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"Quick brother." Lelouch said, stuffing a cloth down his neck. "The girls shall be here in any moment!"

"I'm almost done in here, brother." Rolo said in reply from within his personal bathroom. "Shall I get the chair ready?"

"No, no." Lelouch said. "We'll get them out once we sit down to supper."

Rolo stepped out of the bathroom smiling and said: "Okay, brother."

A few minutes passed and the clock read four forty five. The butler answered the door and allowed the two girls in. One girl was a red head, tall, and beautiful. She loved Rolo. And there was a shorter girl with green hair and stoic yellow eyes. She barely spoke and loved Lelouch. Both were happy to be invited to dinner at their future boyfriends' mansion. Even though one showed it and the other did not.

"Ah, C.C.," Lelouch said, sounding suave, a real performer's air about him to the green haired girl.

"Greetings, Shirley." Rolo said smiling., standing next to his brother.

"So nice of you to join us." Both boys said in unison. The girls laughed, missing the psychotic tone they struck when they spoke.

The boys walked them towards the dining room, neglecting their wishes to see the rest of the house.

The dining room was enormous, the typical extravagance you'd expect out of the mansion. There was art above an enormous fireplace of both brothers; Lelouch sitting in an easy chair,in their library, an air of superiority about him with his right hand on a table while Rolo stood, a hand gripping the back of the chair, the other lying limp on his side. The young Lamperouge looked as if he was pouting. There were plants and a sculpture off in a corner of the room while two huge glass doors led to a terrace overlooking the estate's large garden.

"Beautiful." Shirley breathed out.

Rolo smirked: "Thank you, Shirley."

Shirley giggled: "You're welcome, Rolo."

"Now," Lelouch said, stopping behind an electric chair. "Here's your chair, C.C.."

"Uh," C.C. said, stunned. "I'd rather not…"

"Oh," Lelouch said, chuckling. "How rude of me; this is fake! This was a joke dad did to our grandmother, his mother-in-law, so she'd never visit. It doesn't work. I promise."

"Oh…I don't know…" C.C. said.

Shirley chuckled once more: "Oh go on, C.C.. It's just a joke chair."

"But why should I sit there when there are many normal chairs?" She asked.

"It's how I show that you are precious to me, C.C.." Lelouch said, sounding sincerely hurt. "It was a gag gift our father gave our mother on their wedding day. It means a lot to me. Ever since...Well, you know...."

"See," Shirley said. "You're being rude. You should sit down now."

It was well known that the Lamperouge line ended with these two, and the rest of their family wanted nothing to do with them. It was due to alligations surrounding the two brothers; slandering their name, saying that they killed their father, mother, and little sister.

C.C. blushed at Lelouch's words, especially the 'precious to me' part. To think that her crush felt the same, when earlier it was not so certian, it meant the world to C.C.. She daintily walked over to the chair that Lelouch had pulled out for her. Minding her head of the cap, that, fit over her head once she sat down. She patiently waited for Lelouch to remove it, but, because of her actions earlier, did not say a word unless Lelouch suspect that she was rude.

"And here's your chair, Shirley." Rolo said, a chair with spikes all along the back rest, the seat, and the armrests(except where they had the curling snail-like shape).

"Don't worry, Shirley." Rolo said, noticing the look of fear on her face. "The spikes are dull. I sit in it all the time."

"Oh, okay, Rolo." Shirley said, smiling. Thinking that it was a noble gesture; that Rolo was letting her sit in his special seat just like his brother did to C.C..

"Just sit down in it gently." Rolo warned. "They can still poke you."

But when she sat down…The spikes in the seat pierced her rear! The spikes were not dull! They were sharp!

Lelouch chuckled as he produced a button; the typical grey, rectangle apparatus with a big red button on it. He pressed it…

The chair came to life and C.C. screamed. And as she screamed, her eyes exploded for the electricity, her brain fried, killing her slowly as synapses misfired. Her beautiful, long green locks began to fall like flaming strands of wire, only to disappear before ever hitting the ground.

Shirley tried to get up but a hand grabbed each of her wrists and slammed them down onto the chair's spikes. She screamed as the hands pressed her thighs down, making the spikes sink into her buttocks, ripping her dress. The spikes also dug painfully into her back, stopping an inch from her vital organs, yet piercing her spinal cord and spine, making her limbs motionless and numb.

"Why?" She cried out, scared of what was happening to her(especially that she cannot feel her lower extremities.

Rolo stood by his brother; an insane, malicious smirk upon his lips.

"Well, Shirley." Rolo said. "You and C.C. are here for our amusement."

"You see, C.C.." Lelouch added to the barely breathing girl. "We get bored here all by ourselves and the servants. And fucking doesn't answer all of our problems. And, if you remember from our Phys. Ed. class, I'm not the best at sports, and board games turn into bored games after a while."

"Yeah, Shirley." Rolo said, smiling insanely at the poor, newly made, quadriplegic girl. "I didn't lie when I said I sit there all the time and the spike's are dull…Usually. Sometimes I sit there to eat…But mostly I sit there when my dear brother wants to make it a little kinky."

The boy turned around and lifted up the back of his shirt, revealing little red marks. Marks made from being forcibly pushed into spikes during sex.

Rolo lowered his shirt and turned around, laughing at the look of horror and disgust that Shirley had expressed all over her face from understanding.

"So sometimes we lure people here to play with." Lelouch added as his brother's laughter died down. "Though not like we play. No, our guests get to slowly die and…If you're lucky, watch us."

"I don't want them to watch us." Rolo said in a whining manner as he wrapped his hands around Lelouch's free arm and made puppy-dog eyes.

"And why's that, brother?" Lelouch asked sweetly, an opposite tone compared to how he was talking earlier.

"'Cause girls are icky." Rolo said smiling.

Lelouch nodded: "You're right, Rolo.…Girls are icky."

With that Lelouch pressed the red button once more, killing the now bald girl. Both boys laughed as she weakly screamed, her mouth foaming somemore. She coughed up foam. And died.

Still laughing, Rolo walked over to Shirley. He sobered up some as he spoke:

"Goodbye, Shirley."

He lifted his right foot and placed it over her face and said: "It was so nice of you to visit."

He pressed the sole of his shoe into her face, thus pressing her head firmly onto the spikes. Her whole head filled with blood as veins and arteries burst, suffocating, drowning, and puncturing her brain. She twitched and then died.

Rolo lowered his leg and backed up. Smiling down at his finished game.

"That was fun, wasn't it, brother?" Rolo asked, turning away to face his brother, smiling like a little kid at Christmas.

Lelouch nodded once and smiled.

"Yes Rolo; it was fun." The eldest sibling said, walking over his his little brother.

Lelouch grabbed Rolo by the shoulders and pulled his younger and only sibling towards him. Their bodies connected in an embrace. They looked lovingly into each other's eyes. They slowly reached towards each other, connecting at the lips and continued to make out as Shirley's blood began to make a massive pool a foot away from them.

------ ------End?

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