AN: Hello everyone, first ever E/O Challenge, don't even know what the E/O stands for! Anyway this should be exactly 100 words maybe a bit shorter. The word was shudder, but I made it shuddered because...well because... Wee!Chester Fic about snow...Hope you enjoy this...


Dean shuddered at the thought of Sam falling face first into the snow or worse yet…his head connecting with the side of a tree...

"Please Dean," Sam begged.

"You really want to?" He questioned. Sam nodded his head. Taking Sam's hand he led him to the hill. "Ready kiddo?"


Dean skied to the bottom of the hill. On his way down he hit a branch and Sam watched Dean sail through the air landing hard. Sam skied down slowly.


Dean sat up shaking his head. "I'm okay munchkin." Grabbing Sam's hand they walked in the snow...

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