Love or infactuation?

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Brian Henson and Co

Oneshot: After the episodes Hungry for love, Steroids to heaven, and Dirty Dancin'

Robbie sat in his room with his head in his hands, his head was in a whirl, his heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour and his head couldn't stop spinning. He had never been embarrassed in his whole life, getting the urge to do the mating dance in front of Caroline like that! His first attempt to woo her went bad enough the first time! He failed to understand how he could still have feelings for her, she had made it perfectly clear that muscler jocks turned her on, and, he couldn't live up to that. Before he had taken Thornoids and that had been a complete disaster, the rage, the conceit! Spike was right, he had been an idiot.

Then a few weeks ago, he had met the best thing ever to happen to him, that thing was called Wendy Richfield, He remembered meeting her at the local pet shop weeks ago, he was just passing it, and there she was; genteel, pretty, and cute. Robbie had felt his insides melt away as if they were ice cream been left out on a sunny day, His heart pounded and he felt warm inside, not warm hot, warm comfortable. For the first time in his life, he had been able to really appreciate the opposite sex. She was smart, funny, and genuine. Robbie cursed himself for believing the horrible rumours about her and recorded the look of upset on her face, it had made him want to die and he often blamed himself for behaving in such a callous manner. They had got through that and had moved on, until Caroline had caught his eye again. Although He and Wendy wern't exclusive and nothinghad happened between him and Caroline, technically, he suppose, he wasn't cheating. But he still felt guilty. Wendy was such a lovely girl, and he guineinly loved her so much. So what was the deal with this feeling he had for Caroline? He had learnt in biology that the testoterone was very agressive and took ages to settle, so was that the problem? Was his body trying to tell him that he wasn't ready to settle down with one girl? Robbie had never put himself down as the Errol Flynn type, no, that was Spike's department, He was often seen chatting up a different girl each day. But Robbie was different, when he had a genuine affection, he wanted it to go somewhere. His head started to pound and he felt dizzy. He lay down and put both hands over his face. He saw Caroline; Callous, flirtitous, beautiful. Then he saw Wendy, his Wendy; attractive, genteel, and loving. A determined look came over Robbie's face and he opened his secret book and took out two photos, staring at both of them for a minute, he put one on his bedside table and, without a second thought, ripped up the second one. Feeling much better, Robbie relaxed and went down to dinner while Wendy stayed, smiling at his bedside, and Caroline lay ripped and forgotten in the bin.