Intriguing... This idea came to me during a daydreaming session as I watched a Chopin concert the other night. I been craving sad, tragic Amuto stories lately (especially the Amu rescue Ikuto plots), so I thought I might as well write one myself. And this is what I came up with xD

I hope it's not too dark for you guys (let's just say it has an.. interesting plot)

Outside the storm whirled. Flashes of lightning streaked across the sky, the wind moaned as it lashed at my window. The clouds crashed together, booming as they struck. I pulled my blanket closer around me. I was cool and spicy Amu Hinamori. I couldn't run to my parent's room. I had to stay, stay and brave the storm.

"Amu-chan.. we're scared, desu," said a small voice. I turned and saw Su, Ran and Miki looking at me with wide, frightful eyes.

"Hop on in then," I sighed, and they quickly snuggled up next to me, huddled under the soft quilt.

Another flash of lightning. I gasped. There was someone outside my window. Flash. A tall figure, bent down low. My heart thumped in my chest. Flash. A shadow, staggering on my balcony, hands clenched. Claws. Suddenly there was a knock on my window. I snuck a glance at my clock. Three o-clock in the morning. Who on earth..?

Quickly I jumped out bed and pulled open the curtains. I gasped.


He tapped on the window again and looked at me with pleading eyes. Sighing I opened the door and he stepped in, midnight blue hair dripping wet.

"Ikuto! It's three in the morning! What's going on -"

"I have to tell you something," he grunted, leaning against my wall. I looked at him in shock.


"Amu, I love you."

My eyes went wide. Did I hear correctly? Did he just confess?

"Ikuto, this isn't the time for jokes.. it's three in the morning!"

"I'm not joking." He was whispering now, his wet blue hair covering his face.

"I don't understand."

"They're coming for me Amu, because of what I did."

Horror washed through my body. What did he mean, 'they're coming for me, because of what I did'? Suddenly my mind whirled to the night's previous news my mum had made me watch.

"We have just received reports of a murder that took place at around five-thirty this afternoon," the reporter had said as the words 'breaking news' flashed across the screen. "A woman in her late thirties was found dead lying on a footpath with several gashes to her chest. Police say the murder weapon appears to be what local thugs call 'three-clawed dagger'."

"It is believed she had a camera that was found hours later in an empty block, smashed up with what seems to be the same weapon used to kill the woman. Investigations are still underway."

Ikuto spotted the look of horror on my face and pain flashed through his eyes.

"Amu, I swear, I it wasn't -"

"You.. You murderer," I muttered, tears springing to my eyes, "you killed that woman?"

"Amu.." His chara transformation had long worn off as he reached out to me. I angrily slapped his hand away. He looked at me with hurt eyes. Behind him Yoru and my charas looked at us with wary eyes.

"I'm sorry, Amu. Goodbye."

" jerk! Murderer!" Tears flowed freely down my face as I screamed at him, too shocked and confused to do anything else. "Why don't you just go.. go die! I hate you!"

Suddenly the mask that he always seemed to wear fell apart. My heart felt like someone had wrenched it from my chest as I looked into his eyes. Pain, anguish, despair, and some other emotion I didn't understand swarmed across his face. The light in his dark eyes faded as he turned away towards the door. His face.. It was if his heart had shattered.


He turned to face me, giving me a look that stopped my heart.

"I won't let them get you," he whispered, looking away again. And there was a flash of bright white light as more lightning streaked across the black sky. Then it was over. No light, no stars, no moon, no sun. No Ikuto.

For that was the last time I ever saw that black cat.

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