Savour Night


I am free, like the wind.

I am chained, like in prison.

I am the selfless gentleman.

I am the selfish bastard.

I am immortal, in the eyes of some.

I am dead, in the eyes of others.

I am the Hero, who will save the day.

I am the Villain, who will let it fall.

I am Sonic the Hedgehog,

This is who I am.

One told me that this was wrong.

And so I worried it was true.

But I know,

Worry has a set speed.

I outran worry,

Only to meet the truth.

And so I no longer care.

It's not worth it to care.

It doesn't matter, who is wrong and who is right.

All that matters is, you live life the way it should be.


A/N: No, this is not random. And yes, the title and summary does relate to this poem, it's just really hard to figure out how.

Actually, now that I think about it, I can't really see anyone fully understand what this poem means. Like, the immortal/dead part shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but the rest… eh, whatever.