Chapter 90

Harry Potter leaned into the commander's chair, or the whatever chair of the Terran Federation Pursuit Ship Vanquish as it flew through space having been deposited around four days travel from Dark Space 8. The Daleks not explaining why he needed to be this far from the space station. Maybe they had a loss at the Intergalactic Song Contest and didn't want to return to defeat.

In his hands he held a book, which wasn't a book. It was a 'simulacrum of a tree fibre based text' according to the Eternal who'd explained before sending him off.

It was the instruction manual for the Timeship that was currently in the hold of the Vanquish. Until now he'd not given a lot of thought to how one would control, pilot or whatever the Timeship. With the TARDIS it had been almost intuitive, the few times he was near the console, you almost knew, sort of what to do.

The Timeship was a little more utilitarian regarding is interface and control.

From what he gathered from the Eternal it wasn't a technology the Daleks used any more.


"How will I actually get into the Time War? I gathered it is time locked," Harry asked, both he and the Eternal were stood, well, he was stood, the Eternal was just there looking very yellow compared to all the white and black inside the Timeship.

"There are paths, passages through which elements have fallen," the Eternal almost intoned.

"'Elements'?" Harry repeated though the Eternal didn't elaborate further.

"You will find one such passage located in the year 199,900" the Eternal explained.

The number was almost too big to fathom, Harry needed something he could understand. "Where?"

"Earth," the Eternal droned.

"Of course" Harry murmured, Earth was at the 'causal nexus' of many things according to the Doctor, it was why it was so popular with alien invasions amongst other things.


Thumbing the page Harry continued to read. Nothing in the instructions was worryingly vague exactly. Everything had been written out to be understandable.

But it was a Dalek time craft, there had to be some caution, even if he was going in as, essentially, an agent of the Daleks' albeit an independent one.

Before, on Earth, before departure...

Judith and Harry were stood having a cup of tea. Ioan was off collecting a few supplies, Quidditch related stuff that he wanted to take with him.

They'd decided on four of their largest expanding bags with everything from potion ingredients to body bags and everything in between.

"I considered the ethics of this Judith," Harry paused to sip his tea.

"You think war is as simple as there being a good side and a bad side Harry?" Judith asked him curiously. "Which side are the Daleks and the Time Lords?"

"And who started the war?" Harry mused and blew out a breath of air onto his mug. "According to the Daleks' texts they're not even sure who started their Thousand Year War between the Thals back on Skaro."

"What if they weren't the aggressors in that?" Judith wondered.

"What if? Gallifrey didn't appear over our skies to pop in for some milk. The Master wiped out more than a tenth of the population in that alternate world, replaced almost everyone when he got a second go," Harry began.

"I hope you're not going to list the Doctor's actions. We'll be here a while if you just list his genocides," Judith interjected idly.

"I just..." Harry faltered. "According to the Daleks, I have a rank that outranks everyone, an ancient rank; Sorcerer."

"And this woman, this woman Dalek?" Judith queried curiously.

"Mage," Harry supplied in a similar tone as the Eternal had explained it in. "It does suggest that magic isn't just on Earth."

"Or the Daleks had a florid language that they lost somewhere between the start of the Thousand Year War and now." Judith looked to him brightly. "Another chapter for your never ending book!"

Harry sighed shaking his head. "I'll never find a publisher."

"It will be of huge insight, and you will survive this-" Judith began.

"You're not going to say you have faith in me are you?" Harry asked, it was a subject that Judith was often even more distrustful than he was of.

Judith barked a short laugh. "You have determination Harry, and you enjoy this."

"Probably too much," Harry admitted.

"You're still enjoying it. Isn't that what your friend Tegan said. You've got to enjoy running down corridors and getting locked up with a cricket fanatic," Judith shook her head. "Cricket."

"So says you it's 'a nasty game that mice love'," Harry quoted her.

"As long as the Doctor doesn't go looking for Krikket we're fine," Judith said calmly.

"Indeed, we don't need to get involved with another war," Harry said looking over at the road as Ioan apparated, holding two very large bags with a distinctive looking broom-like end poking out of one.

"Especially when you're heading into one that was finished and locked away years ago," Judith commented as they went to help Ioan.


Harry Potter stood inside the Timeship. His Timeship. It didn't have a fancy acronym like the TARDIS, it was just referred to as 'Timeship'. He supposed it was a Dalek Timeship. But that was a bit of unnecessary species designation of the temporal craft.

He'd stopped the Pursuit Ship nearby a star system that seemed to contain nothing remarkable. There was a moon that looked like it had collided with some of the asteroids in the system at some point in the distant past. Or more probably the reverse.

He needed, or more to the point he wanted to test his understanding of the Timeship's controls before he met Oswin Oswald, whom he still wasn't sure how he was going to introduce to all of this. That was something he was still working out in his head.

How did you go to someone, someone who was seemingly both a woman in a red dress and a Dalek and ask her to go into a temporal war with you? Especially working for the race that, from what he understood put her in the Dalek. Sort of.

That's got to leave some sort of resentment for the Daleks.

Although, all said, Judith had also been taken as part of the Dalek war machine. As a battle computer component against the Imperial Dalek faction on Earth during the Shoreditch Incident. Judith didn't harbour any ill will against the Daleks, according to her investigations the Daleks' intervention had saved her from a far darker and disturbing path. One which she had spared him the more disturbing elements of.

For now he wanted to work out the basics of time travel and his Timeship.

The Timeship was retro-modernist from the outside. It was taller than him, although not by much, with a round top. Flat sides with thin pillars around it, very little indicated the doors, except once he was shown by the Eternal he realised the doors were slightly more indented into the exterior than the other sides. It was a narrow entry, enough for a Dalek one at a time. Although the Eternal's more bulky frame seemed to fit.

The interior was also almost aggressively retro-futuristically modern. There was a central control console with four sides, vaguely parallelepiped in shape. Three screens adorned the walls. There was another set of controls under one of them.

Finishing off the room was a ramp up to the lift. The 'upstairs' as he thought of it was where he'd dumped all of his expanding bags, aside from his bigger on the inside bag, which he'd put in his room, one of a couple accessed from the ring of a corridor that ran around the control room.

It was all very not-Daleky in an oddly Dalek way.

The internal design philosophies were Dalek, he had enough written from his book to even cite why this was, should he need to. But it wasn't how the Daleks did things now, certainly not in the Parliament of the Daleks, or on the few saucers he'd been in thus far.

Standing inside the Timeship he felt, not in danger. More safe than he did in the Parliament of the Daleks to say the least.

But there was still a sense of unease as he approached the controls; it wasn't all circular pads like Ian and Barbara had described and what had remained of the time craft they'd destroyed. There were some of those, but what had been added were more controls similar to that in the Parliament of the Daleks; along with touchscreens, better suited to a being with fingers rather than plungers.

It wasn't exactly 'human friendly' it still wore its 'I am a Dalek craft' clearly.

"Let's try something simple, a dematerialisation out and a bit of a hop either way," Harry said to himself, or the craft. Neither the Eternal nor the instruction manual had been very forthcoming about the history of the Timeship.

The Eternal had only stated that this craft had 'survived the Time War, isolated on Earth'. Which Harry gathered meant that it was something apart, separate from the Time War, making it unlike anything the Parliament of the Daleks had access to, which might do a similar job.

Harry wished sometimes that the Doctor had provided him with some guide to time travel. Aside from what the Doctor and the Master had spoken to him of. His other source of information was his illicit researches inside the Doctor's TARDIS.

He already figured that with this entrance into the Time War it would be learning through doing and not being too badly shot would be the order of the day.

Keying in the dematerialisation, just to get the Timeship out of the ship's hold he braced himself. There was an electric tension in the air like a rush of pulsing wind; the Timeship dematerialised, looking over at one of the spinning screens it had changed to a circle, superimposed over it; the deep red of the Pursuit Ship's exterior.

Harry laughed to himself, now, he thought was the more complicated part. Proper time travel.

He couldn't help himself, he was grinning as he operated the controls.


Four days later, having journeyed through a lot of quite boring space he approached Dark Space 8.

It wasn't very dark, but it did look a bit clapped out. A no one had given it a good repaint with space paint recently.

There were landing pads for space craft, all of which looked dirty with burn marks or battle damage.

It also looked quite cheap, like someone didn't think it'd ever be seen.

Maybe if they were only holding things like the Intergalactic Song Contest here they were only concerned with its acoustics.

"This is Dark Space 8 calling approaching craft, what's your business here...I mean,"

Maybe, Harry thought the rent was cheap, maybe that was why Oswin Oswald was here.

The Eternal had not provided him much information about what Oswin Oswald was doing at Dark Space 8.

He'd gathered from the space internet on the way here that she ran some sort of media advisory business from Dark Space 8, but solar flares had prevented him from extracting more from the space internet. It wasn't called the space internet, it was called the something-something galactic data access net. The Eternal had droned on a little bit about it and Harry had been eager to get going and had tuned the Eternal out.

Why he was eager was something he'd probably have to unpack at a later date given he was heading to kill his ex-girlfriend who'd tried to kill him more than once in the past, both literally and figuratively.

Flicking the communications switch Harry began to speak. "This is Terran Pursuit Ship Vanquish to Dark Space 8, request landing pad docking. Transmitting banking codes on sub-carrier." This had been in inside the instruction manual for the Timeship. 'How to dock at a space station', wasn't what it had been called.

-/ - \\-

Harry Potter walked out onto the 'Boulevard', it seemed to link around Dark Space 8, there was a food court sort of arrangement at a few points.

Looking around Harry tried to find some sort of information terminal and pondered both his sonic screwdriver, wand and translation gel stick thing that Doctor had given him. The latter wasn't needed as thankfully Dark Space 8 was run by humans. Not amazingly well trained humans, or maybe their computer wasn't very well programmed. Either way he'd had to land the Vanquish on manual, despite the commanders of Dark Space 8 saying he was on 'automatic'. Harry suspected there wasn't an automatic for landing a space ship here.

Finally, after some aimless wandering he found what looked like a public information terminal based on adverts of offerings of sexual favours and taxi freighter services.

Just a couple of taps and swipes of the screen and he'd found Oswin Oswald's offices. Up on the top decks of Dark Space 8, he contemplated not trying for an appointment and just barging in.

But that might get him shot, or worse ignored.

He wasn't quite sure how to 'sonic the computer' to force it to give him an interview.

Instead he simply booked an interview, the soonest was in 5 weeks.

Harry smiled to himself, that wasn't a problem.

-/ - \\-

Five minutes later for him and five weeks later for everyone else Harry stepped out of his ship, okaying with the computer the docking charges for the past five weeks his ship had sat there.

He had quite easily managed to set the Timeship to make the tiny jump forwards and rubbed his hands together.

It would only get more complicated from here on in.

As he stood at the lift, Harry wished for a moment that Hermione, or Draco, or even Ron were here to share in this adventure.

Not that it would be an adventure Harry thought ruefully to himself, this was a war, well not yet.

As the lift came level with the deck he was on and the doors opened with an alarming squeak he wondered, not for the first time if he was doing the right thing.

There just wasn't anyone to ask this about, as Judith had suggested, maybe there were no good sides in the Time War.

Maybe Ginny had chosen to go with the Time Lords, the Time Lords had arrived through the Veil for something, or someone. If it was the latter who had they been there for?

There were too many questions not enough answers, it was all just...complicated.

What Harry did know is that he had a Dalek Timeship, a Dalek rank and, he was on the Dalek's side in this conflict because he was seeking out the Time Lord' He didn't know what Ginny was in relation to the Time Lords, or even really where to start. The Eternal had provided him with some information gathered from its art collection, somewhere to start looking for Ginny, to gather information, so at least he wouldn't just be aimlessly wondering through the Time War looking for Ms Weasley, trying to uncover what his erstwhile ex-girlfriend was up to.

His thoughts were jangled rather roughly into the real world as the lift came to a thundering halt and the doors opened awkwardly.

Harry resisted the urge to loosen everything up with his sonic screwdriver. He wasn't the Doctor, and wasn't going to go around 'sonicking' things as Amy and Rory suggested he did. The sonic screwdriver was a tool, a scientific instrument, it wasn't for waving around like a crazed maniac or wizard. He had a different stick if he wanted to do that.

"Sorry about the lifts," a woman's voice said as he stepped out. "They're always promising to fix it, now, Harry Potter," the woman was dressed in a fetching red dress, with some sort of tool kit strapped to her like a gun belt or something. "You've written classic adventurer seeking media advice, that's really interesting. I've not dealt with a mad man before."

Harry looked around and saw some chairs. "Maybe you should refrain from judging my mental state until after you've known me for a while."

"Oh, I'm a quite good judge of character," she looked him up and down. "Bit of a swagger, ladies man, confident, I like that, and you're worried about something."

"Lots of things," Harry countered.

"Take a seat Harry Potter," she picked up a tablet sort of computer from the side table and wandered over to the opposite chair and sat down opposite. "What can I do for you?"

Harry had many questions, like how, if she was a Dalek did she even sit in the chair at all. It didn't look like a Dalek was perching weirdly on a chair. She was sat on it, like a human. It confused him, in a delightful sort of way.

He'd yet to really work out how he was going to convince her he wasn't a Dalek agent. Well, not much of one.

Well, he did have a very bad idea.

"Where to start..." Harry exhaled and looked at her.

"At the beginning Harry Potter, why do you need media assistance, then we can work out if you're a 'I'm a good boy' or 'I'm a ruggedly bad boy' type and what sort of media management you need," she tapped on her computer watching him curiously. "With your pre-approved credit you could probably just buy off a star system, but management is much more effective."

Harry was almost convinced, which unfortunately wouldn't help where he was going. "Hear me out."

"I'm all ears Harry, trust me, I've heard plenty of it," she smiled sweetly.

Harry took a breath. "I know the Doctor, and the Parliament of the Daleks, I have a time machine and I'm here to ask you to read my brain to prove all of this and ask you to come with me to kill my ex-girlfriend in the Time War against the Time Lords and the Daleks."

To her credit Oswin Oswald didn't immediately tell him to leave or try to exterminate him.

"Mad. I knew it when you walked in the door. No one makes an appointment and then waits five weeks to see a media manager, not with the amount of credit you have access to." Oswin Oswald shook her head.

Harry wondered exactly how much was on his card of credit, or whatever it was the Eternal had given him. Maybe the Daleks had pulled the temporal interest scam thing that the Doctor often said he used.

Well, he never said he used it, but according to Tegan, who'd interrogated the Doctor one day that's what it sounded like he did. "Well, Tegan, sometimes I just invest a little money, to help people, and then, things get in the way, and then when I come back, I just have to take the money, otherwise planetary financial systems get close to collapse." Explained like that it seemed reasonable.

"I know you met the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams in the Asylum of the Daleks," Harry continued calmly. Oswin Oswald looked at him calmly, almost not reacting. "I know the Doctor wouldn't save you." This drew a reaction.

"You don't know him mad Harry Potter you-" she started.

Harry cut her off. "I know what you are," he said very calmly. "I don't care."

Oswin Oswald looked at him, as though he were mad. "Then you're madder than I thought."

"Perhaps," Harry said calmly. "I know Daleks can use their sucker arm to read thoughts," Harry looked at her, she matched his gaze. "Can you, without killing me?"

Oswin Oswald put down her computer and looked at him calmly. "Maybe you're mad and you just think I'm a 'Dalek', which were wiped out centuries ago Harry Potter."

"You met a mad man with a box and Amy Pond the ginger bombshell and her dashing husband Rory Williams, in the Daleks' Asylum. The Predator of the Daleks wouldn't take you with him." The Eternal hadn't said a lot about Oswin Oswald's encounter with the Doctor, only that it happened in the Dalek's personal future, the names of the Doctor's companions and...that was about it. He'd guessed the rest. The Doctor would never let a Dalek accompany him. No matter how surprising she was.

"No," she said in a small voice. "The Daleks hate him, fear him." She looked at him hard. "Why would you come, to find me?"

"I'm a friend of the Doctor's, and everything I said was true," Harry said, continuing with opened arms. "Read my thoughts, ask me anything. I come seeking your help."

Oswin Oswald rose from her chair watching him and walking around to the back of the chair, Harry listened for her feet touching the soft surface, trying to discern something Dalek-like of her.

"And what if you're mad Harry Potter?" She asked, she was now outside his vision unless he craned around, he could still see a reflection of her on the walls and windows ahead of him, warped with the shape of them.

Harry shrugged. "Kill me, throw me out an air lock," he twisted around in his chair to look at her. "Or let me go."

"Sit still." Her tone didn't change, but the sound of her voice did, still feminine, but Dalek in sound did, on the walls and windows her reflection had changed, it was, he was sure now a Dalek, the bronze variety. It was delightfully confusing; Oswin Oswald; Dalek or woman in a red dress? Stood behind him...or Daleking behind him. "It's not a sucker arm, mad Harry, it's a manipulator arm."

Then said manipulator arm, or the sucker attachment made contact with his head.

"You have a time machine, and you're from Earth. Early 21st century," Oswin Oswald said with some fascination from behind him.

"Yes, the same as Amy and Rory."

"I called him Nina," she said wistfully.

She coughed, or something, maybe it was surprise, it wasn't a sound he'd heard from the Daleks. "They know about me, about what will happen, in their future?"

"The Eternal's a wily bugger. Very yellow as well," Harry commented resisting the urge to scratch the back of his head.

"And on Earth you have friends, a lover a-"

Harry closed his eyes trying to force up his mental defences. "That part of my mind you can stay out of," Harry said with gritted teeth.

"Very well, Harry Potter, if you resist less, mad man, your destruction will be stayed, for now," Oswin Oswald calmly ordered.

Harry exhaled. "Fine, rifle through my mind, just don't suck me dry."

"How very deviant of you Harry Potter, we may get on after all." It sounded like Oswin Oswald was teasing or flirting with him. Being flirted with by a Dalek was somewhat disturbing. He was quite glad Judith wasn't here to hear that.


Harry realised at some point he must have passed out, or maybe he'd fallen asleep.

With a Dalek sucking on you, how very Tako to ama. A vision of Judith or maybe a memory of her, or maybe it was just his mind messing with him.

"You're awake," Oswin Oswald was curled up on the chair in front of him, a mug of something in her hands.

Harry grunted an affirmative. It felt like his mind had been put through the blender, he said as much to Oswin Oswald.

"I had to make sure you weren't mad Harry Potter," Oswin Oswald answered.

"And?" Harry sat up in the chair.

"I still don't know," she said as Harry stood up and offered her his hand.

"I'm not a mad man with a box. I don't have a bow tie, and I am not going to leave you behind Oswin Oswald. How about we go and see my Timeship, we can go on a little jaunt." Harry smiled at her as he ignored his headache.

Oswin Oswald smiled at him. "First wizard boy you can move your spaceship to my private landing pad. Otherwise they'll charge like an angry Judoon during martial law."

"'Judoon on the moon'," Harry smirked the quote to himself. "Fine."

-/ - \\-

"That's your time machine?" Oswin Oswald was looking at the Timeship.

"You were expecting something else? A blue box perhaps?" Harry asked as he walked up to it.

It knew who he was through some scanning...something or other. It was in the instruction manual but he'd focused in more on the controlling part of it. "Coming?"

"No, magic boy, where are you whisking me off to? I haven't said yes to your wily scheme, you don't know anything about me," she challenged.

Harry turned around and looked at her, "I know you're a Dalek, that doesn't scare me Oswin. I know you helped the Doctor. I know you escaped the Asylum. I know the emergency temporal shift is good for one or two hops," he turned around and gestured at the Timeship. "After I deal with Ginny Weasley this Timeship is ours."

"Ours, how very presumptuous of you Harry Potter, how do you know that we would get on?" She approached him.

Harry smiled at her. "Because the Doctor met you, and you helped him, and neither of you killed one another."

She smiled at him. "Fine."

Harry smiled back at her. "Do you like cake?"

-/ - \\-

Harry sipped his tea as Oswin Oswald devoured another soufflé. It seemed to be pleasing the Barastabon people. Oswin had practically interrogated the chef about his technique and what went into his specialty soufflé.

He'd had two pieces of cake and three pots of tea, and two visits to the toilet while she'd been devouring the baked dessert. It was...Harry couldn't quite work his head around it.

He did wonder how she was fitting it all in, and where it was going and how Oswin Oswald the human and Oswin Oswald the Dalek fit together, how that was was so confusing and he loved that confusion.

"I'll have a cup of that tea now Harry," Owsin was saying as the waiter took away the finished soufflé. "My compliments to the chef, that was better than seeing the Rings of Akhaten."

Harry gathered that was high praise. He wondered if it was rings as in Olympics or rings as in planetary thingy.

"You can set the coordinates," Oswin finally said once she had her hands wrapped around a tea cup.

"You doubted me?" Harry asked as he poured himself another as he swirled the not quite honey into the cup. He wasn't quite sure what the sweetening stuff was and as everyone spoke English or something close he didn't bother using his translation gel stick to get a better translation.

Oswin looked at him carefully. "Just because you've let me into your mind doesn't mean I can know you Harry Potter."

Harry raised an eyebrow at her.

"I know what you think, and what you think you know," she sipped her cup. "I will accompany you on this mad adventure."

"Because?" Harry pressed.

Oswin looked at him. "Because you're right, even if you didn't say it. I wanted to go with the Doctor and Amy and Rory. To escape the Asylum."

"And the Daleks?" Harry asked, he knew that had to be a sore point with Oswin, it, they, the Asylum was to blame for her status as a Dalek now.

"Time has passed," she intoned, and Harry wondered just how much time had passed between her escape from her timely exit from the Daleks' Asylum, whenever that was in relation to now Or now for her, whatever that meant.

"You and I will outrank everyone," Harry offered.

Oswin looked at him as she picked up his tea pot and poured herself another cup. "I saw that in your mind," she paused to sip her tea, unlike her attitude to the desserts the tea she did not add anything to. "Mage," she tried out the word looking at him. "And Sorcerer, I hope we're not going to become a duo of magicians."

"Hopefully not, I'd like to hope this will be easy," Harry paused.

Oswin laughed, but it wasn't a laugh of humour, well, not humour humour this was one of doubt and sarcasm. "It will be anything but. The Daleks' records of the Time War aren't complete Harry, if they suggested it would be-"

Harry cut off Oswin. "They didn't."

"They probably lied regardless," Oswin continued.

"Possibly, but Ginny is a responsibility I must bear," Harry composed himself.

Oswin looked at him curiously. "Yes, I saw that in your mind a 'saving people and the consequences of' mentality."

"I know, I can't have that where we're going," Harry commented.

"You can save me, I can be your damsel in distress if you wish," Oswin said playfully.

Harry looked at her. "I have significant doubts that you would ever be in distress Oswin Oswald."

"You'd be surprised, magic boy," she said draining her cup.

-/ - \\-

"The year 199,900. Satellite Five is becoming the dominant media player for Earth. Part of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire," Oswin announced from in front of one of the screens inside the Timeship.

Harry looked at the spinning pieces of the space station. "What makes it 'great and bountiful'?"

"Not sure magic boy, just reading the summary your yellow mate provided," Oswin gestured at the screen.

Harry glanced at the screen, he'd improved his recognition of Dalek numbers considerably, but big numbers where still something of a stumbling block for him. He'd read that figure as something a lot lower.

"I'm more focused on this crack that we're meant to use to get into the Time War," Harry said as he manipulated one of the Timeship's controls putting the craft into what he thought of as 'auto mode' but it wasn't, it was more like an 'active detect and search' mode.

Two hours later, with Oswin mostly reading him media reports about the 'Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe' they found it.

It wasn't near Earth, although it depended what 'near' meant and what terms of reference you used. Even using the Triganic Pu as an area reference it wasn't very near.

Harry shook his head, he felt even in his mental musings he was slightly tired and they'd not even begun.

"Did you get any instructions about what to do when you got here?" Oswin asked as Harry thumbed through his instruction manual.

"Yes!" Harry exclaimed and pointed to the page in his not-book.

"How quaint," Oswin said taking the not quite a book from him.

"There's also one storied on the database Oswin." Harry commented in a deadpan tone.

"Of course you'd have something like this magic boy," she shook her head and handed it back to him.

It didn't look like anything according to what you could see outside. Just space and nothing much else.

Daleks of course, they were out there; hidden.

But nothing else,

Only on the deeper broader dimensions was it there.

"Here the adventure begins." Harry held out his hand to Oswin who looked at it. Harry smiled at her. "Ready to run into it Oswin Oswald?"

"You're no mad man with a box and a bow tie Harry Potter," Oswin took his hand and they, together reached forward to the controls. "But you'll do, Sorcerer."


I was going to continue on with more of this chapter, but I wanted to hit next chapter running and in the action, so I'm ending this chapter here.

It's (another) set up chapter. I know, even though I had 10+ chapters of planning to put into this arc, there was still a lot of stuff I had to hold back to maintain the surprise, so this is all the introduction stuff.

How Harry and Oswin get into the Time War comes from The Parting of the Ways the Dalek Emperor in that says " ship survived, falling through time, crippled but alive..." my thinking is that if it can fall through (something) then Harry, Oswin and their Timeship can travel up it, back into the Time War through the Time Lock.

Barastabon is the bakery planet, which of course Harry would take Oswin to. Not that he knows many planets, but the Doctor no doubt would have told him about it, if not taken him and Draco there.

Thanks for reading.