Author's Note:

I watched the pilot for this show when it aired, and I was instantly addicted! I was so excited to see that there are a select few people writing for it already, so I thought I would throw my name into the pot. ;)

This is just something that I thought of earlier this morning... short, but I kind of liked it.


Kate Beckett doesn't shake.

Her hands are steady at all times, though her mind may be straining to process the information she's feeding it. She's cool and calculating—always aware of her surroundings and the people that occupy them. That's what the world sees when they look at the detective, and that's what she wants them to see. Hidden away, well beneath the confidence and the dry wit, is a vulnerability that she would rather die than expose.

It's this part of her that I'm dying to get closer to… there's a wealth of information beneath the flinty veneer and the purposefully suppressed sexuality that keeps me coming back, intruding into her carefully crafted world. She may curse and shove and groan, but it won't do her any good. I may be a notoriously flaky writer—not to mention wildly successful—but once I'm onto something, I don't let it go. She can hate it all she wants, but Rick Castle doesn't shake, either.

I like that about me.

The wild look in her dark eyes tells me that she does, too.