my cola(1) little cachorros(2)!" he said, rolling back onto his stomach and standing, shaking them off like raindrops.

"Papa!" Viola, the littlest, squeaked from his back, albeit muffled as she had a good hold on his collar with her teeth. "Mi pequeño guerrero (3)!" Papi laughed as she slid off.

"Papi, Don't get them too riled! It's their bedtime!" Rosetta called.

"Of course, mi corazón(4)," He said lovingly, before turning to the pups, "You heard your mama. Bedtime!"

"Papi, Rosetta!" Chloe called quickly, before the pups settled down. She didn't want to disturb them too much.

"Aunt Chloe! Aunt Chloe!" Seven pups immediately started bombarding her with questions.

"Where's Uncle Delgado?"

"Why aren't you wearing booties?"

"Tell Papa and Mama we don't need to sleep!"

"Where's Uncle Delgado?"

Chloe laughed. They were so hyperactive.

"I was going to ask your parents. Rosetta, Papi, do you know where Delgado is?"

"No, sorry Chloe. Did you check the pool area?" Rosetta offered, as Papi started rounding the puppies into the white doghouse a few yards away that Viv had bought for the new canine-family, beaming ("I'm a grandmother!")

"Yes, he wasn't there."

"Sorry, Chloe. He hasn't been around the garden today." Papi said, using his nose to scoop one of the boys, Aleksander, into the plush pillow floored doghouse.

"Ok. Thank You anyway, guys. Goodnight puppies!" She called, sleepy goodnights coming back.

She smiled, turning away. Puppies were so cute. As she walked away, she couldn't help but think that Delgado and herself would never be able to have puppies of their own... She shook her head. She shouldn't think about a depressing topic right now. She had to find Delgado.

"Delgado?!" She called, entering the house.

"Chloe?" She heard Viv coming in the front door, and smelled her Chanel no. 5 as well as...


"Hey, cariño (5)." He bumped noses with her and she leaned against his leg.

"Where were you? You've been gone all day!" She said, looking up at him.

"Sorry. I escorted Viv while she was shopping."

"Oh. I see."

"Chloe! Look what I bought for you!" Viv beamed, leaning down and fastening a little silver tiara on her head. It had a dozen tiny diamonds sparkling on it, and a little elastic to keep it on her head.

"Oh!" She twirled around a few times, smiling widely. "It's beautiful!"

"Yes you are, Bello(6)." Delgado smirked at her blush.

"You're so adorable!" Viv picked her up and rubbed noses with her.

"Thank You, Viv! I love it!" Chloe said, licking her.

"Oh I love you too!" Viv set her down. "Now you two go play; be good!" Viv laughed, going upstairs with her bags.

Delgado licked Chloe's face so that her front legs left the ground.

"Hey! Delgado!" Chloe laughed, before licking his leg. She smirked for a moment, before biting it as well. Not hard though.

"Chloe!" he stepped back, eyes narrowed.

"Catch me!" She laughed, running away.

"I'm a police dog! You won't get far!" He raced after her, reaching her a minute later in the pool area. He grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and threw her in the pool.

"HEY!" She squealed, surfacing.

"Hey is for horses, Princesa(7)." He shot back.

She rolled her eyes and swam to her attached island.


"Spoiled Princesa."

"Of course! I'm a Beverly Hills Chihuahua!"


"So, I'm supposed to be spoiled. You're a Beverly Hills German Shepherd."

"Uh no. Mexican German Shepherd." Chloe rolled her eyes and he joined her on her island.

He laid down under the umbrella and she curled up next to him.

"Urg you're wet." He grumbled, however did not move.

"Your own fault." She smiled as he moved her between his front paws, putting his head on her back.

They were silent for a few minutes, just enjoying the sunset.

"...Delgado?" She asked.

"Yeah kid?" He asked sleepily. She rolled her eyes. He still called her kid.

"Have you thought about...puppies?" She asked and felt him start. He obviously wasn't expecting that.

"Chloe...we can't. It would kill you, you know that. I can't risk that. Not ever." He said, 100% awake now.

"I know that...but, if we could, would you want them?" She asked. She knew that they couldn't.

"Of course, Chloe. Why would you think otherwise, cariño?"

"I don't."

"Then what brought this conversation up?"



"Papi was playing with his puppies and I wondered if you felt like you were missing out." She admitted.

Delgado sighed.

"Princesa...I have you. I am Feliz(8)."

"Thank you, Delgado."

"You're welcome. Bedtime, Princesa?"

"Please." He laughed and got up.

"After you."



(3)My Little Warrior

(4)My Heart





I hoped you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it! next chapter up soon :)