Note: This is a crossover from Naruto to Bleach. Much as I wanted to incorporate Naruto, sorry but I could not find a way to put him in…and the pairing is quite unusual…this is a fic about Rukia and Sasuke and also about the others…

As for my reason for creating this, I just felt like I want to make a story with Sasuke and Rukia as the main character. Besides, when it comes to attitude, I can say that Rukia can rival Sakura and perhaps even exceeded her although the two are from the different stories…

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor Bleach. I am simply borrowing the characters for this story.

She was undeniably and unquestionably fuming mad by this minute as she walked alone on the streets that dark night. Yes, mad. That would be the appropriate word to put at it. She refused to say she's more than hurt by what she had just witnessed.

She's furious but not hurt.


But who is she fooling anyway? She's hurt. She really is…in a very excruciating pain in the heart…a bitter smile curved her lips and she stopped at a post. This post…it reminded her of the time she left him with her brother and best friend…she left him…dying…

She shook her head. This is not the time to think of the past. She must get away from here as soon as possible. There is nothing for her here. She just deluded herself that she has a family here…

"Oi, Rukia, wait for me damn it!"

She heard him call her but her ears were just shut off as she walked in wonder towards Urahara's store. Her eyes…once full of spark and love and happiness and pride…were suddenly washed away by pain and bitterness…

She stiffened at the touch in her shoulder but she did not look back. "Let go of me."

"Just listen to me first…" there was plea in his voice.

She waved him off. "Sayonora."

"Oi midget…"

"Don't move another step or I will be forced to fight you even if I die for it," she said tonelessly which had indeed stopped Ichigo from further following her as she walked away from him. "My time here is over."

"What's got into you? Why are you acting so cold suddenly?" he asked with puzzlement. "Rukia…"

Before he could further inquire, they saw a guy…probably the same as them…wandering in the streets…

"A lost soul?" Ichigo asked but Rukia refused to answer as she turned into her Shinigami form and left Pyon with her gigai.

"Hey," she called for the guy. He stopped, his coal eyes meeting her amethyst. Those eyes…where had she seen those pair of eyes? And his face…he looked so familiar…so similar to the newly ranked captain of the 5th squad…


"What are you doing here?"

"I'm lost…can't you see it for yourself?" he answered tersely and began to walk again. Rukia frowned. Alright only few people are allowed to talk to her that way…her brother, her friend and Ichigo…only those three people have the right to use that kind of tone on her…

"Okay…that's rather rude of you, answering me that way," she said, finding an outlet for her anger as Ichigo watched silently, still wondering what had gotten into her mind…why she suddenly seemed furious at him.

"Look here…" he started and stopped to study her outfit. "What are you? Why are you holding a katana?"

"I'm Kuchiki Rukia, a Soul Reaper who guides souls like you into Soul Society," she introduced. It is better to finish this off as early as possible so she could go and see Urahara.

"Soul Reaper? Soul Society? What are you talking about?"

"Look here, I am a Shinigami okay? And it is our duty to actually guide lost souls like you into the world you rightfully belong, Soul Society."

"I don't care where that place is. Leave me alone," he said as he walked again in his outfit almost similar to Rukia. Ichigo sensing no harm from the guy did not need to change into his Shinigami form.

"I can't do that. you see that chain in your chest? That would corrode in time…to turn you into a hollow…one that eats souls…do you want that to happen with you?" she asked with a raised brow but the guy just waved off his hand.

She's wondering why he is in a different clothes…why he seemed to be awed at this sight…

"May I know your name?" she asked, curious and eager to confirm her suspicion already.


"No reason…"

"Uchiha Sasuke and I do not belong to this world…I'm finding my way back to our world…"

Although she had guessed as much, she was still stunned to hear the blatant truth from him. The guy looked at her, skeptical, when she suddenly held her mouth to prevent from gasping while Ichigo immediately went to her side, his face, of the same shock.

"You're Uchiha-taichou's brother?" Ichigo asked, not aware that he had used an honorific this time. He is known in Soul Society as not giving much attention to honorific.

That was the time they saw him stop again, this time, his head snapped, his eyes suddenly full of…life?

"How do you know Itachi?" he asked sharply.

"Err----he was recently ranked as the 5th division captain of the Gotei 13. He is also a Shinigami such as us," Rukia easily regained her composure and smiled at him. "He…looks exactly like you…only…he is older."

They were surprised when he suddenly appeared in front of them, his arms grabbing Rukia's hand while Ichigo stood momentarily shocked.

There is no way in hell a plus soul could have moved that fast.

"Where is he? Where can I see him?" he asked with urgency and Rukia winced a little at the tight grip on her arm.

"I told you….he is in Soul Society. He entered the Academy some time ago and outranked almost all non-level Shinigami. He's the second one who was titled the prodigy. It took him just a month to achieve the title."

"Lead me to him…" he said with no trace of plea or command.

"To lead you there, I must perform a soul burial. Then I'll find you in Soul Society, I think I can identify your reiatsu pretty much already. You seem to know how to control it," she said in awe. Then she turned to Ichigo. "This is it Ichigo. This is my last duty here."

"W-Wait…what do you mean, your last duty here?" he asked, confused again. "Don't tell me you are just going to leave and never come back?"

She gave him a faint and bitter smile. "I don't belong here. It came from your mouth just a while ago."

He looked stricken as his amber eyes widened in shock. Then Rukia released her zanpaktou to perform a Soul burial only to find Sasuke in full alert at her weapon.

"Relax, we use our zanpaktou to bury the souls," with that, she performed her task and left Ichigo still standing frozen on the street with only the city light illuminating from the single post.

Just like the first time Uchiha Itachi appeared in Soul Society followed some months ago by few others, Soul Soceity was again in full alert at the sudden burst of reiatsu coming from outside Court of Pure Souls. Surely, there is not another one who had gotten lost, is there?"

But one among those who followed after the appearance of Itachi had actually snapped and tensed and suddenly rushed towards the 5th division's quarter where he found the captain looking outside the window, his finger drumming his desk as his mind seemed to be lost.

"Forgive me for rushing off but I am pretty sure you have felt this reaitsu," he spoke after clearing his throat. There seemed to be nothing that have changed in him from the time he appeared in Konoha after his murderous act.

Of course, he personally has not seen him but he heard a lot. And he even has to carry the title 'prodigy' with him in his death.

"Hmm…what is it Neji? Sorry, I must have zoned out again," Itachi said and faced him.

"It seemed even your brother had found his way here," Neji said and smiled a little at the captain. Of course he had already learned of the painful truth that must have tortured Sasuke after Itachi's death.

The siblings…they have lived a life of murder…violence…pain…betrayal and lies…

"Sasuke?" Itachi asked, an emotion finally running down his stoic face. Of all the captains, only he could rival Byakuya's serious aura. And on rare occasions, he saw the two captains walk together and talk together…

"Aye…it seems…someone had managed to perform Soul Burial on him too. Should I go find him?" he asked with permission. Of course it is not necessary for him to do it but he just felt like he wanted to…being his vice-captain…

"I suppose there is no need for that right now," another voice joined in and Neji found Kuchiki Byakuya standing just behind him already. Okay…this one here is just as fast as them although he knew nothing of jutsu…if he does…he would make a formidable opponent although he is one of the strongest nonetheless…

"Why is that Kuchiki-taichou?" Itachi asked with a raised brow.

"My sister came back and is leading him as we speak," he said. Neji had rarely given a glimpse on the Kuchiki heiress as most of her times were occupied in the human world. He heard rumors that she is in love with a Soul Reaper there…the one proclaimed as hero of Soul Society…and af she decided to stay as a resident Shinigami in Karakura town to supervise and help the guy named Kurosaki Ichigo. Especially with the upcoming Winter War...

So, why then is she coming back? And he could probably guess she was the one who performed Soul burial on his former comrade.

They waited for a few moments and a knock was heard. How fast did they reach the Central District? Oh, knowing Sasuke, he must have used his own speed.

"Come in," Itachi said as Byakuya and Neji were silent. Byakuya had taken a seat just across Itachi.

"Ahm…Kuchiki Rukia to see you sir," a reluctant voice said as the form of the person who spoke started to enter. Neji thought she has a classical beauty and the first to strike you would be her amethyst orbs…almost like her brother's…

Did the human Shinigami fall for her too? Surely, he must have…what with her rare beauty although lacking the physical assets…he chided himself for thinking as such…but then again…looking at her reminded him of another comrade her could not yet find around Rukongai. She must be fending off enemies from time to time now…

He really hoped she is doing okay.

"Ah…it's quite a surprise to see you back here, Kuchiki-san," Itachi said politely and noted that the girl might not have noticed the presence of her brother yet.

"Ah…well…anyway…ahm…there is someone I brought with me Uchiha-taichou. I left him with Hitsugaya-taichou for the moment," she said again in reluctance. Itachi stood up and walked towards the petite Shinigami with a rare smile that Neji had never seen.

"Thank you Kuchiki-san…for bringing him here," he said in utmost sincerity then patted the girl's shoulder. "Now, I assume your brother would like to inquire what made you come back here after five months."

Upon mention of that, Rukia's eyes widened slightly then slowly, she turned to see her brother, scrutinizing her.

"Byakuya…nii-sama," she said and immediately bowed in front of her noble brother in which Byakuya waved her off.

"Rukia…" he only muttered.

"So then, it seems, I have something to do for the time being, so Neji, I leave the paper works with you for the moment," Itachi said.


Neji continued watching the awkward silence between the three left. Then the girl turned to him with a slight smile.

"Forgive us, Neji-fukotaichou," she said with a bow.

"It's alright. Ahm, Kuchiki-taichou, I would like to ask if ah, Abarai-taichou is quite busy? I…ahm.."

The noble man eyed him then shook his head slightly. "Not quite. How are you with your bankai?"

"Bankai? You mean, he had already achieved bankai too?" Rukia asked, apparently aghast.

"Ah…they make quite a name here…someone had come to rival Toshirou's title neh," he said then turned to leave.

Neji tried to find the words to ask Rukia something and the girl, seemingly aware of it, looked at him with curiosity.

"Is there something you want to say, Neji-fukotaichou?"

Silently, Neji brought out something. "I was thinking…while scouring Rukongai…have you by chance…seen her?" he asked and handed the photo to the midget who studied the picture.

"Wait…I have seen her somewhere," she said and held her chin as she was deep in thought.

Hope sprung in his heart by the remark. "Really? Where?"

"Now…that girl…she was the one who had been eluding me since day one. She's somewhere in the human world…I tried to perform proper burial but she always evades me…now that I think about it…she's fast…"

"Human world? she's still there?"

"Aye…I never saw a soul…a plus soul who could attack a Shinigami with those weird weapons and she's so damn precise," she mused. "Is she someone you know?"

"She's my comrade back then…we were two of the three who compose the team Gai. The other one is Lee who is now in the 11th division beating the crap out of most unseated Shinigami," he said with a chuckle. "Her name is Ten Ten."

"Jeez…have I known she knows someone from here then it would have been easy for a proper burial…the thing is…she's so cautious about anyone talking to her. And come to think of it, well, never mind," she said, brushing off any thoughts that popped out.


"No problem…perhaps Ichigo would be able to find her in time before a Hollow does," she said and her voice had gone crispy at the mention of the name. Neji wondered why.

Then she left so suddenly, the bright smile erased from her lips.