Ok, I couldn't really think of a better way to get him 'altered', but hey-ho ;) Oh yeah, and anything that sounds the least bit scientific will make no sense. I just wrote some rubbish I heard in science lol.


The young agent was only dimly aware of being shouted as he careered into the ground at a tremendous force. They'd been hunting this one man for three weeks, and they'd finally found him. Tony's crowning moment was himself tackling the suspect down. However, the tables turned as the suspect (Who's name was Edgar Warren) twisted him round and grinned manically.

This man really shouldn't be so much trouble. He was a scientist, and according to Abby, a 'bad-ass' one. She'd been astounded as she'd looked him up and found the extent of his working. He made drugs that had amazing results, whether they were used for good or bad, they didn't know, but were sure after a few minutes in interrogation with Gibbs, he'd soon start talking.

"Well well pretty boy, seems like they're gonna take me away. But not before I…alter their precious 'senior field agent'." Warren snarled, one more grin and he clamped his hand down on Tony's jaw and shoved a tablet in his mouth. Making sure he swallowed it, Warren beamed, a murderous glint in his eye as he stood up off Tony and waited for Gibbs to reach him, and cuff him.

"Tony?" He heard Kate timidly say his name, holding out a hand to help him to his feet, "You ok?" He nodded and scrambled to his feet, before immediately feeling woozy and nearly falling down again,

"Woah, Tony, are you sure you're alright?" Tony deduced that now was not the time to pretend to be fine. Concussion was one thing; unidentified tablet being ingested was a completely different thing,

"Warren shoved a tablet in my mouth, forced me to swallow, I don't know what it was, said it would 'alter' me…" He tailed off, feeling weak as Kate looked at him, her mouth open. Quick as a flash she was on her feet and ran over to Gibbs, who was shoving Warren into their van,

"Boss, Warren forced Tony to take a tablet just before we cuffed him, didn't tell him what it was, but said it would 'alter' him apparently." Gibbs gave an evil stare to the man in the truck, which made Kate wince – she'd hate to be subjugated to that glare.

"What did you give my agent?" He asked, a cold and hard tone to his voice.

"Nothin' you can do now, too late to get his stomach pumped. My, my - just how will you figure out what he's taken? I wonder if you'll find out before it's too late? Before he's completely different?" He started to laugh hysterically, and Gibbs ran a frenzied hand across his brow in frustration, how in the hell would they figure this out?

He turned to see DiNozzo on the floor, where Kate left him, shaking slightly, probably due to the cold. He rushed over, keen to get back as soon as possible so Ducky and Abby would be able to find what he'd taken. God knows what he'd put in that tablet, if Abby was right about him it could honestly be anything.

"DiNozzo, on your feet, we need to get back, Ducky'll sort you right out." Gibbs said, making it sound like an upbeat order, careful to keep the fear out of his voice. Tony nodded but whispered weakly,

"I'm not feeling too well Boss, my arms and legs feel real weak, I don't think I can walk." Gibbs nodded as well, and simply carefully bundled Tony into his arms and helped him to an upright stance, before taking him over to the van.

Kate looked at him with apprehension and uncertainty but offered him the middle space, between Gibbs and herself.

"You'll be fine Tony, this is probably like a cold compared to other things you've had. Remember the plague?"

"'Course I do Katie, I can remember there was a… there was a bed there, I was on it for a while, there were some blue lights as well… you were there too. Sung a real nice song…" He tailed off while Gibbs looked round at Kate,

"You sung to him?" She shrugged but felt a blush rising in her cheeks,

"He couldn't sleep, and he was delirious anyway, and it shut him up, he didn't cough or make a single movie reference." Gibbs grinned,

"Guess we'll have to sing to you more often DiNozzo." After not getting a reply, he twisted to see Tony slumping down in his seat with his eyes closed. He choked and swerved slightly, before Kate said,

"Relax Gibbs, he's asleep." She smiled fondly at Tony, while Gibbs recognized the slow, steady pace of his agent's breathing.


"Hey Duck we need you to find out what Tony's taken." Gibbs announced, going straight to the point as soon as the doors to autopsy had slid open. He'd woken Tony up to come down here, but he'd felt horrible doing it, like he'd just kicked a puppy.

"What do you mean, 'taken'?" Abby asked, who had been preparing to leave just before the agents appeared,

"Warren grabbed hold of him before we cuffed him and made him swallow a tablet. We need to know what it was." Kate explained, as she helped Tony onto a table. Abby looked devastated before rushing around,

"Right, I'll need er… we need to…" Gibbs grabbed hold of her arms,

"Abs, relax. Just do it slowly and accurately, you can't rush science." She gave him a small smile and she and Ducky were at once prodding and poking every bit of the unfortunate agent.

Kate sidled up to Gibbs and said softly,

"What d'you think it'll do to him Gibbs?" He heard the worry in her voice and didn't want to upset her,

"Who knows," He replied, "It could change his hair colour, it could turn him into a giant turnip, or it could give him a genetically altered disease. We'll have to trust Abby and Ducky on this one." Kate nodded and tried to stop the tears sliding down her face as she saw Tony looking over to her and Gibbs for support, looking thoroughly worried and confused.

"Got it!" Abby yelled triumphantly, as they'd had to do a disgusting stomach pump to find it, "Looks like your boy Warren was lying, we can find it, but only a few traces, definitely not enough to stop the effects." Her voice wavered slightly, but she ran across to her lab, putting her music on loud, which presumably helped her concentrate,

"Hey Boss?" Gibbs looked over to a dazed looking Tony sat on an autopsy table, "I'm gonna go with her, I'm beat, I'll just lie on her sleeping bag a while, then come back." Gibbs looked over to Ducky, who shrugged but nodded, so Gibbs replied,

"Off you go then DiNozzo, just don't get in her way." Tony grinned and shuffled off the table, before stumbling out of autospy, with an exhausted look about his face.

"Hey Abbs," He begun, as soon as he'd turned her music off, "Gibbs said I could use your sleeping bag, I'm exhausted." Abby smiled at him and unrolled it,

"No problem Tony, the machine is almost done, so we can go tell them together what you took." This fell on deaf ears as he'd already fallen asleep and was curling up on her sleeping bag.

She smiled and jumped as she heard a loud DING from her machine. Rushing over, she whispered,

"C'mon baby, show me tic - tacs," in an attempt to lighten the mood. However, her eyes widened as she saw the name of the drug, "No way." She breathed out, and glanced over at Tony, who was still sleeping peacefully. She was about to run out before suddenly pausing, obviously having jsut remembered something. She ran back to her machine and took the drug out, before putting it in a smaller machine, which was barely used. After a few minutes more, during which she kept glancing down at Tony anxiously, the machine stopped.

She glanced down at the chart and her mouth dropped open. She all but ran to autopsy.


Gibbs, Kate, McGee and Ducky were still there, and all turned to face her as she came in. Gulping, she started,

"Erm, right...er, you know how Warren was a biological genius? And how he invented some of the world's most amazing drugs, and I mean, amazing. Did you know, he came up with one that, when added with a different reactant, it created furniture? Like, actual furniture, from scratch? That's just..."

"Abby," Gibbs interrupted, "Tony?" Her face grew apprehensive, presumably scared of telling him,

"Right. So at first, I thought my machine broke, but then I remembered some of the papers I read about him, and remembered this one. And unfortunately, it works. It's called 'berceuse douce', which in French means..."

"Sweet lullaby," Kate whispered, frustrated by the fact that the name could hint at alot of possible symptoms, "So what does it do?" Abby took a deep breath,

"It kind of, alters your brain patterns, enzymes, basically, shifts your whole body structure around..."

"So he's going to die a horrible, painful death..." Kate murmured, which everyone heard, though she hadn't meant for them to,

"Oh no, it's kind of the opposite," Abby continued, getting back some of that enthusiasm, "What it does is, shift your body structure around, into the form of you when you were small." They all stared at her blankly, until Ducky said,

"So, what you're saying Abigail, is that Anthony's body will change..."

"Into that of his younger self. Yep," She said, "When you think about it it's dead cute, and incredibly clever."

"Abby," Gibbs croaked, finding it all difficult to believe, "How young is his younger self?" Abby bit her lip, and said,

"I quickly did a test on the drugs after that, and assuming that my maths and the fact that the reactants and ionic compounds in the covalent bonds are..."

"English Abby! Did you find out or not?" Gibbs barked. She jumped and answered,

"About one and a half, two."

Everyone looked round at everyone else, stunned into silence. Abby was right, the science itself was incredible, but there were a few problems,

"What are we supposed to do with him?" Kate asked, "How do we get him back to himself?" Abby shrugged and said,

"I bet there's an antidote. From the shape of the DNA, it wasn't resistant to any, so even if he didn't make one, I bet someone could. As to what we're supposed to do with him... I assume we look after him until we found the antidote. Not much else really."

Gibbs rubbed at his forehead, unsure of what to do. Abby wasn't lying, he could tell, so this must be real. But even so, it was just so... far fetched. And how would they look after a two year old DiNozzo? He was bad enough 28, and none of them had much experience with babies. Except him, but that was years ago...

Abby had skipped out by this point, quickly followed by Kate.

"Women!" Ducky huffed, "Try to tell them something, they completely disregard it and do something different."

"What's wrong Duck?" Gibbs asked,

"I tell them that in a store cupboard we have shelves filled with clothes and other necessities for babies, from previous cases and other things, and they rush off, twittering like nightingales, about the colour of the clothes and even the colour of the diaper."

Gibbs shook his head and shifted from one foot to the other, not sure what to say. The silence was broken when McGee said,

"Ducky, do you know anything about this drug?" Ducky inclined his head and replied,

"I know a fair bit Timothy, do you have some questions?" McGee nodded shyly and asked,

"How long do you think it'll be before he...changes?" Ducky thought for a moment before saying,

"Possibly not long at all, if he hasn't changed already, I'd say it won't be long."

"Will he be able to talk? And remember us all, you know, keep his memories?" Gibbs was impressed, he'd failed to ask these kind of questions,

"I think he will I'm afraid."

"What do you mean afraid Ducky?" Gibbs said,

"Well, wouldn't you be embarrassed? At least two year olds don't care having diapers changed, they probably love it, but a 28 year old... and if it's by his boss, well..."

They were all silent for a moment before they heard cooings and 'ahhs' coming down the corridor.

"Oh good lord." Gibbs mumbled, turning to meet the sight. His jaw fell open as the doors opened.

Ok, few things here, like my other, it's slightly AU, as it's after SWAK but ages before Twilight. And if I get good reviews for this I'll continue, but otherwise I'll get rid of it, but bear in mind if I do continue, it won't be 'till my other story's finished. Also, (Don't know why I'm telling y'all this but hey :P) I was torn between saying 'diapers' and 'nappies', 'cause I live in England, and we don't say 'diapers', but NCIS is set in the USA, so I decided to add it. No idea why Ducky said it, he's as British as they come lol, but he just wants to be loved! Ok, that is way too much rambling from me... Review? xxx