Experimental fic, an idea that popped out ages ago. Not sure if it's done before, either. This features a MagicalBeing!PureLight!Harry, and I don't even think his 'kind' exists in canon.

Pairings: Light Future!Harry/Luna

Warnings: Pure!Harry, AU, Dimension Travel

Summary: Harry Potter isn't a wizard. He is a Celestial - the purest beings known to wizardkind. With the war against Voldemort done, he is sent to a place where he is needed most - where he didn't exist. In that same dimension, Lily and James Potter mourn at Halloween for the anniversary of their first born's death as their war with the Dark Lord continues with little hope for the Light. But when the stars gather together, will the Light's hope be restored?

Disclaimer: I do not own, in any way, shape or form, own Harry Potter or its characters. This fanfic is purely for leisure only.

In his previous world, people gawked at him. Whether they were at awe with hero-worship or entranced by his looks, they stared and pointed. Harry had grown used it to over the years, and to be blunt, he had expected no less than this. Still, he didn't let the attention get to him.

Other than that, people – females in particular – seemed to be trying hard to get closer or catch his attention. Some of the burlier boys looked at him with disdain, however, Harry noted. At that, the Celestial frowned. Jealousy was an unattractive human trait, one of the things he had disapproved from his friend Ron. As was shallow attraction, the darkhaired teen thought when a particularly busty girl batted eyelashes at him as Harry caught her from her 'trip.'

Harry sighed.

He fingered the cuffs of his button-up long-sleeved shirt as he walked slowly to the Great Hall. It was melancholic to see the castle so whole and alive again, and that thought made Harry smile. So he took his time getting to breakfast, not that he was in any hurry, really.

Someone caught up beside him, and Harry glanced to look. Jamie's clothes were haphazardly put on, obvious signs that he certainly wasted no time prepping up, opting to catch him first. A fond look sparkled in Harry's eyes; he found Jamie to be a sweet brother. He looked a bit troubled, but if the clear defiance in his eyes were to go about, he was ready to face his difficulties like a true Gryffindor.

Rose Potter was glancing at them from a few feet away, and when Harry caught her eye, he gave her a smile. She blinked in confusion, before hesitantly smiling back. Satisfied for the moment, he turned to look ahead of him before seeing someone that made him stop on his tracks.

Luna Lovegood looked as if she was lost, the dreamy quality around her making her distinguishable from the sea of students. She swayed lightly on her feet, humming a tune Harry recognized as the same tune his Luna had always hummed. She had on her signature radish earrings and bottlecap necklace, clashing with her Hogwarts uniform.

Jamie looked confused and slightly apprehensive of Luna, no doubt hearing the rumors of her sanity – or supposed lack thereof.

But Harry knew the truth about Luna. Her Seer abilities were invaluable, and it was important to keep it low key. By acting a little bit crazy, she accomplished just that. It was the same of Harry, having played the part of a foolhardy Gryffindor.

His lips twitched into a visible smile. "Luna Lovegood." Surrounding students observed the proceedings curiously, wondering how he knew her name.

The said Ravenclaw blinked, slowly tilting her head to the side. A serene smile spread across her face. "I had a dream," She started airily. "There were two Luna's, you know, in the dream. One of them was me, I'm sure. The other Luna told me to keep watch over the angel. She promised she would do so to him. Be his eyes, she told me, be his eyes." With that, the blonde smiled wider. "May I be your eyes, Harry Potter?"

Harry laughed good-naturedly. To anyone else, given Luna's reputation, her words would have been regarded as inane. But Harry could see the underlining meaning. The 'original' Luna had somehow – probably defying normal Seer limits – contacted this Luna. And with Luna asking to be his eyes… Well, she had just very well pledged herself loyally as Harry's Seer, just as the original had done.

"Of course, Luna, I'd love you to be my eyes."

Her face brightened and she looked at him with clear eyes. "Thank you." Her voice barely rose in the normal volume, but Harry knew that it was a sign of pure happiness. With that, Luna turned and skipped off, with an extra bounce on her step.

Jamie stared at her retreating back, wide eyed. "She's… weird."

Harry laughed again.


Hermione kept an eye on the mysterious teen who claimed to be a Potter. It shouldn't be possible by all means, she believed, for him to suddenly reappear after being dead for sixteen years. But the thing was, it happened. Harry Potter looked the correct age, had the features of his parents… the similarities of the picture of baby boy that was printed on the Daily Prophet's November 2, 1981 issue was so exact!

Harry Potter was there!

When Hermione Granger first heard of the Potter's story, she was heartbroken. Other than house elves and books and her two best friends, the Gryffindor had a soft spot for children. Every death of a toddler fills her up with sorrow and also with rage at whoever decided that killing a baby was worth anything. She was noticeably upset when a prefect told unaware first years and muggleborns about the Potter's somber mood during Halloween.

She was strangely fond of Harry, despite only knowing him through stories and old newspapers. Perhaps it was his green eyes, so innocent, or his bright smile, able to make any mother's or sister's heart flutter in an unromantic sense. Hermione didn't understand, but she felt herself not caring.

Sometimes, she dreams of being friends with Harry, having ridiculous adventures with Ron (Neville was strangely absent sometimes), feeling overprotective of Harry, wanting to shield him from the evils of the world, being an older sister to the dark haired boy…

And for some reason, when she wakes up from these dreams, they feel more than just that. They felt like reality.

Or what could have been.

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