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In a faraway land, three tribes, Forest Tribe, Boulder Tribe and Ocean Tribe, live in relative peace, until the Furlesses move in...

Below are some conversions to make things easier for you. Some are in the original books, some are my own.


Nose-length: two centimetres/one inch

Whisker-length: twelve centimetres/five inches

Tail-length: thirty centimetres/twelve inches

Fox-length: one metre/three and a half feet

Periods of Time

Heartbeat: about a second

Sunstep: about an hour

Dawn: a day

Quarter-moon: a week

Moon: a month

Season: three months (summer, winter, autumn or spring)

Season-cycle: four seasons / a year

Times of Day

Sunrise (dawn): when the sun rises (about 6am, depending on the season)

Sunhalf: halfway between sunrise and sunhigh (about 9am)

Sunhigh: when the sun is at its highest (about 12-1pm)

Sundown: when the sun begins to go down (about 3-5pm)

Sunset (dusk): when the sun sets (about 6pm, depending on the season)

Moonrise: when the moon is in the sky (about 7-8pm, depending on the season)

Moonhalf: halfway between moonrise and moonhigh (about 10pm)

Moonhigh: when the moon is at its highest (about 12-1am)

Moondown: when the moon begins to go down (about 3-4am)

All-Tribe Dictionary

Camp: the assemble of dens where each Tribe is situated

Treating: the process where a healer helps or treats a cat; can be the giving of herbs, the wrapping of wounds, the pulling out of thorns, etc
example of usage: "I can't come, I'm treating." "Today you will be watching my treatings."

Lesson: the period of time when a teacher is teaching their novices

Furless: a human

Monster: a vehicle (sorry, couldn't find another word for monster)

Loudbird: a plane

Stardream: a dream sent from Star Tribe to a cat that is not the whisperer. These are extrememely rare.

Starsign: a dream or sign sent from Star Tribe to a whisperer.

Moonfull: the night each month that the moon is at its fullest; the Tribes come together to the Star Rock to discuss events and name cats.

Queen: a she-cat that is pregnant or nursing kittens

She-cat: female cat 6+ moons old

Tom: male cat 6+ moons old

She-kit: female cat less than 6 moons old

Tomkit: male cat less than 6 moons old

Forest Tribe Dictionary

Preyhollow: a shallow hole in the ground of Forest Tribe where freshly-killed prey is kept

Wormfood: rotting food (equivalent to crowfood)

Mousebrain: an idiot

Highbranch: what the leader of Forest Tribe sits on to address the Tribecats

(Forest Tribe cats live in dens built amongst the roots of trees)

Boulder Tribe Dictionary

Preyrock: a protrusion in the side of a boulder in Boulder Tribe where freshly-killed prey is kept

Hawkprey: rotting food (equivalent to crowfood)

Birdbrain: an idiot

Highrock: what the leader of Boulder Tribe sits on to address the Tribecats

(Boulder Tribe cats live in dens in the crevices of the boulders)

Ocean Tribe Dictionary

Preystone: a large flat stone in Ocean Tribe where freshly-killed prey is kept

Sharkbait: rotting food (equivalent to crowfood)

Fishbrain: an idiot

Highdune: what the leader of Ocean Tribe sits on to address the Tribecats

(Ocean Tribe cats live in dens dug into the sandy dirt)

There has been some confusion over what the different cats do, so here it is:

Authority: All Tribe members must obey the leader.
What they do: Control and make decisions for the Tribe. Act as spokesperson at Moonfull.
How they become one: Must be the delegate when the previous leader dies. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: Next-in-line to become leader. All Tribe members (except leader) must obey the delegate.
What they do: Sort out arguments between cats and give punishments/rewards. Assess novices when it is time for them to become hunters. Issue patrols. Attend Moonfull.
How they become one: When a new leader is made, the leader must decide this cat is worthy to become the delegate. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: If regarding their health, all Tribe members must obey the healer.
What they do: Treat sick cats, offer advice, collects herbs, and issue herbs for elders and queens. Does not hunt or fight for the Tribe. Attend Moonfull.
How they become one: Must be trained as a student. After a season-cycle of training, they become a fully fledged healer. There cannot be more than two healers and/or students in a Tribe. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: Can offer advice to other Tribemates regarding their health or body, but cannot issue herbs unless confirmed by the healer.
What they do: They are in training to become a healer and is taught by the Tribe's healer. Helps the healer with herbs, gathers herbs, fetches food and water for the healer, and watches treatings take place.
How they become one: If a kitten shows an interest in treatings, s/he can choose to become a student when six moons old. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: Same as their other role (novice/hunter/senior, etc). A whisperer can be any age.
What they do: Interperet and report signs or dreams sent from Star Tribe. Being a whisperer entitles nothing special, and the cat is still a kitten/novice/hunter/senior.
How they become one: When the previous whisperer dies, a cat chosen to be the new whisperer is sent a dream telling them that. Star Tribe must approve (obviously) to confirm that the cat is telling the truth.

Authority: All novices must obey the teachers.
What they do: They teach the novices how to hunt and fight. There are two teachers per Tribe - one teaches hunting and one teaches fighting. They do not usually hunt for the Tribe (unless they have caught something during a lesson) because their time is spent teaching their novices. Attend Moonfull.
How they become one: When the previous teacher for hunting/fighting dies, the leader announces which hunter she/he thinks is worthy to take their place. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: None, but they do have a voice in what goes on in the Tribe.
What they do: Hunt and fight for the Tribe. All hunters attend Moonfull.
How they become one: When a novice is a season-cycle old, and their teachers and delegate thinks they are worthy, they become a hunter. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: None.
What they do: They are in training to become a hunter. They listen to their teachers and learn how to hunt and fight. They also perform camp duties, such as searching the seniors for ticks, fetching fresh bedding and fetching prey for the seniors and queens. From sunhalf to sunhigh they perform camp duties, and from sunhigh to sundown they are given lessons from their teacher. Lessons with the two teachers are rotated: one day they will learn to hunt, the next will be fighting, the next will be hunting, etc.
How they become one: When six moons old, all kittens (who are not becoming students) become novices. Star Tribe must approve.

Authority: None, though they have the control over the kittens.
What they do: Look after their kittens. Queens do not attend Moonfull.
How they become one: She-cats which are pregnant or nursing kittens. It is forbidden to have kittens while under a season-cycle of age.

Authority: None, but it is forbidden to harm a kitten.
What they do: Mostly they play, because they have no responsibilities. At the age of five moons, they visit the seniors and are told how the Tribe works, about Star Tribe, and stories.
How they become one: All kittens are under six moons of age.

Authority: None really, but they do have a voice in what goes on in the Tribe.
What they do: Nothing much, but they tell kittens stories and teach them about the Tribe and about Star Tribe.
How they become one: If a hunter or healer becomes too old or injured to hunt and fight for the Tribe, they become seniors.


Forest Tribe
quirrels, sparrows, thrushes, magpies, crows, mice, voles, frogs, lizards, snakes, pheasants, rabbits, grouse, small cervids, finches

Boulder Tribe
voles, pikas, rabbits, hares, snakes, lizards, eagles, falcons, ospreys, magpies, sparrows, pigeons, mice

Ocean Tribe
seagulls, mussels, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, sponges, sea snails, reef fish, squid, octopi, crabs, shrimp, starfish, stingrays


There are many dens within the Tribe camps. In Warriors, apprentices slept in the apprentices den, warriors slept in the warriors den, etc. But in this story, there are many more smaller dens that cats can share with kin or mates. For example each queen has her own den which she shares with her mate and kits, and novices usually den with their siblings and parents and continue to do so until they find mates. Each cat can den with whoever they want, as long as all the denmates are happy with it. Even the healer can den with anyone, however they have another den that they do not sleep in which stores the herbs. There is also a quarantine den, where contagously sick cats reside.