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A year passed quickly until Hermione found herself spending her third July in Severus' arms; thankfully the students were too busy to bother them and the teachers had learnt to avoid the couple or risk Severus' wrath.

In his cupboard Hermione pulled the green quilt tighter around her chest and burrowed her head into his neck.

"I have a lesson soon." He said quietly with closed eyes, Hermione felt him slowly run his fingers up and down her bare back. She groaned in dismissal of his movement idea and tightened the arm she had thrown across his chest.

"No." she said into his collarbone. Her fingers slowly danced across his skin creating mindless patterns on the stretched pale canvas. His chest vibrated with a condescending chuckle and Hermione scowled into his skin.

"Come on." Severus said and he wrapped his fingers loosely around her arms and began to lift her off of his chest.

"No, I want to stay here." Hermione said quickly and she burrowed deeper into the pile of cloth he used as a makeshift bed in his hideout. Severus sighed and stroked the mass of her curls coiling over his chest.

"Miss Granger, I have first years to terrify and Pomfrey will be expecting you." Hermione groaned again and blew softly on his neck, trying to distract him from everyday life. When he began to lift her away again she laced her fingers in his hair and rolled on top of him, deciding to play dirty.

"I heard the funniest thing yesterday." She said whilst running her fingertips slowly down his sides.
"Oh?" he asked, closing his eyes under her ministrations.
"Yes I was in the library looking for a book to read when you stormed past obliviously. I was standing very close to a table of your seventh year Slytherines and I heard a most amusing comment." Severus' eyes fluttered open in suspicion at the mention of his snakes.

"Oh." Hermione laughed and kissed his neck slowly.

"Yes, one boy said and I quote, 'Is it just me or has been even crankier since he's been getting laid.' Isn't that funny…?"

"Shut up." Severus said quietly with a small scowl on his face. Hermione laughed again and kissed him happily. "Now, get up; I can't feel my leg anymore." Hermione buried her head in his collarbone, irritated that her plan hadn't worked.

"I want to stay here with you." She sulked and kissed his neck again, but Severus wasn't going to let any distractions stop him from making at least one first year cry today.

"Well maybe I don't want to stay here with you." Hermione stopped kissing his neck and looked up at his black eyes. The stubborn look in his eyes made her laugh again and she dropped her head back down.

"Severus, please never say that to the naked woman in your arms; they'll get the wrong idea." He had slowly returned to stroking her back as she spoke and Hermione closed her eyes contentedly under his touch.

"We could come back later," he proposed quietly, "Though I would much prefer to see you naked in my arms on my actual bed." Hermione groaned again and burrowed deeper into the covers.

Their makeshift bed was a mixture of Severus' old school quilt; half a dozen old robes; nearly an entire decade of muggle clothes that didn't fit him anymore and any other bits of thick material he had come across. Hermione opened her eyes and pulled a thick grey jumper over them, adding to the quilt and the few robes that made up their sheets. Something about the colour of the jumper was familiar and Hermione held it up to her eyes for inspection.

"Hey, why do I recognise this?" she asked Severus. Hermione watched his face grow pale before she sat up on his stomach and then slid to the robe covered ground next to him. "Didn't I give this to you that Christmas?" Severus sat up, and then snatched the woollen jumper from her fingers and hid it back under his pillow where she had pulled it from.

"I had forgotten that was here." He said sheepishly, Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips down onto hers. They sat locked together in his cupboard until Severus remembered that they were running late again. "Up." He said in-between kisses and he slowly dragged her to her feet still attached to her lips.

Hermione sighed in annoyance and stretched her back lazily. The duo set about trying to find the clothes they had thrown across the room earlier that day and got dressed in comfortable silence. Hermione turned to Severus when she had laced up her boots and she then slowly straightened his collar with precision. He smiled his small smile at her and she kissed him quickly before walking towards the door. They strolled out of the cupboard and down the dungeon corridor together, their hands interlocked. Hermione relished in the physical contact, sadly knowing that as soon as they left the dungeons Severus would separate himself and she would be forced to walk next to him without the comfort of his touch.

"Do you have any plans for this summer?" Severus asked quietly as he led her through the maze of dungeon corridors she had never got the hang of.

"No, not really. Do you?" she said casually as the rest of the school grew closer and closer.

"I'm spending it at Spinners End refurbishing." Hermione laughed and squeezed his hand in comfort.

"Sounds fun." She said with friendly sarcasm.

"Come with me." Severus stopped in his path, and Hermione was caught on his hand and spun around to look at him.

"Why?" she asked suspiciously; Severus' normally placid and reserved expression looked awkward. She could also see that he was having to physically stop himself from fiddling by caressing her hand with both of his.

"Maybe I could use a woman's prospective." He said, determinedly fighting not to meet her eye.


"I will let you pick the wallpaper for the master bedroom." He offered and she could hear hints of desperation in his hurried tone. What he was really offering her suddenly became clear in Hermione's mind and she smiled.

"Now why would I want to do that?" she asked innocently. Severus sighed and suddenly caught her eye, his angry look made her smile grow. "Well?"

"Well you wouldn't want to look at me and ugly wallpaper in the mornings as my wife, would you? One ugly thing is enough at seven O'clock." Severus tugged her hand and pulled her closer so he wouldn't have to watch her reject him.

"Severus, was that a proposal?" she asked into his now collared neck. Subtly she hungrily breathed in his sandalwood and smoky scent.

"Maybe." Hermione pulled back and gave him a stern look. Severus groaned in horror and continued. "Yes, yes it was."

"Oh." Hermione said happily and she wrapped her arms around his back.

"Was that an answer?"

"No." Hermione scoffed and brought up one of her hands from around his back to fiddle with the buttons of his coat.

"Oh. Was that an answer?" Hermione laughed and pushed herself up onto her tiptoes. She closed her lips over his, her eyes fluttering shut at his peaceful expression. Minutes later Severus pulled away panting for breath. "What do you think?" Severus shook his head from side to side quickly trying to get rid of the fuzzy feeling inside of his mind. Yet again Hermione was confusing him, the girl did terrible things to his though process.

"I really haven't got a clue what it is you're saying," Hermione rolled her eyes and looked Severus dead in his eyes.

"I'll put it this way: how do you feel about cream wallpaper?" Severus smiled, his eyes flashing with relief, quickly he wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling her into another kiss.


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