Two strong arms snaked around my waist and pulled me in tightly, disabling me to move. "Let me go now." I spat. I knew good and well who it was. Edward grabbed my hands and held them together then flipped me around and pressed my chest into his. I was starting to get lightheaded from the lack of breath he was allowing me.

"Only if you kiss me." He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes. "Mmmm fuck baby. You smell like strawberries." He said into my hair. He played with a strand of my hair, completely fascinated.

"Do not call me baby. My name is Bella and you know that very well. Now can you stop goofing off and let go. I have to grab my books before Trig." I insisted. He released me from his grip and grabbed my arm. I could almost feel the bruises starting to form on my skin.

"One more thing. I like your jeans." He said in a perverted tone.

I was almost used to the constant passes and remarks. Edward had been convinced we were perfect for each other since sixth grade. Of course flirting would be too conventional for him so he tried his own methods. Being a jerk and constantly humiliating me were the main foundations of this method. He was more like a nagging big brother than anything.

I ripped my arm away from his grip and walked to my locker where Jacob Black was leaning. I lost all confidence and began to fumble with my hair nervously, almost tripping on my own feet.

"Hey Bella." He said smoothly. Finally a correct usage of names. "I was just wondering if you wanted to maybe catch a movie tomorrow night."

The term ear-to-ear smiling was probably not an exaggeration at the time. Even though I hadn't had my eye on him long, I really was intrigued by him.

Edward showed up out of nowhere and leaned against the locker behind mine, a threatening glare directed at Jacob. "Hey Black." He said, the last word sounding like acid off his tongue.

"Cullen. What a surprise." He straightened up, emphasizing his height as a threat. That only made him more attractive.

"Anyway." I said, leering at Edward then bringing my attention back to Jacob. "I'd love to go out with you tomorrow."

"No you won't. You'll be at my place tonight" Edward said mischievously. He had a coy look on his face and confidence was dripping out of his pores.

"What the Hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well technically you'll be hanging out with my twin sister but you'll still be in my place, only feet away from my room, and of course my door is always open." He said, rubbing my arm. My nostrils flared and I remembered my previously made plans.

"Alice is Edward's sister. We're having a sleepover tonight but what about tomorrow?" I suggested. I didn't want to lose this opportunity because Cullen couldn't keep his mouth shut for five minutes.

"A date with you is a date with you. I'll pick you up at seven tomorrow night. I hope you like motorcycles." He leaned down and put a light kiss on my cheek. My cheeks turned scarlet as he walked away.

I could practically see Edward's blood boiling. "What's wrong Cullen?" I said, forcing back the forthcoming smile.

His fists were curled and his knuckles were a solid white. He took in a sharp intake of breath before answering. "Nothing Swan. Everything is peachy keen."

I put my hand on his biceps and rubbed him affectionately. "Please tell me what's wrong." I faked pleaded. Teasing him was just one of the many things that brightened up my dull small town school day.

"What do you see in that queer?" he scoffed. I dropped my hands and grinned. I had never heard him even mention Jake, until he asked me out, that is.

"You're being serious? You have every girl in the school pining over your sorry ass. Excuse me for thinking a little bit outside the box. And plus, he's tall." I said, drifting into a daydream. He snapped me out of my fantasy by slamming my back into the locker and pinning my shoulders down securely. My arms stung with sharp pain and he gradually pushed me harder and harder into the cold rigid metal. He was now towering over me. I could not determine whether to be slightly threatened or not.

"You like tall, do you?" He grabbed my face gently, lifting my chin, and put his forehead to mine. I slowly lifted my knee to his crotch and smiled. His face lit up, thinking I was making a pass. I could feel the groan from his deep in his chest make its way up. I swung my knee back up, hitting him with full force.

"Shit." He groaned, toppling into the lockers face forward. I snickered and ruffled his hair.

"Bye. I'll see you tonight…baby." And on that note I sauntered down the hall to my next class. Edward was my friend. He just enjoyed humiliating me in front of all my friends. He had absolutely no intention in being with me. Not when he had his little harem of girls following him.

Girls like Jessica Stanley, the kind that overlooked the insides of a guy and looked for good looks and status.

Not that Edward minded being in his signature five minutes "relationships." Each girl to him was a conquest. And apparently, I was the conquest that never ended.