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Book by it's Cover

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Edwards POV

"Did anyone see what happened?" I asked still concerned for the young woman sat holding her head on the sidewalk. No one seemed to have even noticed her there; only showing interest after I'd stopped to help. "I'll take that as a no then!" I couldn't hold the annoyance from my statement, as I bent over her, checking she was okay. How could so many people that now crowded around us not have seen anything?

I turned my attention back to my patient. I gingerly examined the back of her head for any signs of trauma as she winced beneath my fingers.

"Ow!" She suddenly jumped.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you didn't cut your head when you fell. You did fall right?" I lowered my eyes to her level and gave her my well practiced reassuring smile. I was a Paediatrician over at St Vincent's Memorial Children's Hospital, so I'd had many occasions to pretty much perfect it.

"Um...Yeah...Well I was knocked over actually. Some stupid hoody wearing imbecile; just came flying past me and I lost my balance and so..." She made a gesture as to where the incident had left her in a heap on the floor.

"Well... I don't think you've done any damage." I removed my hands from her scalp. "It's just a bump, you should be fine."

She picked up her bag and began lifting herself off of her knees. I of course put out my hand to help her to her feet.

"Thanks." She briefly smiled as she blushingly brushed herself down. "Woah!" Her hand suddenly shot out and grabbed my arm as she swayed for a second where she stood. I couldn't help but feel the charge at our contact. I'd felt it when she took my hand before, but I put it down to static. This time it was different; definitely more potent.

"Are you alright?" My concern for her was unnecessarily growing by the minute. She didn't have any lacerations to her head, just a small knot forming. I'd seen enough kids with those to know that at most it might give her a headache.

"Yeah... I just got up too quick." With her composure regained, she turned to look at me fully for the first time. She was beautiful! She had hair the colour of chocolate and eyes that seemed to be the exact same shade; with the odd fleck of golden honey through her iris. She was petite and frail looking; but I still got the impression she could hold her own. How could no one have noticed such a beautiful young woman, apparently injured, in the middle of the street? Or cared enough to stop and help?

"Anyway...thank you... for you know...hauling my ass off the pavement." When she extended her hand to me again this time, I didn't hesitate to take it; firm but friendly and the same electricity shot though our connected skin. Then she turned to walk away and for some reason I couldn't just let her go.

"Wait!" What was I doing?


"Can I get you a coffee or something? I mean you're probably shaken up from that right?" I could hope. But the fact that I did hope; that I did want her to be shook up was horrible!

"I'm sorry. I'm already running late for work and my boss is a real ass hole." She gave me a nod and turned again to make her way.

"Well..." I tried to think quickly for an excuse to keep her talking to me. "Maybe I could give you a lift? My car's right over there." I pointed to the silver Volvo parked across the street.

"Sorry my mom always told me not to accept lifts with strangers." Her tone was so even that for a second I thought she was being deadly serious, but the little twitch at the corner of her mouth gave her away.

"She sounds like she's a very sensible lady" I played along.

"Yes she was" Again she kept her face smooth all but the little twitches.

Can you say.... FOOT IN MOUTH? I felt like a dick.

"I'm sorry. I didn..."

Her face broke into a breathtaking smile. "Don't worry about it, you weren't to know."

Was she playing me?

"She never said anything about letting a seemingly nice guy walk me to work in broad daylight though." She strolled away a few steps before turning to look at me over her shoulder, and I knew that my dreams had just been given enough fuel to burn for a decade.

"So what are you like a doctor or something?" She quizzed as we rounded the corner on to Fifth Street and Main.

"Yes. Over at St Vincent's." I stuffed my hands in my pockets as I walked by her side. She gave me a sideway's smile and I shivered. We shared some small talk along the way.

We stopped out side a diner. It looked pretty run down from the outside but it was packed with customers, indicating that appearance could be deceptive and that it must be worth a second chance.

"Well...This is me" She gestured to the door behind her.

"Oh...right." My head did its own stupid bobbing thing as I smiled at her like an idiot.

"You know... We do serve coffee here...I mean I have to work but I do owe you for your help back there." The smile on her face captured my heart in that moment and I agreed without giving it a second thought.

Bella's POV

What the hell was I thinking? I didn't even know the guy and I just offered to get him coffee.

He seems nice enough and you owe him for back there; he was the only one to give a shit and stop to help you up. He's a Doctor too so how bad can he be. And you think he's pretty cute admit it. I hated my roommate that shared my head, for her thoughts. I hadn't even considered him to be cute before she chimed in. I watched him take a seat in the small booth by the window. I guess he was cute. Ok so gorgeous would be a better description. He had strong chiselled features, yet the softest, warm eyes I'd ever seen. I was pretty sure they were green.

Take him a coffee and get a better look at them!

Shut up! I thought to the annoying harpy in my subconscious mind. Why would I even want to tell what colour his eyes were? It's not like I was ever going to see him again after today. That thought brought a shiver of sadness to me. Why? Who the hell was he, to make me feel these cosy feelings I got when I looked at him, or to feel that alarming yet comforting spark that I got when he took my hand to accept my gratitude. Even if I did see him in passing or if we became friends, it could never be like that! I wouldn't allow it. My life wasn't simple enough just to meet a guy and fall stupidly in love again. I had too much to risk.

"What the hell time do you call this swan?" Frank sat by the cash register in the corner, looking real pissed at me.

"Look I'm sorry Frank but it couldn't be helped ok?" I chinned back to him as I pulled on my uniform.

Frank was one of those guys that radiated sleazy vibes out to anyone in a skirt. His hair was always slicked back with oil, his features were as rough as a dog's ass, and his cologne was enough to burn the lining of your nose as soon as you got within a foot of him. And he always had his glasses perched on the end of his nose so he could leer at the women that came through the door.

"Well I can't help docking you pay check for it then either." He smugly turned his gaze back to the betting section of the paper in his hands.

"COME ON FRANK!" I glared at him with my hands on my hips.

"Don't give me that girl! Maybe if you could haul your ass in on time I wouldn't have to do it. Now bring me a coffee."

Argh! I hated this place! But I needed the money.

"I got it" Rosalie smiled as she passed me with a cup in one hand and a coffee pot in the other. She walked over to the dick in the corner and poured him his coffee.

Rosalie was one of the nicest people I knew. She was gentle and caring and would do anything for you, but if you crossed her then you'd probably wish for death than for her to catch up with you.

She was a good friend and she'd helped me through a lot of shit over the past few months with my ex.

"So who's your friend?" She gestured to the guy I'd walked in with, sat by the window.

I'd forgotten about him in my moment with frank. God I hope he didn't notice. He probably thinks I'm such a hick!

"Oh he um...helped me out. I got sent flying on my butt when some stupid idiot ran past me in the street and know me right; I hit my head. He was kind enough to stop and check me out. He's a doctor." I couldn't help but blush.

"Doctor huh?" She chuckled as she elbowed me in the ribs as she past to put the pot back on the hot plate."What are you waiting for? Get him some coffee already!"

That's why I'd asked him in right?

I looked over to where he sat in the booth, looking around like he was trying to weigh up the place.

"Well I guess I finally get to know your name" His smile was enough to make me forgot all the crap frank had just given me in a heartbeat. Oh my god.

"Huh?" I looked at him wondering what he was talking about. Then I realised I hadn't even introduced myself, but then neither had he.

"Bella" He stated.

How did he know that?

"What are you a mind reader or something?" He laughed and I was getting a little pissed at his humour in me. "Glad I amuse you! How'd you know my name?" I put down the cup in my hand and poured the caffeine loaded beverage into it.

"Your uniform..." He must have realised my annoyance at him because he tried to keep his face straight when he answered me.

"Oh...right . Sorry." Oh my God! I suddenly felt like I would combust on the spot with embarrassment; I wished I would. Instead I walked back over to the counter and tried to hide. I tried not to look at him as I busied myself with work. Serving customers and calling out food orders. I was just wiping down the counter when he came over with his cup. When He placed it on the counter I caught his eye. He was looking at me inquisitively.

"For the record, I'm Edward Cullen.

With that he strolled over to Frank, paid for his coffee and gave me one more smile before leaving.

"Bella. Bella!"

"Huh?" I just stood staring towards the door that my night in shining armour had just left through.