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Delta 30: Jello

"So I put the water in this mold?" asked Neku, holding up the pot of bubbling water.

Shiki picked up the box on the counter, turning it over and reading the instructions. It was Beat's birthday the next day, and all of them had decided to pull together a surprise party. Rhyme said that she would handle most of the cooking if the two of them could put together dessert. Anyone could make cake with cake mix, right? Wrong.

Two hours and two burnt cakes later, Neku and Shiki were starting to feel a little desperate, and so they grabbed the first thing they found on the top shelf of one of the cupboards in Shiki's kitchen—a box of jello. A jello dessert was probably better than nothing at all.

"Mix it with the water first, then pour it into the mold," said Shiki.

Neku nodded, taking the packet from her and cutting it open. Shiki leaned over, watching as he poured the mix into the boiling water and stirred it. She backed up, leaning back on the stool as Neku poured it into the mold.

"What next?" he asked, frowning slightly.

"Um…mix in two cups of cold water and let it set. That's it really," said Shiki, looking over the box one more time to make sure she had everything.

Neku nodded, walking over to the fridge and taking out a pitcher of water. Shiki helped him measure out two cups, pouring it into the mold. Neku picked up the mold and placed it in the fridge. He had scarcely closed the door when Shiki leaned over a bit too far, and the next thing he knew, Shiki screamed and there was a loud crash from behind him.

"Shiki!" said Neku, turning around quickly.

Shiki was lying on the ground with the fallen stool next to her, her glasses lying a few inches away from her. She turned over so that she was staring at the ceiling.

"…Ow…" she said, rubbing her head. Neku ran over to her, bending down so that he was closer.

"Are you alright?" he asked, holding out a hand to help her up. She took it, breathing in slowly as she sat up, holding on to her back. She rubbed the back of her head. Neku heard hurried footsteps coming down the stairs and the sliding door to the kitchen opened, revealing Shiki's father standing in the doorway.

"What happened?" he asked.

"…I fell over…" said Shiki, rubbing the back of her head. Neku placed a hand on her shoulder, picking up her glasses and handing it back to her. Shiki nodded in thanks, slipping the glasses back on. Mr. Misaki walked over to her as well, bending down on her other side.

"Really…Neku, Dad, I'm fine," said Shiki, "Just a bump on the head, that's all…"

"Are you sure?" asked Mr. Misaki, glancing from Shiki to Neku. "No lightheadedness, no dizziness, no double vision?"

"Nothing," said Shiki, "Just a little winded…and I think I'm going to feel that tomorrow…"

"Okay…" said Mr. Misaki, getting up and extending a hand out to her at the same time as Neku did. Shiki took both hands, pulling herself to her feet as Neku straightened out the chair. It was only then that Mr. Misaki seemed to notice the mess in the kitchen.

"What happened here?" he asked, looking over the cake batter spread everywhere and the mountain of dishes in the sink. Shiki and Neku exchanged embarrassed glances.

"We were trying to make cake…" said Shiki, "It didn't work out so well…"

"We'll clean up," said Neku, "…sir," he added hastily.

Mr. Misaki glanced from one to the other, his gaze settling on Neku for an uncomfortable amount of time. Then, he sighed and nodded. "Get it done before your mother gets home," he said to Shiki, "You know how she gets."

"We will," said Shiki, smiling as he left. Once he was gone, she turned to Neku. "…I thought he'd never leave," she said.

Neku frowned. True, Mr. Misaki was actually tolerating him instead of actively chasing him away like any other boy that tried to get close to Shiki, but that was because he was friends with her first. Granted, Mr. Misaki had never been too nice to him or Beat whenever the two of them were around, although now that he and Shiki were together…Beat was very happy that Shiki's father was starting to warm up to him.

…Now if only Neku could say the same. He picked up a wet rag, beginning to scrub at some of the cake stains on the counter as the jello chilled in the refrigerator. True, Mr. M wasn't giving him death glares every two seconds anymore, but he still didn't seem too happy about the whole idea. He wondered if all fathers were like that of if he had just gotten unlucky this time around.

"This place is a mess…" said Neku, looking at the cake mix spread all over the kitchen.

Shiki nodded gravely, picking up the mixing bowl and carrying it over to the sink. Neku turned his head back to his work, only to see Shiki suddenly run towards him, her cake batter-covered hand running across his face. Neku shouted and stepped back, pushing her hand away. She giggled at him. He touched a hand to his cheek, feeling cake mix.

…Oh, so that was how she wanted to play.

"…Shiki," he said, looking up at her. "…You're going to get it now!"

With that, he picked up the other mixing bowl, scraping the cake batter off the sides with his hand and running forward to smear it on her. Shiki giggled, running back towards her own bowl and trying to do the same. Neku laughed, and ten minutes later, the bowls were clean and mostly empty of cake batter, which was on the two of them instead.

"Now we have more to clean up," said Shiki, still giggling.

"Yeah…" said Neku, chuckling a bit, "Thanks a lot, Shiki."

"Well, it's not like you didn't join in," said Shiki, grinning as she tore off one square of a paper towel, handing it to Neku. He wiped his face with it as she got her own paper towel. "So it's your fault too." She stuck her tongue out at him.

"You started it," he said, scrubbing his face with the paper towel to get all of the cake mix off. Shiki did the same. Neku looked up at her, a mischievous glint suddenly appearing in his eye.

"Missed a spot," he said.

"Huh?" asked Shiki, running her hand over her face, "Where?"

"Here," said Neku, placing a finger on her mouth. He leaned in, his lips meeting hers. Shiki closed her eyes, her hands going around his neck as Neku stepped closer to her…

The sound of coughing met his ears and he quickly pulled away, turning towards the doorway. Mr. Misaki was standing there, glaring at him. Shiki looked past him and at the doorway, then let out an 'eep'.

It looked like he and Mr. M were back to square one.

On the bright side, the jello turned out perfectly.

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