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Chapter 1

Dante had missed his brother. He had missed him terribly. The moment he had seen his emerge from the settling dust of what remains of Fortuna he had felt the longing. The sight of the blue jacket and Yamato were truly a welcome sight for him.

Vergil knew that Dante had missed him. It hadn't been the long on his face when he had seen him. It wasn't even the fact that his younger brother was currently plastered to his side with a death grip that would not loosen. It was the fact that Dante was currently showering him with kisses. He kissed his neck, his eyes, his cheeks, his lips…He left nothing untouched and un-tasted.

At any other time Vergil would have pushed his brother away and scoffed at such behavior. But he didn't. He too had missed his sibling. So he returned his brother's hug and began to kiss the day lights out of his younger double.

The twins stood there in the ruins embracing and tasting each other. They could not halt their ministration. They would have not stopped their ministrations had not someone inadvertently interrupted them.

Vergil broke the kiss to see who it was that was still lurking in the fallen city. He saw a young, lithe figure with white hair similar to his own and Dante's, a devil arm in place of his right one and a handsome face with a lovely body walking amongst the debris. And he was enchanted.

Dante turned his sights to see what had taken his brother's attention. He spotted Nero down below them with Red Queen in one hand and his devil bringer glowing softly in the setting sun. He looked back at Vergil then back at Nero and smirked.

This could prove to be fun.

"That's Nero bro. He is just like us."

Vergil only nodded not breaking his sights from Nero.

"Would you like to meet him?" He whispered in a low, sultry voice to his brother's ear before licking it.

Vergil shivered and moaned lowly as Dante took his earlobe in his mouth and began to lavish it thoroughly. But he still managed to nod.

Yes. Meeting the young man might prove to be…nice.

Nero was a bit uneasy. The entire place was abandoned and desolate yet he could still feel someone near. He could feel eyes racking over his body wanting… but wanting what he did not know.

Suddenly he sensed movement behind him. He quickly spun around with Red Queen ready.

His sword clashed with steel. He stared at his adversary.

Dante?! What was he still doing here?

He'd thought that with his mission done the devil hunter would have left already.

"What are you still doing here old man?" He asked as he stood back sheathing Red Queen.

Dante smirked and did the same. "I was about to kid. But something or I probably say someone came up." Dante stared behind the younger man.

Nero turned to find…another Dante standing behind him.

No this was Vergil. Dante's twin brother and Yamato's wielder.

The other, although looked similar to Dante, was dressed in a blue jacket, was cleanly shaven, and his eyes were ice cold, blue and unyielding. Yet it seemed that they moved across Nero's body with lust and desire burning heat in their wake.

Dante smirked at Vergil's obvious interest but couldn't blame him as he too found himself eating up the boy's lovely physique. "Nero meet Vergil, Vergil Nero."

"Nero." Vergil acknowledge with a deep, growling purr.

Suddenly Nero felt trapped. He felt as though cornered by two predators. Dante at his front and Vergil at his back. The urge to flee was powerful.

Nero subtly searched for an escape route without taking his eyes away from the handsome men that seemed to want to eat him and found a way between two pillars.

Without warning Nero took off.

"Damn it! Look what you've done Vergil. You've scared him off."

"I did not scare him off dear brother. I believe it was both our presences that intimidated him." Replied Vergil as they both took off after the beautiful, young man.

Nero had been making excellent time when he was suddenly tackled from behind by a pair of strong arms wrapped around his torso.

"And where do you think you're going?" Dante purred in his ear.

"I just remembered I left something somewhere." Nero tried not to sound nervous although the fact that he took off running may have gave that away.

Dante snorted and lifted the younger man up off the ground and onto his feet but did not relinquish his hold.

Nero was lifted up with his back pressed tightly against the older devil hunter's chest. He would have tried to fight but he found himself with his front pressed up against another muscular chest.

Nero stared up to meet Vergil's ice blue eyes that were consumed in lust and humor. Vergil wrapped his own arms around Dante to bring him closer till the younger man was sandwiched between them. He then brought his hand to the back of Dante's neck to bring his brother in for a kiss over Nero's shoulder.

The three remained like for several moments. Dante and Vergil lip-locked while the young devil hunter trapped between them watched, blushing, fascinated, and slightly worried.

He had to admit that the two men looked sexy together, resembling each other yet being quite different from each other. But still Nero was anxious he had no idea what they were planning for him.

Finally the brothers disengaged from their kiss. Both their lips were swollen and glistening with the other's spit.

They turned their attention towards him and Nero felt himself quiver at the sight of hungry eyes and the feel of the curious hands that were running up and down his sides.

Dante lowered his lips to the younger man's collar bone and took a long lick from the base of his neck to his lips. Nero tasted as nice as Vergil.

Vergil pressed his face into the other side of his neck and inhaled the lovely aroma the younger man produced. He growled and nuzzled the soft skin.

He turned back to the younger man and pressed his lips against his. His tasted those pink, petal soft lips and licked them.

Nero refused to make a sound despite the sensations coursing through him. And he refused to open up to the inquiring tongue until a gentle bite to his throat surprised him causing him to gasp and allowing Vergil opportunity to delve into the moist cavern and sample the young man.

Nero, seeing to other option, battled Vergil's tongue to lose to the more experienced fighter.

Vergil could not get enough of the younger man but he had yet to make a single sound.

Dante meanwhile had been worshiping the younger man's neck, jaws, and shoulder's with light kisses and bites until his brother suddenly broke the kiss to kiss briefly kiss Dante and warrant his attention.

"I believe dear brother we need to get better acquainted. In a preferably better setting."

Dante smirked in agreement. Vergil released both men to allow Dante to pick up Nero and throw him over his shoulder and proceeded to make their way towards Devil May Cry.


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