Day 1: Shenanigan

"Torment Momo?"

"Did that yesterday." She smirked. "Didn't turn out too well for you, Snoozles." He frowned and rubbed his upper arm.

"Whaat? How was I supposed to know he'd attack?" He thought some more as they lay head to toe on the floor of the empty room of their house in Ba Sing Se. "What about messing around with my sister?" Toph rolled her eyes.

"Did that this morning."


"Gone to a meeting."


"Sokka. Do you really want to mess around with a hundred ton flying bison?" Silence.

"Good point. Longshot?"

"Went sightseeing with Smellerbee. Suki?"

"Left for Kyoshi yesterday."

"She did?"

"Yeah. Something about making sure Ty Lee was playing nice."

Dusting himself off, Sokka got up and walked towards the doorway. Toph rose and watched him as he paced. "C'mon- there's gotta be something we can do! I've eaten just about everything here, my haiku club won't be meeting for the next two weeks, both of us did our training this morning, Iroh's off with Aang at those meetings, Zuko-" he paused. A diabolical expression crossed his face as he turned to face Toph. "Wait- what about Zuko?"

Her head tilted as she considered. It didn't take long before her eyes narrowed and her lips stretched into a chilling smile.

"You know, I never did repay him for burning my feet."

A/N: What can I say? I love to pick on Zuzu! And that revenge issue was one of Bryke's many loose ends.

I was going to do the actual prank, but I thought I'd do the narrowing down of the choices instead, and leave the actual pranking to your imagination. And by the way, Tokka isn't the only ship in this piece. :D