The Good Life

(A response to the prompt "favorite." Post-war story.)


B.J. looks at Hawkeye sleeping on the couch and smiles. He stands there and drinks it in: the sweet expression on Hawk's face, the hair sticking out in crazy directions, the open book resting on his chest. This is my new favorite moment, he thinks.

The utter peacefulness and perfection of the moment nearly overwhelm him. They've been together for six years and B.J. feels more in love with the man with every passing day. They still laugh a lot… they still have their long, rambling, sometimes nonsensical and sometimes meaningful conversations… they use the word "forever" when they talk about their future together. They live together in San Francisco and every now and then they fly back to Maine to visit Hawkeye's dad. They get every other weekend with Erin, and they shower her with love and sometimes with presents... and at least on one occasion, they let her eat so much junk food at a baseball game that she threw up on the way home.

They take turns mowing the lawn, and sometimes when it's B.J.'s turn, Hawkeye lies in the hammock and playfully criticizes his technique. "You're taking forever, Hunnicutt. I want to go out to eat and you're taking forever with the lawn. Speed it up, already!" And B.J. just continues at his usual methodical pace, getting the job done right rather than fast, while Hawkeye complains loudly about it until B.J. promises to pick up the check at dinner.

On Sundays, they share the newspaper in bed, and Hawkeye reads the comics to B.J., using funny voices and sound effects. When they go to the movies, more often than not they hold hands after the lights go down.

It's been six years, and still they look at each other with love and longing and fire and passion.

B.J. smiles as he gazes down at his sleeping mate, and finally he reaches out to smooth the unruly hair. His touch rouses Hawkeye, who starts, then squints up. "Hey."


"What time is it?"

"Nearly 2 o'clock. We have time before we need to go pick up Erin."

Hawk tosses his book aside, holds a hand up to B.J., and says, "Come here, lie down with me."

And B.J. crawls onto the couch, puts his arms around Hawkeye, and snuggles right up against him. He closes his eyes with a smile, and he thinks: This is my new favorite moment.