Experimental fic, an idea that popped out ages ago. Not sure if it's done before, either. This features a MagicalBeing!PureLight!Harry, and I don't even think his 'kind' exists in canon.

Pairings: None at the moment (suggestions would be good)

Warnings: Pure!Harry, AU, Dimension Travel

Summary: Harry Potter isn't a wizard. He is a Celestial - the purest beings known to wizardkind. With the war against Voldemort done, he is sent to a place where he is needed most - where he didn't exist. In that same dimension, Lily and James Potter mourn at Halloween for the anniversary of their first born's death as their war with the Dark Lord continues with little hope for the Light. But when the stars gather together, will the Light's hope be restored?

Disclaimer: I do not own, in any way, shape or form, own Harry Potter or its characters. This fanfic is purely for leisure only.

Lily Potter took offense at the fact that Halloween morning of 1997 could only be described as a wonderful, sunny start to a new day.

It wasn't as if she downright hated October 31st, only that she had horrible memories associated with the day –

"No, Harry, baby! Please wake up, wake up! Harry – "

Memories that always left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Just months ago, Harry would have been celebrating his seventeenth birthday. And came September, he would have been a seventh year with Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom as a Gryffindor at Hogwarts.

He would have.

If it wasn't for that prophecy, and for Voldemort, Harry would have been alive.

'No, Lily.' Inwardly, she sighed. 'Don't be thinking about the "what if's" now. It's in the past. Harry wouldn't have wanted you to think of him like that…'

No one commented on her long face. It was pretty common knowledge that Halloween was a rather bleak day for the Potters. Only sixteen years ago did Lord Voldemort suddenly vanish without a trace after the attack at the Potter residence. Not that it mattered, now that the Dark Lord managed to revive his body just two years ago.

She passed by Neville, who gave her a small, understanding smile. The poor boy had lost his father, Frank Longbottom, that same night she lost little Harry. While his mother tried to shield him from the horrors of war, Albus was convinced that Neville was the Chosen One.

"As Harry is gone, Neville could only be the One of the Prophecy…"

Lily tried to choke back a sob as she thought about her first born son, with his bright, green eyes and wonderful, blinding smile. Neither of her two other children – Roselyn Lillian and Jamie Orion – had inherited green eyes, taking instead their father's hazel.

James. He was never really the same after Harry's death. The shine his eyes held years before dulled a noticeable fraction, and every time he neared Harry's old room, he would freeze and stare at the door for long moments at a time.

They never did gather the courage to reenter the room after that fateful night.

As she sat next to her husband in the Head Table of the Great Hall, Lily felt James' hand reaching out to her. They both shared a look of melancholy, and even Severus Snape knew this was not a morning to taunt the infamous Marauder.

When Lily saw the reflection of her own green eyes from a well-polished goblet, it reminded her once again about Harry's more vibrant emeralds.

She wanted to cry.


It happened during the Halloween evening feast.

Students, one by one, stared and pointed curiously at the enchanted ceiling. What once displayed a breathtaking view of the outside, with the stars scattered around the night sky, was now a sight of confusion. The stars all clumped together in the middle, almost making it look like one whole, pearly white mass. A look at the Headmaster and everyone knew that even he did not foresee such a curious happening.

Was it a trick? Did the charm malfunction, after all these centuries? The only way this could be true is if it was happening outside.

Hagrid, the Hogwarts Groundskeeper, confirmed it.

"Pr'fess'r! I ain' know wha' happen'd, or anythin', but the stars are actin' strange tonigh'!"

And so it was.


It was the end.


Green eyes continued to stare forlornly what once was the glorious Hogwarts castle. He looked at the bodies, one by one, and held his tears from the sight of carnage. The final battle was done, Voldemort defeated, but at a terrible price.

"The stars call for you, Harry." Luna Lovegood lightly touched the Savior's hand, before taking it with her own. "You have done what was asked of you, since you were brought to this world."

Harry gave a painful sob. "Too many, Luna. Too many have gone back to meet their maker." His magic cried out for every life lost amidst the battle. His bright emerald eyes glistened with tears of empathy.

The young Ravenclaw gazed sadly at her friend. She had seen what he was in actuality, the purest being known to the world. The Archangel, the muggles would have called him, and for the wizards, he was the Celestial One. His magic and his being were the ultimate Light, and the only one with the power to vanquish the ultimate Dark, Voldemort. His destiny was set in stone, and only when he had fulfilled his task would he be able to come back home to the stars and lay in peace.

But it was too soon for it to happen.

"I'm sorry, Harry, for what is to come." The blonde wrapped her arms around the dark haired boy, hoping to soothe his tormented soul.

"But I must do it, Luna." Harry gave a hoarse reply and pulled back to stare at her in the eye. A small, sorrowful smile graced his face, and Luna could not help but admire the beauty of his form. It was to be expected. He was an angel, sent to the mortal world to give salvation to the wizarding kind.

The stars twinkled brightly above them, more so than usual. He looked up, tear tracks staining his unmarred faced, and gazed at the stars of which he was born of.

"The world you shall enter in, your existence will be the crucial turning point of their war." Luna cupped his cheek, and kissed the tears away. "Your counterpart never had the chance to live more than five seasons. Many are dying each day."

Harry gave a pained look. "I must stop it." His voice was soft, melodious. "I cannot see any more lost lives, Luna."

Luna knew how Harry felt. "It will be a different world, Harry, remember. Many who have died, lives and some who had lived, died. Your friends will not be who you knew, but I will try to look after you."

"Thank you, Luna." He gave her a grateful smile, and Luna felt blessed to be able to help someone of his kind. Harry slowly pulled away from the young Ravenclaw until up arms length, before kissing her forehead, murmuring a blessing. "May the stars shine brightly and watch over you, Luna Lovegood."

"And may your journey bear fruit of the Light, Harry Potter."

In the middle of the battlefield, that October 1997, the stars gathered together above the One of the Stars and Light.

And Harry Potter disappeared.

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