Chapter 115

Tegan had called, he'd not answered, she'd not left a message.

He'd considered calling back, but he didn't know what to say, wasn't sure what to say really. Except to be frustrated, a side of grumpy and...he just didn't know.

His phone rang again. He didn't bother looking at it and just answered it.

"Hello, yes?" He asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Brooding?" Wondered Judith in an amused tone.

"Back from time travelling, with Tegan," he answered simply.

Judith chuckled. "I think it's your casual tone," she commented by way of explanation. "Something's odd out at your village, want to distract yourself a little more?"

Harry sighed. Thinking again of when he took Tegan out there.

"That bad, it's not immediately urgent," she added reasonably.

"Just with Tegan," Harry began.

"And the time travelling?" Judith wondered.

He nodded to himself. "Yes, things were not great."

"Even after you took her time travelling?" Judith continued in a wondering tone. "She must've annoyed you, was aggressive about Oswin?" She seemed to pause. "Questioned something about you?"

Harry smiled. "You're very good at this."

He heard laughed in response. "Are you going to do anything?"

"Beyond brooding? Or hoping for distractions?" He continued "Is it urgent in the village?"

"No, don't worry about that, it's a curiosity in the village green for now, I'll investigate with Pats and the others to see if it's something of concern," she seemed to pause and focus more on him with her tone of address "you get back to your work. You try so hard to be the professional one in LPI."

"And fail a lot of the time Judith," he admitted.

"Which I'll let you get back to then," Judith finished and ended the call.

Harry put the phone down and returned to staring at the computer screen.

'Never throw anything out', that was something the Doctor had remarked to him on more than one occasion, often when he'd been emptying his pocket, or talking about how he'd bamboozled a governor of a colony or something.

On the screen were a set of coordinates which he'd saved a good few years ago when Daphne had asked for some information.

The Tungusta crater.

And now again, Jo, pointing towards it as a place where weird stuff had been taking place.

All pointing back to that region.

He'd like to go and have a look, but he felt like he only had one piece of the puzzle, and it wasn't even an edge piece. This felt more like a random piece from a different puzzle.

Running his fingers over the keyboard in thought he leaned back and looked at the ceiling and not quite wished, but mused on how his life was more simple when he was being shot at. There were rules...sort of.

The mission was simpler, even back in during the horcruxes, it was a quest that they didn't quite know all the pieces, but they had lots there to go on.

Now it just felt like there were a lot of unknowns.

Known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

What he needed was a good strange death to point him in the right direction, preferably one that someone else had already found.


"Strange deaths?" Harry Pearce asked looking at him with a raise eyebrow. "You don't have enough problems to concern yourself with Potter?"

Harry looked at him. "And MI5 Pearce? We saved the world, literally," he smiled. "I've been out and about doing other things..." he trailed off in thought.

Pearce nodded. "Yes, I can see. Why so obscure and vague a distraction Potter? Strange deaths is unusually vague," Pearce paused looking to him carefully. "Even for the esoteric of your league."

Harry leaned back in thought of whether to dance around the subject, but if this was dangerous then he'd need to be truthful about it, even if he hadn't worked it all out yet. "Drugs and wizardry, it's not something I've come across."

"But you're not so naive to think it doesn't exist," Pearce commented watching him curiously.

Harry briefly smiled. "I'm not so innocent," he paused. "But feel like I'm missing out on some things," he sighed and looked to the security services chief. "I took my eye off the picture for a bit Pearce, went off and..." he trailed off and smiled. "Had a bit of an adventure."

Pearce raised an eyebrow. "I know what that tone is Potter. Kate Stewart and UNIT not enough for you?"

"Their level of strange isn't what I and LPI are looking for, I think this might be lower level strange, that we're missing out on."

Pearce rose from the desk and pointed to the slightly more comfortable arm chairs.

"Alien drugs?" Pearce wondered after Harry had explained.

"And some sort of intersection between alien drugs and wizards, and there's a connection somewhere, but we don't have enough information," he paused meshing his fingers together in thought, then fixing Pearce with a look "Or enough bodies to start to work out why this is happening."

"And to stop it?" Pearce wondered.

Harry nodded. "I am well aware of the Westminster's..." he trailed off. "Caution regarding wizards, despite or maybe because of the work we've done," he smiled. "It did not escape my attention the relief you and M had that I was a more worldly wizard to be dealing with, and one to handle himself. Any enhancements, especially the result of alien influence helps no one."

"Except presumedly who is supplying these substances," Pearce wondered.

Harry nodded "Yes, and I'm certain there's others out there, it would be very random if that was the first body to come out of this," he paused. "Dangerous experience and what not are not isolated."

"Where did you find this body?" Pearce asked curiously. "Almost textbook drug user," he mused as Harry explained.

Harry nodded. "So says my associates," he sighed drawing Pearce's attention. "It was so much easier being shot at, leaning into the investigations part of LPI is annoying in its complexity," he finished in a half joking tone.


"Nice motor mate," said one of the people as he parked the E-Type outside an unassuming building behind a petrol station in Usk in Wales. "On K plates too," he whistled tilting his head looking at it with curiosity. "You got a few modifications going on it?"

Harry smiled at the man and nodded. "Just a few things to keep it going here and there."

"Looks like it gets driven," he said appreciatively.

Harry nodded. "It's either this or a TVR that's perennially in pieces," he joked.

The man laughed and nodded. "Aye, they're like that," he said with a smile as he walked away.

Harry walked around to to the back and removed a bag of notes and some more rare potions ingredients he'd picked up while in London.

Looking at the older style building, which only had a small sign on the front 'Cauldwell Research'. Harry wondered if somewhere there was a sign that said 'an LPI group' or something equally generic.

He did offer Owen a space, either for living or study and work or whatever with LPI, he'd offered the money up from LPI's bank accounts of cash and this...wasn't what he was expecting. If he was honest he hadn't really considered what it would be.

Inside the foyer of the 1980s era addition to the older main building Owen was waiting.

"Saw you chatting to my business neighbour, he runs the used vehicle business nearby," he paused. "Thinks it odd I walk in here," he gave Harry a look.

Harry smiled in acknowledgment of that.

"Told him the boss of the company who pays the rent is more into cars than me," he explained.

Harry nodded. "Bloke out there'd probably appreciate I cancelled an order for an Koenigsegg Agera," he paused and shook his head. "Excitement comes in different forms in recent times."

Owen raised an eyebrow and gestured through a door. "I'll give you the tour."

"Since LPI's paying the rent," Harry paused looking around the foyer.

"It's just for receiving packages, muggle or wizarding," he explained gesturing the chipped formica wood desk.

"Why here?" Harry wondered as Owen gestured through a door.

"There's no floo and this is a completely muggle site, and it's isolated and away from anything magical," he paused and gestured through a wide entrance. "Loading area through there, just in case," he said as they continued to walk. "Close enough to Cardiff if Ros needs to attend here."

"Bet that made used car bloke's ears prick up," Harry commented idly.

Owen shook his head. "New 'flashy cars' seem to interest him less."

Harry looked to him carefully. "How many spells to make him look the other way have you needed?" He asked casually.

Owen looked to him and shook his head. "I looked around carefully Harry, everyone minds their own business and within these walls no one cares, and there are plenty of wards around this space, but beyond that," he shrugged.

"Much more than not a healer Owen Cauldwell," Harry commented with praise.

"My laboratory through here," he gestured the double doors.

"What did this used to be?" Harry wondered as he walked through the double doors taking in the bunsen burner taps.

"It's been several businesses, latterly a brewing and nutritional yeast development, they went bankrupt," he explained and gestured around. "And it's been good, thanks to you Harry to have a specialised space."

Harry looked around the clinical off white walls, along with some timber cabinets holding potion making items and stuff floating inside liquids. "That reminds me," he pulled the book of notes out of his bag. "Some notes of mine regarding those drugs and some other notes I discovered during my sojourn that might be of interest. And the potion ingredients," he said of the bag.

Owen took both carefully, after he put them down he gave Harry a look. "You'll be wanting more bodies."

Harry gave him a look of surprise. "In general I don't go around looking for stiffs Owen, I generally try to avoid killing anyone," Harry finished mentally adding 'and occasionally fail at that'.

He smiled. "Most people would, if I opened with wanting more bodies would look at me oddly Harry," he finished with a smile.

Harry chuckled. "I'm not most people, just like you're not a regular healer," Owen made to interrupt but Harry held up a hand "Or whatever, and I agree, we need more data" he paused exhaling "I've come to realise a lot of those around me exist on the fringes, in a good way I think?" He finished musing.

"You've done well, I know plenty in the wizarding world who are on the fringes in other ways and..." Owen trailed off "Disappear off a cliff, or just end up riding their broom into oblivion."

"Metaphorically speaking?" Harry wondered.

Owen seemed to consider the question, shake his head and half shrug.

After a moment Harry wondered. "Do you have any more bodies?"

Owen shook his head. "Ros and Torchwood have been keeping a look out."

"My notes on the two drugs are also in those files, including the description of a person who might have been digging around where it grew," he paused to give Owen a brief explanation of what he'd found.

"If he was there in the 1960s and still active now it would have to be a wizard, not too old, certainly fits within the realms of someone experimenting," Owen paused. "Still it is odd," he looked to Harry. "Those that exist on the fringes keep to themselves, and if they're...experimenting they don't generally share," he paused "not until after they're dead, and even then the family hushes it up."

"Too many questions and not enough answers?" Harry mused. "I've heard that a lot through my life."

"And usually results in something revelatory?" Owen wondered.

Harry nodded. "Or someone shooting at me, death and all that."


"Death and all that?" Ros wondered. They were sitting in a restaurant near Torchwood.

He thought it would be nice not to just have tea down in the Torchwood Hub, Ros hadn't complained.

"And all that," he repeated.

Ros looked at him. "You've projected some sort of magical field around us haven't you?" she narrowed her eyes at him.

Harry nodded.

Ros gave him a thin smile.

"Was hoping for more bodies," Harry explained without preamble.

"You surprise me Potter," she said in a tone that suggested the exact opposite.

"Really?" Harry asked in surprise.

"It's been quiet around the hub and rift recently, some dodgy stuff with the city-wide free wifi according to Mickey," she paused a half frown on her face.

"It's because he was an identified terrorist who blew up number 10?" Harry mused.

"For all the right reasons," Ros commented dryly.

Harry nodded. "That's what I say when I blow stuff up," he paused then added. "Most of the time."

Ros smiled at him. "And the others?"

Harry smiled broadly. "Then it's just because people annoy me," he paused to sip some of his drink. "Most of the time."


With his visit to Wales something of a bust, no bodies no alien drugs, just a bunch of fairly administrative followup, he was now back at his home.

Looking at a copy of the Interesting Times that he'd kept in his bunch of files from 2002, it was more than 10 years ago, and a lifetime if he was entirely honest.

Thinking back to that time there, visiting with Hermione, investigating crytpozoological creatures and meeting the Doctor.

He wondered if something could have come through then, even according to his own research, and then confirmed by Jo and Luna's information that it had been knocking around since the 1960s.

That wizard who'd been in Tibet looking around there was a big question mark as to who he was.

But it was the vraxoin, where did it come from, how was it being used and who was using it? Lots of questions, and not many answered.

Leaning back in his chair he opened up the copy of the Interesting Times again, it was crumpled from being stuffed in his bag when he'd been in San Francisco last time.

Looking through the cheap pages, he skimmed through the pages and almost dropped the magazine when he came to some shots of Golden Gate Park, and there was the man described by Luna, in his check pants and purple jacket, he had dark hair, and despite the photo being taken from behind, there was a definite odd stance of someone not belonging.

Just the sort of stance a wizard would have.

He did let himself get distracted when he was over there, meeting his contact that he'd found by searching through the UNIT databases concerning weird stuff, or rather had found someone who liked to follow that sort of stuff.

Judith had her own contacts that he'd consulted too from her time...back when she did those clandestine things.

He'd kept tabs on a few of them since then, but beyond his brief work with the US Navy and NCIS, he'd not needed to return to the United States of America for LPI reasons.


While he would have liked to test the Xecotcovach X-2, with its all new space capabilities, it also had active weapons he and Ioan had been messing around with, and while taking an aircraft like that into any airspace was an interesting experience...Judith suggested it perhaps wasn't the best look. Especially as the weapons were still somewhat less than stealthy. They were on it to make a point, that he hoped LPI would never need to use.

He hoped that there wouldn't be another instance of a mad woman using dragons or stuff like that. Dangerous things, but while he was optimistic, it always paid to be cautious, so said a time traveller he once knew.

Finding somewhere to land the X-1 was still something of a 'pick an airport' experience.

"And of course you can't fly commercial," Judith had happily mocked him. He'd asked if she wanted to come along with him, catch up, but apparently her contact from those days of the early 2000s had passed on to new adventures in the intervening time.

"You enjoy yourself with your mate there," she'd said without explaining much more.

He'd briefly considered asking to land at Vandenberg, but that'd arouse more questions than answers.

He did want the Xecotcovach around just in case not that he was expecting trouble, but there were still this to do in the UK, and this was mostly a curiosity he wanted to investigate, something of the larger puzzle, the image on the box he still wasn't quite sure what he was looking at.

Captain Bilton and he had decided on Kern Valley Airport to put the Xecotcovach X-1 down at.

Harry had already called them and had words about an experimental aircraft, very secretive and everything. If he was honest with himself he suspected that he had an accent made the difference. Out in the Time War he never really noticed, people shouting about trying to kill him, it didn't really matter how the sounded, but here, it seemed to make a difference.

The 'super active' spells and charms that lined the in skin of the X-1, that could be rotated on and off, an ingenious system Ioan came up with meant they should be able to make the X-1 perceptibly 'someone else's problem and not worth looking at'. It didn't work so great for weapons, but activated no one wanted to look at his fancy former Concorde aircraft.


He opened the door to the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, it wasn't the same one he'd had when he'd last been in San Francisco with Hermione back in 2002, but it was similar enough. This one seemed to have been updated more so than that one, a nicer radio, the seats seemed to have been recovered recently.

Or maybe he was just noticing things more than he did back in the day. It had been a fun, exciting exploration, dropping into the Doctor's adventure, disposing of bodies, pushing others onto a plane to return them home, helping out unicorns.

And then, somewhere there had been another wizard, possibly sourcing vrax or something else, and he'd not noticed it while he'd been galavanting about.

And Harry'd also been helping out his source, someone who'd had his own contact with the Doctor, it was how Harry had found him after all.


"Harry Potter!" The man beamed at him as he opened the door of the large house.

"Bit of a step up from the bedsit you were sharing the last time we met," Harry began as the man embraced him.

"Hey, you've bulked up since last we saw each other," he patted Harry on the back as he welcomed him inside.

Harry laughed. "So have you, it's been what...?-"

He cut him off. "2013 now, and we met in 2002," he whistled and shook his head and gave Harry a look. "Long time for a benefactor of mine not to meet me," he gave Harry a pointed look.

Harry chuckled. "I gave you some cash when you were working out seismology concepts," he gestured around the entrance of the house. "This I hope is all you."

Gareth Fitzpatrick nodded. "Come on, let's get a drink and you can tell me what's got you away from the weird in England."

Harry stood looking at Gareth's 'bragging wall' as he called it, it was really a narrow wall off of the kitchen with a bunch of photos, him at UCLA with his seismology prediction tech, a photo from San Francisco that looked like he'd laid in the gutter to get a photo with a dodo, and one with ITAR in the background. Those were the ones he noticed more so, there were other photos with politicians and scientists around the outside.

"Which ones did you notice?" Gareth asked passing him a cool drink.

"Dodo, ITAR and seismology," Harry answered immediately eliciting a laugh from Gareth.

"Ya know I ask that question when people visit, no one's ever noticed the dodo," he chuckled and gave him a look. "But that was a special time in San Fran."

Harry nodded in agreement. "It's that special time I'm hoping you've still got some stuff from that time."

Gareth nodded eagerly. "Still follow the weird, if it wasn't for the Doctor all this might not've come," he gestured around him.

Harry must've looked slightly skeptical, or maybe it was just Gareth was used to the reaction.

"One question I know, when I had been with UCLA I pulled that original quiz," he paused. "He, the Doctor said 'answer the second question on you mid-term exam, not the third. The third may look easier, but you'll mess it up.'," he mused in a half British accent.

"Did it make a difference?" Harry wondered in a curious tone, wondering how many little things the Doctor had helped him with, and all those had made a difference for him.

Gareth smiled and nodded. "Not a lot, maybe not enough," he shrugged.

"A-" Harry stopped himself from saying 'a time traveller once told me...' as it was the Master when they'd had one of their chats back in the 1970s. "A friend once told me, that some little changes they might not have massive effects, but little changes might prolong the suffering for a few years, or make a war last a few years longer, and all because oranges instead of pears were presented at a dining table, or a book was missing from a library."

Gareth looked at him. "Weird friends you have if that's their go to example Harry."

Harry smiled carefully. "I do have some odd chaps in strange circumstances some of the time Gareth."

"I guess you're perfectly placed to know if this is the safest place to be," Harry mused as he followed Gareth down into the basement.

"You're one of the first to comment on that," he called up to him.

"Do you show many people your-" Harry started.

"Room of weird?" He asked as he dramatically turned more lights on, it just revealed some cabinets and tables. "Nah, visitors are more interested in the stuff up stairs."

"Huh," Gareth said looking at the crumpled copy of the Interesting Times that Harry had extracted from a pocket (which contained an expanding bag), but he didn't need to know that part of his 'weird' life. "Huh," he said again as he looked at the photo. It was a tone of interested curiosity, almost surprise.

Harry recognised it as a noise he sometimes made when he was trying to puzzle it out.

Gareth turned around to one of the filing cabinets behind him and started flicking through before pulling out a folder.

"I started following up people who were there in San Fran for that end of year," he commented as he flicked through the folder of magazines. They were copies of the Interesting Times. "We all had a weird time then."

"Not just meeting the Doctor?" Harry wondered.

Gareth shook his head. "There was that weird slime left in ITAR, as security we had to call in specialists for that," he paused and gave Harry a look. "Above me and David's pay grade, also met Doctor Grace Holloway, only found out about her after Wagg found out they stole the atomic clock," he paused and looked at Harry. "You said you knew something about it when we spoke last."

Harry shrugged. Only what he'd gleaned from UNIT-US and a few other agencies involved. "Some guy, a professor Joyce supposedly provided Wagg with a new one shortly after and it was all swept under the carpet," Harry paused adding "I only looked into it because I was curious, UNIT brought Holloway in for an interview," he gave Gareth a look "Anyone with a significant interaction with the Doctor is interviewed like that," he paused, he wasn't quite sure what the interview entailed, it was all hidden under a 'Black Archive' order, something he kept meaning to ask Kate about, but other things got in the way each time. Its lack of information on the UNIT servers was suspicious.

"Your tone doesn't sound confident Harry," he said looking to him curiously with half a smile.

"No, UNIT I'm sure you're aware has been through a few changes in its history," Harry commented.

"Not quite my field, also they've been pretty underfunded in my country, tried to speak with Brigadier-General Adrienne Kramer a few years ago, she didn't want to talk about it."

"Official Secrets act and all that?" Harry mused.

He shook his head and smiled. "Just didn't introduce myself very well, was a punk ass kid, she as a General."

"Doesn't stop me mad women, psychopaths, people trying to laser me, and generally insane people," he mused.

"And how many times've you met people like that?" Gareth joked.

"Quite a few," Harry answered immediately and then brightened. "None in the last week or two."

Gareth looked at him. "You're serious."

"Most of the time," Harry paused. "So what's got you so interested in my crumpled magazine?" Harry asked curiously.

"Got me distracted," he shook his head as he seemed to find the right magazine. "There's this idea, talked to some people, in the 'orbit of weird'," he looked to Harry briefly "heard about this concept of 'temporal chronic warping convergence' at a convention, it's about how certain places, ya know, places that have had rifts or portals near them kinda warp things around them, so" he paused pulling out a magazine out of a plastic sleeve. "Here is that magazine, published here, and more importantly it was in that area for most of its history."

Harry looked at the magazine, the cover was the same as his crumpled Interesting Times, but there was something...a chill went through him as he grinned broadly at Gareth. "That's so weird."

Gareth grinned and nodded. "Gets better, that guy you were curious about," he flicked through the pages and opened it up. "Take a look, he's not there."

Harry pressed his crumpled magazine open and looked between the two magazines. In one there was the guy, the wizard in his purple coat and checked trousers and in the other...nothing, just some unicorns. "That is beyond weird," he said and looked to Gareth. "Do you mind if I go and grab some tech from my car I'd like to run some tests."

Gareth nodded. "I'd love you to! Tech is what I do with most of my time, I'd love to see what your League gets up to," he gave Harry a look. "Since you rarely write or call," he teased.


Harry smiled as Gareth watched quiet observation as he pulled out his energy scanner from his bag, thankful his bigger on the inside bag was large enough to contain the energy scanner and temporal addition without needing to explain to him about transcendentalism.

"This is like next gen's next-gen-tech isn't it?" He asked curiously. "I had to push to get access to the advanced sensors at UCLA for the earthquake detection...but it's so small," he said as he leant in towards everything.

"Based on alien tech," Harry explained off handedly as he gauged Gareth's expression. "Or is xeno-tech the term?" He wondered. "It was a while ago," he finished to himself.

"You're so weird Harry," Gareth grinned.

Gesturing the temporal scanner over the two magazines they both gave off a fairly low response, but his...there was a small variance from Gareth's something...something was different, but it was a tiny one that he might not have noticed.

Frowning to himself he replaced the scanner in his bag and extracted his wand.

"'re actually a wizard, not just on the psychic paranormal level?" Gareth looked at him surprised.

Harry nodded. "I mentioned it when we met last time," Harry gestured with his other hand.

Gareth just nodded. "Do you think I could've travelled with the Doctor?" He asked suddenly.

"Odd question," Harry observed, he didn't start to cast any spells, just looked at the man opposite across the table they were stood at.

"Just...I love all this," he grinned "seeing you so casual like..."

"Travel with the Doctor..." Harry trailed off. "He's one of my oldest friends, but according to a few people who travelled with him, it messes you up."

"Apparently Grace Holloway and this kid Chang Lee, they both died; he brought them back to life," Gareth admitted with some skepticism and awe to his tone, looking to Harry for half confirmation and half query.

Harry nodded. "Some get stuck elsewhere, some die," he paused to give Gareth a look "permanently, some end up psychopaths."

Gareth looked at him. "You sound like you've had experience."

"With psychopaths? Yeah," he smiled in recollection for a moment. "And the other stuff, death and all that."

Gareth looked to him, seemingly to judge if he was joking or not.

Harry gestured over the two magazines with his wand, murmuring a construction of a charm and spell, parts which he'd messed around with in the Time War and parts he'd continued to mess with upon return. It would reveal if there was some sort of alteration of either on a temporal level. The base spell was based on the detection of a glamour, combined with detection of a time turner and then a few other things about manipulation of the environment. It did unfortunately require a sentence worth and a fair amount of concentration as he cast, and the results were less illuminating than his temporal scanner. Mostly some colours and a warm glow, all of which the multitude of colours he'd not quite worked out, but had the basics down to what he needed to know.

Gareth whistled quietly as a light mauve glow tinged with chartreuse sparkles slowly ebbing away to reveal a honey orange afterglow.

"Huh," Harry mused looking at the two magazines. "They're both true."

"True?" Gareth wondered.

"They both exist, they're both real, it's not like," he paused to half look over his shoulder "someone's gone back in time and created a paradoxical version of it or something."

"There's groups out there that revel in that," Gareth commented in an observational tone, not quite a query, but not quite one of first hand knowing.

Harry just nodded. "This I think is different, your copy, you're right is protected, and mine...mine is different, it's been affected."

"By?" Gareth prompted.

Harry half bit his lip in thought. "Time and its rolling effects I think."

"Not a great outlook by that tone Harry," Gareth commented.

Harry shook his head and smiled. "No, but it's one more piece to an ever growing puzzle Gareth."


"Ya gotta come and visit more often Harry," Gareth was saying as he walked him back up stairs and looked to him. "You are after all, someone who was there when I needed it, not to mention the weird, not many people know about it."

Harry smiled. "There's enough that know enough Gareth," he reassured.

"And if you ever need a US correspondent for your League..." he trailed off and pointed at himself.

Harry laughed. "You've got scientific stuff to keep you well and truly busy."

"Part time then Harry, gotta keep up with the world of weird," he countered with a grin.


I want to apologise (again) to everyone reading. changes, close and far and has left me distracted in odd ways. Just not being able to sit for long still for long and keep creative and get those creative ideas down on the page. Still have plenty of plans and future chapters, just getting it written seems harder than it once was. Brains are weird.

Gareth Fitzpatrick is from the TV Movie he's the guard at ITAR who asks the Doctor what's in his hand and the Doctor gives him a jelly baby, and the Doctor tells him which question to answer. His last name is from the novelisation.

I was going back through my notes / edits of past chapters and in chapter 17 when Harry goes to San Francisco and meets the Eighth Doctor and Fitz there, he mentioned his 'contacts'. At the time it was just a convenient way to advance the plot, but now realised I could fill that plot hole slightly.

I've in fact left a lot of these for myself 'just in case' sorts of things, so I have some leeway without needing to go back and edit things in or out.