Forgive how long it took for me to write this but to be honest with you, It's the laziness that's the problem. I just started writing today so forgive any mistakes in the chapter.

"What?" I managed to choke out with a heavy exhale. I heard what he said clearly and he knew it just as well as I did.

Edward's face contorted into an angry scowl. "Will you seriously go out with anyone before even considering me as an option? I'm trying so hard here, Bella!" I couldn't help but to cringe at the very sudden raise of volume in his voice.

For a split second I felt bad for being the reason he was so upset, so torn up. Then the anger hit me like a ton of bricks. "No Edward! You tried?! How dare you even say you tried when all you have ever done is insult and harass me! The nerve you possess to tell me you made the slightest attempt at trying. Your little mind games and emotion toying might entertain you but did you ever stop to think that it has an effect on me Edward?!" I was livid, going off on him like this.

He set his drink down and reached across the table to pull my hand into his. "Bella…" he said in a calm monotone.

He stared straight into my eyes and I realized he was playing the same games I had just finished a rant on. Thinking about how arrogant he was to think he could turn on his charm and make me forgive everything he did to me just fueled my intense rage. I ripped my hand out of his and tore my eyes from his gaze.

I bolted up from the chair and stormed off toward the gate. Despite my current jogging, Edward some how caught up to me and grabbed my arm. "Bella please…" He began to plead.

I once again jerked my arm out of his hold. "Just…just don't Edward." Almost to my car at the curb, I began to breathe deeply through my mouth, as if it would actually prevent the forthcoming tears. I quickly got into my truck and started up the engine. I willed myself not to look back. As I began to drive, I shot a brief glance to Edward, now forcefully kicking the trash cans in the driveway.


"I've got it, Charlie!" I yelled out to no one in particular, knowing Charlie was at work at five thirty at night. I slid a bobby pin to mark my page in The Fountainhead as the doorbell continued to ring over and over again.

"You can stop ringing! I can hea—Alice?" I asked, opening the door widely.

"Hi Bella," She greeted curtly, lacking the enthusiasm she usually carried in her tone. I smiled weakly. "Oh, I should have called first, shouldn't I? I understand if I'm not welcome over here."

This was probably the first time I had seen Alice flustered and not completely confident and in control of a situation.

"Alice," I said, pulling her into a hug. "You're always welcome here. Come on in."

A look of relief washed over her face as she smiled brightly. "Well this was far simpler than I expected. I even had a speech prepared about how my brother's complete douche move has absolutely no reflection on our friendship or me. I have index cards if you'd like to see the unabridged version." Her hand dove for her ridiculously expensive snakeskin bag but I reached out to stop it.

"I'm not mad at you Alice. I'm not mad at your brother. I am extremely frustrated with him and I was being irrational and overdramatic earlier today. He didn't deserve my yelling." I told her. It was the same thing I had been telling myself ever since I had time to cool down and think straight after leaving their house in such a huff.

The whole time I spoke, Alice gently nodded her head from side to side in disagreement. "He deserved every bit of what you said. It was all justified and nothing was out of line. I just hope this will be the reality check he so desperately needs and his ego is knocked down a mark," She insisted.

"Thank you. Do you want something to drink while you're here?" I offered.

She smiled brightly put her hands on my knees. "I can't. I'm only going to be here for a moment because…I have a date with Jasper tonight. He asked me today and I said yes. We're going to dinner tonight!"

I just then noticed her attire; a simple knee-length sundress with silver bangles almost up to her elbows. Chunky rings were on eight of her fingers. Leave it to Alice to turn a seemingly bland outfit into…that. I then laughed, noticing how I was in a pair of sweatpants and a grungy shirt from gym.

"Congratulations Alice. I can't say I'm surprised, but congratulations. You should go. I'll be fine here. Charlie's still at the station working on a vandalism case so I'm just going to catch up on my reading," I told her, watching as her face saddened.

She let out a huff. "Okay. Call me if you want me to come back tonight." She waved over her shoulder and closed the door behind her.

I was truly excited for the quiet, peaceful time I was allowed tonight. Suddenly feeling dirty and hot, I changed into a cozy pair of violet boy shorts and camisole. Picking up my book and finding my page, I began to read but my mind couldn't concentrate on the paragraph in front of me. I carefully tossed the thick book into my rocking chair in the corner and collapsed on my bed.

It was too hot to pull the quilt over me, so I grabbed my music player off my dresser and shoved one bud into my left ear.

My breathing became rugged as I forced back the tears that I had been holding in all day. For some reason, I wasn't sad. The tears welling up were due to the confusion of everything going on around me.

A thump came from the roof and I shot my head toward the window. Seeing nothing, I marked it off as a squirrel. The sound came once more, followed by a loud knock.

I pulled open the window.


"Hi Edward."

He stared at me, chewing his lip, obviously planning his words. I could smell the bittersweet smell of vodka on him and tried not to get angry. He appeared levelheaded and sober.

A chilly breeze rolled in through the window and I was suddenly aware of how scantily I was dressed. Edward appeared to be shivering softly.

"Do you want to…come in?"

"Ya," he replied simply, ducking under the window. I scooted back to sit on my pillows, pulling my knees up to my chest and nuzzling my chin in between. "You were right," Edward said, sitting with his back faced to me on the edge of my bed, tapping his hands on his knees. "Everything you said was right. I'm a dick."

I crawled behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he grabbed my hands and stroked them with a gentle touch. "No you're not. You're my best friend for a reason. I love you so much and I'm sorry for everything I said to you. Truly." I tried to reassure him.

"You don't have to forgive me, Bella. I wouldn't blame you if you kicked me out of your room. I walked here barefoot," He added in nonchalantly.

"Why on Earth would you do that?"

"I made you cry," Edward said with flared nostrils, sounding as if he were about to break into tears that very moment. "I deserved the pain."

"Masochist," I laughed, causing him to smile faintly. "I would ask you to stay but Charlie's going to be back soon.

I watched him try his best not to laugh, failing miserably. "No he won't. He's going to be working on that vandalism case for quite some while."

"How do you know that?"

"Silly, naïve Bella. Who do you think did it?" He said between fits of laughter.

"Lay down with me?" I asked him. He complied with a smile, wrapping one arm around my face and used the other to pull my hair out of my face. I silently offered him an earphone, holding it out to him. He placed it in my ear and I pressed the play button, starting up the song.

Juliet when we made love you used to cry
You said I love you like the stars above; I'll love you till I die
There's a place for us; you know the movie song
When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong Juliet?

He lightly kissed the side of my neck sweetly.

And just as I began to fall asleep, I heard Edward say "I love you like the stars above, I'll love you till I die."

And I smiled, knowing he meant it.

The song used was Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. I'm looking for songs to put in each chapter so if you guys could please tell me a few of your favorites in a review I'd be more than grateful!!