Day 7: Together

They were among the last of their generation.

They had watched the life seep out of their enemies. They had laid to rest so many friends and allies. He had seen thousands of sunsets- but they never lost their beauty. She had hundreds of times felt the sun's energizing rays on her skin- yet always sought it out.

They had regaled four generations of their descendants with tales of their adventures, their discoveries. Their fight to right a terrible wrong.

They told the story of two broken people made whole together.

Among their closest friends they counted world leaders. Spiritual guides. Warriors. Scholars. In their marriage, their elements, though separate, became one.

He became her eyes. Through him, she came to appreciate the beauty of her world.

She became his rock. Relying on her, he achieved heights he never thought possible.

Of course, such different people would never always agree. They had their arguments. Their hardships. Their heartbreak. They weren't that special, after all, to be spared the trials others endured. What made them special was that these trials never drove them apart. Instead, in learning to work together- to compromise- it made their love stronger.


It was heartbreaking, he thought as he stood on the beach, the twin coffins on the sand before him, to receive word of their death. But it was a grief he had learnt to deal with. They were not the first of his comrades he'd lain to rest; nor would they be the last. But to lose them both at once... He sighed. He could only hope that when his time came, he would be as fortunate as them. To fall asleep in the arms of the one you loved, surrounded by family- and simply never wake again.

Katara approached; laid a gentle, wrinkled hand on his shoulder. It was time.

He stepped forward, away from the assembled crowds. Planting his feet firmly into the ground, he called the sands to do his bidding. And they did. Slowly the two coffins sunk into the sand, into the rock, and were sealed away. Thus, the aged Avatar laid two more family members to rest.

A/N: My final entry for Tokka week. Day 7's theme: Together. And the one I'm the least happy with. *shrug*

I'm going to miss these two.. but not for long. After going through these seven days, there's no way I'm going to be able to let them go just yet.