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"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day, they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. They have no speech, there are no words; no sound is heard from them. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the end of the world." ~ Psalm 19:1-4.

Kouichi struggled against the goop pinning his arms to his sides. He'd hoped it was stretchy, but instead it was just like Dad's pitiful attempt at oatmeal this morning: practically solid, yet painfully sticky.

"Lexi, look out!" His brother's shouts echoed throughout the cavern. Kouichi glanced up just in time to see the centremost head coming down right in front of Lexi. Its sticky, slimy tongue shot out and grabbed her, and before anyone could react, it pulled the girl in and swallowed her whole. "LEXI!"

Kouichi could only stare in shock as Hydramon licked her lips – all seven of them – and actually smiled. That monster had just eaten his friend! And now she turned to her next target: Kouji. He wasn't moving at all, just standing there, frozen in apparent shock. The head furthest to the right shot its tongue at him. "Kouji!" Kouichi screamed, "Move!"

A blur passed in front of them, and Hydramon reared back in surprise. Izumi hovered there, in Fairymon form, holding the tongue in both hands. Kyousuke was nearby, too. Also in his warrior form, he stood at the ready. "Didn't anyone tell you it's rude to stick your tongue out at people?" Fairymon asked mockingly, before pulling hard and flying around. That one head was dragged around helplessly, while the other six continuously snapped at her. Eventually, Fairymon let go, and by then, Hydramon's long necks were all tied together in one large, complicated knot.

"Thanks, Izumi," Kouji breathed. Fairymon whipped around and glared at him. "What?"

"How hard is it to call a person when you need their help?" she snapped, "It took us forever to find you guys!"

"I tried calling you, but you were out of range!"

Suddenly, Hydramon began writhing around, gagging. Bright shafts of light came from her mouths. Without warning, she spewed out a lot of smelly green mush. Various cries of disgust came from the group. A tall figure covered head to toe in the slime rose up from the mess, and raised one arm towards the water, which rose obediently and formed into a huge tidal wave.

Kouichi held his breath as the wall of water slammed into them. He felt the goo holding him get softer and release its grip. He ripped his arms free and swam for the surface. Kouji, Takuya, and Junpei had already broken free, and were treading water a few feet away. Tomoki soon popped up beside him, quickly followed by Shinya. Fairymon hovered overhead, and Rochemon stood on a stone pillar he'd created. "Nii-san!" Kouji called, swimming over to him, "You okay?" His bandanna had almost slipped off his head.

"I'm fine," Kouichi replied. A much smaller wave hit him in the face. He coughed and sputtered to get the salty water out of his mouth. Looking around, he realized that someone was missing. "Hang on! Juan hasn't come up yet!"

That wasn't their only problem. Hydramon, now untangled and enraged, burst out from beneath the surface, shrieking. She was about to bear down on them when... "OCEAN TEMPEST!" A huge column of water shot up.

Floating on top was a humanoid elfin Digimon with pale green skin, pointed ears, and waist-length dark blue hair. She began moving her arms in a continuous circular motion, creating a huge whirlpool with Hydramon more or less trapped in the middle. Then she turned to face them. "Are you guys okay?" she asked. Koichi had a feeling he knew her, but couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Fairymon flew over to her and stared her right in the face. "Lexi!" she cried, "I knew it!" That was Lexi?

"Of course," Kouji murmured, "Hydramon ate the Spirit, so when Lexi got in there, she used it to Spirit Evolve. Hey Bokomon, you know who she is now?" Kouichi looked around and finally spotted Bokomon and the other Digimon, who'd scrambled to a ledge above the waves' reach.

"She's Mizumon!" Bokomon shouted back. He had to shout because Hydramon was making quite a racket. "Ranamon's purified form!"

"Well, now that that's cleared up," Kouichi reminded his brother and friends, "Don't you guys think we should help Juan?" Takuya nodded, and he and Kouichi both dove under. Despite the salt water burning his eyes, Kouichi fought to keep them open. Like everyone else, Juan's bindings had dissolved in the water – ironic, considering where they came from – but he clearly did not know how to swim. He was floating motionlessly, eyes shut, and mouth open. Kouichi swam over and grabbed the boy's left arm, while Takuya took his other side. Together, the two of them pulled him up to the surface. They all gasped as they came up; Juan coughed and hacked, shaking like mad.

"Are you okay, buddy?" Takuya asked him. Juan coughed once more and slowly opened his eyes before nodding.

Fairymon, Iwamon, and Mizumon had been busy. The girls were combining their powers over wind and water to turn Mizumon's whirlpool into a huge, towering twister, with Hydramon caught inside, while Iwamon hurled the occasional rock using an attack he called 'BOULDER WAVE'. Kouji, Tomoki, Junpei, and Shinya had joined Bokomon on their stone ledge. Kouichi and Takuya swam over, still supporting their waterlogged passenger. "Come on, we should Spirit Evolve and help them!" Takuya cried.

"It won't help," Kouji reminded him, "Fire won't do us any good here, and that thing ate my D-Scanner, remember?" All eyes turned to Tomoki.

"Don't look at me," he insisted, "I dropped mine when we got snatched."

"Oh, yeah! We found it! … But Lexi has it."

Once everyone was out of the water, their attention shifted back to the fight. Fairymon and Mizumon released Hydramon, and the evil Digimon was now madder than ever. She shrieked at the girls; the sound sent shivers down Kouichi's spine. Fairymon moved forward to attack, but Mizumon stopped her. "I can handle this," she declared. Kouichi was shocked. The last time they'd spoken, she hadn't wanted any involvement with the Digital World. Now she was insisting on fighting a Digimon one-on-one? "Tidal Surge!" A large portion of the water shot towards Hydramon, slamming her into the other side of the cavern. Hydramon snarled, glaring at each one of them, and, finding herself outnumbered, dove under and swam for the cavern exit. Mizumon waved her arms again, shouting: "TIDAL SURGE!" and the waters slowly receded, until it was all back in the pool, and the ledge was about ten feet above the wet ground.

Fairymon, Iwamon, and Mizumon landed easily and returned to their original human forms. "Lexi, that was amazing!" Izumi cried, "The rest of us almost didn't have to do anything! We are so going to win this thing with you on our side!"

Lexi, who'd been staring at her shoes, looked up suddenly. She glanced at Izumi for a second in apparent disbelief. Kouji jumped off the ledge, landing without a scratch thanks to his years of kendo training. Kouichi slowly began to make his way down with the others, while still not diverting his attention from the conversation. "Yeah, that was really something," Kouji agreed, "I'm just glad you've finally made up your mind. Welcome aboard." He smiled and extended his hand to shake hers. Lexi didn't take it, though. She just stared at it for a second, then mumbled something, so low that Kouichi couldn't make it out. Then, for some reason, she turned and bolted. "Wha- Lexi, wait!" Kouji chased after her. Kouichi, Takuya, Izumi, and Kyousuke followed them. Lexi headed out of the cavern entrance and started scrambling over the rocks. Kouji caught her by the arm in no time, but let go a second later.

Kouichi reached his brother first, bending over in exhaustion after running so far. "Why'd – you – let – her – go?" he panted.

Takuya, Izumi, and Kyousuke stopped right behind him.

Yeah," Takuya agreed, "You had her right there."

"She said she needed to be alone," Kouji replied seriously, "And I know how that feels."

When a person has something on their mind, it's very easy to tell. The person in question has little attention focused on whatever is going on around them; they don't really hear what you're saying, they might bump into or trip over something in plain sight, it's impossible to have a decent conversation with them, and they often start staring into space.

Terukai noticed this right away, as he majored in psychology. He'd just come to the rec center to practise on his own for a few hours, and found the new kid, Kouji. He was going through an advanced form that Terukai himself had yet to master, but made a few obvious mistakes along the way.

"Hey, Kouji!" he called. Kouji didn't respond. He seemed distracted and distant. "Kouji!" The kid froze, apparently startled. He turned to look at Terukai, like he'd just snapped out of something.

"Oh, hey, Terukai," he muttered, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm guessing I'm here for the same reason you are. Got something on my mind. My sister just dumped this psycho and now he's driving the whole family crazy." That last bit wasn't something he would normally add, but he figured if he was up front and honest, Kouji would respond in a similar fashion. "Anyways, I always come here whenever I want to just think about stuff. So what's up?"

"Oh. Well… there's just a little drama going on with my friends, that's all. Nothing big, though. You're probably not interested." Okay, not as much information as Terukai wanted. This kid knew what game he was playing, and he was actually pretty good at it himself.

"Hey, I just spilled my guts. Now it's your turn."

"It's not a big deal," Kouji protested.

"Then you won't mind telling me what it is."

"Ever consider it's none of your business?" Hands in pockets, Kouji started marching towards the changerooms.

"Okay then, how a bout a little match?" Kouji stopped. "I win, you spill. You win, and we can forget I ever asked." Kouji turned to face him, his expression dead serious. Louis crossed his arms.


Both of them took their positions on the mat. Within twenty seconds, Kouji had found himself beaten. Terukai had counted on it. If there was one thing he prided himself on, besides kendo, it was his uncanny ability to read a person and judge their character. Kouji was a talented fighter, but only when he was focused. If his mind was wandering, like it had been just now, it was almost too easy to beat him.

The two of them left the gym area and headed over to the canteen. They chose a table behind one of the cement pillars holding the ceiling up to avoid the sun's glare as it sank below the horizon.

"Okay, so what's up? Remember, we made a deal."

Kouji sighed and fiddled with his straw. "Fine. A friend of mine… she made a decision that made get her in trouble down the road. And I let her. My other friends aren't all that happy with me. My own twin brother's mad about it!"

Terukai wasn't exactly sure what to say. When he spoke he chose his words very carefully. "I really don't know your friend, but maybe you should have a talk with her."

"It's not that simple."

"Just let her know what she might be getting herself into."

"That's not really the problem. Talking to her at all is a little tricky when I don't even know where to find her." He stared dully at the table, sipping his soda without realizing that he'd already drunken it all.

"Hydramon, you have failed me," a deep voice declared.

An exhausted and terrified-looking Hydramon bowed low before a large dark figure in the shadows. She screeched in her own language, which only The Master could understand. "Please, my Lord. They outnumbered me. Please have mercy, and I swear I will not fail you again!"

A sigh. "Very well. It seems these Legendary Warriors are stronger than I assumed." Several other creatures growled and hissed in fear. Never before had The Master been wrong.

"What do you propose we do, Master?" one asked.

"The Spirits. They are the Warriors' source of power. Spilt up and find them first."

"And the Warriors?" a third, more feminine voice questioned.

"Divide and conquer. They are much stronger together than they will ever be on their own. Separate them and destroy them. Now go, find the Spirits, my servants." Most of the creatures flew, slithered, or crawled away. Even The Master left. Only Hydramon and the third mysterious Digimon remained.

"What a waste," the unknown one spat, "Mantimon may have lost to the Warriors, but at least she did not flee from the battle. You are worthless to The Master's army." And with that, she raised her right arm, and – although it was too dark to see what she was doing – the effects were obvious. Hydramon screeched before being silenced – forever.

Lexi trudged along beside the train track. She didn't really have any idea where she was going, but she just had some thinking to do, alone.

Her D-Scanner was still in her hand. Kouji's was in her left pocket – she'd grabbed it while in that thing's stomach – ew – and forgotten to give it back to him – and Tomoki's was in her right. Make that another one she'd neglected to return to its owner.

Anyway, she just needed some time to think about this. She was undoubtedly stuck in this mess for good now, but what to do about it? Should she continue to fight for a normal life, or for someone else's world?

"Ma'am?" the waitress asked, gently shaking the woman who'd fallen asleep in her chair. Mitzuki slowly opened her eyes. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but we're closing now."

"Oh. Well, I'd better get going, then." She glanced around. "Wait a minute, where's my niece?. She was here with me."

"No one else is here, ma'am." The waitress turned and began clearing glasses off of nearby tables. "You were sitting at that table all alone."

Mitzuki frantically dug her cell phone out of her purse, spilling the contents all over the table, and dialled a number. It only range twice before the automated message came.

'The number you are trying to reach is currently not available. Please hang up and try again later.'


So, that's it until summer. Once again, I really am sorry. This is my favourite series, just so you know. Okay, so I only have one other series, which I do love. Speaking of which, here's a preview of the next bit - Avatar Niella 3: Airbending.

Quin wondered how his family would react if they saw where he was right now. Dad would go on and on about how he'd never left the village his entire life, then clap him on the back for fighting alongside the Avatar. Mom would shiver at the thought of him being so far away from home, but remark that she was proud of him. JangTsu would smirk and say something like: "Bring me back some of that blubbered seal-jerky, would ya?" Liya would tell him to put on a coat or something before a froze to death, and Korinn would give him one of her trademark toothy grins, before she wanted to go, too. Little Korinn, always speaking ehr mind, no matter what her opinion was.

An now she was the last one left. Quin wondered where she was now. Were they feeding her? Was she alone? Did she know her father was dead? Was she even alive? What if Azula and her followers had already killed her? What if they'd already done the deed before Quin and JangTsu had even left the base?

"Life is something that happens to you while you're making other plans." ~ Margaret Eillis Miller.