Chapter 85

Ros Myers smiled when she walked into the ample garage of her newly appointed home in outer Caerphilly. She had travelled with Potter's associate Ioan to find a new location to move to and to set up LPI's Welsh HQ.

'An outreach, to keep a watchful eye over Torchwood and all the goings on there.' Potter had said. Even though he had re-formed Torchwood when he likely could have left it to be dead and buried in concrete; the usual method the government pursued for things they didn't want to deal with.

However it was clear he still didn't completely trust Torchwood, but recognised its need to exist.

Rightly so, now that she had been granted full access to the upper level security services information, information she'd not had access to in Section D and also Potter's copious notes that he'd 'retrieved' from Torchwood's computer systems.

Torchwood One, and Jack Harkness especially had had their hands in multiple pies and dark projects.

Potter had asked, once she'd chosen a house what she wanted to drive. Harry Potter, she had discovered from Ioan was obsessed with vehicles in a way that most, practically all wizards were not, not that she knew what wizards were like. Although her time recovering with the help Owen Cauldwell had broadened her understanding of the 'wizarding world', magic and their governance she still had questions, many of which Ioan, during their property search had answered.

He had even given her his home phone number, in case she had any questions, that in itself he noted was unusual for wizards to have. The friendliness and lack of multiple personas that working in the security services demanded had been surprising at first.

But Ros had quickly discovered, first that she was essentially dead and second that the League of Paranormal Investigations inhabited an area only popularised by UNIT and the upper echelons of the heads of MI5 and MI6, both of whom Potter was on first name basis with. The latter even within 6's own department only knew her by a code letter.

Potter had been concerned that she was rushing into her new role in Cardiff. But she knew she had to get out of that temporary house, she was beginning to think of it as 'home' instead of a layover to recovery. She needed to be in before Christmas, ready, in case there was another Christmas invasion. Potter had assured her that there was nothing 'big' to happen around Christmas, his information came from his 'sources'. His tone, like Harry Pearce's suggested he sourced the information from somewhere unlikely.

Thumbing the oblong of glass and metal that functioned as the key she unlocked the car. All she had said to Potter was that she didn't really care what he provided to drive.

She had thought he'd provide a new Jag, which Pearce often got around in when intercepting the Home Secretary for an on-the-move meeting.

She knew Potter wouldn't provide anything as boring as an Astra like the local police used.

The car had been waiting when she'd moved in. It was, according to Potter's note a little bit a cliché, to give a former spy this car.

But Ros didn't care, not that she'd tell Potter that.

What she did tell him was it was hardly practical if she needed to go out or off road into the countryside.

'You've still got Christmas Ros, and a triple garage.' Was how Potter responded.

Ros Myers didn't care, she felt in control and in charge of her life again. Getting into the Aston Martin V12 DBS she pushed the start button, bringing the car to life and set off for Torchwood in Cardiff.


Ros Myers walked into Torchwood, having made it down into the facility she found Martha and Mickey Smith seemingly investigating something already.

"Ros?" Martha still seemed surprised that she was here, despite setting aside a workspace for her.

Gwen Cooper, who was in charge of Torchwood had embraced having Ros present, Cooper had been part of the police force and seemed to value the idea of someone from the security services being present. That she was also now part of Potter's League was a side issue.

Martha Jones, Ros suspected had become used to being in a senior position with UNIT.

It was Potter that had suggested that they join Torchwood, Martha had previously worked with them, under Jack Harkness' command.

"Something the matter Martha?" She asked as she stepped up to the computers. Ros tried not to wince, Cauldwell had suggested she forgo carrying her cane, it was supposedly now hampering her recovery. She liked it, if only to use to beat irritating people out of the way when she was shopping.

"Red flash from UNIT Base 5," Mickey Smith reported.

Ros had been unsurprised that someone who Harry Pearce had run as an informant, who had previously destroyed Downing Street was a known associate of Potter's.

"Base 5?" Ros asked.

"Mount Snowdon" Martha answered. "It's small UNIT base built around a crash site on the mountain. They found it easier to study and secure it on site than take it away," Martha explained. Jones had, when she'd left UNIT taken a copy of their database with her, and when she'd joined Torchwood brought that. It had, from what she understood speaking with Smith helped rebuild their databases after the bombing.

Through LPI and Potter's own hacking she had access to most databases, including UNIT's own systems. Again it was something Ros noted Potter had not informed Martha.

Moving around to check the rift manipulator systems, Ros pulled up the logs of the past few days. Potter's notes on the rift manipulator were much more incomplete as he was the one who had rebuilt it following the explosion and had asked her to 'keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't swallow Cardiff'.

"Does the rift fluctuation correlate with the UNIT red flash?" Ros asked as she looked through the logs, this was something she was still getting used to.

"I hadn't thought to-" Martha began.

"Like a tee." Mickey Smith grinned as he pushed the information to her screen having evidently found the data faster than her.

"Then I think we should investigate, it's right on our doorstep after all." Martha said looking to Ros.


On the way to Mount Snowdon Potter called.

"I'm already on my way Potter." She said after she'd listened to him explain Kate Stewart's request.

"On the ball as ever Ros, I'm surprised."

"You don't wish to investigate yourself?" She asked curiously. Potter's association with Kate Stewart and her father was unusual though understandable given Potter's time travelling. A sentence Ros couldn't have fathomed a few years ago, not in the way she considered it casually so.

"Maybe. We have something we're looking into here," Potter paused. "If the rift's been a bit wobbly be careful Ros, energy scanner, gun and energy weapon, special bag, just in case."

"Should I request Owen's presence?" She asked as she indicated; following Martha's Range Rover.

"Not unless you think the situation would benefit from his input." Potter paused. "You are as aware of his expertise as I am Ros. I trust your judgment."

What she would appreciate was Cooper's return to Torchwood. Ros wondered if Gwen would be so quick to investigate a UNIT facility.

"Understood," she ended the call. Potter had yet to fully enlighten why he was cautious of Martha Jones, despite recommending her for the job at Torchwood. Ros knew she'd travelled with the Doctor, but there was something that Potter had alluded to concerning her that suggested mixed emotions regarding her to which he'd not fully explained.


"It's under a perception field." Martha was explaining over the radio as to why no one had noticed the red tower or piece of a rocket jutting out of Mount Snowdon.

There were no guards on the front of the facility, allowing them to drive deep into the mountain.

According the information Potter had sent to her and which she'd read as she waited for Mickey to manually open the gates to the entrance to Mt Snowdon. There had been an evacuation order at UNIT Base 5 ordered by a Colonel Tia Karim. All personnel had been evacuated from Base 5 by helicopter and ground based vehicles away to one of UNIT's staging area.

The incident with the 456 and the handling of events surrounding it meant UNIT was treading softly with regard to the government.

Ros doubted it wouldn't be completely settled until any other things that Harkness had been involved with had been uncovered. She wanted to investigate him, even if Potter hadn't informed her to do so, she wanted to uncover what else was 'lurking in the shadows' as Potter was want to say.

Coming to a stop she pulled the Aston Martin DBS near to, though a proper distance away from Jones' Range Rover she stepped out and walked around to the boot of the car pulling on sling pack filled with 'special things you might need'.

Like a powder that created 'instant darkness' and sunglass-like glasses that would allow her to see through the 'instant darkness'.

Plus what she had begun to consider normal; a range of explosives and detonation equipment. Along with several forms of energy and temporal scanners.

Some magical items finished off her special bag.

It was somewhat interesting that Potter would choose her, someone with no inherent magical ability to front LPI's presence in Cardiff, despite her 'psychic abilities' something she was still trying to understand, she hated it, the unknowing of it. Owen was 'on call' should she need it, however Ros was determined not to call him for every minor malady.

Nor was she willing to defer to Martha Jones.

Gwen Cooper she respected, as the head of Torchwood, she had several years experience.

Martha Jones' record was...interesting, and there was still Potter's cautious respect of her.

Potter, like Pearce was someone who seemed to trust rarely and there was something in Potter's relationship with Jones that suggested he respected her, certainly enough to recommend her and Mickey Smith for Torchwood, but still did not trust her implicitly.

But there was also what Ros knew of Martha Jones, gleaned from UNIT's dark project summaries; that she had been authorised to push the button, and would have done it, that she would have destroyed the world had Potter, Pearce and Mansfield not pursued their respective intelligence areas and prevented UNIT's Osterhagen Project from being active. That level of fanaticism was something valuable.

And dangerous.

Hooking the energy and temporal scanners to the side of her pack Ros looked around.

"We'll go ahead yeah?" Martha was asking her.

Ros nodded as she checked around them. Everything was quiet, as Potter had said, the base had been completely evacuated. Martha's UNIT overrides had granted them access to the site.

Ros chose to follow Martha and Mickey from the rear because that afforded her the best position to observe. Despite reading Potter's multiple documents and information concerning his and LPI's various interactions, this was still new to her. It infuriated her sometimes.

"We should check out the security room." Mickey was saying, Martha's expression of slight annoyance made Ros want to smile slightly but she didn't.


As Mickey was looking through the footage for the most recent incursion into the base Ros checked her energy scanners. There was something of a base level energy disturbance over the base and something else, she was just about to focus in on it when Martha approached.

"Find anything?" She asked.

"Possibly, Potter confirmed on my way here that there was an incursion onto this base," Ros explained.

Martha seemed briefly surprised by the information. "He only told you?"

"Potter is my immediate superior Martha," Ros said pleasantly. "There doesn't appear to be anything living left here," she revealed that much to Martha. "Nothing human," Martha added.

"Last authorised entrance to the base were two groups authorised by Colonel Tia Karim," Mickey was saying.

"Let's see it Mickey," Martha ordered.

Up on the screens two different camera angles displayed two groups of people.

One woman with dark brown hair, accompanied by two teenagers.

The other group was one blonde haired woman and a younger teenager.

"I know that woman," Martha was saying.

"That's Sarah Jane Smith, I danced with her, you know, when we were towing the Earth back," Mickey was saying.

"The other woman is Josephine Jones," Ros found herself saying. "She worked with UNIT in the 1970s."

Martha spun around to look at her, her tone almost demanding. "How do you know that?"

"Potter gave me material to familiarise myself with during my recovery. Included were associates of the Doctor currently present on Earth." Ros explained. Potter had explained it as 'people who travelled with the Doctor and returned to their origin time'. "Sarah Jane Smith was also associated with UNIT in the 1970s or 1980s," she idly added.

Martha was nodding. "What happens to them Mickey?" She returned her attention to the screen.

"After arriving in the base they're shown rooms and directed for some sort of funeral service," he said as he typed some keys showing different angles of a corridor. "Can't see inside. Then shortly after they arrive an evacuation order's given and all the camera data's wiped."

"So we don't know what happened," Martha said.

"I'll try the other sensors within the base it might have revealed what happened around the base leading up to it," Mickey suggested.

"Okay, while you do that I'll have a look around Ros why don't you-" Martha turned around to tell Ros where she should go to find an empty space behind her.


"What happens to them Mickey?" Martha turned away from her and returned her attention to the screen.

Ros stepped back slightly as Martha turned her attention to the screens before her and slipped her pack back around to extract one of the small pouches within. One of Potter's many magic expanding bags. It was a blue silk-like texture and held within it one of Ros' most favourite things of working with LPI.

An invisibility cloak. It was heavy, yet not as warm as its weight would suggest. Both Potter and Ioan had said they came at great expense.

Slipping it over her shoulders and drawing the hood over her head and fastening it together she calmly walked out of the room, past Martha Jones' peripheral vision.

Ros had decided she'd listened to Martha long enough, while she was working with Torchwood she wasn't under Martha Jones' command. She would work on parallel with Gwen Cooper.

Walking down the corridor she glanced at a map mounted on the side wall to locate the room where, whatever had happened her had happened.

According to the data logs when they'd come in after the evacuation no one had exited UNIT Base 5.

Which meant that Sarah Jane Smith, Josephine Jones and their various teenage associates were likely still within the base.

Unless they weren't, Ros thought to herself, patting her various weapons.

With UNIT, LPI and anyone who'd encountered the Doctor for a length of time caution was something she knew she had to be aware of.

At least as far as she had read neither Sarah Jane Smith nor Josephine Jones had attempted to destroy the world with a gigantic nuclear weapon. Jones, when she was Grant had, if the UNIT files were correct had saved the Earth a few times.

Ros smirked to herself, it was pretty obvious why the cameras had stopped functioning.

The corridor she was approaching was littered with detritus from an explosion.

Pulling the cloak off she stuffed it back into its bag, returning it into her larger bag while she checked her energy scanner.

According to it there was very little detectible energy. Clipping in the temporal scanner she checked it and walked in.

It was then that the alerts started on the screen.

Artron energy.

The Doctor or a TARDIS.

That was in the excuse for an operating manual that Potter had given her for the energy scanners.

He'd explained he'd built and rebuilt them and had never really thought about explaining it, to anyone.

Rather like Malcolm she'd thought on a very rare occasion when she was feeling nostalgic about her previous job.

Walking carefully around the room, which smelt like a mix of burning electricals and burnt chicken, she found one body.

"Likely Colonel Karim Ros," Martha said from the doorway.

"Very probably." Ros said as she moved around the room.

"What does your energy scanner say?" She asked.

Ros didn't look back as she moved around the room. "The Doctor was probably here." She said motioning at a square patch at the back of the room that had been untouched by the explosion.

"The Doctor?" Martha asked, far too eagerly.

There, Ros thought to herself turning back, was the thing she was most concerned about Martha Jones, the slight fanaticism concerning the Doctor. It was something Potter had not displayed.

"There's something you too should get to." Said Mickey Smiths voice over the radio.

"What is it Mickey?" Martha answered the radio.

"Two blokes have wandered into the base."

"Mickey, I thought we locked it all down when we came in?" Ros asked.

"We did, I'm not sure but it looks like they're LPI's speciality, I can't tell, looks like they're carrying something, not guns."

Martha turned to look at Ros. "Where are they now?"

"Walking down the central corridor."

"I'll go have a talk." Ros said.

"Do you want me to come with you Ros?" Martha asked as Ros was halfway out of the room.

Ros looked back to her. "Perhaps, stay back Martha, wizards are unpredictable."

"I know," Martha commented. "I've met Harry."


The two wizards, and they were so as soon as she looked at them Ros knew, were walking casually down the corridor.

Ros waited until they were a vocal distance away. "This is a controlled site, you should leave the way you came in, carefully," she said in a calm, steady tone. "The League of Paranormal Investigations, with Ministry of Magic assent. LPI has control of this site." Potter had said 'you need to say something to this effect should you encounter wizards'.

It was at this point that the wizards seemed to panic and concentrate.

"Martha get-" Ros began, she didn't so much see as feel it, the displacement of air and the ripple through her senses as one of the wizards attempted to disapparate.

"I've not really come up with a good explanation, but exposure on a site to alien technology seems to disrupt apparition. All the junk in my barns means my house is off limits. A lot of locations in London are the same and bits of Cardiff as well. It's some sort of energy disruption, I think." Potter had said. "Just be careful, well you don't but if they apparated in, they should get out."

There was a inrush of air and a noise of wetness impacting with the ground, then she heard the screaming.

Rushing forward she found him, half of him.


A failed disappaition. Owen had explained in quite graphic detail to her about. Potter had side-along apparated her in the past, but never had explained any of the potential issues.

Pulling open her bag she grabbed at her first aid kit and phone.

"Oh my god he's..." Martha was saying.

"Spray this the length of his wound." Ros pushed spray bottle into Martha's hands.

"But Ros he...that's what happens when it fails?" She was babbling.

Ros had stopped listening to her and had instead dialled her phone for Owen. "Owen, Ros, I have one wizard, failed apparition. Yes. He's alive and screaming for now." She gave him coordinates for outside. "I'll come out and get you, yes, one wouldn't want it to befall you."

Ros looked up to where the cameras were. "Mickey. Unlock the outer gates, I need to get my expert."



Ros watched as Owen worked, filling the man with various potions and attempted to locate the other half of his body.

She wasn't sure when she realised the man had lost too many fluids or maybe too much of his body.

"No. Too much," Owen said standing up and waving his wand around him. "They should never have attempted to apparate."

"Too much interference?" Ros asked.

Owen nodded. "I'll keep the body, I might learn something from it, Harry may be able to extract something from his mind. The brain wasn't damaged."

Ros stared at him for a moment, the casual way Owen sometimes spoke belied his exterior, he had told Ros more than once that he wasn't a 'healer'. Not in the way the wizarding world defined it.

He had helped her, through her ordeal, that was all she cared of from him.

But it was revealing.

"Yes," she said. "You'll take it to Potter's?"

He nodded. "As soon as I've mopped up here."

"I'll inform the others." Ros said walking away, attempting to avoid stepping in the blood.

Mickey and Martha were in the security room.

"Owen will sort both bodies out," she reported to them.

"Who were they?" Mickey asked.

Ros spared him a look. "Something Potter and Owen will attempt to discern, have you uncovered anything else?"

"Karim was definitely hiding something in that chapel room, probably alien," Mickey reported.

"We should probably contact Sarah as well, and Josephine and find out their side of this," Martha said.

Ros nodded. "I'll see if Harry wants to ask her."

-/ - \\-

"At least there's more of the brain left this time." Harry said grimly looking at what was left of half the man.

"I've never seen splinching this bad." Owen was appraising the body of the man he'd tried to save.

"Is this what would happen if you tried to apparate here?" Ros asked, she'd decided to come down to see if Harry could get anything out of the man.

Or rather the man's body.

"From what I understand from Harry it would be more akin to a fine spray." Owen replied.

"I've witnessed someone get through wards; I was washing blood out of my hair for a long time." Harry explained in a grim tone as he turned away from the body to get the set of probes.

"I have cut the skull in preparation as you requested," Owen said gesturing with his wand and Ros watched with some grim interest as the dead man's head was exposed.

"The software should interface with what remains of the organics and we might be able to get something." Harry explained.

Flicking a few switches and turning a power control dial the body twitched suddenly.

"It's just an electrical response." Owen said as he waved his wand over the body. "He's quite dead."

The monitor just flickered like an old TV.

"Gain up I think." Harry muttered to himself as he reached over and adjusted the levels and pushed the power up more.

"You do know what you're doing Potter?" Ros watched Potter.

"On a dead body?" Harry asked. "Not much. Once they're dead, as I've told Owen we generally don't consider further."

"And if you had to guess?" Ros asked.

"What's left of Cohort Dow probably, the guy in charge suggested there were splinters that broke away. The squibs with the US Navy never pursued anything further, not that I know of," Harry said as an image wobbled into view of UNIT Base 5.

Said base was now back under UNIT's control, Kate was very thankful to LPI, Torchwood's presence there remained unsaid.

"We need to go back before this," Ros said.

"Which is why it's useful to have a live subject to persuade and to motivate. The dead only say so many things," Harry paused. "Mostly to haunt."

"Should I..." Owen gestured the probes.

Harry leaned over and grabbed a bottle of a lurid liquid. "Something I've been messing around with I found in potions book, should help with conductivity, then maniuplate them," Harry explained as he handed the bottle to Owen who appraised the bottle curiously. Harry then looked to Ros. "Did you find anything identifying?"

"Identification isn't something you wizards go for," she commented. "You told me that Potter."

Harry frowned in realisation and returned his concentration to the work at hand.

"No and very few spells work on the dead." Owen added as he finished spraying the concoction on the man's exposed brain.

"Gently move the position of the probes, when I say so," Harry said as he moved over to his mind analysis machine and grabbed an extra piece of equipment, plugging it into the side and sonicing it in. It shouldn't work together, it was some sort of dream catching device, but the alien computer systems were very accommodating, most of the time.

"Start now." Harry said as he shifted the sliders controlling the machine.


Ros watched Potter and Owen manipulate the body. She could see why few people 'dabbled with this' as Potter said. There was something perverse about it. But with people who could literally pop in from nowhere, the information that could be pursued was limited.

If this failed, she and Owen would be pursuing more 'traditional' investigative work on their clothing, stomach contents and other associated things. Potter had indicated he had a few spells and potions that might be useful tracking their movement.

Something about this Owen seemed very interested in.

"Owen." Potter was saying. "What if we Cruciatus the body, would that give a reaction?"


Owen looked at him. "I don't know Harry. He's dead."

Harry looked back to the screen, they'd gotten as far back as the man's arrival at UNIT Base 5; displaying as a hazy image on the screen.

"If we're trying to stimulate his body, with that torture curse, shouldn't it be something that he would have done earlier?" Ros was asking. Harry silently praised Ros' thorough study of the basics of magic including the big three. He'd probably broken innumerable statutes with the Ministry giving someone as not-magical as Ros was the information he had. But Ros was an asset to LPI.

"What do you have in mind?" Harry asked. "I'm not your typical wizard."

"Shaving." Owen said immediately.

"I'll keep an eye on the analysis machine." Harry said and nodded.

"Ros, hold these steady." Owen said of the probes in the man's head.


Ros could see into the man's brain, there wasn't, for now a smell coming from the body, preserved as it was within Potter's fantastical fold up body bag.

"Ready," Owen said his wand levelled at the man's face.

"Do it," Potter said a look of concentration of his features as he readied himself to cast an 'unforgiveable' on a dead body.


Harry saw a pulse go through the man's brain and the screen fizzed and swam.

"Getting something..." Harry tried to adjust the power that was focusing in on the dead man's memories as he pushed the power up further towards what he'd decided was the 'red'. He fancied he shouldn't even be trying this on a dead man's body, if there was something like an instruction manual. Rather than a book of notes he'd in part written after testing it on himself.

"Looks like a house." Owen said as he moved the shaving spell over the man's face. "It's working, a mental trigger," he smiled with a surprised tone in his voice.

"The probes are getting warm Potter," Ros reported, with the two wizards casting spells she felt she needed to report to them the reality of the physical world.

"A few seconds more." Harry said as he adjusted the settings again.

"Very hot Potter," there was now an edge to Myers' voice which Harry only halfway noticed while he tried to extract as much information from the dead man's mind.

Then there was 'fzzt' as the circuit breakers cut in.


Ros scowled at Owen as he rubbed a paste into her hands. It was cooling, but she was still annoyed.

"I'll provide you with the images once I've processed them through," Potter was saying.

"I'll wrap the body up and take it to my facility." Owen said. "Then we can work out how to move forward," he focused on her. "You need to let that seep in Ros."

"Yes healer." She scowled.

"Come on Ros, I'll make a cup of tea. Owen can wrap up the body." Potter said casually.


"How are you going Ros?" Harry asked. "This is the first encounter-"

Ros cut him off. "With dead wizards, apparated in front of me."

Harry nodded.

Ros sighed. "What about Sarah Jane Smith?"

"She's seeing her son, she said she'd get back to me, I'll go round to her house later in the week. She confirmed that the Doctor was present, 'the young one with the bow tie and floppy hair'," Harry smirked.

Ros gauged him carefully. "You know which one that is I take it?"

Harry nodded. "I still believe my information is good, there shouldn't be any large scale invasions with impact this Christmas so we can afford to relax a little bit."

"And you won't reveal your source of this information?" Ros asked trying to press him again for more information.

Harry remained silent as the kettle boiled. "Suffice enough to say they're dangerous enough that the deal I have is with them and me, not LPI and not the Earth."

"Your neck's on the line with this agreement?" Ros sniffed.

"Yes," Harry said simply.

"Very well Potter," Ros said. "Do you have any idea when-"

"When you can remove the paste?" Said the amused tone of Owen. "When it dries completely Ros."

"Packed up everything?" Harry asked and motioned at the cups of tea he was making to Owen, he shook his head.

"I want to place proper preservation charms on the body and the remains, it'll be interesting I think to see what they reveal," he said bidding them farewell.

-/ - \\-

Harry pulled the hat he'd very acquired during his time in the 1970s down onto his head. He'd quite infrequently warn it since he'd returned from the 1970s.

But he felt, walking up towards Platform Nine and Three-Quarters he wanted to remain at least slightly incognito.

It was weird coming back here, as an adult. He'd called Andromeda, after he'd suggested that Teddy join them for Christmas and after he'd assured her nothing dangerous would be happening this Christmas, that he pick Teddy up.

Or Edward, whichever he'd decided to settle on.

Maybe it was Eddy, Harry thought with a smirk, that was a name Teddy had very much said his name was not.

The Hogwarts Express was just pulling into the station, the students streaming out.

"Harry." Said someone startling out his remembrances.

"Teddy. Or is it Edward today?" Harry asked giving the younger wizard a hug.

"Teddy, Edward at school," The younger wizard said with a tone of definitiveness.

"Alright Teddy, let's go then," Harry said gesturing towards the wall.

"Did you not want to be recognised Harry?" Teddy asked as they walked away from the platform.

"It's been a while since I was here when the train's here as well," Harry admitted. "I wanted you to have the full proper experience when you started, not me remembering and warning you about...whatever," Harry said with a shake of the head.

"Completely safe, not dangerous except Professor Longbottom's plant collections," Teddy reassured.

Harry laughed. "No creepy Potions masters or weird Defence teachers?"

Teddy shook his head. "Nothing like your old days Harry."

Harry chuckled. "Less of the old Teddy."


Teddy looked out the window of Harry's car, it was according to Dromeda one of his sports cars. Harry only owned one 'practical' car according to her.

Then there was a noise of the phone ringing. Harry looked to him briefly.

"Stay quiet Teddy and pretend you've signed the Official Secrets Act."

Teddy nodded. He knew Harry's organisation worked outside of the Ministry and with the muggle government and that he couldn't tell anyone about it.

"Pearce, it's Christmas, should I greet you with a merry or not?" Harry asked in a tone that sounded jovial but Harry's expression was less so. Teddy knew and had been taught that his metamorphangi skills required understanding faces and people's body language.

"Decidedly not Potter," said a man's voice.

"Trouble?" Harry asked.

"Perhaps, we have an operation in progress near Battersea Power Station it seems some magicalpeople have let off devices near by."

"How do you know they're not just terrorists?" Harry asked. It was the casual tone that Harry used, Dromeda had spoken of muggle terrorists and the wizards who had worked for Voldemort's government during the last war as terrorists also.

"Terrorists don't usually use fireworks, not unless they're incompetent."

"And you don't deal with useless ones like that do you Pearce?" Harry sounded like he was teasing the older man. He sounded older, Teddy could hear from his voice. Older than Harry. Not that Harry was old.

"No Potter. Are you able to deal with this?"

Harry seemed to think for a moment. "Yes, I'll deal with it personally, can I arrive blues and twos? Traffic's an issue, I'm in central London."

"Our operation doesn't begin for several hours. I'm informed there's no one observing."

"I'll sort it Pearce. Merry Christmas," Harry said.

"Thank you Potter."

Harry looked to him and smiled. "You don't mind a little detour Teddy?" He paused. "I do have a portkey in the boot if you want to go to my house, Daphne should be there soon."

Teddy shook his head. "If you don't mind me coming Harry."

Harry shook his head and gestured at two switches near above the gear stick on the dashboard. "Flick those two." He grinned at him.

Teddy reached forward and flicked them down. He heard immediately from the outside of the car and saw lights and sirens warbling as Harry simultaneously changed gear and the car accelerated faster than he'd gone for a long time.

It was the sudden acceleration and the way the landscape outside the car seemed to rush past that Teddy enjoyed.

"Hold on to the door Teddy." Harry said suddenly as he pulled the handbrake and the car suddenly slid sideways. "Traffic's awful, at least the Express comes in at a non-peak time."

Harry had said to him when he was old enough he'd teach him how to drive. 'Just because you're a wizard doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to live in the muggle world' Harry had said to him more than once, Dromeda had also said that to him sometimes when they took the bus into town.

"Who will be at Christmas Harry?" Teddy asked as the traffic thinned out and Harry turned off the sirens, but left the lights flashing.

"Daphne, her parents. Astoria's off somewhere in America chasing her new beau and Draco," Harry said.

"Hermione isn't coming?" Teddy asked.

"Hermione's got other family to see over Christmas, you might see her in the New Year," Harry said.

Teddy nodded as he looked over the bridge at the Thames.

"Nearly there," Harry gave him a look. "You'll need to stay in the car."

"But..." Teddy began.

"I know you're good at changing your appearance Teddy, but you know how dangerous things can get. Once I've had a look around, then maybe," Harry gave him a serious look.

Teddy looked up as they approached Battersea Power Station, he could just about see sparks and lights coming out of the top of it. Fireworks Harry's friend on the phone seemed to suggest.

There was a policeman waiting near the entrance.

"I'm expected." Harry said showing something to the policeman.


Harry left Teddy in the Exige while he got out and assessed the situation.

It looked sounded and more to the point looked like Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs, another thing that like the Platform he'd not really thought about for several years. While he'd purchased a few things from George to fill out Ros' kit bag for LPI in Cardiff the Wildfires had not been one of the things that he thought would be of use.

He grabbed a gun and holster out the back of the Exige and made sure Teddy was locked inside said vehicle.

Not that it sounded like there'd be anything problematic.

Then someone said his name and he almost stunned them out of instinct alone.

"Who are you?" Harry said crossing his arms looking at the blonde woman.

"Beth. Harry Pearce sent you?" She asked looking back to the Exige. "Tariq said you had good taste in cars."

"How long have the explosions been going on for?" Harry nodded towards the former power station.

"More than an hour now," she said.

"Did you need to meet inside or outside?" Harry asked looking around the wasteland.

"Outside, but our operation will be disrupted with that going on." Beth gestured at the building.

Harry thought for a moment. Dealing with the Wildfires was tricky, they were designed almost too well. He didn't say anything like this to Beth. "I can't counter what's happening in there, but if you don't need to go in..." Harry trailed off. "I can hide what's going on."


Harry pulled on the invisibility cloak. It wasn't his invisibility cloak, that was back at his house, but it was an invisibility cloak one of several which he'd purchased for LPI use. He'd driven around to the other side of the power station having left Beth to get rid of the policeman and do whatever she needed to get ready for Section D's operation.

He'd also let Teddy out of the car, he was helping him tip the small containers of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder into a bucket. He had several of the containers in his own 'magic kit' that he kept in the back of the Exige. It was something that was in the back of all his vehicles, 'just in case'.

He'd also placed a few disillusionment charms around the outside, just in case anyone decided to walk in. Although what they'd find is an unnaturally dark interior.

It would be at least decidedly better than fireworks going off. Trying to counter them was something he had not even considered, especially given the potential for unknown reactions that George could have built in to stop people messing with them for dangerous outcomes.

He'd already chucked a bit of the Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder inside and it had had the desired effect without any problems.

"Now, keep an eye out for anyone from the Ministry or any other wizards." Harry said as he took the bucket.

"Yes Harry," Teddy said as Harry kicked off the ground.

Getting an even spread of the powder was the most important thing Harry thought to himself as he flew around.

The Darkness Powder was slowly covering and subduing the fireworks. He hoped it would last for the next couple of hours, possibly more given how much he'd used.

It didn't look like it was anything but some raucous hooligans setting off some fireworks, at least they'd done it in a hidden away location, which no one would've noticed had Section D not needed it for a meeting location.

Harry resolved to contact the Department of Magical Law Enforcement on the way home, or whenever Pearce's team had finished with the site.

Slowly flying back down to Teddy he hopped off the broom. "No trouble?"

Teddy shook his head grinning.

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Thanks for letting me help Harry," Teddy grinned.

"Just don't tell Andromeda I let you get into trouble," he said as he packed up the invisibility cloak and broom back into their expandable bags and into the small boot at the back of the Exige. "Come on Teddy, let's get going."



I wanted to cover Death of the Doctor but there isn't really much to do about what happens. There's already Sarah's gang, plus Jo and her grandson.

So I decided to give the LPI B-team a little bit of an outing. Ros Myers and Torchwood (minus Gwen who's still on maternity leave).

The other part of this chapter featuring Teddy was something I've been meaning to include for a while (and have occasionally been prompted by reviewers), but it's hard to write something featuring Teddy and Harry, but I didn't want to get into too much cliché 'Harry and his god son have an adventure' territory.

I was tempted to write a Christmas sequence featuring everyone mentioned, but it'd just be a little boring to write and read with everyone chatting around the Christmas table.

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