Chapter 91

Harry spat out a mouth of clay and dirt as he rolled away from another staser bolt.

Unsurprisingly they were under attack. Unsurprisingly they were fighting back.

"Exterminate!" The cry from somewhere did not make him tense. Not tense in a way that cry might do in any other situation.

That was because they weren't shooting at him, in fact they were attempting to hold their position.

As Harry tried to pull himself up he tried not to think about the mistakes that he'd made in order to find himself here.

Nor did he stop to think about the mistakes that had led him to be here in this particular situation.

He also tried really hard not to think about the mistakes that he'd made in the last hour. Such as leaving the Timeship on the orbiting command saucer and transmatting down to the planet.

Landing on this planet would have been suicide.

Transmatting down was just very dangerous.

Harry forced himself to stagger up and over the nearest mound of clay and mud where Oswin was.

Oswin, annoyingly, frustratingly wasn't covered in clay and mud.

Even the soldiers, that had transmatted down with them were covered in mud, mostly the detritus from the explosions.

"Some sort of wave-based bomb, like air-based depth charges," Oswin filled him in. She had the 'Ginny scanner', which had needed adjusting once they were down on the planet. They'd transmatted down separately, safer to avoid the Time Lord's matter transmission traps.

Harry gathered that they could intercept the transmat beam in the right circumstances so the Daleks bombarded the surface with multiple transmat signals. It made for an unpleasant journey in the transmat.

"Don't eat the clay magic boy," Oswin said casually as Harry spat out another mouthful.

"Why not?" Harry asked as he shifted around the coat the Eternal had given him. So far it had done what it had told him; protect him.

"It's not very nutritious Harry," Oswin paused. "That way, about half a kilometre."

"Through the open wasteland where the Time Lords can pick us off," Harry dragged his wand out to check the local environment for suitability for appparition. There didn't appear to be anything dangerous. "Safe?" He wondered aloud.

"Enough," Oswin looked over the mound in the brief silence between bombings.

"Soldier!" Harry shouted to one of the Daleks and ordered it and its fellows to the location. "Covering fire. Assault." He finished the order in Dalek by gesturing to a point. "Come on," Harry said throwing an arm over Oswin's shoulder and disapparated.


Harry batted away the spell that flew at him.

"You're better than I thought Harry, and this is it, you're here to duel me?" Ginny Weasley, first daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley, grand-niece of his friends Gideon and Fabian Prewettt, sister to his friends Fred, George and Ron. Witch. Ally of the Time Lords. She stood in a duelling position, Time Lord soldiers were stood back a few metres from them, watching their interchange.

"Who's the bitch in the red dress?" Ginny inquired.

"Hi, Oswin Oswald, she's fruitier than I expected," Oswin said with what Harry assumed was a wave.

Harry tried to remember the countdown he had in his head that he'd started when they'd apparated. "We are a long way from Hogwarts and any semblance of civility Ginny. I should have killed you when I had the chance."

Ginny sneered at him. "But you didn't Harry, and now, you're facing me, alone in a temporal battle, did you come just to say that? Your muggle friends can't assist you against me now," Ginny fired a series of quite boring spells mostly thunder and lightning rather than damaging ones. "I am the most powerful witch here," Ginny cried.

Harry would have laughed. Except he'd learnt from the Doctor that laughing didn't usually endear you to someone insane with power.

Oswin laughed for him, which was amusing.

Oswin's laughter also gave Harry a change to take a quick look behind him. "Perhaps. But you have miscalculated Ginny. I didn't come alone, and I certainly haven't got assistance from any muggles."

Beams of blue-white death started spewing out from behind him.

"Daleks?!" Ginny retreated backwards creating magical defences, the likes of which he'd never seen. They stood up against the Dalek's energy weapons as the Time Lords took defensive positions behind and around them.

Harry meanwhile roughly transfigured some of the rocks in front of him into a somewhat larger rock wall and ducked behind it with Oswin following.

"What'd you think?" Harry asked as a staser blast thundered over them.

"She's feistier than your memories suggest Harry," Oswin commented as something exploded near them.

Harry barked a laugh. "She's also more of a megalomaniac than the last time I met her."

Oswin nodded and extracted something from her tool belt.

"What's that?"

"Gravity globe, I found it in the saucer's storage before we left." Oswin looked over at the Daleks and Harry wasn't sure if she said something or transmitted something but the section commander looked over at them as she threw the glowing thing towards Ginny's energy shields, or whatever it was that they were.

"Hold on," Oswin said as there was a thud and it felt like there was a mini-black hole in the area suddenly and then everything seemed to be trying to pull him into the sky. "Had more batteries than I thought it would," she said looking Harry in the eye and winked.

How she did that, how she had a face, and a Dalek body was still something he'd only barely considered, especially when they were so close to one another; in the clay and mud; face-to-face. But then, he'd had a teacher and a godfather who could turn into animals at will, for now, life wasn't nor that universe wasn't much more stranger than that. Explanations, like the realms of magic would reveal themselves, given a chance.


For now the confusion it brought still delighted him; as discovering magic had done all those years ago.

"The target has been killed." Harry blinked, he was sure he hadn't been caught in ponderances for long; there had been less than 10 seconds between Oswin's stunt and the Daleks announcing the death of his ex-girlfriend.

Harry got out from behind the wall he was hiding behind. Only to be shot in the back by a Time Lord, sniper or something.

The force of the energy weapon's impact catapulted him forward into a Dalek and then into the ground.

"That's going to leave a bruise," Harry groaned grabbing at the Dalek's bumps and mid-section for leverage as he pulled himself up off the ground.

"Your protective clothing dissipated the energy weapon's damaging effects," the Dalek reported unnecessarily.

Harry nodded and almost tripped over the body of Ginny Weasley.

Grabbing her wand he slid it into a spare pocket and pulled out a body bag from another pocket and floated her body in.
"We should go Harry, Time Lord transmissions suggest they're regrouping for an inter-spacial assault, especially now that she's gone." Oswin nodded to the bag.

Harry looked beyond Oswin to the Time Lord's base. He really wanted to find out what Ginny was doing here on this unnamed world and why she had been out and about. But he also had what felt like a dislocated shoulder, though according to Oswin with the bioengineered force grown and weaved coat he'd been provided that should be almost impossible. He'd challenged her that those were a lot of conditional phrases.

Maybe it was probably just a really bad bruise he thought to himself as he tried to justify an investigation.

However, this was a war zone. "Prepare to destroy all Time Lord bases," he ordered.

"Understood. Transmat is not possible at this location Sorcerer," the Dalek squad commander reported.

Harry looked around and folded up the body bag, "Where then?"


The saucer was vibrating, which meant it was still under assault.

Harry fought down the urge to vomit; both the mouthful of clay and the 'partial transmat lock' did that. The latter he knew from past experience, the former from present experience.

As he stumbled out of the transmat area another shockwave hit the saucer.

"Why haven't we left orbit yet?" He wondered aloud.

"The same temporal distortions that jumbled the Timeship?" Oswin asked.

Harry shrugged and unfolded the body bag half way. "Can you take this to the science lab, I want-" Harry was cut off as something hit the saucer and sent him flying down the corridor into a Dalek that was in the doorway of the lift. Coughing he felt around his body, nothing broken, just more bruises on top of the bruises he'd already sustained. Grabbing a hold of the Dalek's sucker arm he pulled himself up and swallowed a mouthful of blood. "Scan me, any serious injuries," he ordered the Dalek.

There was a brief pause as it looked at him. "No fatal injuries Sorcerer."


"Status, why haven't we left orbit?" Harry demanded as he walked out onto the saucer's command deck.

The Saucer Commander; a Dalek that had different coloured black and white lower panels swivelled its eye around to look at him, it was plugged into whatever console it was that it commanded the craft from.

"Unknown," was all it said.

Harry walked and fell into the Daleks that were around the saucer. "Show me tactical display."

"Primary display offline, damage to sensors," stated a Dalek off to his left.

Harry looked to the Saucer Commander, "Show me a display somewhere of who's attacking us." A smaller display fizzed into the air in front of the Saucer Commander.

Their fleet of ships was currently under a lot of attack.

Harry fought the urge to say several things. Most of it a little bit hysterical. He knew it had been too easy to locate this planet, and Ginny and despatch her so easily he hadn't even needed to cast a killing curse at her.

"Locate the Time Lord's structure on the ground, maybe that's holding us here," Harry ordered.

"There is no Time Lord base on this planet," the Saucer Commander stated.

"But..." Harry began and realised there was no point arguing with the Saucer Commander about this.

Instead he walked over to one of the Daleks operating the sensors and told it to locate where he and Oswin and the some of the squad of Soldiers. Many had remained on the surface.

"Are there any soldiers left on the surface?" Harry asked.

"Yes, there are 21 soldiers on the surface," the Dalek beside him stated.

"Show me vision looking in this direction." Harry pointed to the map, trying to remember where he and Oswin had been standing when he'd seen the Time Lord's base of operations which he'd wanted to go and investigate, and now was annoyed that he hadn't gone and investigated it. Though he gave himself the excuse that he was in a war zone and was being shot at by the Time Lords and whoever it was that were their supporters, allies or whoever else it was that was helping them on this planet.

The blue tinge of the Dalek's eye piece vision appeared in front of him. "No, switch to the next." Harry ordered as he looked and tried to imagine the landscape. "No, hang on, stop." Harry said suddenly as he recognised the mound where he and Oswin had sat. "Turn around and..." Harry trailed off. Looking through the Daleks' vision of the planet there was nothing there, just empty rock, what looked like a ravine or an asteroid hit, something in the gloom.

But there had definitely been something there, that was where the Time Lords' base had been, where he wanted to explore, but had been shot at and had the body of his ex-girlfriend and now helper, associate, whatever she was of the Time Lords back up to the ship, and himself out of harm's way. Or at the very least away from being shot at directly.

"Saucer Commander, direct saucer weapons at this location," Harry ordered.

"Sensors detect nothing at that location Sorcerer," the Dalek beside him explained with a light tone of caution in its voice.

"It's cloaked by Time Lord technology, I noticed something on the surface," Harry couldn't be arsed explaining why he could see it and why he suspected it might be something magical and that was why he could see it. Saying 'it's Time Lord technology' was so much easier. A hand wave explanation to the Daleks rather than a proper explanation.

The Saucer Commander stared at him for more than a few seconds as the ship was hit by more missiles and energy weapons. "Understood."

Harry walked over to stand behind the Saucer Commander as Oswin came onto the bridge, or the command deck or whatever it was. "What's happening magic man?"

Harry looked to her. "You know that Time Lord base?"

Oswin shook her head and smiled at him. "Of course."

Harry wasn't sure if she was serious. "We're shooting at the thing no one can see," he explained as he rubbed his side.

"No permanent damage. Just painful," Oswin said simply.

"Goody," Harry said, he felt like he was getting pain memories of Buckbeak.

"Targeting Sorcerer's order of Time Lord Base," the Saucer Commander was saying.

"Weapons targeted, firing," another Dalek said.

"Weapons hit on cloaked structure!" The tone of surprise was not one that Harry heard that often from a Dalek.

"Continue firing till destruction is of Time Lord base is achieved." The Saucer Commander ordered.

"Destroy the Time Lord base enough to leave orbit," Harry countered drawing another rotation of the eyestalk from the Saucer Commander.

"The Sorcerer and I do not wish to be destroyed while you attempt to destroy a Time Lord base. The architect of which is dead in the science lab," Oswin commented in an authoritarian tone.

The Saucer Commander swivelled its eyestalk slightly to look at Oswin. "Understood Dalek Mage."

Harry had been meaning to ask the Saucer Commander about that. About why he was just 'Sorcerer' but Oswin was 'Dalek Mage'. Some of the Soldiers had referred to her as just 'Mage', maybe it was a rank think amongst officers?

"Come on," Harry turned away from the Saucer Commander towards the lift. "I want to investigate-"

"Your maniac former lover?" Oswin cut him off.


As he walked in the science lab Harry pulled off his cloak throwing it over a console by the door. It felt somewhat cumbersome to be wearing indoors, or inside a spaceship, saucer. Whatever it was, and he wanted to get a closer look at Ginny Weasley. Ally to the Time Lords. Witch. Magical.

And someone he didn't think he'd see dead. Someone he wasn't entirely sure he'd be able to kill, when the time came to need to do it, if he was completely honest with himself.

But he'd still come, into a war zone to do it.

And here she was. Dead from Dalek weapons fire.

"Weird," Harry said as he approached the table that she was laying on.

"It's definitely her." Oswin had wandered over to the side of the room where the 'Ginny detector' was sat.

"I know it's her," Harry said looking from the lifeless body of Ginny over to Oswin. "Order a Soldier in here, I want her vaporised."

Oswin looked at him. "You're really going nuclear on her aren't you?"

"Only way, got to make sure-" Harry was cut off mid way through his proclamation.

"Make sure I'm dead you mean?" Said a voice whose arms whipped up, punching both Harry and Oswin twice in the chest and face.

Oswin reacted while Harry was still feeling dazed by the strength of the formerly dead witch grabbing him, and her wand from his inner pocket and then throwing him towards the wall, firing spells at him as she did so as she also banished Oswin after him.

Harry hit the floor behind the console gritting his teeth and wheezing slightly at the sudden rush of pain and movement. Something had definitely broken in his leg and something had definitely cracked in his chest, a rib probably. Whether it had been Ginny's first punch or second strike from her spell he wasn't sure.

The pain was bad, but not bad enough to make him black out. Not yet.

Oswin was looking at him and then peering over the console. A stream of spells flew over the console at them. Turning her attention back to him she rummaged through her little bag extracting some sort of patch, pasting it onto a bit of his bare flesh.

"Pain modifier," she explained as Harry felt a little bit of relief.

"I hope I haven't injured you too badly, I would like to face you when we battle Harry Potter, which you did not have the courtesy to do for me," called Ginny Weasley.

Harry pushed himself up and shot a few spells over the console, not so much to try and hit her but just to show to her that he was alive and functioning.

"We haven't spoken for a few years Ginny and this is what you do?" Harry called and looked to Oswin and mouthed 'Soldiers?' at her.

"A few minutes," Oswin whispered.

Harry rolled his eyes, obviously the saucer had taken more damage than he'd thought if they weren't crawling with Daleks at this point. He fired some disarming spells over the top of the console.

"You try and disarm me Harry Potter, you and your slut girlfriend?" Hissed a voice.

"I'm not-" Harry began as bats cascaded over and around the console. Harry set them on fire, their little screams of magical deaths filled the room along with smoke as their remains were sucked into the ventilation shafts.

"I wouldn't think the Time Lords would like you using that spell Ginny," Harry called out.

"What do you mean?" She sounded angry and annoyed. But not dead.

Harry smiled. "The Time Lords fear bats-" He was cut off again.

"They fear nothing. Your masters fear the Time Lords, they are the masters of Time itself!" Ginny stated defiantly.

Harry smiled and pulled himself into a kneeling position, wheezing as he felt his rib crack a bit more and wondered how far away a punctured lung was. "Then you don't know about their ancient war against the Great Vampires, their bow ships. It's a directive of Rassilon that Time Lords destroy anything touched by vampires," Harry pulled himself up over the console. "Avada Kedavra" he shouted roughly, the green glow of the spell seemingly engulfing Ginny and pushing her back, her eyes wide as she held her wand firm and the glow seemed to fracture into glass.

She laughed. "You think I would not consider you would do that?"

Harry didn't remember what spell hit him and the console but he was slammed backwards and possibly blacked out for a moment. When he blinked back into awareness merely seconds later he knew they he'd punctured a lung, not badly, he thought.

"Return me to the Time Lords on the planet and I will leave you Harry and your female."

Before Harry had time to match Ginny's request that he would, as long as she was in the same state when they'd picked her up from the planet; dead, some Daleks came in.

And the first two were hit and badly damaged before they'd even had a chance to shout 'Exterminate'.

"I underestimated you Ginny," Harry said as he wheezed even more heavily as he tried to sit up.

"I can try and..." Oswin started in a soft tone.

Harry shook his head. He knew, that Oswin was Dalek, in some respects, maybe all respects, but he wasn't ready to throw her under the bus just so they could kill Ginny, especially as she should be dead, twice now.

"Exterminate, maximum extermination," Harry shouted in Dalek at the now jammed open door to the lab.

"What was that, what are you saying? Tell me Harry!" Ginny shouted, demanded in a tone that sounded more than a little annoyed.

"We're away from your Time Lord base, you don't have the benefit of telepathic circuits and universal translation Ginny," Harry coughed as two Daleks came in blasting at Ginny with their weapons.

"Ducked and weaved," Oswin said and looked over at the Daleks who paused and retreated. To the corridor. "Retreat and await orders," she said for Harry's benefit.

Harry pursed his lips and could feel a heaviness in his chest and a slightly foggy feeling in the back of his mind forming which suggested that he was getting slowly closer to blacking out as both Oswin's pain medication ran out and whatever adrenalin had been lying in his system either pulsing around or having been there from the planet was abating and disappearing from his body.

Just in case Ginny was listening Harry explained what he needed the Daleks to do and Oswin to help him with in Dalek.

"You're not going back to that planet Ginny," Harry called over slowly. "That base was destroyed by the fleet."

She laughed. "I occluded that base myself with assistance of Time Lord technology Harry, nothing would see through that."

"I saw through it, the Daleks don't need to see it to fire on it." Harry leaned on Oswin as he got ready to jump, or at the very least rise up as fast as he could.

"You!" Ginny hissed. "You betray your heritage Harry Potter, working with the Daleks."

"Only to defeat you Ginny, if you had not come here I would not be here either," Harry said slowly as he looked to Oswin who was keeping time for when they'd act.

"I am fighting a just cause, the Daleks must be stopped," Ginny stated manically.

"Many would say the Time Lords must also be stopped." Harry held his tongue, he was going to mention Gallifrey hanging over Earth, but from what he understood that event happened near the end of the Time War while he and Oswin were here near the relative start, or something, maybe in the first quarter or something. It was a bit hard to understand the history of the Time War, the Eternal hadn't really provided him with a history of it, not one that was as simple as a beginning-middle-end sort of description. Just an explanation of when certain key events happened that, from his reading of it Harry figured he and Oswin should stick away from.

Oswin squeezed his arm gently.

"The Daleks deserve to be stopped more, they're-"

Harry didn't hear what else Ginny had to say as two Daleks burst in through the doors rushing at Ginny, their sucker arms outstretched pinning her to the wall. Harry almost at the same time began firing blasting curses at her head.

After the second or third curse landed square above her shoulders her head exploded with a thud and left and indented mark on the wall.

Leaning heavily on Oswin Harry hobbled over to the body.

"I-" Harry paused for breath, his chest feeling quite wet. "That... she's not going to come back to life-" He paused as pain pulsed through his body and he fell away from Oswin against one of the Daleks.

"You are injured Sorcerer." It stated, pointlessly stating the obvious.

"I want a full biodata analysis of her body." Harry began as he started to see stars in his vision. "Full guard and under..." he trailed of as darkness swam into his vision.


Harry awoke with a shudder grabbing for his wand as he tried to remember where he was. His bioengineered cloak was draped over him and he was lying on an uncomfortable bed.

With some ambivalence veering into relief he saw a Dalek was in the room. He grunted with amusement as he sat up; that a Dalek should fill him with some sense of security.

"You should not have awoken Sorcerer," the Dalek said aiming a scanner of some sort at him. "Your injuries have been healed" it paused. "You will require at least 30 standard hours to recover fully."

Harry nodded pushing himself off the uncomfortable bed and wrapping himself back up in the cloak. "Where's Oswin?"

"Dalek Mage is overseeing analysis of Time Lord Agent Ginny Weasley." It reported.

Harry nodded. "How do I get back to the science lab?"


Harry paused, leaning against the wall as a Dalek glided past, it slowed briefly to look at him but did not ask if he needed assistance. "Soldier," Harry acknowledged as it passed him.

"Sorcerer," it said as it continued towards the lift at the end of the corridor.

Before taking off he'd had a look at his legs, chest and everywhere else that hurt. His body was covered in bruises. Though according to the Dalek everything had been healed that probably meant he was battle ready. Just not spick and span.

Closing his eyes for a moment had had a sudden wish that he'd continued to kip on the uncomfortable bed for a while longer.

Leaning his head against the wall Harry had a brief moment of wishing he was back somewhere warm, comfortable where there were no worries and nothing of concern. But the concept of that place couldn't quite form in his head, so instead he began again back towards the science lab.

The doorway had some detritus from damaged Daleks but most of it had been cleared away, albeit not enough for it to close.

"Harry, you magic people heal quickly," Oswin commented brightly, she was stood beside the body of Ginny.

"No, I'm just a hardened wizard who's been shot at too many times," Harry said in a tone that would've made Moody proud as he walked calmly over to the body of Ginny, his wand out he cast some diagnostic spells over her. He retrieved her wand; slipping it back into his pocket.

She didn't appear to have much else on her. A few stoppered vials of what looked like a Pepper Up potion, but no amulet, charmed objects or anything like that which might have explained her ease of resurrection.

"What're you doing?" Oswin asked looking on amazed at the colours coming from his spells.

Harry frowned. There were some odd things from his spells, suggestive of what though he wasn't sure. Certainly a change in her state. Maybe something like an aborted disapparition he thought to himself, but it wasn't a spinching or a near miss, it was something else, an 'other'.

"Trying to work out why she survived being exterminated," Harry pondered.

"You say that very casually magic boy." Oswin smiled at him. "We've found something."

Harry looked from her to the Dalek.

"Biodata analysis and comparison to the biodata sample provided by Dalek Mage shows discrepancies between samples," the Dalek began, a holographic screen flickered into reality above them showing strains of biodata. "This individual has markers of Time Lord technology associated with genetic weaving."

Harry felt a chill go down his back as that term caught on a memory of something he read, or maybe it was something the Doctor had told him. "Looms?"

This got the attention of the Dalek, though Oswin just looked at him confused. "What're looms?"

"Genetic looms-" Harry began but the Dalek cut him off.

"Genetic looms were technology utilised by the Time Lords as a method of procreation," the Dalek paused

In its pause Harry spoke again, this time to ask a question. "So she's a copy? Woven from genetic biomass?" Harry asked as he recalled Sarah's explanation of her experiences on Dust and Sam Jones encounter with 'the Remote' in the mid-90s, UNIT had also gathered information from Sam Jones and Fitz Kreiner when they'd been on Earth at some point concerning that. Sarah had admitted to him that the events with the Remote on Dust were 'a little foggy'.

"No," the Dalek said. "The enemy Ginny Weasley has the same biomarkers as the sample provided. However Time Lord energies have also been utilised to create her."

"We think," Oswin began. "Well, I think they used a Time Lord to create her."

Harry frowned. "Not sex?"

Oswin gave him a look. "Calm down magic boy. No. Regenerations."

Harry blinked. "What?"

"Regenerational energy is present in the enemy's underlying genetic structure," the Dalek explained. Badly.

"She can regenerate?" Harry asked, confused.

Oswin shook her head coming around to the same side of the body that Harry was standing and gestured up at the holographic image. "I think they sacrificed a Time Lord, a young one who hadn't regenerated and used their..." Oswin trailed off.

"Lives," Harry provided.

"It is likely 12 versions of this genetic information have been created." The Dalek said.

"Analysis based on Dalek strategic biological battle analysis suggest this body is the fifth to seventh iteration," Oswin explained.

Harry looked around for something to lean against as he struggled to come to grips with what he was hearing. It was that feeling he'd got when the Eternal had revealed to him Ginny was here.

"...that bastard. That gitty bastard. What a fucking Movellan rooting bastard." Harry said as he tried to think of another insult on the Daleks. Probably to call them Time Lord rooting might get them annoyed. "The Eternal probably knew this."

"Harry," Oswin looked over at him.

"You are aware of the Movellans," the Dalek stated as a question.

"I'm aware of lots of things," Harry said mysteriously. "This means," Harry exhaled. "There are 11 other versions of Ginny out there."

"Plus the original one." Oswin added helpfully.

"Part of the Time Lords' Master Plan," Harry sighed running a hand over his face. "And we have to chase her through a war zone and eliminate her." He sighed again. "Before she damages the timeline."

"Back to the Timeship?" Oswin asked with a smirk.

Harry nodded. "Vaporise the body."

"I obey," the Dalek said following his order.

"One down." Harry spared a look at the ash that remained of the vaporisation.



Everything, the Looms, regenerations comes from the Doctor Who universe, I have I admit contrived it together a little bit.

The regeneration energy isn't too far from what is actually in the Doctor Who universe. There are a few stories set in the Time Lord's future where Time Lords essentially use suicide vests to gather all their regenerative energy into bomb to let out in one burst. This is kinda where the Ginny idea came from.

To paraphrase the Master 'killing Ginny once was never going to be enough, now Harry gets to do it 13 times over'.

I wanted Harry to be in the Time War for a little while, in order for him to have a proper number of interactions. But there needed to be a proper reason for him to be there. It couldn't just be an exploration or getting stuck there.

Saucer Commander is a Dalek rank I'll probably use a lot, it only appears on screen once, during The Dalek Invasion of Earth, it's got alternating black and white panels on the 'skirt' of the Dalek. Outside of the New Paradigm there aren't a huge amount of named Dalek ranks, so Saucer Commander is an east distinctive go-to.