The wind was harsh. Slapping her in the face, knotting her hair, she decided that she didn't like it. She was on her knees in the snow.

She was cold... cold...

... Why was it so cold?


... Pure white...

...why was it so white?


...she was cold... cold...


...then, why was it red?

Where was all this red...

...coming from?

It was snowing. She shivered. It was so cold. The wind slammed the hair on her face and into her eyes when she tried getting up. She decided to stay sitting down. Snowflakes fell from the sky into her palms which, tucked safely into her mittens, were facing the sky. Suddenly, someone was there.


-"Are you lost little girl?"

She slowly got up, and looked at him. She cocked her head to the side looking at him curiously.


The ones who suck people's blood.

Beasts in human form.


-"May I suck your blood?" He asked, smiling evilly at her. He grabbed her, pushed her against him, and roughly plunged his fangs into her neck. She screamed but he covered her mouth with his hand, his eyes ruby-like shining with bloodlust in the night.


She thought again, before falling into darkness...

The level-E detached himself, in regret from the body. He really wanted to continue drinking from her. Her blood was delicious, but if he sucked her dry he would kill him. So, with a sigh, he picked her up and carried her to his master.

She woke up in a tank, full of a green liquid. She was nude, levitating in the middle of the tank, in a fetus position. She tried to move, but she couldn't. She looked down, seeing needles connected to various tubes planted everywhere. She tried to scream, but couldn't. She didn't realize she shouldn't be able to breathe. She was too busy looking at someone smiling in victory from outside the tank. He chuckled darkly as she went back into oblivion.


-5 years later-

I was walking. I had given up on running. I walked slowly down the street I chuckled silently to myself without humor. I was thinking about what I looked like. A young ten year old girl, wearing a long, wet and torn dress, which fit loosely on her petite frame , with long, to the lower part of her back, jet black hair, also wet and extremely tangled. The image was complete with large red/brown eyes and thick black eyelashes, I probably looked possessed.

I slowed to a stop and covered my face with my hands; I leaned against a wall sliding down it until I was on the ground. I didn't know what to do. I didn't remember anything since that level-E brought me there. I had finally escaped, but where would I go? What could I do? I realized, with a sinking feeling, that no matter where I went, he would find me. I belonged to him. I had the mark on the back of my shoulder to prove that. He wouldn't let me stay away. No matter how far I ran, he would find me. It was only a question of time.

-"Umm, do you need help? Are you an orphan too? Come with me! I know somewhere where you'll be safe! Trust me!"

A tall blonde said, looking kindly at me. She looked about 14 years old. How had she known that I needed help? Was she a mind reader? I started panicking, leaning away from the blonde who smiled sweetly at me and said,

-"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I guessed that you were an orphan by your attire, and the fact that you were new here, by your presence out here, at sunset. Everybody who has lived here for a while knows it isn't safe. And the fact that you were alone, by the look of sadness on your face. Don't worry; you can stay with me and the other orphans. We won't hurt you."

She beckoned to me and once I stood took my hand and brought me towards an abandoned looking house. I looked up, and saw the curtains move. In panic, I scrambled away she caught me, pulled me into a hug and held me. Suddenly, all the tears I had been holding for the last 5 years spilled, and I started sobbing. Silently, but uncontrollably. She held me as I cried, and calmed me down. She started humming softly, and eventually I fell asleep, exhausted.

The next morning, when I woke up, I noticed blondie sitting next to me. She gave me a piece of bread and said,

-"Here, you must be hungry. I know it's not much, but it's all we have. We buy it with the money we get for doing odd jobs around the city and from stealing, when there aren't any jobs for us. By the way, I forgot to tell you, my name is Alicia, but if I catch you calling me that you'll regret it. I prefer Alice, but most people here call me blondie", so blondie it is then, "because apparently I'm too quick to trust people and talk too much. They actually spent 2 hours screaming at me for bringing you here without their permission. But I Just knew you were alone and needed help, I knew it! So screw them."

I didn't know if I should trust her. Well, she already had plenty of chances to try and kill me, so let's give her a chance. It's not like I didn't have the power to kill a human girl and her friends. Plus, I was going to need someone to help me, since I was alone, and didn't have any idea how this world worked.

-"Umm, Ochi and Saku, the people in charge, want to meet you. Is that okay?" She asked me.

I nodded slowly and gave her a half smile, and followed her. She led me to the living room. As we walked there, I noticed every window was boarded up. Finally, we had arrived. There were two people sitting on a couch, looking at ads in the newspaper. A short redhead with sparkly green eyes, and a tall boy, whose hair was black and defied gravity, finally they noticed us and stood up. The boy started speaking.

-"Hi, my name is Ochi. That is Saku" he said waving towards the redhead. "Blondie said that you had nowhere to go. Is that true?"

I nodded once. He sighed.

-"Fine. You see, this place, it's a sanctuary for orphans. We all do odd jobs, except for the younger ones, and then share the food we buy with our profits. In the bad seasons, were there is no odd jobs, we steal. Are you ready, to live a life, were you have to work for every meal eat nothing but a loft of bread, but where you have a roof and friends?"

I nodded again. He smiled at me me.

-"Well then, welcome ... actually what is your name?"

I flushed. Hadn't any of them realised that I couldn't talk? I mean all I did was nod and shrug. And that on top of that, I suffered from amnesia? I pointed at my throat, then my head. I decided to pretend that I couldn't remember anything since Alice found me. I slowly pointed at my throat then my head again.

-"Are you mute?"Asked Blondie, I nodded encouragingly and pointed at my head again.

-"Mentally handicapped?"She asked again. I shook my head.

-"Brain dead?" I shook my head again.

-"Ummm amnesic (sp?)" I nodded my head.

-"Oh! ok," said Blondie "then we'll call you... Miss Black, since you have black hair!"

Hmm not bad a name. Better than being called #6294. And it's not like I could remember my real one anyways. I gave them a half smile. Ochi nodded at me and said,

-"Well, welcome, Miss Black, to your new home!"

Home. I had a home.

-9 months later-

I ran as fast as could, trying to escape. My body was shaking with silent sobs as I saw, in my mind, the bloody bodies of everyone I cared for, laying at the feet of a level-E with one red eye, and one bleue. He was possessing that level-E. I ran faster and faster, but not fast enough. I tripped on some snow and fell.

How ironic. It was the exact same meadow as where they found me last time, 5 years and 9 months ago. I looked down. I was wearing the exact same dress I had when Blondie found me. Blondie. I chocked on a sob as I remembered her screaming at the vampire to leave me alone. Even at the brink of death she thought of others before herself.

Normally, I would have been able to kill a level-E fairly easily, but since the vampire was possessed by him and he still had control of his pureblood powers even in other bodies I knew I had no chance of winning. Sensing the fact that I had given up he smirked and was about to jump on me when, out of nowhere, a haNd went right threw his throat and the body he was possessing died. He slowly left it, and ran back to his original body. Knowing that possessing people for him took a lot of strength, I knew he wouldn't bother me for a while.

Turning towards my saviour I took a good look at him. He was tall, had black hair and most important of all, he was a vampire.

He extended a hand towards me. I hissed and backed away, but I eventually gave in walked towards him and took his hand. He pushed me against his chest and I started sobbing even harder in it. My body was wracked with sobs. Eventually I calmed down and I swore to myself that I would never cry again.

Ok. So Kuwaii means afraid. Just in case someone was wondering. Please review and tell me my errors!