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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Alice POV

Everyone in the room was stock still and silent. My eyes flitted around the room. Rosalie was standing there with Renesmee in her arms, shocked. Emmett was poised to attack, to grab Bella if he could. Esme had her hands clasped to her mouth. Carlisle still looked calm, observing the situation. Edward looked like he was getting ready to distract Bella. Jasper seemed to be formulating plans to get me out of here unharmed.

Then Renesmee made the sweetest little sound that I had ever heard.


Bella froze and looked up. At that exact moment, Emmett and Edward rushed forward, pulling her off of me. Jasper quickly grabbed me and ran out of the house.

He stopped at the La Push border and set me down gently on the ground, then sat next to me. I was still frozen, as if I was still in danger of being attacked by Bella. Which I probably was, if Edward and Emmett couldn't hold her down.

"Alice, it's alright. You'll be safe here."

I slowly nodded and closed my eyes. "So I really won't be able to see her for a whole year," I said sadly.

We sat in silence for a while. The quiet was broken when Jasper's cell phone rang. He quickly answered it. "Edward is taking Bella hunting now," Jasper murmured as he hung up and pulled me close. "We can go back now, if you want."

"Alright." Jasper picked me up again and ran back home.

"Are you okay?" Esme asked immediately, fussing over me.

"I'm fine." Rosalie was holding Renesmee, who looked up at me and smiled, placing her hand on my cheek. She wanted to know where Bella was. "Your mommy's okay. She'll be back soon."

Bella and Edward did come home soon. Jasper had placed himself in front of me, just in case Bella still wasn't in complete control. They were talking to Jacob. I couldn't hear their conversation, but Jasper could, and was repeating it to me.

"Jacob still doesn't trust Bella to be near Renesmee, not after what just happened."

"Does she know about the imprinting yet?"

"No, not yet. Oh, wait, she's found out. And… now she's attacking Jacob."

I stared as Bella launched herself at Jacob. But in the blink of an eye, a sandy colored blur had leapt out in front of him, and Bella hit him instead.

"Did she just hit Seth?" I asked Jasper while I looked outside concernedly. Seth looked like he was in pain.

"Yes, unfortunately."

The others were rushing outside now. Carlisle was bending over Seth, examining his shoulder. He was back in his human form. Emmett walked over and picked him up, bringing him inside the house.

Jasper quickly took me upstairs. "Extra precaution," he said.

I could still hear Bella. "I'm so sorry, Seth, I really didn't mean to hit you!"

Then she paused. Jasper stiffened slightly, looking ready to fight if she came up. But nothing happened. At least, not that I knew of.

"When can we go back down?" I asked Jasper.

"Edward says it's okay... if you don't get too close." We slowly went back downstairs.

Bella smiled at me, but still kept a good distance away. She didn't look like she was breathing. And Edward and Emmett were still hovering nearby. "Sorry about earlier, Alice."

"It's alright. It's only natural for you."

She nodded and looked back at Renesmee, who was reaching her arms out. We all watched warily as Bella took her. When it seemed like she would not do anything, we relaxed, though everyone else still seemed ready to snatch Renesmee back and subdue Bella if they had to.

Speaking of Renesmee... She now looked to be about six months old. Half vampires were very unusual, that was for sure.

Well, in my life, everything was unusual.

It had been a while since Bella's transformation. Renesmee now looked like a little toddler, around two or three years old. Her growth was slowing down, little by little every day. But I had to take everyone else's word for it, because I couldn't really tell.

Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob had gone out to hunt. They wanted to get Renesmee started on animal blood instead of just human blood. But they came back after seeing Irina. I thought that I had gotten a brief flash of her face in a vision, but I hadn't been very sure. Apparently, Irina had caught a glimpse of Renesmee and then turned around, running off.

Renesmee was developing way too quickly for me to be unalarmed. Just the other day, I had been walking around the living room when she had gotten up and imitated me perfectly. Needless to say, it freaked me out.

She was now speaking with the vocabulary of a thirteen year old, not someone who was only a mere few months old.

We couldn't even say if this was normal at all, because, for all we knew, she was the only one of our kind – though there were legends that said otherwise – and so we had no data to compare her results to. It frustrated Carlisle a bit to be 'blind'.

I caught sight of a bundle of tulips in one of the crystal vases. They were withered and dead. Usually, Esme would have long replaced them by now. But it was understandable that she had forgotten – though vampires never really did forget things – what with everything that we had to deal with now. I walked over and picked it up to take to the kitchen.

Snow was falling, sticking to the ground, swirling in the air innocently. Then came the shadowy robed figures. So many of them. Their red eyes gleamed from beneath their hoods. They walked in a perfect procession as they approached us, on the other side of the baseball clearing, which would become a battlefield. They outnumbered us. Many were going to die, and most of them would be on our side.

The vase slipped from my fingers and fell to the floor, shattering into a thousand glittering pieces.

"Alice, darling?" Jasper was at my side in an instant. Edward was staring at me in horror.

"But why?" my brother whispered. I shook my head. I didn't know. I only knew that what, not the when.

"What happened? What did you see?" Carlisle asked, standing up.

"The Volturi are coming," I whispered.

"Maybe they're coming to check that you and Bella are vampires," my father figure suggested.

"But if that's the reason why, then why would they bring the whole guard, including the wives?" Edward demanded.

"The wives? But they never leave their tower," Carlisle said, surprise on his face.

"Why would they come, if not to check up on us?" Bella asked worriedly. She was still in better control than a typical newborn, but I was never allowed anywhere near her alone, and even then I usually stayed a few feet away.

"What's happened since our last visit with the Volturi?" I asked.

"Renesmee?" Bella said, looking down at her daughter. "But why would they come for her? How do they know about her?"

"Irina," Edward replied. "You saw her that day, didn't you? Her 'mother' was killed because she had created an immortal child. And from a distance, that would be what Renesmee had looked like."

"She's not an immortal child!" Bella exclaimed as she picked Renesmee up.

"We know that," Jasper said grimly. "But the Volturi don't. And they'll do whatever it takes to stay in control, even if it means taking down the next largest coven in the world."

I wondered to what extents the Volturi was willing to go. They wanted control. Okay. If they kept destroying other vampires, there would be no one left to control.

Then I had a selfish thought. If my family was killed, what would happen to me? I would rather die than join them.

But I probably wouldn't get a choice.

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