March the 13th.

Today… today….

Today is March the 13th to all people that believe in bad luck BEWARE and others who don't… NICE KNOWING YOU

My name is Karla Mcwanda and I was born in this wonderful day… and this day still haunts me each year.

Chapter one.

The Day it all Began

"Listen to them, the children of the night.

What sweet music they make."

Today is March 13th ,1980. You are about to see where my curse or better yet my life began…

"its okay.. everything is all right where at the hospital"," I'm here", said Robert Mcwanda (my father)

"If anything happen please take care of her", said Karla Ramirez (my mother)

"Nothing will happen and if it does I promise." Those words make my father very nervous but still he hoped.

"Hi am your doctor so when I say push you push as much as you can"

"Okay", said Karla

"Push! Push!"… "good one more… Push!"


"She's beautiful" Both said.


Hours after my birth my mother starts writing a letter that goes like this:

Dear Karla,

My name is Karla Ramirez and you're my daughter. You were born on March 13th and you looked so beautiful. I wanted to let you know that after I write this letter I'm going to die. You may ask a lot of questions but over time you will know the answer. All the answers always will be beside my history or another world. I know you may hate me when you are ready to read this letter but you must know that…your

That was all what my mother wrote because after that last word and the rest of the letter is full of her blood. So my mother know she was going to die and my father knew it in a way.

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