Ranma Hard Core

The rain poured down in torrents, as two highly skilled men in the art, battled each other viciously at the edge of a cliff in the high of night. Lightning lit the darkness every so often, the thunder somewhat muting the sounds of hard bone meeting meaty flesh.

Ranma's foot ground into the slick and muddy ground as he shifted into the roundhouse kick, jamming its power. Ryoga was thrown slightly off balance, allowing Ranma to step into trapping range. Going into a modified wide leg spaced boxer's stance, Ranma caught Ryoga with a stiff jab that sent the fanged boy's head reeling. Before Ranma could follow up with an even harder right cross, Ryoga attempted to retaliate with his own left. Ranma brought his right arm up, his forearm held snugly against his face, while his left arm shifted to over Ryoga's left bicep, again jamming the momentum of the fanged boy's attack before his arm could straighten out.

Ryoga felt his balance collapse as he was forced to give up his center to Ranma. The pigtailed boy viciously jerked his body to the right, forcing Ryoga to turn to his left, his back to face his opponent. Ranma's left arm shot out to the side of Ryoga's face, causing the pigtailed boy's shoulder to guard Ranma head against any desperate retaliating right fists. Ranma shifted his left leg into the rear position with a skip, and once everything was set, drove his knee into Ryoga's outer mid thigh of his left. Ryoga's leg buckled, signifying to Ranma that the fight was over with one more blow.

Mercilessly, Ranma turned his right side to the fore, initiating a rising right Tai style rising blade elbow that he rammed into the back of Ryoga's head, causing him to loose consciousness. Like a puppet with its strings detached, Ryoga collapsed, off the side of the cliff. Ranma stared down emotionlessly. The body became hard to see through the wall of rain after the first tens of feet.

It was his own fault it lead to this, he shouldn't have threatened the pigtailed boy.

Ranma woke in the morning to the grunting sounds of his father, as he started packing away the camping supplies so that they may continue their training journey.

"Hey, Pop, why the early run?" Ranma mumbled, still weary from his activities the night before. Genma Saotome didn't know anything about what had happened, and Ranma was slightly curious if he suspected.

"Boy, to be a true martial artist, you must be willing to train at any time. We have a long way to go before we hit Jusenkyo."

Ranma groaned internally, another worthless training spot. His attitude towards this training venture had taken a dramatic turn as of recent, a chance meeting with a man who wielded a knife like it was an extension of him. Ranma had taken in the guy in contempt, attempting to dodge the strikes and gloat, just as he would do against his father. Ranma was training to be the best, and no back alley thug was going to get one over him. It only took an instance of overconfidence.

The pigtailed boy idly fingered the scar that was just to the left side of his abdomen, the one that signified what he felt was his first true failure; a true understanding of what being in a fight really means. A mistake he now would assure he would never make again.

Author's notes;

Yeah, another fanfic from me. What can I say? I got a lot of ideas. Actually decided on this fic after a discussion with a couple of people who practice Kung-Fu (or so they claimed), who preached that Kung Fu is the best form ever created. They actually even had the gall to state that Jet Li is an exellent fighter. Don't get me wrong, Jet Li is a six time Wushu Champion, but most people who at least avidly study martial arts will tell you that Wushu is synonomous with gymnastics. Wushu, like Capoeira, are forms that actually came about as entertainment. Actually Wushu IS a fighting art, that had been turned into a sport by the Chinese Goverment as a way to appease their people to show them their culture will not be lost. It is a beautiful form, but don't call it 'fighting'. Most people in China would look at you crosswise and consider you a barbarian for doing so ^_^

Anyhow, back to the subject. It was obvious these guys didn't have any idea on how a true fight would be. Real Fights are chaotic and brutal, and you can triple the ideas of which are going through your mind on how a real fight would be if it were a life and death battle. A real fight is something you may catch on UFC, not something in most martial arts films or the olympics. Most of what you learn in most traditional fighting forms will be thrown out the window in a real fight, in fact most regress to using a small number of techniques to maximum efficiency.

That discussion got me to thinking about how many people think like they do. Martial arts in general has been sold for it's 'mysticism' and mumbo jumbo in order to fill martial arts schools with students or to get them to buy a ticket to the latest movie. There is truth hidden in the hocus pocus, like ki and chi. Anyone who has practiced the inner power forms of martial arts for a good amount of time can tell you avidly about the inner and outter heavenly circles. There is a certain 'energy' that can be found with focus. A master of a martial art can easily be capable of sending an opponent flying with a seemingly simple move. The thing is, none of this is due to any magical properties, but towards one thing; the honing of one's body and techniques towards it's maximum efficiency.

Wouldn't it be kind of interesting to see Ranma in a more practical form of martial arts? I have experience in Gracy Style Jujitsu and other forms of grappling, Modern style Mui Tai, modern Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, along with a few others of the 'practical' line of martial arts. As I'm writing this, hopefully it makes an interesting story. Comments would be heavily appreciated towards this fic too, particularly other martial artists with suggestions.