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Chapter 7: Inner Feelings

The evening sun fell upon the beach as Shadow and Sierra sat underneath the shade of one of the palm trees. Shadow's back was against it while he had his arms around his wife. Both were enjoying watching the sunset, like they always like to do. "I love the way the ocean looks at this time of the day," Sierra said.

"I know, it's even better when you're right here with me," Shadow said.

They both looked at each other and smiled. "As it is when you're with me," Sierra said.

"I love you," Shadow said.

"I love you too," Sierra said.

Their lips met each other's as they kissed. Once they broke apart they went back to watching the sunset. Shadow then spoke, "when do you think they'll be back?"

"Soon, I know it," Sierra said.

"You know, when they get back we should do something special for them," Shadow said.

Just then Sierra thought of something, "I know, we should cook them a nice dinner."

Shadow liked it, "that's a great idea." They both then stood back up and dusted the sand off of them. "Why don't we get started on it now."

She nodded, "lets." They both headed back into the base holding hands.

In the hanger the sub rover surfaced, once the controls were locked down the rovers started to exit through the hatch on top. Once they were all out Hunter looked around the hanger. Colleen noticed this," what's wrong Huntie?"

"Mom and Dad always greet us when we come back, wonder where they are," Hunter said.

"We can find them after we debrief," Colleen said.

Hunter nodded, "alright then, lets go."

All the rovers then made their way to the briefing room and waited for Master to come. They soon saw him walk in to the room, "good work rovers, I'm glad to see you all back safe and sound. I've just gotten word that the USS Nimitz docked back into the port and the terrorists were handed over to the authorities. The whole crew onboard the ship sends their gratitude for helping them in their time of need. You all did an outstanding job once again. You're good dogs rovers good, good dogs."

Hunter turned to everyone, "To The Power of The Pack!"

They all responded with their usual calling, "AAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOOO!!"

Once the debriefing was over Hunter and everyone else went in search for Shadow and Sierra. As they neared the kitchen they all started to smell something good. Once they all entered they saw the table filled with some delicious looking food. There was roast beef, Mashed potatoes, noodles, and some buttermilk biscuits. All the rovers were surprised at the food setup in front of them. Just then they saw Shadow and Sierra enter the room. "Welcome back," they both said.

"Wow, mom dad you both did this?" Hunter said.

They both nodded as they walked towards them. Sierra spoke, "we thought we give you all a welcome home dinner." The both of them hugged everyone as they returned it.

"That was nice of you, thank you," Colleen said.

"Yeah, thanks," everyone else said.

Everyone then gathered around to sit and began eating. Once they took a bit of the food they were amazed on how it tasted. "Wow this is really good," Axel said.

"Yes it is," Ariel said.

"Ja, it's great," Blitz said.

Everyone else also agreed, which Shadow and Sierra smiled at. They all then resumed eating. Hunter then took the time to look over at Blitz and Krystal. Both were sitting next to each other, smiling, and he could also see them eyeing each other. 'Something definitely must have happened between them' he thought as he resumed eating, all happy for his friend.

Soon they all finished and cleaned their dishes. It was late so they all decided to head to bed. Axel and Ariel were tired so they fell asleep in seconds.

In Hunter and Colleen's room they both got changed and climbed into bed. Hunter then spoke, "you Colleen I think something happened between Blitz and Krystal earlier."

"What makes you say that?" Colleen asked.

"They were both eyeing each other during dinner, and both had smiles on their faces." He explained.

"They were?" she asked. Hunter nodded, then she smiled, "well it's good to see those too get closer."

"I know, I'm glad it's working out for him," Hunter said. "Something tells me that it's turn into some better then what they have now."

"I agree, I really see something special between them," Colleen said.

"We're just going to have to wait to see how things unfold." They kissed before lying down. "Goodnight Colleen."

"Goodnight Huntie," Colleen said before closing their eyes and falling asleep.

In Shadow and Sierra's room the both of them were in bed talking a bit. "You know it was a nice thing we did for everyone, I'm glad you suggested it," Shadow said.

She nodded, "I know but you helped me think of it."

"I'm glad I was able to help," he said.

Both smiled as they held each other's hand. "I love you so much," Shadow said.

"I love so much also," Sierra said.

"I'm glad we're together," Shadow said.

"Me too," Sierra said.

They kissed each other then lay down. "Night love," Shadow said.

"Night love," Sierra said. They closed their eyes and were asleep in moments.

Out on the balcony overlooking the beach Blitz was starring out into the ocean thinking. Krystal was on his mind right now and was thinking things over. The time had got to spend with her alone was great and strengthen his feelings for her. He just didn't like her, he loved her. The small moment when they embraced each other made him relished it. This made it even harder for him to tell her. 'How can I tell her how I really feel? How can I say that I love her?' he thought.

"Blitz?" a voice said.

Blitz turned and saw Krystal behind him, "oh hey Krystal. What are you doing up?"

She walked towards until she was right next to him, "couldn't sleep at the moment just some things on my mind, you?"

"Same thing," Blitz said. They both stayed silent for a bit. 'I have to tell her now, I hope I can manage this' he thought. "Krystal I…I need to…talk to you about the moment we spent on the ship."

She nodded, "I need to talk to you about that as well."

Blitz's heart started to race after hearing that, "what is it?"

She started to speak, "I…I really felt safe in your arms." That surprised him a lot. "now I really feel safe and happy when you're near me. I felt something inside me."

Blitz then decided to speak, "it made feel something also. When I held you I felt peace, like a certain part of me deep down awoke. Something I just can't keep inside anymore."

They turned their heads and faced each other, "I love you," they both said at the same time.

They both were shocked at hearing what each other said. "You…you do?" Blitz said.

She nodded, "you do also?"

He nodded also, "I…do but I was afraid you didn't feel the same."

"I loved you also, but I wasn't ready say anything to anyone yet," she said.

Both of they hands then touched each other, but they didn't mind. They then stared into each other's eyes as their heads moved closer until their lips met. They held the kiss for a minute the broke apart with smiles on their faces. "Wow," they both said.

They then hugged each other, "thank you," Blitz said.

"For what," Krystal asked.

"For returning my love," he said.

"Thank you for returning it also," she said.

"Why…why don't we talk about this more in the morning," Blitz suggested.

She nodded, "yes, I'm feeling tired right now."

They both then walked over to the rooms. They were just outside of Krystal's room. "Night Blitz."

"Night," he said.

She entered her room, leaving Blitz alone in the hall with a smile. He too left for his room also. They both were in bed, thinking about the event that just happened. They both then fell asleep with a smile on their faces.


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