Chapter 97

A door slid open and revealed a room with a slight pink hue. Large roundels adorned the walls.

Then a being was dragged into the room. It was limp, though not bloody. One might say the being's captors were above physical indiscretions against their prisoners of war. It was simply that they had done that when the being had first been brought in. First captured by soldiers who dropped the being on the floor.

The door slid shut before the being bothered to move.

Rolling over the being groaned at the migraine that had been left from the last bout of interrogation.

Harry Potter opened his eyes, squinting against the soft glow of the room, and laughed at his situation he had brought himself into, and at the frustration that he had wrought on Time Lords Waym and Voran.

They would at least allow him time to recover before they began again.

-/ - \\-


They'd managed to escape the battle. They had also managed to be protected from the fleet of TARDISes that the Time Lords had been using against the Dalek fleet, it was almost like they had been coming after them directly. Maybe the ghost planet was on the Time Lords' radar or something. But they'd managed to protect the retro saucer.

At least long enough for their Timeship to escape.

Standing under the shower and feeling everything wash away, Harry let himself relax, properly relax for the first time in what he was fairly sure was only a week, although it felt much, much longer.

In the Timeship he felt safe, nothing was coming to get him in here. Inside a Dalek timecraft. But this was his and Oswin's Timeship, and the Eternal had thoughtfully installed a shower. It did spray a combination of water and steam, and he wasn't really sure where the water came from or went, but it was one of those things that he'd decided that he didn't need to know about. He could just stand under it and let all the dust, sand and smells of the desert wash off his body and go down the drain to wherever it went off to.

He could relax, knowing that he wouldn't be visited by any ghosts from his past. No matter that they hadn't been dangerous. Only Voldemort was in that category, and even he wasn't dangerous, not as a ghost.

Having finished his albeit long shower and pulled on some clean clothes, Harry felt alive once more, alive and ready for...a Danish. That's what Oswin handed him as he went back into the control room. It was flaky and had some sort of mushroom filling with smoky pieces that may have been bacon dispersed with parsley and thyme. Maybe. It was just a blessed relief to have something that wasn't stew-based. He wanted to know how she got the Timeship's food machine to produce something like this. He had the instructions for it and he could only get basic food stuffs from it.

Looking across at the three displays inset in the walls around the control room he noticed they weren't spinning around as fast as they usually did when they were in flight. The squares in-lined made the control room had a particularly futuristic, feel, though retro in context to the Daleks' current technology design philosophy.

"You've noticed," Oswin said as he finished eating, brushing the crumbs off himself.

"What's up?" Harry joined her at the controls, adjusting one of the displays to show the currently available information from the sensors around them, hoping there wasn't anything, or anything that wasn't attracted to them.

"There's something following our time curve," Oswin said as she adjusted the controls changing the display on another on the displays from its neutral 'spinning' to a display like a radar.

Harry walked away from the central controls to the control panel in front of the displays, making an adjustment to try and bring the time traces into focus.

"Three time vessels," he mused.

"TARDISes?" Oswin asked.

Harry shrugged. They'd not seen a lot of evidence of Dalek time craft, not like theirs. The Daleks employed other means of time travel in the Time War. Their Timeship lacked offensive capabilities; it was from a different era. The offensive capabilities were, intended at least to be the Daleks travelling within the craft. Not in a combative role. That's why they tried to take a few saucers with them. Dodging their way into things, they'd quickly learnt was dicey in the extreme.

"Are there any fleets near by?" Harry wondered, if they could surround themselves with a mid-sized fleet they should be able to defeat the three or maybe four time traces that were definitely following them.

Oswin made a noise of concern. "Not unless we go back, and we left that in disarray."

"Understating that Oswin." Harry turned around a looked at her. She wore a worried expression.

"What?" Harry turned back to the screens. The temporal craft had already closed the distance in the vortex in the time it had taken to worry about them.

"I thought we might land and recalibrate, looks like we can't," Oswin muttered joining him at the side controls.

"Three battle TARDISes," Harry said with a sense of dread forming in his voice. There wasn't much in the instruction manual about engaging in a battle with TARDISes, battle, war or otherwise. Harry again cursed the Eternal.

The Timeship was well defended, in the right circumstances, when they were in space, or the vortex and generally in flight, they could survive a bit. But it was when it was on the ground, when it could lock down, that's when it was very well defended and almost impenetrable.

It was the in between points, they were the worse, although that could be said for all time craft, the point of dematerialisation and re-materialisation was where they were most vulnerable. That was what the Daleks' data said at least, that's when the Daleks took advantage of the Time Lords' timecraft weaknesses.

None of which they could exploit at the moment. It wasn't as though he could open the external doors and kick a mine out of them.

For one he'd get ripped apart by the time winds. And second they didn't have anything like that, the Daleks had mentioned temporal mines, but whether they were mines used against temporal craft or specific mines of a temporal nature he hadn't found out thus far.

"We're going to have to do something creative soon," Harry pondered as he adjusted the controls, directing the Timeship towards a rougher section of the vortex. The display in front of him warned of disturbances associated with temporal damage.

"The vortex fold won't protect us for long, not with the damage it looks to have taken," Oswin warned as she shifted around the central controls while Harry stood in front of one of the side panels, adjusting the Timeship's sensors.

"I know," he said as he rushed back to the central controls. The controls had been adapted somewhat for hands made of flesh, but they were still very Dalek-y in their design, but over the past...however long they'd been in the Time War he had become to know what each of the controls did.

Adjusting their temporal path into the negative he looked over to Oswin; explaining "I want to see if we can jump a time track, hopefully that'll throw them off our path."

Oswin looked at him. "Have you ever done this before?" She shook her head with a smile. "Silly question magic man."

"I think I did something like it back in my Hogwarts days, but it was Hermione doing that. Ian and Barbara told me about jumping a time track," Harry mused.

"Were they temporal professionals?" Oswin asked.

Harry thought for a second as he dematerialsed the Timeship before answering in the negative. There was a highlighting in purple of warning lights as they did manage to jump something, but it forced them out into normal space.

"Time path indicator reads clear," Oswin reported.

"For now," Harry said as he moved around the console looking to the screens, there was sweet bugger all around them, no battles, no saucers, nothing that might offer any protection.

"We need to find somewhere that's got a complicated timeline to hide," Oswin said what he was thinking.

"Without going back into the vortex," Harry chanced a look at the time path indicator again, nothing appeared to be showing but there was a lot of fuzzy snow around the edge of the sensor range. That wasn't in the manual.

Harry cursed the Eternal again.

"You've got to stop cursing his name, or I could teach you some better words," Oswin offered slyly.

Then something exploded near by.

A few microspans earlier in local time...and a few more back in space-time...

Voran stood in front of the console as Waym directed their fleet of three battle TARDISes they had been granted by Cardinal Ollistra for the capture of the rogue time vessel. They had tracked the vessel as it arrived from the designated Ferutu planet, it had arrived into a small fleet of Dalek vessels that were already under attack by their fellow Time Lords' war and battle TARDISes. They had left them to battle the Dalek horde, they had a mission and a target.

In the maelstrom of battle he thought they had lost the target time vessel, with it not appearing on their sensors. However Waym had managed to locate the vortex spore for the time vessel amongst the time trances present in the battle.

Transitioning to the vortex was difficult given the temporal fallout and backwash left by so many war and battle TARDISes materialising and attacking in one localised area.

Then, as they moved their TARDIS through the vortex they saw it.

"Reading," Voran asked as he re-targeted their TARDIS' sensors.

"Dalek timecraft from early in their temporal history, unable to penetrate dimensions," Waym reported.

"So, it is dimensionally transcendental, I thought the Daleks did not have that technology," Voran thought aloud to himself.

"Much was lost to the Daleks' history and access to it. The Skaro Degradations experiments were meant to prevent that," Waym said as he moved around the console. "We should be able to lock our time path to their vortex spore and track them."

Voran looked around the console and to the scanner. "The vessel is moving towards a vortex fold."

"We will move our TARDISes in on an attack formation, we should be able to attack them within the vortex where their offensive capabilities will not be able to match out multi-dimensional plotting," Waym said as he directed their TARDIS and the two others towards the vortex fold.

Then the cloisters began to ring.

"Waym what's-"

Waym was watching the controls. "They're dematerialising with negative coordinates; attempting to jump a time track."

Voran hissed through his teeth, Daleks never did follow the laws of time.

Waym was already reaching for the communication systems, ordering the other two TARDISes to spread out ready to capture the target time vessel if it attempted to move back down its own temporal path.

"They've materialsed in normal space," Voran surmised as he analysed the data that was being presented on the console.

Waym concurred.

"Ready weapons," Voran said with a smile, this would help his ascendancy in the ranks in the Capitol, a retrieval and simple interrogation.

"In normal space we have to approach carefully Voran, we still cannot detect all the temporal mines laid by the enemy," Waym began.

"And we cannot be certain the enemy craft has not laid more," Voran finished as he adjusted their course. "We will approach with caution."

Waym paused in thought for a moment. "There is another way to expedite matters, before they attempt to escape."

Voran watched with interest and curiosity as Waym had opened the architectural configuration systems and dimensional stabiliser controls for their TARDIS, Voran was watching as he controlled two sides of the console while Waym cut through several safety interlocks on the console with a Molenski Univarius.

Waym looked over at him as a smell of burning came from the console as he connected several wires together and the dimensions began to map onto the exterior of their TARDIS.

It was dangerous, they were sacrificing their internal dimensions for exterior ballast, which if there were any mines, they should hit before the core dimensions of their TARDIS were damaged. The other two TARDISes would have to provide weapons coverage and would ultimately have to capture the Dalek timecraft.

"This is fantastically creative Waym, why is this process not used more often in our fleets?" Voran asked as he reconfigured the dimensional stabiliser control flow while rerouting the vortex spore relay tracking through to the other TARDISes. Their dimensional mapping was providing cover and support in case of temporal mines, however their TARDIS was also masking a lot of temporal tracking, with their TARDIS being the lead and the only one that could accurately track the rogue Dalek time vessel.

"Because Voran, we're doing multiple roles and it requires a competent and expert TARDIS technician to re-programme the architectural configuration to do so-" Waym paused and smiled wickedly at Voran. "And it is very easy to initiate a time ram if I get my dimensional calculations incorrect."

Just after the first time torpedo exploded near by to the Timeship...

Harry cursed all of time and dematerialised the Timeship, quickly shoving them into the vortex and away in time, but not space. The pursuing TARDIS seemed to be expanding through both, but there was just enough space...or something in the current dateline to slip the Timeship through.

Something exploded nearby, which revealed to him that the Time Lords could shoot through the vortex.

"We're going to have to materialise in normal space, trying to predict what's happening in 4 dimensions is going to give me a headache," Oswin complained as something exploded to the side of the screens, only two of them were spinning at the moment. A nozzle dropped from the ceiling extinguishing the flames that had erupted.

"My thoughts exactly," Harry admitted as he did just that and was relieved that the TARDISes pursuing them were just outside of weapons range.

"Options?" Oswin wondered as Harry rushed over to the screens watching the and then ran back dematerialising the Timeship as two splotches on the screen exploded throwing him head first into the centre console.

Oswin pulled him back into a standing position. "They were tracking us," Harry admitted and looked around the room, another fire had just been put out. "I've got an idea," he called rushing off to the his room and shouting out as he did "Jump us in and out of the vortex, it'll buy us a little more time!"

In his room he stripped off his bio-engineered cloak and left his sonic screwdriver within as well, grabbing his invisibility cloak as he did so, slinging it over his shoulder.

Rushing out he looked around the corridor that ran around the outside of the control room; there were flames coming out of some of the panels. "Seal the internal dimensions." Harry chanced a look at his room, a door slid across and blurred into the wall. He grinned, this wasn't in the manual the Eternal had provided, there was just a section that said 'emergency actions' but it didn't really elaborate, it just said the Timeship could enact emergency actions. In an emergency. Daleks, never eloquent.

"What's going on? We've got maybe 5 minutes before their missiles reach, I hope you've come up with a good plan Harry," Oswin gazed at him.

Harry nodded towards a corner of the control room. "You're going to hide there, and I'm going to let myself be captured."

Oswin looked at him as though he was mad. "You're going to let yourself be captured."

"Then we can work out things from there, come on, Timeship, hide Oswin," he said looking up and nodding towards a space as he cast a series of Notice Me Not and other spells around the area as Oswin backed into the spot, now in Dalek form. He slung the invisibility cloak around her.

"Feels weird Harry, I should face them with you," she croaked worry filling her tone.

Harry looked into her eye. "What would the Time Lords do-" there was a thump as a torpedo exploded nearby. "I can't have that Oswin," Harry stopped and cast a few more spells around her and slipped his wand into an internal pocket of the cloak and did it up. Oswin had dropped her manipulator arm and gun stick down so they didn't stick out as much. Harry pulled the cloak's hood down over her eye piece. "Stay safe," the words caught in his throat.

"And how will you?" Oswin asked as Harry stepped back to the console. "Stay safe?"

"One problem at a time," Harry said around his little fingernail, which he gripped with his teeth and ripped hard off, swallowing as he did, tasting a considerable amount of blood while he watched the sensors; two time torpedoes were on a direct course for them. "Make it look like they've captured us," he said to himself, or maybe the Timeship, then everything went white and rough as the time torpedos found purchase on the local space time.

-/ - \\-

They had needed to take the time craft back to Space Station Zenobia, the station set aside by Cardinal Ollistra for their investigation and interrogation.

Breaching the time craft had been difficult, but with the correct tools Waym had not done too much damage to the craft. It would be useful for future investigation Voran thought.

He had followed Waym into the craft with several soldiers. The interior was dimensionally transcendental, but not much larger than Magnus' SIDRATs that had been deployed to defend some of Gallifrey's outer battlefronts. There was only one being within, a humanoid, seemingly consigned to their attack and his capture.

Voran ordered the soldiers remove him for preliminary interrogation.

"This place makes me nervous," Waym surmised his own thoughts, although he hadn't wished to admit it.

Inside this Dalek time vessel was nervous to the temporal senses, in fact it made all his meta-temporal senses crawl and twist. Daleks should never have time travel capability, and here, he was standing inside a dimensionally transcendental temporal vessel. It was disgusting that these creatures would have access to such technology and temporal knowledge. And that a traitor, a humanoid would be utilising it.

As they departed the vessel Waym looked around and walked over to a nearby console.

"I'll establish a chronon loop around the vessel to prevent any retrieval or egress of anything," he explained.

Voran nodded. The space station they were within was older than some that were utilised during the war at this point, but all Gallifreyan technology was superior to Dalek technology and would control a vessel, especially one as primitive compared to their TARDISes.

"The added security is wise Waym," Voran praised as the chronon loop formed around the temporal craft. Voran spared one final look at it before joining Waym near the door.

"I will prepare the interrogation space," Waym said as they left the holding area.

"Make ready the mind probe while I oversee the traitor's physical interrogation," Voran ordered.

Waym looked to him. "It will require calibration. We currently have it set for use on Gallifeyan traitors." Waym walked on in silence with Voran for a moment. "Will physical interrogation assist? I have not participated directly in information gathering from traitors."

Voran nodded. "Cardinal Ollistra recognised that we both bring skills to this interrogation Waym, I have participated in some missions against the Daleks and their traitors. A few involving Gallifreyan traitors," Voran paused. "Some dealt with by Rassilon personally, they were utilised for the War."

Waym nodded. "Every Time Lord must participate, it is especially useful, that Rassilon has found use, for the traitors against home."

Voran indicated his agreement as they pause at a junction. "The prisoner will be allowed some recovery time, following physical preparation."

"Understood Voran, I'll begin preparation of the mind probe," Waym said as they parted ways.


That was surprising.

Harry thought as the wind was knocked out of him again.

It had been a while since he'd been physically assaulted in such a way. With fists made of meat, rather than spells throwing him through a building of energy weapons glancing him.

Then the guards' fists hit something he recognised and thought that maybe his ribs had broken again.

He laughed, it was more of a gurgle.

Someone kicked him in the calf.

"Has the prisoner been prepared?" Asked a voice.

"Yes sir," one of the boots said.

Harry laughed again, mostly because of the pain of the situation. The Doctor had always said that he wasn't like the other Time Lords, that they were boring, doddery old men. The voice, the senior person wasn't any of that, it was filled with an annoyed cold tone. The Master, he had said that the Time Lords were just about protecting themselves, and that made them weak, that he was willing to exploit their close-minded views for his own ends. Of course, the Master when he last saw him was as bad as these people, probably.

"You haven't harmed the brain stem?" The voice asked again.

"No sir, standard interrogation preparation," Mr Soldier said Harry realised he'd seen the boots before coming towards him, though it was only now he'd managed to blink through the blood.

"You speak, traitor, not as thorough as the guards would think," Mr cold voice said. "most should not be able to."

"The Time Lords of Gallifrey led a life of peace and calm, yet you are threatened by one being, you beat," Harry paused to crane up and look at the more senior being. He was fairly sure he was dressed in silver-grey robes. "Not even the Shobogans would resort to a beating such as this," he finished in a croak as he felt a pressure well up in his chest, it didn't feel like his lungs collapsing, and realised it was a boot on his lower chest. Harry was however more satisfied with the annoyed look on Mr grey-silver robes.

Annoyingly however he didn't respond beyond an annoyed look, because he then drew a weapon and shot him.


Voran holstered his staser, the being spoke of Gallifrey in tone of reverence and understanding, not a way he had heard any other traitors speak in.

"Take the prisoner to a zero cell, ensure he will not die during the recovery process."


Harry woke up, he didn't know how long he'd been unconscious. Everything still hurt, so he considered not too long.

The stun weapon a staser likely to be the thing he had been shot with, hadn't hurt a lot. He'd been shot with a lot worse stun weapons. There was the initial, sharp sensation and then...not much. There had been more noise, than feeling he recalled.

Rolling over onto his back he winced and coughed, there was the taste of blood in his throat, but he was relatively sure he wasn't breathing the blood, that was just from his bloody finger earlier. Or maybe it was the wound on his lips and mouth.

Closing his eyes for a moment he laughed a rough laugh to himself. "Tortured by the Time Lords," he muttered to himself. He supposed he'd been lucky up to this point, encountering the Time Lords on his own terms. Mostly with an attack squad of Daleks with him, or with his wand, or even just Oswin his friend, only friend here in the war with him.

He realised, as he opened his eyes briefly, only to close them once more that he would have to be very careful about what he said, and probably thought about Oswin, and everything else. He hadn't been expecting the Time Lords to start by roughing him up – that had been unexpected. At least with what was to come, the interrogation could only take a few paths. He was willing to bet they would use some sort of mind probe on him. The Master, or Magister as he'd known him had mentioned something of it in passing. The Doctor too, mostly derisively, though not of his own people using it.

Harry shifted on his back again, it felt like the pain in his lower back was easing slightly and wondered if the floor was healing him, or if he hadn't been kicked as hard as he thought. The Doctor had mentioned people like the Terran Federation or Earth Alliance or something using mind probes. Just at the moment, Harry couldn't remember what the Doctor had said about it. Something about a purple horse with yellow spots was all that was jumping out at him in his mind.

His own experiments with mind probes had been more about extracting information from dead or near dead people, with varying levels of success. The experiments he'd done on himself had been a little more enlightening, and a lot more painful. But how to use that knowledge to his own benefit would be the question. And of course how to pad out what these Time Lords wanted to know long enough to escape, that was the more important thing to do.

Pushing himself backwards with his aching legs, which felt like they were made of bruises Harry felt his way backwards to a wall and pushed himself into a seated position, where he could better take in the space he was in. It had a vaguely pinkish hue, with large roundels on the walls that arched upwards. There was the vaguest hum coming through the wall, he doubted he'd have noticed if he'd not been leaning against the wall.

There blank space at one end of the area, which he assumed was the door. Locked no doubt, it'd be a pretty poor prison cell if it weren't locked. But Harry dragged himself upwards with a groan of what he was surprised to feel only bruised ribs and hobbled over to it.

There wasn't even a control panel to remove and electrocute himself with. Nothing. No lock to wave a wand at to get out. Not that he had a wand with him, and wandless magic could only take one so far.

Now, he turned around to take in the cell more clearly, now that he was wheezing slightly against the cell door.

He knew he couldn't apparate, even without a wand, he had learnt, taught and felt his way through understanding the feeling of whether it was safe to apparate or not. There was a something to his senses in here. The same sort of technological disturbance that meant his house was off limits, as were various areas of London, but here, here it was...he could almost feel its oppressive state against his magical senses.

Looking again around the cell, Harry mused, unlike the Doctor, or those who travelled with him, he did not have that much experience with cells, and being locked up in them. That was one thing Tegan and Sarah especially always talked about; the amount of time that they had spent in various prison cells around the universe.

Harry looked around the room, and tried not to let the hysterical laugh creep in again. Here he was, tortured by the Time Lords, imprisoned...somewhere. Not a TARDIS, he was vaguely sure, not that he'd been inside enough to properly know. He had to keep his wits about him, and exploit every situation to escape.

-/ - \\-

Harry winced as he was pushed into the chair, he thought about making some cutting comment about the Time Lords ruffing him up again, but held his tongue, for now. He wanted to see how these two Time Lords, the two that seemed to hold some authority played things.

They were the only two wearing robes. They were paired back robes, more a tunic sort of thing, but they were in different colours.

He knew what a Prydonian's robes were, the Doctor had told him about them enough times.

Harry mentally cursed himself and tried to think of something else, ferreting that knowledge off and trying to think of something more mundane.

He returned to wondering about what sort of mind probe or mind analysis machine this was that he was being hooked up to.

In theory it shouldn't matter what stray thoughts he had about Time Lords or Daleks, he considered as his wrists were strapped in. He rubbed his now raw finger in thoughts, the nail hadn't started to grow back, but there was something there, a scab, which did suggest that whatever the cell he was in had some sort of accelerated healing affect on him.

However, the lack of the invisible marking on his fingernail meant that, should the Daleks attack, he'd be in just as much danger as the Time Lords. Although, it remained to be seen how much danger he was in at the moment.

"Ready Waym?" The Time Lord dressed in grey-silver asked the other Time Lord, who was operating what he guessed were the mind probe controls, Harry craned slightly to look at this Time Lord, he was dressed in light blue robes.

"Yes Voran, I believe I have calibrated the mind probe for the being's physiology," he said as he adjusted what looked like physical controls and a touch screen of some sort.

"You are curious, about the mind probe?" Voran peered at him.

"Only that you have the settings rights, I've been pummelled enough by your soldiers enough from the outside, I don't want my mind pureed," Harry said meeting his gaze as he rambled, trying to get some understanding of whether Voran might be influenced. The Time Lord met his gaze with a cold expression.

"Ready Waym," was all he said and then Harry felt a white hot zap of energy through his body.

"Name." It was more a statement with the suggestion of a query than a proper question.

"Harry." He didn't see the need to answer anything more that this, they only had single names after all.

Voran looked off to one side, Harry had shut his eyes from the pain for a moment and opened them to see Voran watching him.

"How did you escape from the Ferutu designated planet?" Voran demanded.

Harry blinked as he tried to get used to the energy pulsing through his body and mind, he was sure Waym had the settings way too high. "Could I just say that I'm not a Time Lord, I can't really think, with this buzzing."

"How did you escape from Ferutu designated planet with your Dalek cohorts?"

Blissfully the buzzing was lowered slightly, to be replaced by a jolt of pain through his extremities, which he could only associate with the Cruciatus curse. Dialled up to 12 or 13.

"The...what...?" Harry finally ground out as he recovered slightly.

"The Skaro Degradation planet, you should have been killed," Waym said in an annoyed tone.

"Ghosts, ghosts, Dalek ghosts tried to kill us," Harry said in short breaths, he was sure his heart was beating faster. "Had to, to repair the saucers, crash landed on the planet, used remains to fix some of the saucers there."

Voran nodded.

The pain lessened slightly.

"Planet of origin," Voran demanded.

"Earth," Harry answered, he'd thought questions like this, name, rank, planet of origin might be coming, to establish things, he had already decided he would be answering these questions without messing around. They would require too much thought to answer obliquely, and he needed to get used to the mind probe on this setting. He'd not played with his mind probes, certainly not experimenting on himself at this level before.

"Sol 3 in the Mutter's Spiral. That is outside of the War," Voran mused to him, or Waym, or to himself, who knew?

"How did you enter the War?" Waym asked, Harry saw Voran look over at him, not in annoyance, but there was a look, he wasn't sure what.

"In my Timeship," Harry answered simply. That was information they already had, there was no need to embellish or obfuscate while he was worrying about his heart beating faster...or was it his lungs that were tightening?

Waym looked over at him. "It is of Dalek design, from early in their history."

"Temporal manipulation of their history makes statements like that somewhat meaningless," Harry offered philosophically, looking back over to Waym, with a struggle from the pain he met the Time Lord's gaze. "The Skaro Degradations you've spoken of," he paused, swallowing some saliva that had accumulated in his mouth, it briefly felt like he might choke on his own fluids, in the coughing that began, it at least felt like his lungs weren't going to explode and he tried to force more calm into his voice. "You pursued me, would you not know this?"

"Why are you present here?" Voran pressed.

Well, Harry thought. At the moment you're interrogating me, that's why I'm strapped to a chair. "What information are you trying to gather from me? Why not interrogate the Daleks on the saucers who also escaped the Ferutu planet?" Harry wondered out loud, seemingly to the annoyance of Voran. Ferutu was a word that...Harry wasn't sure, it was certainly a word but what it meant was another question. Maybe it was just a word, like Rassilon or Apeiron, names from Gallifrey's history used to name things. But there was a reverence a meaning with which is was said that he couldn't quite work out.

Harry only realised he'd missed the question what energy zapped through his body, prompting him out of his ponderances, the power of the mind probe zapping through him making him distracted.

"You have been sighted at our operation on Ribos," Voran began.

Oh, Harry thought so you worked out I was there, he thought to himself.

"Why were you present on Ribos?" Voran finished.

"I was there with an assault squad of Daleks," Harry answered simply, calming his mind, remembering the protections for his inner most thoughts.

Then something fizzed through his body and the feeling of...of an increased anticipation of the Cruciatus increased through his body.

"Why were you on Ribos?" Waym this time, and the feeling increased more, a buzzing pressure through his body.

"Why are you present in the War?" Voran pressed as well.

At least he thought he said that, the buzzing was becomming overpowering.

"I was there to support a Dalek attack squad," Harry repeated his initial answer, it was true, enough.

Then pain and the buzzing changed and he blacked out.


"He has significant mental defences," Waym explained as removed a section of the mind probe controls.

"Is that why you rendered him unconscious?" Voran looked over at the unconscious human.

Waym inclined the affirmative. "His body can withstand more stimulation than I had initially calibrated for. The mental blocks are interesting too."

"He's a human," Voran sniffed. "Hardly advanced."

"Not by Gallifreyan standards," Waym countered. "He also does not have any signs of augmentation, robotisation" Waym paused as Voran turned away and walked over to observe the human more closely. "Or any other nanotechnology that the Celestial Intervention Agency has reported on from their agents within the Daleks' empire."

Voran spun around from where he was watching the human breathe. "You are aware of the Celestial's surveillance?"

Waym looked up a slight expression of surprise on his face. "Yes, they require a high level of technical support for their surveillances. Especially so deep into the Daleks' lines."

Voran nodded. "Of course."

-/ - \\-

Harry couldn't feel his legs, or for that matter most of his extremities. He suspected answering very vague, coupled with detailed answers about how he infiltrated Ribos was not going down well with his two interrogators.

Clenching his fists trying to bring some circulation back into his body, he collapsed onto the floor of his cell and into a fit of uncomfortable unconsciousness, swimming through his memories; over stimulated by the mind probe.

A while ago...inside the Doctor's TARDIS...

Draco was reading out passages from a small leather bound book that didn't try to kill him when he opened it. Unlike the book that Harry had open in front of him.

Only slightly, at least that's what he'd thought when he'd opened it. It was a book of threats, dangers and portents and was wholly interesting, if written in an odd style. Someone, Harry thought the Doctor had made various edits in the margins of the book.

The Doctor had informed them that he had some remaining things to tie up on Hyspero, and that he and Draco needed to rest.

Harry contended that they'd done that, they'd been out for at least 24 hours or something like that after their sojourn into the vacuum of space.

But the Doctor insisted that they rest, 'explore the library'. Harry had taken that as an invitation to have a nosy, while Draco had found something interesting, or interesting to him.

"These Time Lords of Gallifrey are quite cultured Potter. Houses and chapters and an ordered society," Draco was saying.

"Cut throat too," Harry commented as he turned the page covering Fenric and began on Yog-Sothoth. "The Doctor liked to tell me about the Shobogans and the Outlers."

Draco sniffed. "Those that want to live outside the cultured areas of their 'Capitol', I can see how that would appeal to you."

Harry leaned back, looking up at the high cathedral-like space that was the TARDIS library. It was at least twice the size of the zeppelin hanger. With no discernable order, except the books he'd found suggested in some way that they wanted to be left alone. But picking them up hadn't initiated any alarms, so he'd pursued them.

Draco had found his current fascination in a dusty part of the library concerning history. He'd commented that if he was to be rescued by the Doctor he would know something of him, and his history. Harry had scoffed at that, but that wasn't what Draco had meant. The Doctor's culture, which he'd understood in bites and chunks from the Doctor and Magister.

"Well, what do you know Potter of these chapters?" Draco challenged.

"The Doctor is a Prydonian," Harry leaned back, thinking on it. "Some of their presidents have been Prydonians," Harry paused. He wasn't sure if Magister had told him that or the Doctor had.

"'More Prydonians are renegades than any other chapter, dressed in scarlet and orange'." Draco quoted.

"I hope you're not going to draw some tenuous link between Gallifrey and Hogwarts Draco, because that would be tiresome," Harry commented.

Draco gave him a withering look. "I, unlike some uncouth people from our school don't go around seeing patterns wherever they might lie Potter."

"Of course not Draco, of course not," Harry commented with amusement. "What else does it say?"

Draco eyed him. "Have you lost the ability to read for yourself Potter?"

"I thought you were entertaining me, reading aloud from your book?" Harry challenged in a teasing tone.

"As you seem uneducated in this arena Potter, might I enlighten you on the passage I was just reading, the houses lacking political power in the Capitol," Draco smirked leaning back.

"You have my full attention Malfoy," Harry said leaning into his own chair, wincing slightly as he did. The energy weapons blasts still taking their time to heal.

"You could have remained in the medical facility Potter," Draco commented.

"And miss out on all the exploring you've been doing?" Harry countered. "The chapter houses with the least amount of power," Harry prompted.

Harry listened as Draco listed through the various chapters, and their coloured robes. "Does it say, or have pictures of these various Time Lords wearing their robes?"

Draco looked up from the page, he was detailing what the Patrexes wore and did; they sounded dangerous. "Not that I can see, what of yours?"

"Just a warning at the start that 'that which holds the image of nightmares becomes nightmares'."

Draco arched an eyebrow at him. "Wonderful Potter, you do choose texts to study,"

"So we have to imagine these Time Lords in their light blue robes, or their silver-grey robes?" Harry pondered. "I know that Time Lords wear big collars, the Doctor's mentioned the 'silly collars' to me before, he drew me some pictures a while ago, along with the Seal of Rassilon," Harry pointed to the seal that adorned the back of the book that Draco was reading from.

"Seals carry and infer great power in some situations Potter," Draco intoned.

"I don't doubt it," Harry mused.

Back, in the zero cell...

Harry woke with a shudder of pins and needles and hoped that dreaming of Draco Malfoy wasn't indicative of anything suggestive and was instead his mind being overstimulated by the mind probe. Or more hopefully helping him to remember something that might help him prompt a reaction from his captors.


The walls were silver, with gold lattice work. The soldiers this time just jabbed him in the back with their stasers instead of walking in lock step with him, holding his arms firm; their gloved hands leaving marks on his arms.

Harry thought it was an improvement, he hadn't bother to try and engage the soldiers in conversation about the aesthetics of wherever he was.

He wished he knew more about gravity and the feel of it and what not to be able to work out whether he was on a planet, moon, space station or inside a TARDIS.

He was still fairly sure it wasn't the latter. While he hadn't been inside a lot of TARDISes, something just didn't feel right about this place, something that wasn't very TARDIS-y. He was sure other people he knew would be able to tell right away by bouncing about licking the walls or playing with a yo-yo or something like that.

Another jab in his back as they reached the doorway.

Harry glared at the back of the solider who was in front of him, though he still didn't make any cutting comments to the ones who kept jabbing him in the back.

He hoped they'd at least worked out that he wasn't as dangerous as any Dalek prisoners they had and that was why he wasn't being dragged around by them any more.

Whatever the reason was, it was a point of weakness in them, one he may have to exploit, when the time was right and he'd exhausted all options. He was vaguely sure he hadn't reached that point, not yet.

The room, where the interrogation had been taking place also had more gold mesh and fretwork. Harry wondered as he looked around him if this was of high design on Gallifrey, if this was where he was.

Voran and Waym were there.

Another jab in his back.

Voran looked over him and looked to the soldiers, or guards, or whatever. They immediately grabbed him and pushed him into the chair. "I could get in myself, where am I going to run and escape to?" Harry wondered out loud, drawing the attention of the two Time Lords.

"Indeed, where?" Voran wondered as he fingered the staser on his hip.

Harry thought that was enough lip from him for now as he was strapped into the chair he studied Voran and Waym. The latter was harder to do so, he was off to the side, manning the controls of the mind probe.

Voran was easier.

There was a snap and fizz of the mind probe engaging and pulsing through his body, he felt a little sense of relief that it wasn't making him feel like he was buzzing this time, maybe Harry hoped that Waym had dialled down the settings a little bit.

"We will begin anew," Voran approached him, dismissing the guards.

Harry nodded.

"Who was with you on Ribos," Voran began.

"Daleks," Harry answered immediately and felt a buzz of energy through his body.

"Your answers have been analysed, you may consider that your answer is truthful Harry," Waym began and the buzzing fizzing Cruciatus feeling sensation began.

Harry clenched his fists and regretted that most of his nails were cut or more likely bitten far down so he couldn't dig nails into hit palms. Not that he really wanted more pain. But at least it would allow him some semblance of control.

"But you are being mis-truthful, you will tell us," Waym continued calmly.

"Left the Timeship on saucer, transmatted down to Ribos, didn't know that was the name," Harry said in short breaths as he looked between Voran and Waym.

"Who else accompanied you?" Waym continued, the painful buzzing shifted in a different way, digging into him.

Harry now wondered if this was why he'd been allowed to walk here under his own steam, because he'd be tortured in another new different way. It was certainly making it a lot more difficult to think of how to answer their questions.

"A," he swallowed and tried to focus on that. "A friend, she accompanied me, she likes desserts." The pain shifted as he felt his vision beginning to show him stars.


Voran walked over to Waym who was studying the mind probe's data.

"What is it Waym?"

"More conflicting data," he looked over at the humanoid Harry. He had decided to change the settings and the approach with the human. The readings from their previous sessions had indicated a higher tolerance for pain than the Matrix database for humanoids from Sol 3 average.

"Who is this individual?" Waym said in a raised voice towards Harry. Adjusting the mind probe's controls slightly as he did, but as he didn't answer he pushed them back up.


Harry hissed through his teeth and wondered where they were going with this line of questioning. He wasn't sure where they were going with any of this questioning exactly. He was trying not to think about any of it, while giving truthful answers that didn't reveal anything.

"You're from the Dromeian Chapter aren't you Voran?" He said, offering some information that wasn't relevant, he hoped would distract the Time Lords, and it did, he was please to think to himself with the pain and buzzing slowly rolling backwards, giving him some sense of relief.

"What do you know of the Chapter Houses?" Voran exclaimed.

"How do you know of the Chapter Houses?" Waym asked in a more level tone.

"Which?" Harry paused, revelling in the more subdued pain he was feeling.

"How?" / "What?" Both Voran and Waym said the beginning of their question together.

Harry wanted to smile to himself, but didn't want to reveal to his captors anything, the mind probe was doing a job enough of that as it was.

"How do you know of the Chapter Houses?" Waym repeated.

"I read it in a book," Harry paused and then looked at Voran this time, fixing him with a look. "Or maybe one of the Time Lords' enemies from the old wars told me."

"Old wars?" Voran asked.

"Maybe a Little Brother or Cousin of Faction Paradox told me some secrets of the old times?" Harry mused meeting and holding Voran's gaze. He wasn't too surprised when Voran shot him. But the look of anger and fear on his face was enough to make it worth it.


"He was telling the truth," Waym observed. Voran had stunned the human on the lowest setting. He would recover shortly.

"Which part Waym?" Voran snapped.

"The memory of reading it in a book was quite clear," Waym paused, waiting for Voran to speak.

"And of Faction Paradox?" Voran spat angrily.

Waym remained silent.

"Well?" Voran pressed his voice rising.

"The staser blast and the affect on his biosystems rendered the information from the mind probe unreadable, he thinks it's true." Waym replied after several moments of silence.


"Explain why you have a temporal vessel."

"Why did you land with an assault force on Ribos."

"What is your connection with the Eternity Circle."

"How did you defeat Time Lord forces in dateline 42?"

"Where is your associate?"

They had decided to try bombarding him with questions, he felt a sharp sting of pain with each one. Voran was stood over by the controls beside Waym, and away from his gaze, disappointingly.

"Cerulean Chapter, that's you Waym," Harry ground out, gritting his teeth from the pain and wished one of them would shoot him. Or that he'd black out.

That was the problem with Voldemort he realised. And Hogwarts. And the wizards and witches and aliens he'd faced afterwards.

High pain threshold, used to the pain.

That mad man in a box had once said, feed a mind probe enough ridiculousness and it'd destroy itself.

He'd already said enough about the woman with a dessert fascination and red dress who could sucker people to death and it hadn't exploded, though Voran looked like he might.

At some point all he could hear was a buzzing noise and then he found himself back in the 'zero cell' and blissfully into unconsciousness.


Voran stalked backwards and forwards in the interrogation room as Waym cycled through the data they had gathered from the human. Bombarding his mind with questions and energy pulses from the mind probe had only been slightly successful.

They had gathered data that suggested he had travelled a great distance temporally to gain access to the war. From outside of the war's sphere, or from the outer edges at least. He certainly had knowledge of the first segment of the War. There was a drive within his mind, beyond the mind probe's reaches for now. But he was not a simple traitor or working with the Daleks for simple power gains, there was something further within his psyche driving him, something more complicated, and baser. He was also withstanding the power of the mind probe remarkably well, for a non-Gallifreyan.

"I want, Waym more information from him, I want to bend his mind and see within it, the mind probe should be strong enough to do that," Voran said in a calm tone, tinged with anger and frustration.

Waym remained in silent thought as Voran continued to mutter about what he wanted to do to the human. "Bend his mind..." Waym suddenly said as he walked across the room to the older part of the station, those that interfaced with the older Matrix systems and removed a panel. "Do you know what mind bending is?"

Voran looked over at him. "Ancient battling for the first ranks," he answered with a sniff. "Mind bending is often fatal, Eighth Man Bound trials are barely better."

Waym looked up at the tone Voran used and wondered if he had engaged in the Eighth Man Bound. Some of Waym's classmates had, two had been left in a regenerative crisis as a result. Since the war began no one at the Academy indulged in such dangers. The dangers the Daleks wrought were all too real to be testing their skills and abilities like that.

"I believe using a buffer interface through the Matrix viewing control systems in the trial rooms, but it would need an active mind to-" Waym was cut off.

"So I will be able to contact his mind directly, I did not think telepathic contact was possible with something as simple as a human mind," he looked to Waym. "Finally I will be able to seek out the information I want, without him interfering."

"I could do it Voran, the monitoring is not-" Waym continued.

"No, you are the technical expert Waym, I insist, I want to know how the human has arrived in the War and what he is here for...and everything else about him, even if I have to bend...and break his mind to mine."

-/ - \\-

A long time ago, in Little Whinging...

"Power and control Mr Potter, control, a firm grasp of these and..." he snapped his fingers and Piers and his mates who'd cornered him walked away seemingly having forgotten both of them.

Magister had been visiting the school for a few weeks, off and on. Harry knew when he'd met him that there was something different about the Magister when he'd first offered him a gloved hand. In his trim black suit, he looked like...Harry wasn't sure, but all the teachers deferred to him. Not since Mr Chesterton and Ms Wright, had a teacher, at least that was what he'd thought the Magister was, at first at least was. He had paid attention to him, taught him some simple, and not so skills.

Not long after he'd begun teaching him some 'more advanced skills of persuasion' Harry had seen something in the Magister, the some other-ness that the Doctor had when he'd spoken.

Magister had explained as much and more, simply. Harry liked it, that the Magister spoke to him as he did, teaching him things, not as though he was stupid, or to anyone else.

"You must control yourself, too Mr Potter. You have great control, I know, regarding your relatives, knowing when to show and when to restrain yourself if a very useful skill," Magister was saying in a slightly cautionary tone.

"I shouldn't use these skills on my relatives?" Harry asked him with a slight frown.

Magister chuckled. "Skills should be used to advance your objectives, do not mistake short term improvements for objectives."

"I think I understand Magister," Harry said frowning again and looking to the older man. "But I'm not sure I have any objectives."

Magister chuckled. "Perhaps not now, but the universe offers up many opportunities Mr Potter, you must be knowledgeable and ready to exploit them."

-/ - \\-

Waym dematerialised one of the TARDISes, the space station did not have the facility to transduct vessels within its superstructure, therefore it was required that he initiate a 'short hop' in only space to move the TARDIS from the TARDIS cradles to what had been the court room on this space station.

Voran was waiting when he opened the door of the TARDIS, Voran had located two benches for himself and the human to lay upon, and the requisite interfaces.

Waym would use the mind probe to interface with the humanoid, while he'd use the telepathic circuits as a buffer between Voran and the human, with the Matrix systems here for finer control. It would, he hoped moderate the more dangerous effects of attempting to mind bend a non-Gallifreyan. It would also provide some protection to the human Harry, who after the information that they needed was gathered would need to be questioned further regarding other elements of the Daleks' presence in the War.


Harry tugged at the cuff of his shirt, it had been ripped at some point...he wasn't sure when, the sessions, the interrogation times had begun to blur. Being a prisoner of the Time Lords had meant keeping track of time had been difficult. He'd tried keeping track in his cell, with his blood, but to no avail, it disappeared when he'd been taken away from it.

He knew there had been multiple varied sessions.

He was being led somewhere different for this occasion, this day? This time. He was hoping, hoping that the change in interrogation location meant that they were going to try something new.

The constancy of the mind probe and its affects was not something he was enjoying, it was in fact the worst he had experienced. He'd never say he'd wish to be tortured by Voldemort or his Eaters, but...

As he was brought into the room he saw Voran and Waym.

Voran looked pissed, Waym looked...Harry wasn't sure, like someone who might vivisect him calmly if it answered questions.

Waym was far more worrisome because so far he'd remained so calm. Even the Daleks could be disturbed by things, mostly to panic, Waym was too cool.

"Something new?" Harry asked as he was strapped down onto a hard slab of something, he hoped it was non-conductive looking at the cables and wires that had been lashed together.

"Wait," Waym said to the soldiers who Harry assumed were making for the door. "Your assistance will be required with the next stage."

"What's the next stage? Tired of me answering your questions Voran? No wonder your chapter house never attained any real political power," Harry tried as Voran loomed over him fingering his staser.

"Voran hold, we require his mind active," Waym cautioned.

Harry kept his face neutral, though he was satisfied he'd managed to make Voran angry enough to be even more trigger happy around him. Closing his eyes he began to mentally prepare his mental defences, magical ones, ones the Master had taught him, ones he'd learnt along the way from zapping himself with a mind probe of his own, and even some he'd learnt in the...however long he had been here. He had guessed what Voran was going to do, but not how they'd do it, there was a second slab of whatever it was, hopefully conductive material for Voran's sake that he was now lying down onto.

"Hold Lord Voran, the interface will cause some spasms," Waym was ordering as Harry opened his eyes. Obviously they had only brought enough straps for one person or maybe-

Any further thoughts were blotted out as a sharp wedge of pain was shoved through his conscious thoughts and suddenly he felt he was exercising one of those skills that before he'd been captured had needed to really use.

It felt different this time. Not the obfuscation, the careful mistruths that the mind probe encouraged.

This was targeted, but there was felt like smoke, or ice, fire or...he couldn't place it. Abstractly he felt he praised Voldemort, he had got inside his head, a targeted way in. But this, whatever this was, wasn't. It was like something trying to pour into his mind, but without a target, without a destination, just trying to come in and...


"Sepulchasm!" Voran spluttered angrily. "In Rassilon's name that humanoid..." he spat as he pushed off the soldier's gloved hands from his shoulders.

Waym looked over at the unconscious form of the humanoid. "Voran, I interfaced the TARDIS's telepathic circuits to moderate the field between you and the human. Given the human's temporal interactions there could be dangers opening your mind and biodata to a-"

"No! No Waym, I will gather and bend his mind, remove the protections. Use the Matrix interface to rip his mind open. I order it! I will have his mind, and the reward for the reaping!" Voran shouted.


Reality swam back in and Harry found he was still looking up at the ornate gold ceiling.

"That ceiling is a bit gauche," he muttered to himself.

"It is from an era earlier in Time Lord history human," the soldier who was somewhere behind him said in a gruff tone.

"I hope the Capitol looks nicer. The old one in green tones, so I hear, some beige later," Harry felt like he was babbling a little bit; his mind jumbled slightly. Listening for a moment he could hear Voran and Waym doing something.

"Dalek bombardment has damaged much of the Capitol," the soldier commented.

Harry didn't have anything to counter that. "And are you born of one of the great houses?"

"You are gathering information for your masters human?" The Time Lord Soldier sneered.

Harry laughed. "I have no masters, I know one," Harry paused. "The Daleks don't care about the great houses of Gallifrey, nor the chapter houses I'd wager," Harry craned but couldn't see the soldier.

"Then who?" The Soldier asked, curiously with less of a sneer.

"No one," Harry exhaled. "Your masters don't like that answer."

"I don't believe you, this is War, we are fighting against the Daleks, you are the enemy." There was a rustle of his clothing "Everyone takes orders from someone."

"Who does the Lord President take orders from?" Harry pressed.

The rustle of clothing paused. "Rassilon gives orders."

Then he was gone, leaving Harry with more questions, according to the Doctor and the Master, and Iris Wildthyme Rassilon was dead, and crusty.

But then again...Tegan, Sarah and Alistair had all seen his ghost, and ghosts seemed to like the Time War.


Waym looked to Voran one final time, Voran glared at him. "The protections were for your own safety Voran, I-"

"The record will show you followed my orders Waym, anything hence forth is in my own hands, my own control." Voran clenched his fists, his expression a snarl.

Waym looked over at the human, Harry, the one who was causing this discussion. "Very well."

"I will win, with all its cost Waym," Voran calmly said.

"The reward that you are reaping," Waym finished Voran's paraphrase, Voran looked at him with a smile of acknowledgement.


"We are to begin again are we Voran?" Harry craned his head to look at Voran as he tried to think of something else to rattle the Time Lord.

Voran looked at him, he had a worrisome look on his face. Far too determined. "I am to begin human, you will end."

Harry snorted and tried to keep the creeping dread that looking at someone who was more than a bit mental induced. Especially as said mental person was readying himself to be strapped in next to him. "Rassilon said that facing the Vampires. They returned. Omega was gone forever and he returned from the world of antimatter," Harry smiled as Voran was stunned for a moment. "You tried to avert their creation, they returned," Voran now loomed over him and Harry braced for being stunned, again.

"Voran," a voice of caution.

"Yes Waym, yes, his demise will wait." Voran almost spat.

"Adjust the restraints on the prisoner," Waym ordered.

Some soldiers came over and Harry felt the straps pull tight on his head, arms and legs; practically cutting into the skin, were it not for whatever the weird material was that stopped it; instead spreading the compression through the general area.

"And three of you, hold Time Lord Voran, firmly, the process will be..." Waym trailed off. "Trying."

As the soldiers moved away from him to just within his view of Voran Harry began to prepare to say something else, something to tease Voran and piss him off more. But then something pulsed through the mind probe connections and the pain dropped him off a cliff and he felt his body convulse, or try to and he let out a scream of pain, his eyes bulging and his body attempted to render itself unconscious, but the Time Lord probes, linking him to a Time Lord of high rank stopped him.


Then...Harry found himself standing in a void, before him was what looked like a crystalline wall of some sort; something seemed to be hammering away at it.

"This is not good," said a voice he'd heard before.

"You think so?" Said another voice beside that one.

Harry turned around to face...himself.

One man, he recognised immediately, he was the one who he'd seen in his memories from the darkened universe, and he he'd seen, as he'd seen in the mirror of those memories, and of his own memories, trapped away in there.

The other man, he was dressed in his robes of scarlet and orange.

"You, what are you doing here?" Harry asked himself.

The scarlet and orange robed Harry looked at him. "Well, I'm not here," he still looked worried. "Well, that is to say I am here."

"You know him?" The other him asked.

Harry nodded. "I'll explain later," Harry turned around to look at the wall.

"My fellow Time Lords have resorted to something very bad, very dangerous, and very stupid."

The other him who looked like he'd not had a good night's sleep and was dressed in a crumbled UNIT jacket mouthed at him 'fellow Time Lords?'.

"He's us, from another universe, probably a Time Lord, probably the Doctor's brother," Harry explained to himself.

"Right, probably," the other Harry shook his head.

"How are you here?" Harry asked himself, the other him.

"I'm a ghost of a shadow, my fellow Time Lord is trying to bend your mind, interfacing his biodata with yours and utilising Matrix technology to force his mind through the temporal and spacial dimensions," he paused. "A TARDIS must be making up the vortex differential, but the remote telepathic buffering should have prevented this sort of crossover."

Harry blinked as he tried to process everything the other him was saying, the other-other him shook his head.

"You're really well practised in the bafflegab bullshit aren't you?" Said the crumpled jacket him.

"You don't know the half of it, I think I understood at least three quarters of what he said," Harry himself. "They tried it with the buffer, it didn't work."

The robed Harry appraised him. "That may be the remnant of our encounter, protections left by Marie and I, the Time Lord's touch."

"I've had enough of the Time Lord's touch for the moment," Harry commented. "They've been torturing me for...days, I think."

"Tortured by the Time Lords?" The crumpled Harry looked to him. "What did you do?"

Harry shrugged. "This and that, it involves Ginny."

The crumpled Harry swore through several languages, including Dalek, he only stopped as the wall behind them cracked and crumpled a bit more.

"What is that?" The crumpled Harry asked as he finished his tirade.

"Protections of the mind, and of the self, temporal and dimensional protections, the Time Lord attacking has opened himself and you up to dimensional forces beyond which I think he would understand," the scarlet robed Harry intoned.

"Why'd you think that?" The crumpled Harry asked.

The scarlet robbed Harry sighed. "Because, I doubt he would have done this, had he known."

Harry shook his head. "I think they're desperate to get any information out of me, they've been using the mind probe for a while."

"The mind probe?" The robed Harry looked shocked.

Both Harry and the crumpled Harry waved their hand in the same dismissive motion. "We've been playing with mind probes for ages," the crumpled Harry said.

"Full power is a lot more painful than half," Harry commented to himself, the robed Harry still looked shocked and looked past him to the barrier. "What happens when he breaks through?"

"He tears your mind apart," the robed Harry said darkly. "That my fellow Time Lord would resort to mind bending someone for information, what have they become?" He mused to himself.

The crumbled Harry pulled him aside.

"War," Harry said to himself. "The Time War," he said looking into his own eyes, though with large bags under them. Although for all he knew he also looked like that.

More of the wall fell away, Harry could see a figure's legs beyond it. Voran.

"Can we defend ourselves?" Harry asked his other self, the one of Gallifrey.

He looked worried. "The barriers between dimensions are falling as he attempts to break through, he must have access to the Matrix, directly, only it could be fuelling this."

Harry grabbed his robes. "What do you mean?" He was surprised that his hands actually found purchase, he was very solid for a ghost.

"Look, the dimensions are opening along our temporal and dimensional fault lines," the Time Lord Harry said turning him gently.

Harry looked, chills fell down his back and arms as he gazed to the right of himself, past the darkened crumpled one, there were others, other Harrys, scarred ones, healthy ones, injured ones, ones with long hair, and no hair, some that were wearing a dress and...some he couldn't make them out as it seemed to go off into the distance. Then he looked left of himself, and there were more, some in robes like the Time Lord one, some of robes of a wizard, some in suits, in uniforms, some in dresses, armour, leathers and technology and even more that he couldn't really make out, they also continued off into the distance.

"How...wha..." Harry felt he lacked the vocabulary to understand what he was seeing.

"We need to defend and expel the intruder, he has the power of a TARDIS and the Matrix behind him, we, you Harry need a call to arms, through our shared dimensional repose to cast out him, only then do you have a hope to survive," the scarlet robed Harry explained.

Harry smiled as he turned around to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Time Lord and the one from the darkened universe.

"I think we all know what to do," Harry said, chills again forming down his back as he looked side to side of the infinite Harry Potters as they drew wands, staffs, crystals and balls of pure energy.

"Going to be hard, thinking good thoughts, but" the crumpled one said to him. "It's improving, more so, knowing you and Daphne are still alive."

"And hopefully surviving this, Harry said.

"Together Harry, we will," the scarlet robed Harry confirmed.

Harry held out his wand that was suddenly in his hand and prepared as the wall fell and he felt a collective inrush of air as side to side of him many, many Harry Potters breathed in.

"Expecto Patronum!"

The words shouted out, the meaning behind the words meant nothing to some, especially the Time Lord beside him, but the understanding, that was not, the defence of their mind from the intruder and the banishment of said intruder was powerful and deafening as he was cast out.


Waym was watching Voran and Harry's physiological responses, the former appeared to have located a mental barrier, forcing his way through with much ease.

But the latter, there were some curious signs of mental processing and dimensional variance present in his mind. Far beyond that of a human from Sol 3.

Then the Cloister Bell from within the nearby TARDIS began to toll and his instruments began to warn of unstable energy transference passing through the connection with Harry.

Then Voran began to scream, pushing himself away from all three soldiers who were still holding him down.

They all backed away as his body began to glow.

Waym looked over at the unconscious, but still alive form of the human, he had somehow triggered a regeneration in a Time Lord.

Voran was still screaming, though most of the regeneration had subsided.

"Take Lord Voran to the other TARDIS, we must ensure a regenerative crisis does not ensure." Waym ordered, although what he could see from his station he was unsure whether this could be avoided.

-/ - \\-

Harry coughed as the door opened, shaking as he did, he wasn't sure how long he'd been unconscious or what really had happened after himself and himself and the other selves had beaten back Voran.

But he didn't feel like he could move, every part of him felt pain and he had a headache that was making him shake with pain even more so.

Forcing himself against the wall made most of his body shake in spasms he felt he could barely control as he forced himself to look to where someone was stepping into the room.

He had old leather boots on, along with old trousers.

I recognise not your aspect, but your manner.

Forcing himself to look up, he realised the man was talking. He had a gun belt over his chest.

He stopped barely inside the cell.

"I wondered" Harry paused as pain wracked through his body. "If I'd be a Doctor."



I was going to continue this chapter from here, but finishing on that line was too much of an opportunity not to miss.

Also it allows me to continue to tell the story from a few different POVs, in particular...the Doctor's.

The two Harrys who pop up in the dreamscape are of course Harry Potter, the Time Lord whom Harry's met before, but is also from my other story 'Brother of Kasterborous' and crumpled darker Harry is from the alternate universe of 'the Year That Never Was'.

Voran and Waym are actual proper Time Lords, I haven't made up anything about them. Except Waym's chapter house as the Cerulean Chapter, that I've added. That said there's not a lot of information about Voran or Waym.

I wanted to play with time and perception a little bit with this chapter as that and memory is basically what this chapter is a bout. So there's a few brief looks into things that have been mentioned previously in the story but I haven't featured like Harry and Draco's travels with the Shalka Doctor and Harry's encounters with the Master prior to him turning up in chapter 4.

The space station is the space station – Space Station Zenobia is the space station from The Trial of a Time Lord where the Doctor's trial is held.

I don't give chapter titles in this story. But if I did, this chapter would have been called 'Tortured by the Time Lords'. I've at least had Harry say / think it several times.

Also apologies for the delay, had a long lack of muse, but wanted to get a chapter out before 7th October, and of course I will cover the Thirteenth Doctor (although I've yet to feature the Twelfth. This is the first chapter I've managed to get to the War Doctor.