Hello loyal readers! I am SOOOO sorry I haven't updated "The Way He Says Her Name" in so long, mid-terms seriously kicked my ass and my muse these past couple of weeks. You should know, though, that I haven't been completely lazy. I'm actually working on two new fics…including this one below. It was supposed to be a smutty one-shot, but of course it's much longer than I anticipated and thus I'm splitting it up so you get more frequent updates. I promise to get back to my WIP after I get these two fics out of my system, k? -KJ

Ps, this is rated M for Mmmm CB post-Seventeen-Candles shower sexy time.


Pink Shirts, Black Lace and Birthday Suits

The morning of her seventeenth birthday, Blair Waldorf was painfully aware of three things. 1) She was not in her own bedroom, 2) She was completely naked, and 3)—the most terrifying of all realizations—was that an equally naked Chuck Bass was snuggling up against her.

Blair felt herself flush as she remembered the events that transcribed the night before. It was true what they said about sex—once you did it once, you just wanted more and more. Now, why she kept choosing Chuck Bass of all people instead of, say, Nate to sleep with—Blair really couldn't say for sure.

Chuck obviously had plenty of experience in this field, which was oddly reassuring for Blair; on the flip side, that experience probably also meant he had really high expectations, which was incredibly intimidating. And sure, it felt good to feel wanted by him, but Blair also had to remind herself that this was, after all, Chuck Bass—all he wanted was sex, what girl he was with was pretty irrelevant. Screw 'em and lose 'em—that was his motto.

So why the hell did Chuck sleep with her two nights in a row? Didn't he have his fill of her after the first night? Maybe he was just breaking her the night in the limo and after last night, he'd be done with her for good?

It was all far too confusing for Blair to think about any further and she really wanted to avoid an awkward encounter with a conscious Chuck. Therefore, she slowly began to wiggle herself out of his firm grasp. She thought maybe he woke up when his hold on her waist tightened, but his light snoring (Chuck Bass snored, who knew?) assured Blair that she was still safe.

Gently, she managed to slip out of the bed and scurried to put her Valentino dress back on. As she moved her arms into the small sleeves, her hands caressed the diamond necklace she was wearing—you know, as in the only thing she had worn last night as they…you know whated. Twice.

The necklace was just another strange piece of the Chuck Bass puzzle—why the hell would he buy her that in the first place? Was it like, some sort of…payment for what was to come?

Blair shuttered. Chuck was low, but he'd never sink that low. Last night he had been so very…sweet. She turned to look at his sleeping form. She felt her lips curve into a smile—he looked peaceful, well-satisfied and (god help her) sexy as hell.

It was official, Blair would have to go to confession for two days in a row—what was wrong with her? She was officially lusting after Chuck Bass. What else would explain her physically fighting the urge to crawl back into bed with him and ravish him where he slept?

Now lying flat on his back, Blair felt hypnotized by the rise and fall of his chest. Her traitorous fingers twitched at her side with the urge to run her fingers over his perfectly proportioned chest hair.

She suppressed a whimper when her eyes travelled south of the border to the not-so-subtle tent that began to form under the thin sheet. God, it would be so easy…or maybe just a quick kiss on his full (and surprisingly soft) lips before she leaves?

At the last possible second, Blair decided it would be in her best interest to leave—maybe not at first, but in the long run? Definitely.


An hour later, Blair was back in her own home and out of temptation's way. She had just stepped into her shower to wash away the memories of a certain smirking brunette and everywhere he touched her. Less than five minutes later, however, she was shaken out of her steam-induced stupor.

"Is there room in there for two?" Blair heard him say, followed by a click on the bathroom door.


"Chuck!" she gasped, pulling the curtain back just far enough to stick her head out "What are you doing here?!"

He was wearing the same outfit from the night before. Obviously, he didn't think it was necessary to change and make himself presentable before tracking her down again.

"At the moment? Admiring your incredible silhouette against the white shower curtain" he leered.

"Chuck!" she scolding, holding the curtain even closer to her body.

"Relax Waldorf, I can't see anything—well, at least nothing I haven't already seen…and tasted" he added.


"Okay, alright, no need to get your panties in a twist" he said, pulling out a very familiar pair of black lace La Perlas out of his coat jacket. "Oh wait, I've got yours."

Blair's eyes narrowed as he twirled then around his finer.

"Drop 'em. Now" she ordered.

"Sorry, finders keepers…unless you want to come over here and wrestler me for them?" he offered.

Blair continued to glare.

Chuck shrugged and stuck the panties back into his pocket.

"One more try, Chuck. What are you doing here?"

Chuck removed his jacket and let it fall to the floor. Then he began working on the buttons of his pink dress shirt.

"What do you think, Waldorf? You already deprived me of one morning after and then this morning I woke up alone clutching a damn pillow. Now, if you stuck around like a good little girl, you would know how frisky I get first thing in the morning" he told her.

"Oh no, I don't think so" Blair reprimanded, even as her eyes started to glaze over in anticipation.

"Give me one reason why not" Chuck challenged, letting his shirt fall open.

Blair bit her lip, thinking.

"I have to shave my legs" she said, reddening. She hoped her embarrassment would be worth it if it made Chuck leave.

"I'll shave them for you" he smirked "Problem solved."

"What! Ew, no! That's gross" Blair sputtered out, her face most likely turning every color of the rainbow.

"Blair, I've been with plenty of European women who have never even heard of a razor. If you think a little stubble will scare me off, you are seriously mistaken."

Blair threw a loofa at him.

"You're such an asshole" she told him.

"Not to mention" he continued, ignoring her name-calling "I'm not exactly one to talk now am I?" he asked, rubbing his chest hair.

Blair couldn't help but smile, but she also rolled her eyes for good measure.

"Now" he said in a softer voice "Give me a serious reason or make some room."

Clutching the curtain, Blair took a deep breath.

"I'm naked" she said quietly.

He cocked his head to the side.

"Newsflash Waldorf, I've seen you naked before."

"Yeah, but alcohol was involved and the limo was dark and last night we were under a sheet" she rambled.


"Now I'm completely sober and standing under a florescent light. You'll see everything" she told him.

"I want to see everything" he said, only half-kidding.

"But I'm scared" she said.

Instead of responding, Chuck shrugged out of his shirt and began working on his belt.

Blair watched with wide eyes as his pants met his shirt on the floor. With his thumbs hooked in the waste band of his boxers, Chuck hesitated for a moment before pulling them down. Blair realized at that moment that she wasn't the only one in the room who was afraid of being vulnerable.

She felt herself flush as her eyes ran over his exposed body. He stood there for a moment, letting her see whatever she had to see in order to open herself up to him.

When he couldn't stand it any longer, he began walking towards the shower.

"Wait" Blair told him.

He stopped abruptly in his tracks, looking slightly hurt and rejected.

Her head disappeared from view. A moment later, the curtain was pulled all the way back, revealing her naked form to him.

Chuck's eyes darkened with appreciation and desire. His gaze followed the droplets of water running over her curves and he had to remind himself to breathe.

Blair fought the urge to cover her most intimate parts from his scrutiny. She began to fidget.

"Still want me?" she asked dubiously, despite noticing his obvious erection.

"Blair" he rasped as he stepped into the shower and took her in his arms, kissing her soundly.

Blair instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and melted into his embrace. She felt relieved that he hadn't turned her down and tried to convince herself that that was the only emotion coursing through her. She did her best to ignore the feeling in her chest that assured her of how right this felt.

Chuck kissed a path along her jaw and stopped at her ear.

"God I missed you" he murmured.

Blair felt her heart explode in her chest. How was it possible that Chuck could make her feel so much more loved and adored in four words than Nate did her entire life?

As he proceeded to make love to her neck in a way she never thought possible, Blair felt overwhelmed with the desire to give him pleasure. She pulled his left shoulder closer and lowered her mouth to his neck. Instead of over thinking it, she just let herself go in hopes that her inexperience would not hinder her ability to match the feeling of his lips on her.

In response, Chuck wound a hand in her hair and beckoned her to continue her administrations to his neck. She experimentally bit down on his should lightly, causing Chuck to groan in her ear and thrust her hardness against her thigh.

"Chuck" she sighed, feeling blissfully content.

Before she knew what was happening, she felt one of Chuck's thick fingers slide inside of her.

She gasped at the sensation and clamped down on his finger unconsciously as her body continued to adapt to her recent sexual awakening. She was still tender from the last two nights but it didn't matter. Her head fell back against the shower wall as her breath came out in pants.

Chuck captured her lips again as he slowly pumped his finger in and out of her. Blair absently reached for his cock and began to jack him off in the same rhythm.

"That feels so good" he rasped against her lips.

Blair smiled and kissed him again. Feeling much bolder now, she began to pump him faster and harder.

"Chuck, that thing that you did to me last night" she began "Can I do it to you?"