Mantineus-Important!-I had planned on making the alternate scene, but I decided-halfway through writing it-that it would be stupid to destroy what I had written prior to it. So please, enjoy this epilog. Someone mentioned bringing in Lloyd as a way of making Lelouch jealous, but-as you can see-that would have never worked, so here's this instead.

Sit back, relax, and let the disturbing images flood your mind for the last time.

------ ------

Lloyd sat in his windowless office, shifting through the remains found at the site of what once was the Lamperouge mansion. There were bone fragments as well as intact skeletons or skeletal parts; some-on the servants-were found with charred or melted, goopy skin sticking onto the burnt structures. It was a wonder why he had the door closed; encasing himself in the horrible stench of burnt flesh.

But this did not bother Lloyd. Everyone called him inhuman and were paranoid around the forensic investigator because he could stand to see all the monstrosities of the world without feeling; like a serial killer.

But that was soon to change; for he picked up a skull (with both hands; one on the cranium whilst the other held the lower jaw) with little fracture marking on the occipital lobe from impact; most likely the floor. He turned it around in his hands until he saw the face. What made him stop working were the teeth. He memorized every last incisor to the last molar and so forth; he ever looked at the dental files in a longing way-even after the marriage to her; Milly Ashford.

"Suzaku." Escaped his lips in a whisper as he cradled the skull in his arms very tight, yet gentle; making sure he would not cause any more damage to his beloved's skull.

"I didn't mean it," Lloyd whispered to Suzaku's skull. "Selling you out. If I could turn back time I'd….Maybe then you would be alive and I'd be with you. You never saw me looking at you, but I looked at you hoping that you'd save me. Prove to me that we could be more than friends again." He chuckled. "Not like we were friends after that."

"Lloyd." The chief said, walking towards the room Lloyd worked sorting through the remains.

But he stopped, surprised by the sight. Lloyd had finally snapped, cradling that skull.

"Yes, boss?" Lloyd asked, sounding like his old self, his arms still holding onto the skull.

"Uh…" The chief began but could not remember what he was about to say.

"This is Suzaku's skull, boss-man." Lloyd said, sounding more like himself. "Please…Leave us alone. I'll have the report ready when I'm done. Please…"

Lloyd stopped in midsentence, looking at Suzaku's boss with hopeful eyes. The chief sighed and nodded. He understood what Lloyd was going through. The whole 'old lovers with one trying to bring them back together' thing. Besides; he won, he could relax now. So why not give Lloyd time to grieve? He closed the door on his way out.

------ ------

Lloyd smiled down at Suzaku's skull; their room was closed off from the outside world. It was just them in a room with plenty of time in the world that it felt like time stopped; just like how it was before. And how it will be again. At least…For now anyways.

Lloyd pressed his lips against Suzaku's scorched teeth, his troubled mind imagining Suzaku's soft lips pressing back. Lloyd increased in intensity and licked Suzaku's imaginary lips, after which, he began to lower Suzaku's jaw in jaw like fashion and let his tongue slide inside his void mouth.

In his fevered mind, Lloyd felt Suzaku's tongue battle with him for dominance; Lloyd won easily. He explored the cavern he once explored when they were pot smoking teens and was pleased that nothing changed; it was like returning home after a long vacation and even allowed Suzaku's tongue to feel the same.

But, like dreams, they end; this one ended when Lloyd felt the need for oxygen that he separated his face from his true love's mug. Suzaku smiled back at Lloyd his green eyes overflowing with love. Because of oxygen-depravation he mouthed 'I love you.' And then the image was gone; what remained was a charred skull with minimal fracture related damage.

Lloyd held Suzaku's skull under his chin, pointing down to where his chin laid on Suzaku's coronal suture a normal formation that separated the frontal bone from the parietal bone and cried; his tears sliding down his face and landing on the skull, only to slide off of it.

Lloyd forgot all about the other remains as he slowly walked over to his chair and sat down, his tears still falling, the skull never leaving its spot on his neck.

------ ------

Outside the door Lloyds co-workers stood by it, using glass cups as well as their hands to try and listen to their boss; to try and understand why the chief turned tail and ran without asking for whatever it was he was going to ask. They could have opened the door; but all knew that that was a rode that led to an angry boss and what could lead to the road of unemployment.

But alas; despite their efforts they could hear nothing.

Their boss was alone in a world of his own.

------ ------END