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Chapter 11

Dante spared not a single minute; he tore his clothes off and rushed into the fray. He took a moment to trigger before dropping to his knees infront of the kneeling boy and bending down to run a long reptilian tongue across those parted lips and dipping inside for a taste. When the delicious youth moaned and took in the wet appendage to suck on it Dante moaned and pulled back to replace it with his length.

Nero wrapped his lips around the turgid length. He shuddered in unfeigned lust. Taken from both ends his mind was reeling in burning desire. His own erection hung heavily between his legs, his release close.

Dante groaned in appreciation from the stimulation to his length, closing his eyes so as to better appreciate the wet warmth around him. But with shutting his eyes he failed to notice the slithering mass coming up just behind them.

Unlike Dante, Vergil hadn't completely lost all his mental facilities, despite how tempting Dante and Nero looked together with him. When the succubus responsible for their current predicament reared its head for a kill Vergil lashed out his tail in a whip like fashion to instantly decapitate the creature, its yellow horned head flying off to disappear somewhere in the dark garden. With the danger gone Vergil could go back to fucking his brother and the beautiful youth with the single minded animalistic fervor that the damned aphrodisiac saturated enchanted garden demanded.

The succubus might have been dead but the elder twin knew for a fact that its remnant creations (the flowers) would survive only till dawn before withering away in the morning light. But until then the violet blossoms would keep exuding their aphrodisiac pollen. And that means that the three of them where in for a long fun night.

Vergil's clawed hands grabbed hold of the shapely hips for better purchase before commencing to thrust with abandon into Nero's tight ass. His triggered form allowed the blue favoring twin's moves to be far more powerful then normal. His younger lover responded by moaning loudly in delight around the flesh in his mouth at such brutal assault, the pain from the talons digging into his hips simply sharpened the pleasure and intensified it. This entail, caused vibrations to stimulate Dante more and bring him closer to the edge, before finally all three silver haired demons erupted simultaneously together.

The trio de-triggered and collapsed together on the grass next to each. Their breath labored and their bodies sweaty and soiled with their and each other's release. After a few minutes though they were once again sporting raging erections that all but hurt.

"Fuck!" Dante exclaimed at the sheer wanton slutiness he was feeling.

"I think that's pretty much the point." Nero replied breathlessly as Vergil leaned over him to pepper kisses all over his collar bone and take Dante into his hand.

"And we have all night brother," Vergil said as he pushed Nero on top of Dante, "You might as well enjoy it."

The Next Day

The client moved cautiously through her manor. So far there was no sign of the demon that had previously plagued her house. But there was also no sign of the hunters she had hired.

"Maybe they're in the backyard?" she wondered aloud and walked to the back of the building. But before she could reach the patio she stumbled across a red jacket in the doorway. That was Odd she thought. It must belong to one of the devil hunters. She picked it up and continued. Only to find a shirt, then some pants…oh dear…then a pair of underwear. The whole damn way to the backyard was littered with pieces of clothing. She followed the trail. And what she found at the end of the rainbow was something she seriously hoped to see far more often.

Sprawled on the grass and surrounded by withered demonic flowers were the three men she had hired. All were naked and judging by their conditions they had been obviously been engaged in some pretty saucy acts. Long, hard, rough saucy acts.


She wished all the help were like that.

The End

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