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Chapter 42: Awakened

Naruto arrived home late. After getting changed he had taken his uncle around the city sightseeing. Though he would had preferred to stay in the party and enjoy Hinata's presence spending some quality time with family also felt great. His uncle had done nothing but make him laugh and smile by bringing from now and then 'your mother liked this place' or 'I remember when your father brought me here' and more than anything else 'I am sure your parents would have brought you here.' Kisho was how he had always wanted to be treated by the clan and his grandmother. He wanted to know about his parents and how was it like when they were together. His grandmother always kept the subject of his mother locked away and she got all teary as she praised every one of her son's qualities. Naruto knew she left a lot out including the bad.

"I can't believe it got this late" Kisho said falling on Naruto's couch "it's going to be a pain getting up in the morning"

"Then why don't you stay a while longer?" Naruto was putting all of his hopes in this question.

"Can't" Kisho said tired "the city has to move from where I left it, otherwise it might be targeted"

"Oh" Naruto said as he stared to the side.

"I will keep in touch" Kisho said "you are still such a kid"

"I am not" Naruto muttered.

"You know" Kisho said lighting a cigar "you are a lot like your mother. In her life she only had eyes for one man just like you have eyes only for that girl" he puffed some smoke "really cute, keeps me wondering if you aren't actually a girl or not Minato's son at all"

Naruto shook his head "you are drunk, there are rooms upstairs, you can pick any you want"

"But I am not done yet" Kisho said stopping Naruto who had started for the stairs.


"You don't think I just came here to insult Michi and spend some time with you, right?" seeing Naruto's neutral look he continued "I had to talk to the Hokage about a certain event that took place here three years ago" he continued to smoke "and then she told me you hadn't been informed fully about it"

"You mean Moe's objective when we captured her?" Naruto went and sat on a chair.

"The very same, and all involving a long story" Kisho said "you know about what caused the fourth ninja war?"

"Struggle for information" Naruto said with a frown, what did that have to do with Moe's objective "top secret information"

"Ah" said Kisho not impressed "but do you know the detailed content of that info? Of course you don't, not even I know" he took another lungful of cancer "you see, there were these five books back then, all holding incredible stuff. You see my city? That's one of the results of usage of one book alone. Modern medicine, weaponry, advanced jutsus; they all originate from four of the five books. Now you must be wondering 'did we get them?' the answer is 'well, not exactly.' The sixth Hokage knew the dangers of that knowledge so he burned four out of five books"

"Why not the last?" he got the feeling this might what Moe was after.

"Because it wasn't really a book" Kisho said with a smile "it was code name thing. The book had a different shape which actually brought a lot of pain to the user, and it could not be destroyed if you wanted to keep the world in one piece. The guardian of the book was powerful and merciful but not immortal. You know of Haruna Uzumaki?"

"Eleventh grandchild of the sixth Hokage from behalf his only Chikirigan heir. She disappeared" Naruto said. The ten main houses of Uzumaki were named after the other ten grandchildren of the sixth Hokage.

"Not exactly" Kisho smiled "you see, she was obsessed with the knowledge used during the war. So she set on a journey to collect what remained of it. In the way she killed all those who possessed that knowledge so they wouldn't be able to counter it. When she found about the fifth book she killed the guardian and stole it making it into the key of a scroll she had formed with the knowledge she collected. The sixth Hokage found out when she tried to collect some of the knowledge from him. Even though she was his flesh and blood…"

Naruto couldn't keep his breathing quiet. The image of the man that looked like him came into his mind.

"I know you have been told that the Sixth Hokage died of old age but in reality he died killing Haruna Uzumaki" he scratched his head "as you know the sixth Hokage had three children; Hikaru Hyuuga who became the leader of his clan, Mariko Uzumaki who was the first leader of the Uzumaki, and then there was Yua the youngest. Yua had the abilities and appearance of a Hyuuga, just like her older brother but she ended up giving birth to twin Chikirigan wielders. Though they tried to fit with the other ten Chikirigan wielders they were rejected so they left for Tulip. Those two are the origin of the Uzumaki group in Tulip. When Haruna's scroll was found it was broken into three pieces. Each one of the Sixth Hokage's children took one piece to hide. The black book was given to the twins in Tulip, since one of them had become the first Hanakage and Tulip was and still is dedicated to protecting the peace"

"Moe and her parents are after the scroll" Naruto by then was shaking. He had read about the horrific things that happened through the Fourth ninja war; walking corpses, hell summonings, parasites that took over your body and mind, walking bombs and the most recalled the amount of people who died, both ninja and civilians. There were a lot of rumors regarding Fourth ninja war, some even claim there was an apparatus that allowed time traveling.

"Not just them, Orochimaru, and the former Kazekage Gorou as well" there couldn't be a worst group of people who could make wrong use of that power. They would be having another war, probably as big the 4th.

"…" Naruto remembered Gorou and felt his blood boil. He was better described as a monster than a human or a father.

"Hikaru Hyuuga hid his part in the Hokage monument, which Moe destroyed while retrieving it. Then she and her group set the alarm that informed my city to come back" the moment he heard it was an invador who activated the alarm, he knew it was a trap. Still, they couldn't pull back now. Tulip and the country of Muse's main purpose was to protect the peace.

"To retrieve the last book" Naruto connected the dots. In his mind's eye he could see those people creating havoc in the utopian sky city.

"Exactly, the Gorou has been spotted in Suna recently" he made sure Naruto was still listening "the guardian of the last book used to live in Suna and the sixth Hokage had strong ties with the Kazekage of that time"

"…" Naruto thought of Gaara. He hadn't seen him in a long time.

"I don't get why your grandmother never told you of this" Kisho said with a sigh "The Hokage allowed me to tell you mostly because of a new development"

'What now?'

"There seems to be another group after the scroll and it was found Itachi Uchiha and the group of Uchiha that follow him left the city with means to join them. Main reason I tell you this, it's because he stole a copy of the Bijuu scroll. Whatever they have plan to do with it can't be good for the nations and the Jinjuriki"

'He is worried about me' Naruto tried not to smile. He had just been told about the greatest struggle of their time and he wanted to smile because someone was worried about him.

"Now I am going to sleep" Kisho said lying on the couch.

"Want a blanket?" Naruto asked not stopping to think why his uncle didn't want to take a room upstairs.

"Nope" he said turning away from Naruto "Good night"

"Good night"

Naruto came downstairs in the morning and found his uncle gone. He sighed before getting to work. First was to try to find more information regarding what his uncle had told him the night before. He was sure that in the extensive representative library there had to be something.


She took a deep breath and knocked on the representative's door. She thought about leaving her delivery in the porch but decided against it. She didn't have a note or anything to thank him with. The young girl walked around the house until she found the open entrance to the backyard. Battling the grass that all but blocked her sight she reached the back door. She knocked it before it opened by itself. With a deeper breath than all others she called.

"Representative-sama! Are you here?" she called as her knees shook. She was only nine years old; it wasn't fair that she had to do this. She spotted the kitchen before she spotted some movement inside. She went in keeping her eyes open for anything that might seal her unawake Chikirigan. She reached the kitchen safely before she spotted the dust bunny monsters "Kyaaaa!"

"Ah!" Naruto screamed dropping the scrolls he had found in a remote corner of the representative library (door hidden behind the fridge). He had ended up covered in so much dust he could barely make out what was in front of him.

"Get away!" he heard a girly voice before he sneezed sending dust all over the place "representative-sama?"

"Can I help you with something?" Naruto asked impatiently. He wanted to take a bath.

"Ehm" the girl fidgeted before offering him a pot "my mom sends this as a thanks"

"Mom?" Naruto rubbed his eyes before sighed in desperation. He moved to the sink before washing his face. When he turned he recognized the girl "from Akane-san?"

The girl nodded "she was thankful that you treated my little brother so well and I think also because of what you said"

"Please tell her it was nothing" Naruto said taking the pot and setting it on the table "it looks great"

"And it tastes great" said the girl with a smile before covering her mouth.

"Why so shy?" Naruto asked "if you say it tastes good, I will believe you. By the way, what's your name?"

"Ehm" she couldn't help to notice how handsome the representative was "Yua"

Naruto couldn't believe it, a stifled laugh escaped his lips. He had centered on doing on research on 'Yua' the sixth Hokage's youngest child.

Yua couldn't help herself and punched Naruto in the gut "it isn't funny" she fumed.

"I…I am sorry" said Naruto controlling his laugh as he rubbed his stomach. She had some strength but not enough to really hurt him "it's just that I am doing some research on someone with the same name as yours"

"Oh" You went back to her shy self "was she pretty?"

"I am not sure" Naruto said before he started to pick up the scrolls he brought up. Yua started to help him as well before they took them to a study room.

"How is your mom doing?" Naruto asked as he started to clean the scrolls. Yua sat and continued to help him. Usually people didn't stick around for so long. He was glad she wasn't running away covering the back of her neck.

"Better" Yua said "though those old ladies keep bothering her" she didn't realize her resented tone and didn't care about bad talking about someone who was supposed to be in a higher status than her and her family.

"What old ladies?" Naruto asked.

"From the Mori house" Yua sighed "they keep sending all of their laundry to my mom to wash when she has to take care of my brother. I can't help her all the time because I have to go to my classes"

Naruto knew this kind of stuff happened and it pissed him off. He scratched his chin thinking. Now that he was the representative he could do something about it. Yua and her family didn't belong to a main house of the Uzumaki but served on instead. Akane didn't really have to do anything for them since she was not an Uzumaki, just married to one. Also if Yua went to the academy instead, which took place early on the day she would be able to help her mother some more. He had never taken care of a baby but he had heard it was a lot of work.

Yua could see the wheels turning in the representative's head.

"Don't worry" Naruto finally said "I will take care of it"


Yua went back home with a new view of the representative. She had known from his last visit to her house that he wasn't bad but the way he reacted to their problems…he was a good guy. She spotted her father at the entrance of her house.

"Where have you been?" he asked worried. He was still dressed on his Chunin uniform.

"I took a casserole to the representative" she said as she went inside. She spotted her mother lying on her rocking with a calm smile. Hiroshi, the baby slept soundly on her arms.

"That guy should learn to mind his own business" said Akane with a smile "take a look outside"

Yua hurried to the window before spotting twenty clones of the representative washing and hanging clothes.

"He said he would fix the misunderstanding with the Mori house" Akane said "more like giving them a good swipe on the side of the head"

Yua realized there would be a lot of change in the clan.


The tea was warm as the room. The traditional painting on the wall looked magnificent under the light that came through the open tea room door. It was a familiar setting which she had shared with her family and for etiquette lessons. Sometimes she liked to think of them as whitening lessons. Each time she was done with one her legs ached and her mind was almost blank. Still, she stood them because it was something she needed for her role. However, that day the familiarity felt oppressing. As if the man before her smiling would become part of this.

Hinata really hated this man. His smile, manner of speech, way of dressing was all detestable but over all that was his obstinacy. Whenever she found a good reason to send him away he always came back with another reason why she should be his wife. She couldn't stand him anymore. This she thought would be like any other tea ceremony they had shared; quiet, fruitless, and boring. Then he slipped an envelope on the table. It was quite large and yellow which completely crashed with the creamy colors of the room and the dark table.

"I know you aren't interested on me" he said with a smile "but it isn't like you have another choice"

Hinata opened the envelope, her eyes widened at the contents. Her throat tightened as her fingers ran through the contents. He continued to smile as he reached for her.


Hiashi Hyuuga was minding his own business when an explosion came from the tearoom. His daughter was the firth thing that came to his mind. Skipping over the gardens and the crowds he and every other Hyuuga in the area arrived. Some were wielding weapons to face any threat. It was quite shocking when they found marks of one of their techniques all over and the heir in the middle. The man that had been after his daughter lay on a crater that used to be the floor.

"Hinata!" he didn't know what had happened but it surely was uncalled for her to use such technique inside the house.

Her breathing had been erratic. She had used a lot of chakra and pretty much made the tea room old history. Not even the paining survived her rage. Hinata snapped her head towards her father. Streams of tears ran down her cheeks before she jumped over the crowd and left.

"Hizashi, come with me" Hiashi said before they followed Hinata.

"All of you, leave" said Sango before the clan members dispersed. She walked towards the man's body before spotting something clutched on his hand. She pried it open and found a picture "idiot," the picture showed her daughter and Uzumaki Naruto in a bed sleeping naked. The other pictures were destroyed by Hinata's attack.

"So it happened" Mina said behind Sango "is there anything you would like me to help you with?" she knew Hinata well and the moment she felt that rage she knew something horrible had happened.

"Find any other evidence he might have" Sango said keeping her eyes out of Mina's view "and destroy it" She knew the Tsukyuga was as loyal to them as to her own clan. Sango had fed her, complemented her and treated her more like a girl than her own family.

Mina took hold of the unconscious man "alright, but it might take some interrogation" she had a smile "May I ask what you will be doing, Sango-sama?" but she knew she wouldn't receive any information from her. She knew Sango wanted the best for her daughter so she believed that would be enough, but she felt bad for Naruto.

"You can't" Sango said before Mina sighed and left. Sango placed the picture on her pocket before heading for Michi's house. It was a disaster. What if they had a child? What if the Hokage knew? Those kids were breaking the law! One that themselves set.


Hiashi and Hizashi tracked Hinata to Naruto's house.

"What happened?" Naruto asked opening the door for them. He expressed worry like a good friend would. Hiashi could see over his shoulder into the living room. Hinata sat on the couch with a blanket around her shoulders and crying.

"I am sorry for imposing" said Hiashi "but that's something we would like to know as well" he had always considered Naruto to be a good shinobi and confided that he wouldn't speak of what Hinata had to say outside their friendship.

Naruto frowned "please come in" then he hurried to get them something to drink as they tried to talk to Hinata. The girl simply shook as she tried to stop her tears. She hated to be seen like this, specially by her father. The last time she had been seen crying a little after she and Naruto got into the same Academy class.

"He wanted to force me into marrying him" she sobbed after a few unanswered questions "he didn't think I was fit to lead the clan or be a kunoichi" it was part of the truth. She wasn't lying yet.

"Is that what upset you?" Hiashi thought it was too little. Hinata was too mature to let something like that get to her. A lot of people had asked how come he didn't try to get a son instead, even when Hinata was present. Not once did she stutter when she proclaimed her dedication to the clan. Her answer never arrived as the only blond in the room spoke.

"May I say something?" Naruto asked before receiving a nod, Hinata kept her eyes away from him. He couldn't be thinking of telling them about 'them' as a couple. She wanted to grip his hand if he was going to "Hinata-sama is a dear friend of mine and I have known her since we were five years old. If there is something she is proud of it's the skills you have taught her as a shinobi and a leader Hiashi-sama. What that man said to her would be the same to me if my grandmother came and said I wasn't fit for my role though I have trained so hard for it"

Hiashi had actually considered the man to be a good candidate. He was persistent and well instructed in politics though his skills as a shinobi went only far enough to be a Chunin. He had wanted him to support his daughter politically since there were plenty of old men who considered women inappropriate to deal with such matters "Hinata…" Hiashi wrapped her daughter in a hug "you won't have to see that man again" he damned politics and social rules. He had hated that room anyways. His daughter's happiness meant more to him than his position.

Hizashi remained quiet as he watched from the corner of his eye. Naruto was trying hard not to shake. He guessed that man had some information regarding their relationship. To protect him, Hinata had rushed to inform him, and maybe to get some last comforting words and touches. Of course he knew, Tamiko had for sister and niece the best information retrievers of Konoha. He wondered if Hiashi would be so understanding when they went back home and found all that the man knew. After a relaxing cup of tea, which wasn't up to their standards, and a nod of thanks they took her home.

Naruto collapsed on the floor panting. Hinata had told him that man had pictures of them in intimate poses. Soon Hiashi would see them and he would kill him. Death was what he asked for because if he wasn't dead he would be separated from Hinata and that was something he couldn't stand. He called his team and cancelled their training. He shoved all of the scrolls he had been examining to a corner and lay on the floor waiting for Hiashi's rage to reach him. The night arrived silently and he fell asleep on the same floor. He wished for the unknown man's death.

His eyes snapped open as his body was lifted upside down. Something was terribly wrong. He was wrapped with chains over a pond. Looking around he recognized he was in the center of his clan's district. Large houses, mostly belonging to the ten main families laid in the background along with a red sunset. All around him angry faces stared at him, mostly cold ice blue eyes. There were all adults and some elderly. He guessed whatever they had planned would be too violent for the young. That was bad news for him. Some held rocks on their hands but surely they had received orders to not throw them…yet.

"Naruto" he heard his grandmother's voice, his chest constricted "I am very disappointed at you" Naruto closed his eyes once he spotted the revealing picture floating in the water. He had no defense. He had enjoyed every moment he spent with her "why did you betray the clan?" he didn't answer, the clan had betrayed him first, setting him in a position none of them wanted "why her? You know of the dangers" but Michi didn't receive a response "drop him" no shakiness, no tears, no emotion betrayed her face.

Naruto took a deep breath before his body hit the water. It was freezing, at once pulling out all of his air. He tried to escape now that he was out of their view but found that this time he couldn't outsmart them. The chains around him were specially made to restrain ninjas. There was no way for him to escape. After an eternity underwater he was pulled out. He took deep breaths.

"You are loyal to this clan, aren't you?" Michi asked. He had to be. Her grandson had been exemplary all of his life. It couldn't all be an act.

"I am still here, aren't I?" Naruto shouted before coughing. It was pathetic but if he was going to be slaughtered he might as well let them know what he had always wanted to say "I could have left any time I wanted but I am still here!"

"Then why her!" of all the women in the world why Hinata Hyuuga who was the very woman he should keep farthest away from. Why not Emi who was exemplary and of a good family, hell any would do even if she didn't belong to their clan.

"Because I love her!" Naruto shouted angered. He sounded young, like his age. It bothered him that they thought of him as a traitor when he had sacrificed so much freedom and time for them "what other reason could have me like this! I love Hinata Hyuuga and I can't help it" he knew he sounded like the teenager he wasn't supposed to be.

"Drop him" Michi watched his body hit the water and sink. Her grandson was no different than his father. He was devoted to the person he loved. She wished it wasn't like that. She didn't know where did they get it. Her marriage with Shin had been arranged by her mother and his parents. Her father had been against marriage without love. Maybe it was her father's fault. It seemed the men of her family had that stupid love sickness. It was also contagious because eventually when Shin said 'I love you' it sounded true. She had fallen in love with him just before they had Minato. It had to be some kind of sickness, to be in so much love.

"Lift him" she said after a few minutes.

Naruto was lifted a coughing fit. His eyes were red. She didn't think it was possible to cry underwater. His skin started to turn pale with the cold wind blowing as the lack of oxygen started to affect his mind.

"You aren't allowed to see her again" Michi said. She hadn't taken such drastic actions when Minato had fallen for Kushina but she would do things right this time.

"You can't…stop me" he said taking deep breaths "my feelings for her…"

"Hiashi has another daughter" Michi spoke freezing Naruto's lips "Hinata Hyuuga can always be disposed of"

There was a long silence around them. A few whispers ran around. Would they have the power to take the life of the Hyuuga heir? It was bound to get ugly.

"Let the rest of the punishment continue" Michi said before rock after rock hit Naruto. No one wanted to this relationship. They just wanted him to keep to his role. To be bothered by such thing as old love, it was truly stupid and that made their throws and insults stronger.

"I won't let you" he said under his breath. Michi barely heard him but still didn't turn around "I won't let you!" she turned at hearing his growling voice "I won't let you!" her constricted feeling unwrapped all at once. Something dark took advantage of this and invaded his mind. Everyone, and everything was an enemy. Everyone stood back as Naruto opened his mouth in a silent scream and body twitched. His lips darkened like those of an animal. His fangs grew as his eyes rolled back before turning red.

"I wonder" Manabu said standing next to a shocked Emi "are we going to die?" they had been part of the deception and wondered if they should face the same consequences as he but overall they knew that Naruto was going to need help. As they saw the changes, they wondered if someone could help them.

Red bubbling chakra started to cover him before he forced the chains to brake. He landed on fours in the water, his nails turning into claws. One tail started to form. His face turned side to side and his eyes shifted getting a good look of those in the crowd as if calculating how much it would take him to take them down.

One tail was just the beginning.


All over the city shinobi froze at the feeling of perverse chakra. It set men into hiding and women into crying. Children stared at the skies wondering if the war had come back.

"They finally fucked it" Tsunade cursed before she along with Shizune and Sakura hurried to the scene. She had hoped to keep Naruto's secret for more time. At least, until Naruto was more settled into his role as representative and learned to step out of his grandmother's shadow. She and her two top students ran with a guild of ANBU following them.

In the Uchiha district Sasuke stood outside with his clan members sensing dread to the core. Still it was somewhat familiar. Like an old dream that preyed on them when children. None dared move until Sasuke jumped on a roof and headed towards the source of the malevolent chakra. He had an idea of what it could mean.

Far away Kisho stood about to be picked into his city. He sighed sadly once he sensed the chakra. He should have taken Naruto with him, he thought or at least stayed another day.

Hinata escaped her mother's grip and ran towards the Uzumaki district. Her mother had decided to keep what had happened between her and Naruto a secret from her father. She didn't care if they were found because her mother also intended her to never see him again. She preferred death and what better way if it was by his side. Whatever was happening, it was bound to be terrible.


Two tails

Two tails

Michi watched with widened eyes as two tails formed out of the coat of red chakra along with long ears. She was old but she could still remember the stories about the sixth Hokage. One tails swung hitting the water and made it boil. The other hit the tree by the pond and made it crack in half.

"I won't let you hurt her" he growled with long fangs, red slit eyes and a feral expression. He lifted his clawed hand, the red chakra following. Hearts and lungs stopped in fear to be burned. Some resigned to disappearing while others had minds shouting foulness to the body 'Move you fucking idiot!'

"Stand back!" Michi shouted but it was too late. The red claw, larger than a man hit a group sending them crashing through houses' walls and others with deadly force.

"Restrain him!" her next order was shadowed by someone's scream. Panic ran through the masses. Michi failed to feel their same level of fear. She had fed this child, clothed him, held him when nightmares covered his nights.

'You are losing yourself to rage' someone said in his out of control mind. It was like his voice and yet it wasn't 'You will end up hurting those who you are supposed to protect'

Naruto growled as several Chikirigans wrapped around him. They kept him from attacking the rest. "Grrr" his coat wasn't burning them fast enough.

'This is something you will regret if you don't get hold of yourself soon' the voice continued to call for him. Naruto wasn't listening, he wasn't in control anymore. His emotions, his rage towards his clan, his love towards Hinata had pushed him to the limit. He didn't have the concentration to keep himself from turning into his worst nightmare.

Three tails

Three tails

Three tails

Chakra exploded in ties burning every Chikirigan and the users into pain. They fell with burns and screams as others ran away from the scene. Michi stood her ground, making her Chikirigan fight to reach her grandson. It burned like paper once it came in contact with the chakra coat.

She watched her grandson open his mouth accumulating energy on it before he growled.

"Michi-sama!" someone graved her and pulled her back as others were blasted away. The pond was gone.

'That isn't my grandson' she thought as she was set at a safer distance. His eyes looked around for a target. Those red eyes shiny like marbles. His headband slipped off as his hair revolted. She remembered how hard he tried to keep it tamed.

"Monster!" someone shouted. Michi saw a group of young Uzumaki, maybe sixteen or seventeen, launch towards him. The evaded the malicious chakra currents but once they were ten feet from him they regretted it later on. They pierced the shield together injuring Naruto's chest. Naruto gave another powerful growl sending them crashing into another house breaking the founding pillars before the whole house crumbled.

At that moment several shinobi arrived. They watched in fear not sure as of what to do. They were more threats before his eyes. He wouldn't let any get away.

Four tales

Naruto's chest blood mixed with the chakra coat started to turn black.

Four tales

Michi watched her grandson's eyes turn completely red as his face twitched. She knew he was in some kind of pain. She remembered the boy she raised to be strong and not shed tears no matter how much pain he felt.

Four tales

Those who remained watched in horror as his skin started to peel off revealing a red mass of blood and chakra mixed together. A dark dome made out of Naruto's burned flesh and blood started to surround him.


"Naruto!" a woman screamed. He caught glance of long dark hair.

The dark dome rippled as it completed.

"Stop it Naruto!" someone else shouted, someone very close to him. A voice he knew since childhood.

"Naruto! Stop!" voices that had shared his life.

The dark dome rippled before a feminine figured appeared before it.

"That's enough" Tsunade said thrusting her powerful arm into the dome. She cringed as her flesh started to burn. Inside she opened her fist before setting the seal Jiraiya had given her. Not wasting any time she jumped back before the dome exploded. Thunder accompanied it, claiming that something new was about to begin.

Rain started to fall cooling everyone's fear. The sinister chakra was gone and a young man remained lying on muddy ground. Most didn't know how to feel about what they had just seen. A few hurried to the blond.

"Oh no!" Sakura and Shizune had seen many burns during their lives but never something like Naruto showed. Tsunade sat on the remains of a house healing her arm. She was unable to help them as she was.

"Hurry" Shizune ordered being the first to set her hands on him. She checked for his vital organs before treating his condition. Sakura followed her example. All around them Naruto's friends stood keeping an eye on him and those who didn't have good intentions towards him. They had seen what had happened but they also knew Naruto from a life time; among these people stood Hinata Hyuuga. She didn't fail to notice the murderous looks she was receiving from the Uzumaki. Her mother was at fault for this as much as they.


Naruto opened his eyes with a lot of pain. He was in his house in his bedroom. Sasuke stood by the window watching the darkening sky. The gone monument told the past was dead.

"Sasu…" but his throat hurt. He barely remembered what happened but he could just imagine.

"Hey" Sasuke turned with a smile "about time you woke up" then there was light knock on the door "come in"

Neji Hyuuga entered and caught Naruto's open eyes at once.

"Don't speak dobe, just concentrate on healing" Sasuke said leaving.

"I am glad to see you are better" Neji said taking Sasuke's place by the window.


"She is well" Neji said "but her mother has ordered her to stay away from you. Hiashi-sama had no other option but to agree when they saw the amount of damage you created yet he doesn't know of your relationship with her"

Tears started to slip down Naruto's face stinging his burns with salt. Painful sobs ran through his tortured body. A moan of misery left his lips with high audibility.

Neji had what he had wanted for many years; to separate them and set a barrier between them for the best of his clan. Now he could truly challenge Hinata for the title. However seeing Naruto's pain he couldn't help to sympathize.

Every few hours there was a change in guarding shifts. Konoha wasn't sure yet how to treat the matter of having a Bijuu, specially one that belonged to the Uzumaki clan. Naruto's friends guarded him, Sakura came every few hours to change his bandages and help heal most of the injuries. The Hokage also came from time to time to check on him, once to tell him Jiraiya was in his way back. The old man didn't even get to enjoy one month of his vacation.

"Naruto, you got a little visitor" Ino said as she came in for her shift. Behind her young Yua came in with a basket.

"Take care Naruto" said Lee before leaving but not before rustling Yua's dark blond hair.

"Hey there" Naruto said forcing a smile. By then he was able to sit.

"Hi" she said with a shy smile.

"I will get you something to sit" said Ino leaving the room.

"How is your mother?" Naruto asked.

"She is worried about you" and so was Yua and her father.

"Tell her that I am in good hands. But they haven't been bothering her again, right?" Naruto had sent a letter to the Mori house right after he was able to move his hands again.

Yua shook her head no "though I am not sure how long it will last"

"If they try anything I will get them" Naruto said calmly.

"But…" she couldn't say it as Ino came in with a chair for her. Ino then went to stand by the window "I have heard several say that they want you to quit being our representative"

Naruto stared at Yua with wide eyes before a loud laugh escaped him. Ino was glad to be there to see it. Naruto barely smiled those days.

"You are always laughing at me!" Yua restrained herself from punching him. She hadn't seen the accident nor her father participated but they had seen the state of the district afterwards.

"Like hell they are going to make me quit now" said Naruto before giving Yua a thumbs up "I am the representative no matter what and I got plans to change some stuff around"

"You already remodeled the district, isn't that enough?" Manabu said standing on the window sill. Ino had a kunai against his neck but he wasn't bothered.

"Let him in Ino, I can take him even like this" Naruto said before Manabu approached "sorry about that, I hope one of them wasn't your house"

"You fucking liar"

"Hey! There is a young lady here" Naruto said looking at the scared Yua.

"What about me!" Ino shouted.

"Listen Manabu, what do you want me to say? Sorry, I truly am but what happened was nothing but the clan's fault. What they said and what they did was uncalled for. All humans have their limit"

"Are you even human?" Manabu said before sensing Ino's killing intent.

"You are actually happy" Naruto said not moved by his words "Emi doesn't want to do anything with me I bet. Now you have a chance"

"You…you idiot!" Manabu shouted with a blush on his face "how can we trust someone like you to protect the clan!"

"Because I am not afraid of you" Naruto said simply making sure his eyes were slit for Manabu to see "I can beat each one of you if you get out of line again"

"Out of line…"

"What was done to me was against the law. To make those threats it's against the law and the clan's way. I only did what came naturally to me as your representative…I beat your asses into shape. Now you will think twice about hurting some poor shinobi"

"You are just so full of it" Manabu said though he was smiling "well representative, I will go now and deliver your decision to the clan starting with your grandmother"

"Do what you like" Naruto said in bored tone before Manabu left through the window.

"Why continue?" Ino asked "they hate you"

"I don't care" Naruto said "even if I am their dog I will be the kind of dog that I want to be"

"Representative-sama" Yua saw him smile but there was pain behind it.

"I am a jailer dog"

"I want to be one too!" Yua shouted before Naruto started laughing again "stop laughing at me!"

"I don't get you" Naruto said

"I want to be your apprentice" Yua said with a secured tone.

Naruto tilted his head. Was he too young to have an apprentice? But most important of all, was Yua the right one?

"I would have to talk to your parents" Naruto said

"I will go tell them right now!" she said running out.

"Three… two…one" Naruto counted before she came back and set the basket she brought on the chair.

"Enjoy!" she said with a blush before running out again. She could hear Naruto's laugh still as she reached the door "stop laughing at me!"

Naruto was back on his feet by the following week. First thing he did was report the events that led to his transformation to the Hokage in front of the ten speakers of the Uzumaki house, and the leaders. Tsunade set them with a high fine.

"He is right" Tsunade said "what you did was uncalled for"

"What about those he injured and all the damage he created" one speaker said.

"I will pay for it" Naruto said handing a check to the Hokage. Those were his savings from the moment he started his career as a shinobi at the tender age of ten. He had also received some loans from his friends.

"That was supposed to be for your retirement" Michi said stepping forwards

"Well, the clan has to come before me," Naruto said with diplomatic tone "that's why I am the representative"

"Very true" said Jiraiya coming into the room. He then turned to Michi "Aren't you glad he has outgrowing his father's shoes?

Michi glanced at her grandson as he stood next to the Hokage. He was getting to places that her son Minato would have never dared to.

"Also I wanted to discuss the separate schooling of the Uzumaki" Naruto said before Tsunade invited him to sit with a smile.

"Tell me more" her tone mocked Michi.

Oh that boy was going places no one would have ever dared to go.


"I am afraid we have direct orders to not let you in" said the guard at the Hyuuga's district.

"Would you mind giving this to Hiashi-sama and family?" Naruto said handing them a package. After checking it with the Byakugan they accepted.

On the way back home the crowds split around Naruto. Mother's held their children behind them and he could see people fear him and hate him with the same intensity.

"Are you really a monster?" a little boy stood before him. Everyone around him disappeared as he faced this boy. His bright blue eyes set on him unmoved. Blond rebellious hair insulted Naruto's own tidiness.

"I am not" Naruto said looking at the whisker marks on the boy's face.

The boy smiled "so what are you then?"

"I am…" Naruto looked at where the boy used to be. Instead the man that looked like him faced him with a kind and understanding smile "Naruto, representative of the Uzumaki clan and Jinjuriki of Konoha"

"Glad to hear it"

The real world came back and he saw in front of him an ordinary young boy. Snot dripped down his nose as he stared at Naruto.

"My dad says…" said the boy sniffing "that you are a menace"

"Only when I am mad" Naruto said as people around him stiffened. Then the boy ran away crying.


Hiashi raised an eyebrow once he opened Naruto's package. Sango felt tears accumulate on her eyes. She remembered when Naruto used to visit her home as a child. Every time he made her daughter smile.

"It smells really nice" Hanabi said before she set some on a tray and went to her sister's room. She knocked gently.

"Come in" Hinata called before Hanabi came in. Hinata sat on her personal desk looking over the clan's financial report.

"Naruto-san sent this" Hanabi said setting the tray on a chair next to Hinata "it smells nice"

"Thank you" said Hinata before Hanabi left. She turned to face the tray holding melonpan shaped like frogs. A sob escaped her before she covered her face. She couldn't let anyone see her like this. She took one of the breads and bit into it with tears still running down her face. He wouldn't give up on her, never; that's how it tasted like. Hinata had learned the truth that he had wanted to keep from her. She didn't blame him for wanting to; it was a really difficult truth to come to accept. Her lips trembled wondering when she would be able to see him again.


Naruto arrived home and in front of his door stood several people. Yua had a lunch for the day and ready to start her lessons. His uncle Kisho with a cool smile ready for another tour of the city though he already knew it well. Sasuke and Sakura with demanding looks; he hadn't had the chance to train with them. Manabu and Emi holding hands ready to announce the news he had already heard from the rest of the clan; they were getting married.

His heart was in stage of repairs but there would always be cracks as long as Hinata remained away from him. He knew she didn't hate him. It wasn't like her. Still he had to keep moving and continuing to change his clan for the best so that someday they didn't need him.


NL: So for the Uzumaki clan to overcome its 'struggle' (meaning they can't control themselves because they think they are above all and more powerful) is to have someone stronger than them keeping them in line. They have realized that they are part of Konoha and a community overcoming their fear of being recognized as members of their clan that was their first struggle. Their other struggle and possible the most difficult one is for Naruto to help them solve. Even if they reject him. They have to become independent.