Ulquiorra Drabbles –


His velvet dexterity is tempting. His liquid cold words are tranquil in sound, but malevolent in meaning. Those cyan eyes may draw me in, but I will hold back. The tears streaking run a beautiful course along his smooth face. I would die to have him be right for me.


Two: A Dying Moon

His elegance like night, appearing like a shadow's portrayal, allowed him to sneak behind the moon, for his final good night. Covered beyond reason with guilt, the most he could plea for was to be alone beneath the moon. To watch the clouds consume the silver light, and just as the last fraction began to be enveloped, so would his soul. Everything he had worked for, the power, the strength – did it matter if it led to this? It was inevitable that he wouldn't have good fate – So he counted his past mistakes, and fell silently with the dying moon.


Yoruichi Drabbles –


Her curious cat's eyes, would transform to graceful beauty within her human features. A transformation of a beautiful sort – Golden eyes more humanized, amethyst hair rolling elegantly smooth down her back. Her mischievous grin holds the upmost light. It is amazing how beautiful things can turn wrong into right.


Four: A Curious Situation

Her lanky body flew through the night's shadows with astonishing grace. Catching the night's air through her body, she breathed deeply as she tried to understand what she was running toward with such an impulse. Her feet danced along the grassy stage, a show of shadows well deserving of praise. She caught sight of faint pressure as she ran down an invisible path – Someone she had known before, but wasn't around long enough for their connection to last. Once she had that pinpointed, she went home to change to her human state. Her flash stepping didn't allow for the same show, but she was back in time for that someone who waited.



Five: Moonlit Destiny

She stared down at him; he shouldn't have been an interest to her. Yet to see him suffer, to watch without taking action – something about it hurt her. She bent down close, and offered a hand – he refused. She understood his resistance, but wasn't into giving up on pursuing. The blood stained his pure white clothes in an array of tragedy she wanted to cure. To erase from their minds, to call off from the past. The past. Is that why he was so familiar? Was there something about him she should have remembered? They had a life before this one, together.


I just wanted to test out some drabbles. I've never done them before, so I figured, why not? Anyway, they aren't perfectly 100 words, some are more, and some are less. I may continue along with the same topic, as these are all related… or skip to something else for my next entry, and leave you to think about this one =D Either way, every entry I will do 5 drabbles, each of which will be related, and may, or may not, be related to previous chapters. Comments/Critiques are appreciated =D

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