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Tony scrunched his face up in frustration. He was sat at the table in the kitchen, tapping his fingers on the side of his bowl. Gibbs sighed wearily and said,

"Tony, I've only had 2 cups of coffee today, and I'm sure that at some point now Abby and Ducky will be coming round, and I'm not in the mood to explain why you haven't eaten today." Tony glared darkly at the older man. He'd been having trouble swallowing, as though he had a lump in his throat, like he was about to cry. He swirled the porridge around miserably in the bowl with his good hand, and rested the other elbow on the table. It clunked heavily with the cast, making him sigh softly, and continue to stare deep into the porridge.

Gibbs didn't know what to do. He'd know what to do if Tony was refusing to eat, but it didn't seem like that. He'd been keeping a gentle eye on Tony throughout the meal, from since Melissa left, and had seen him push the food around in the bowl. Once or twice he saw the younger man attempt to eat, but he'd almost retched and slowly put the spoon back.

"Tony, what's wrong? Tell me." The order was ringing with authority, and Tony had to obey, but he felt like he needed to as well. The last week had been a roller coaster ride, and he and Gibbs had been on it together. Their relationship was so much better, so much healthier. He knew he could tell his Boss whatever, and he'd help the younger man get through it, but part of him wished for a simpler way. A way that Gibbs would instantly know what he needed. It had been that way just a few days ago. Why had it suddenly changed?

"I can't eat this." Tony gabbled out quickly, making Gibbs do a double take. The kid wasn't exactly picky, and it wasn't like he hadn't eaten porridge before,

"You can make some toast if you want." Gibbs offered slowly, waiting to see how it played out. Tony shuddered at the thought of toast. It would be too scratchy, too hard to swallow. He didn't want to suddenly start choking, spewing crumbs at Gibbs,

"No, it's fine, maybe I'm just not very hungry." Gibbs raised an eyebrow and said,

"Tony, you're never 'not hungry'. What is it?"

"I just can't eat right now, ok?" Tony spat out, glaring at his Boss in anger. Why couldn't he just leave well enough alone? Tony wouldn't probe into him about something that would clearly be his business.

"Try." Gibbs snarled at him, making Tony shrink back in his seat, green eyes staring at Gibbs, seeking forgiveness. The older man sighed - why couldn't he do anything without feeling guilty about it? He knew it would take a while to get over Tony Junior, and he also knew Tony would be feeling the same. So why the constant struggle inside him?

In one corner you had Gibbs. Normal, rough, marine. Gibbs. The one who could yell and punish and order all day long, knowing that all of that was merely shaping his agents - pushing them to be as good as they could be. In the other corner you had the parental side of him struggling. It constantly conflicted with normal Gibbs. What was so hard, it asked him, about a simple smile, or a kind word. Surely a hug wouldn't be out of the question?

And it was here that Gibbs finally snapped. He knew how to balance them; he'd been doing it all this time. Even while DiNozzo was smaller, he still would talk to him like he would his agent. Ok, he'd be less sharp, but he'd still talk normally. In a few situations he'd talked to him as Tony Junior yes, but the kid had clearly needed that. It was as if he had been completely starved of affection.

Suddenly standing up from his seat, he went over to where his Senior Field Agent was sat. Tony shrank backwards, worried about an impending head-slap, or the spoonful of porridge that might be force-fed down his throat.

"Boss I..." He paused, having no idea what he was going to say. However, he was stopped from saying anything when Gibbs bent down slightly and - out of nowhere - gave him a hug.


That was how Abby and Ducky had found them. Gibbs had been completely right in his assumption that both would turn up sometime today. Abby was bouncing about happily, wondering if her friend had changed at all. She knew that was stupid, but she really thought something about him would be different. Ducky had agreed to come with her, wondering how all of this was affecting both Tony and Gibbs. He was worried about Tony's arm as well, so wanted to give him a quick check-up as well.

"Door's open." Abby said to him, smiling as she walked in casually, as though she lived here. The M.E followed, not hesitant exactly, he'd been here plenty of times before unannounced. But he wondered whether they may interrupt something. He was half-right, as he followed Abby into the kitchen, where they could smell the coffee and porridge.

Abby had paused in the doorway, grinning brightly as she saw Gibbs giving Tony a warm hug, that the younger man clearly enjoyed. He had his eyes closed lazily and had his head resting on the older man's shoulder, his face calm. Gibbs too was calm, but his eyes were still open, and he saw Abby and Ducky approach. He didn't push Tony away, as they both suspected his would, but, in an attempt to rouse Tony to the fact they were stood there, he said,

"Hey Abbs, Duck, come in." Tony opened his eyes and slowly took his head off Gibbs' shoulder, giving him a tiny smile before turning to see his workmates smiling sadly at the door. Gibbs stood up, his arms now by his sides as he went to put the kettle on.

"Tony!" Abby all but shrieked, running over to him. She paused momentarily to take in his eyes when he looked at her fully. To someone who didn't know him as much as Abby or Gibbs, there wasn't a change at all, but she could see. She saw that bright, childlike spark of curiosity and innocence in them, making them a brighter green. It was such a startling shade that she wondered if he'd put in contact lenses, but shook her head to clear it. In an instant the eyes were back to normal. Still childlike, but the same colour. However, it had somehow warmed her, and she felt exceedingly happy for some reason - more so than usual.

"How are you?" She asked, plonking herself next to him, "I haven't seen you since you were this big!" She crowed happily, demonstrating with her hand reaching down by her knees. Tony laughed, knowing that was probably one of the nicer digs he'd get today.

"Thanks Abbs. I'm fine, just finishing breakfast." Abby noticed that there was a full bowl in front of him, but reasoned to herself he'd probably already had some. This theory was shot down however, when Gibbs spoke up,

"Yeah you are DiNozzo. I want to see you eat at least half of that before you go anywhere."

"Tony!" Abby yelled protectively, "Why aren't you eating?"

"Abigail's right, my dear boy," Ducky added, "You need to eat, especially with the drastic change that happened in your body not 24 hours ago." Feeling hopelessly ganged up on, Tony held up his hands in mock surrender and said loudly,

"Thankyou everyone, but seriously, I'm fine, I don't need..."

"Eat!" Abby yelled sternly, and grabbed the spoon viciously from his hands, "If you don't, I'll feed you. It'll be like a blast from the past, but I don't care. Eat!" Tony blinked at how worried she sounded. He hung his head, ashamed of failing her - failing them all.

"Sorry Abbs," He mumbled, "But I actually can't. It's like that feeling you get when you're grieving. You know? The whole lump in the throat thing? Whenever I try to eat something it just gets stuck..."

"Don't be ridiculous Tony," Abby said in a 'no-nonsense' tone, "This won't stick, so open up!"

"Abbs I already said I can't!" Tony cried, somewhat desperately. He glanced up to Gibbs for help out of habit, and was surprised when the older man came forward and started to rub his back soothingly,

"Eat, Tony." He said, and felt the younger man's shoulders relax as Abby's eyes never wavered from his own. He slowly took the spoon back from her and started to tip the porridge down his throat, closing his eyes in relief as it smoothly slipped down, helped by Gibbs' hands resting gently on his shoulders, patting them every so often.

"The 'lump in the throat' situation may be correct," Ducky said, as they were all quiet, "You likened it to grieving Anthony, and you may well be grieving your lost youth unconsciously. You may be feeling lost and depressed, but this could be due to the fact that your emotions have changed rapidly along with your body. You have suddenly gone from being a rather clingy 18 month old to being a 28 year old federal office who keeps all of his emotions bottled up." (A/N, I kept his age at 28, but thanks to the reviewer who put me straight ;))

Tony shrugged at the explanation,

"It makes sense," He muttered, before pushing the bowl away from him and saying, in answer to numerous glares from around the room, "I'm not hungry anymore, ok? When I am, you'll be the first to know, trust me." They all looked unsure, but his face was set so determinedly that they all shrugged as well,

"How about we move this party to the living room." Abby suggested, and looked up eagerly at Gibbs, who nodded and said,

"You help Tony, me and Ducky'll go." Tony chuckled as Abby looked as though Halloween had come early. She nodded happily and got up, saying,

"How much help do you need?" He shrugged, and said,

"Just remember the whole broken arm thing, Gibbs seemed to forget about that." Abby looked appalled, but watched as Tony stood up, only wobbling slightly. He smiled proudly and said,

"It's better than I could do this morning." Abby smiled and nodded, holding out her arm for him to lean on. He stumbled slightly as they started, and Abby was reminded very much of Bambi. Tony looked to be torn between different ways to walk, suddenly changing the rhythm of his steps or moving his feet in a different way. Not being able to help herself, Abby said sweetly,

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather crawl Tony? You might find that easier."

"Har bloody har." Tony growled, gripping her arm slightly harder than he was previously doing. They paused as they heard Gibbs shout from the living room,

"Abbs, leave him alone, DiNozzo, remember what I said about walking!" Abby raised an eyebrow,

"He said if I'm not walking properly by tonight he'd break my other arm." Abby started to giggle, which was so infectious that Tony had to as well. When they finally made it into the living room (With Abby walking Tony round the hall a few times to make him stronger) they were both laughing hysterically, as they flopped onto the sofa.

"Kids," Gibbs grumbled under his breath, before saying, "He's all yours Duck." Causing Abby to start giggling once more, at Tony's expense,

"What d'you mean Boss?" Tony asked, panting as he got his laughter under control,

"I just want a quick look at you Anthony," Ducky said to him, "Just to check there's no lasting damage."

"Oh." Was all he got in response. As Ducky carefully examined him, commenting on how good the cast was, Tony started fidgeting. He was bored already, and couldn't keep still. However, nor could he get up and pace about, and a run was out of the question. Gibbs saw how bored he was, and saw Abby signing to him,

Put the TV on. Take his mind off it. He's annoying me being so fidgety. Gibbs chuckled and signed back,

What does he like to watch? Abby grinned and suggested,

How about one of those films me and Timmy brought round? Gibbs could feel himself smiling, but couldn't resist the temptation to stick the DVD in. He tried to fight with himself, and told himself how embarrassing it would be for Tony, how confused he'd be, wondering why they were putting children's films on. However, Abby looked like she was about to hit Tony any minute, and Ducky was already telling him off, so Gibbs stuck the movie into the player.

He turned the volume down a bit, so as not to disrupt Ducky, but could tell it was helping. Tony's eyes were being drawn to the screen, and he became steadily still, resting against Abby as he watched the beginning bit of the Lion King come on, not really aware he was doing it, but still watching, and Gibbs saw a smile pull at the younger man's features every so often.

"Well young man, you appear fine, but I would suggest an early night. Jethro, I think he's quite fit to come back tomorrow, as long as he can walk fine." Gibbs nodded, knowing Melissa had told them he should have a few days off, but he trusted Ducky more.

"Hey Tony," Gibbs said, getting Abby to shake his leg slightly, "Tony..." Tony looked up, from where he had been falling asleep on top of the Goth girl, who had been smiling benignly,

"Go to bed kid, we're going to work tomorrow, if you're up to it." Tony glanced up at Ducky, who said,

"Your body is trying to adapt to how it has changed my boy, I suggest you sleep for as long as you want, you'll soon find it reaches a state of equilibrium." Tony didn't understand half of what Ducky had said, being so tired. He didn't understand alot actually. He had been fine a few minutes ago, but as soon as he starts watching this film - bang, he's suddenly shattered.

Gibbs stood up and said,

"If it's alright with you, I'm going to help him to bed. There's more coffee in the kitchen." Abby and Ducky nodded, as Gibbs hauled Tony to his feet, who was slightly more balanced, thanks to Abby who'd walked him around for quite a long time.

"See ya Abbs, Ducky..." Tony mumbled as he slouched past them, only requiring Gibbs' help for a small part of the journey.

"How is he really Ducky?" Abby asked, sensing something about the M.E's tone that meant he was hiding something. He sighed tiredly, knowing Abby would get it out of him.

"Physically he is fine. I'm only slightly worried about how his mental state will be, but I'm sure he'll be fine. It's just... there was something different about..."

"His eyes," Abby interjected, "His eyes. They're really bright and childlike. First time I saw them they were a really intense green colour, but then they were... normal." Ducky nodded, and said,

"I'm sure it's nothing. It's just odd that his eyes have remained unchanged." He pondered this for a while, but didn't bring it up again, even when Gibbs came back downstairs.


Gibbs glanced up from his toast when he heard the sound of bare feet padding down the stairs. Tony entered the kitchen, yawning his 'Good morning' and rubbing his eyes with a bunched up fist, the other hanging by his side, drooping with the weight of the cast. His hair was tousled, straight from sleep, making him look at least 10 years younger.

"How's your walking?" Gibbs asked, pouring the younger man a drink. Tony chuckled slightly and murmured, still half asleep,

"Why don't you stick a sign on my back saying, 'How's my Walking? Call...' and then my phone number." Gibbs rolled his eyes but didn't rise to it, knowing how scared Tony was about work. He knew how many jokes would be told, how many small digs, how many mentions of what had happened would resound around the office. He also knew that Kate would definitely have a thing or two to say...

"Go have a shower, then I'll make you a sling for that arm." Tony nodded a stumbled out, much more stabilised than yesterday, and was perfectly capable of walking on his own. Although Gibbs did he see him clutching to the banister of the stairs, tripping up them once or twice - the way an over excited child would on Christmas morning, running upstairs to show their parents what they'd gotten.

Gibbs shook his head as he heard the shower running, and got a sling ready from the first aid kit in the kitchen. He seemed at a loss of what to do, all he had to do now was to wait. He didn't have anything to keep him busy, like he would have 2 days ago. 2 days ago he would have been trying to change, dress and feed a hyper 2 year old, whereas now... he glanced up at the ceiling, hoping Tony wasn't getting his cast wet.

He shook his head, trying to clear it of Tony. But as soon as he got rid of that thought another was in its place, wondering if he should start clearing up the kid's toys, only to remember they weren't spread across the living room anymore. While Tony slept - And he had slept almost 24 hours - he had cleared everything away, Abby snaffling some things from him before he could store them in the attic. Ducky hadn't asked why he didn't just throw them out or give them to charity, but watched with a half curious/half amused expression on his face.

He'd been sat there pondering for so long his coffee had gone cold, and he heard Tony coming back down the stairs. Thankfully, the cast remained dry, and true to his word Gibbs pinned a sling around it, frowning slightly when he saw the younger man was still wearing his clothes,

"Do you want to stop off at your apartment on the way in, get some of your own clothes?" He asked, but was surprised when Tony declined the offer of putting on one of his expensive suits - opting instead for a pair of sweats and a comfortable, if somewhat baggy, tee-shirt. Gibbs just shrugged. If the kid wanted to be comfortable, then he could wear as many of Gibbs' clothes as he liked.

"Hey Boss?" He asked, just before they got to the door, "Can I ask you something?" Gibbs nodded, cocking his head slightly, wondering what Tony was thinking. However, the question caught him off guard and left him speechless for a moment,

"Do you think I'm a good son?" His big green eyes were imploring his Boss to tell him what he wanted to hear, not what he thought was the truth. However, Gibbs had no intention of lying to his agent.

"Look at me Tony," He said softly, putting a finger under his chin and lifting Tony's head up to face his own, "I can tell you want me to say so much that you've never heard before, how incredible you are, how loyal, how kind... And you should know by now I don't need to lie about any of that. Anyone should be proud to call you there son. I'm always proud of you. I know we can't act like this at work, and sometimes even out of work it wouldn't always be appropriate, but my door is always open kiddo. You can come round here any time you want if you feel like talking, or having someone knock some sense into you," Tony smiled weakly,

"I would be... Hell I am, proud to call you my son." Tony nodded, blinking back tears as he tried to smile at the man he'c come to love as a father. He didn't even need to ask before arms enveloped him, pulling him into a loving hug, as he was patted on the back gently.


As they walked into the building, Tony was aware of a sort of fasting around him. Several women came up and asked him how he was, they hadn't seen him lately. He grinned and said soothingly that he'd been out of town for a few days, family emergency. They all cooed and assumed one of his family members had died. He didn't put them straight, and Gibbs was amused to see how much he revelled in the attention. Burying the thought, That should be me giving him attention, Gibbs took his arm and pulled, knowing that Tony would now be giving the women a cheeky grin and a 'You know what he's like' face.

They got into the elevator without too much hastle, and Tony breathed out slowly as soon as the doors were closed, making Gibbs pause. Was it all too much too soon? However, the younger man slid down the side of the lift and closed his eyes lazily,

"I'm home now." He whispered, too quietly for Gibbs to hear, who was still just looking at him cautiously, gauging to see what else he did, and whether or not they should just go home. Tony opened his eyes to see the look he was getting and grinned dizzily,

"I'm fine Boss," He said adamantly as the elevator doors opened, "I'm fine." Gibbs nodded at him, still glancing over critically every so often. Tony stepped out and breathed deeply for a moment before walking casually down to the bullpen, getting many 'Tony, you're back"'s and 'Hey DiNozzo, you still owe me money!'s along the way. He stayed grinning as he sat down at his desk for what felt like the first time in months. Right now he'd even be happy to be doing paperwork.

"Hey Tony," He looked up to see Kate walking down from the other direction, obviously just come from seeing Abby, "How're you? And how's your arm?" He beamed in reply,

"Fine, really great. We got anything today?" He had felt both her and the Probie's gaze upon him, and wanted for once nothing better than to get down and do some work. She gave him an odd smile and replied,

"Not yet, but you know Gibbs, he'll find something for us to do." Tony nodded, glancing up at the railing outside MTAC where Gibbs was talking to Morrow, no doubt telling him how well Melissa had done. Tony looked back to see McGee standing up and saying,

"I need coffee, can I get anyone else anything?" Both Kate and Tony answered in the affirmative and he strolled off, presumably towards the cafeteria, as they couldn't go very far in case they got a call about something.

"Hey Tony, you been sleeping alright?" Kate asked, glancing over at him. He raised an eyebrow and answered,

"Er, yeah, I'm fine... Why? Do I have bags or something?" She shook her head, before saying,

"I just think you might get a tongue lashing from Gibbs if you need a nap when we have work." Tony grinned at her, baring his teeth,

"Aw that's sweet Katie, real sweet." She smiled and gave off the image the butter wouldn't melt, before saying,

"Just in case you do get a little sleepy, here's your blankie." He snarled at her as she threw the pale blue blanket Abby had obviously snatched from Gibbs' house over. He grabbed it and threw it under his desk, although he left it in his hands half a second longer to feel the soft material, memories flashing back of all of last week. He glanced over to her as she was still grinning, before saying,

"You know, I bet I could still get Gibbs to yell at you if it looks like you've upset me." She glanced up, a competitive look on her face,

"Let's make it interesting," She said, laying down some money on the desk, "I'll give you 20 bucks if you can make Gibbs yell at McGee before today is up."

"Deal." He said chirpily, and, as if on cue, McGee walked back up from the cafeteria, drinks in hand,

"Kate here's yours, I got one of Gibbs as well, and Tony, they were fresh out of hazelnut, so I had to get you something else." Tony glanced down as a sippy-cup full of juice was placed in front of him. He growled, a sound that McGee picked up on and hastily retreated to his desk, not having the guts Kate did to stand his anger. Kate was laughing however, which made McGee chuckle nervously.

However, it was warm in the bullpen. Not 'Broken heater' warm, but definitely warm. Tony glanced over to Kate, who looked back and said sweetly,

"What's wrong Tony? Need a drink? Sorry, mine's all out." To prove this, she tipped her empty coffee cup into the bin by her desk. Gritting his teeth, he looked over to McGee, only to have the same thing done. Finally, he looked over at Gibbs' desk. However much he hated his Boss' taste in coffee, he was still talking to the Director, and surely wouldn't notice if he...

"Hey, DiNozzo, don't you even think about it!" The shout came from above them, and Tony cursed angrily, forgetting Gibbs could easily see them from where he was.

Ok, it was way too warm in the office. Tony glanced down at the cup still stood by his computer. He was getting desperate, and the orange coloured juice was becoming very alluring, even after the cup he had at breakfast. He glanced around quickly, seeing both Kate and McGee immersed in their own things. He quickly tried to pull the top of the cup, that way it would be less embarrassing to drink it, but it clung on tight, and wouldn't come off. Damn childproof cups, He thought angrily as he only succeeded in making his hands ache.

"What's wrong Tony?" Kate asked from where she was, "Need help with your bottle?" Tony gave her a sarcastic grin and swiveled his chair around, so he had his back to her. Maybe if he tried to pull it off with his teeth...

"Tony, what are you doing?" Tony looked up to see Gibbs stood right next to him. A guilty smile spread across his face,

"See, I... er...I was thirsty and Probie thought it would be funny to... It's Kate's fault Boss."

"Don't you dare DiNozzo!" Kate yelled angrily, "It's your own fault for..."

"For what, Agent Todd?" Gibbs asked, taking the cup from where Tony had been trying to take the top off with his mouth and unscrewing it in one easy move. Kate blush and murmured,

"Nothing Gibbs, nothing." Tony grinned at her victoriously as soon as Gibbs' back was turned and downed the drink quickly, which instantly quenched his thirst. Kate rolled her eyes but said nothing.

There would be plenty more opportunities throughout the day.


"Grab your gear." Gibbs said, putting his phone down,

"What've we got Boss?" Tony asked eagerly, as they'd been stuck behind the desks all morning,

"Dead marine found in his house by his wife. Kate, call Ducky, DiNozzo..."

"Gassing the truck Boss!" He answered happily, and bounced away,

"Careful Tony," Kate said as he walked past, "We haven't put your car seat in the front of the truck yet." He scowled angrily. When would they let this go? Fair enough, he would never let one of them forget about this if it had happened to them, but that was him, Kate was supposedly kinder than he was.


The truck rumbled steadily through the streets. Gibbs was driving, and Tony had been shunned to the back of the truck, both McGee and Kate calling Shotgun. He hadn't said anything, just went to the back of it, thinking Kate would just have a better chance to hit him with jibes from where he would have been sat. So he was now sat stiffly in the back, hanging onto the window that separated the two parts of the truck and staring at the road forlornly, bored stiff.

To get to the Marine's house, they needed to pass through several miles of countryside, which involved lots of animals - which involved lots of animal waste. Kate pulled a face at the smell, but smirked at McGee, before calling back,

"Hey Tony, think you can wait for your diaper change?" Tony grit his teeth again, thinking that if they didn't let up, he'd have to shoot them. Starting with McGee,

"Aww that's funny Kate," He said, "You know what else is funny? The fact that you got a call today from a salon in town asking if they could reschedule your bikini wax..."

"They were full and... Oh my God I can't believe this. You've only been back half a day and yet you know who I'm getting calls off and what they're about." Tony grinned in victory, before McGee said,

"Is it just me, or is the smell following us?"


"McGee bag and tag, Tony shoot and sketch, Kate photos." They all three nodded, Kate walking near Tony and pointing to a pond, saying in an excited voice,

"Look Tony, duckies! Yes, quack quack! You like duckies don't you honey?" She gave him a malevolent grin and went closer to him, hissing,

"Next time you get me in trouble with Gibbs using your 'Baby' excuse, you will be crying for a week and you will require diapers for the foreseeable future."

Tony grabbed the camera from the van and went inside the house, finding the dining room, where a marine was lying face down at the table, his face in his plate of food. As he went over, Tony tripped, almost falling over before grabbing holf of a chair to steady himself. Gibbs got a momentary flashback of a small toddler trying to find his feet, before seeing Kate gently pluck the camera out of Tony's hands,

"Careful sweetie, it's not a toy." She said patronizingly, before switching to her normal voice and saying, "Gibbs told you to shoot and sketch Tony." He blushed, remembering the Boss had indeed said that. Glancing over, Gibbs nodded slightly, so Tony just stuck his tongue out at Kate, and turned to go back to the van.

"Although I don't think we packed the crayons! Sorry Tony, looks like you'll have to use big boy pencils now." He shook his head fiercely, gripping his fists in tight balls,

Never hit a girl, Never hit a girl...


It was now 2100 hours and they were finally done for the night. Ducky had found that the marine had been poisoned, and Abby had found finger prints still on the half-ingested pills (They had gotten them out quickly). It was suicide, and the wife had verified this, saying through tears he'd found out that she'd been having an affair, and they were bankrupt and owed masses of loans.

Gibbs had mentally congratulated his team on how quickly they'd solved this, but to Tony, who's body was still quite achy, it had seemed like a life time. Kate gave him a smile as she went towards the elevator,

"Guess you don't get any money Tony, " She said happily, "Gibbs hasn't yelled at McGee yet today... Well - that's been your fault." Tony raised an eyebrow and pointed over to McGee's desk, where Gibbs was presently tearing him a new one. Kate looked over, her jaw dropping,

"Wow, he hasn't been that angry in a long time. What did you do?" Tony shrugged modestly and glanced at his fingernails,

"Nothing special, might've taunted the Probie so bad that he yelled out, quite loudly that I should 'Go suck on my dummy while the adults worked'. Gibbs picked up on it, I make my eyes go all watery and upset, and Bam." Kate shook her head, her own eyes brimming with amusement as she handed over the money,

"Don't spend it all on Beanie Babies Tony," She said, stepping into the elevator, "And if you're good, Gibbs might even let you use it to buy some sweeties!" He gave her an over-cheery yet sarcastic thumbs up as the elevator doors closed.

"Tony!" He looked up to see Gibbs waiting as McGee slunk away,

"Yeah Boss?"

"You're coming home with me tonight. I still don't think you're 100 percent." Tony rolled his eyes at this lame excuse, but waited patiently for Gibbs to reach the elevator. However, just as the doors started to close on them, Tony hastily pressed the 'Open' button and ran out, saying,

"Wait, I just gotta grab one more thing." Gibbs raised and eyebrow, but soon Tony was back in the elevator, trusting Gibbs not to mention anything about the fact that he was now holding a pale blue blanket, softly screwing up the corners of it before putting it over his shoulder, Linus-style (A/N, Linus out of Snoopy (Peanuts) in case you're wondering ;)), but without the thumb in mouth.


"Well, I guess I'm going to hit the sack," Tony declared, standing up and stretching. They'd just watched a Bond film, Gibbs not really believing he'd been roped into it. It was now nearly midnight, and Tony was struggling to keep his eyes open, even to watch his usually favourite Bond (Sean Connery). Gibbs nodded, but stood up as well, and put a gentle hand on Tony's shoulder,

"Don't take any notice of McGee or Kate Tony," He said, "They're just winding you up." Tony gave him a odd smile,

"I know. I'm fine." Gibbs studied him and raised an eyebrow,

"Like hell you are Tony. I don't really know what they're making you feel, but I'm going to have a pretty good guess. Ready?" Tony nodded, unsure of where his Boss was going with this, "Firstly you feel embarrassed, obviously, who isn't? But then, you've got them bringing back all these memories that I'm guessing; are pretty painful, right?" Tony nodded slowly, unaware of several tears falling down his face. Gibbs moved the hand that was on his shoulder to his face,

"If I'm honest Tony, they're painful for me as well. It was... I was the happiest I've ever been in a long time when I was looking after you, and well..." Tony gulped slightly, and nodded, hastily rubbing at his eyes as Gibbs smiled and brushed a tear away,

"We've been over this so many times Tony but, I wish you were my actual son, I really do. You know I...I do love you right?" Tony laughed shakily and nodded,

"I know... Thanks... Dad," He grinned cheekily, "I love you too." Gibbs smiled and pulled him into a hug, only pulling away when his shirt was getting quite drenched.

"Go on now," He finally said, "Bed." Tony smiled at him and nodded, dragging the blanket behind him, letting it trail on the floor. Gibbs gave a small smile.

Oh yes, he really did love having a child in the house.

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