Guys it's 5 a.m. and I live in IL I'm reading FF stories and I think what if Renee came to visit and brings home videos with her. This is going to be my 1st attempt at humor. Just like always I'm only writing the summery 2 c if anyone wants me to type it. I hope people do because I really do but if nobody wants me to I won't. I do have to get at least 1 review to write the 1st chapter . See how desperate I am 2 type it? But anyway here it is.

Renee comes to visit Bella and the Cullens. But much to Bella's embarrassment she brings pics and videos …. BTW Bella is still human. Hope you RR&L(Read Review& Like)

Short summery I know but it does it's job. I know you might be thinking 'How is she still awake?' Simple I drank coke, tea, and ate Twix! So yeah I'm alittle hyper. But I really hope at least 1 of you want me 2 write this. It'd be awesome if more of you do though. Oh well I hope you review. And my 1st reviewer will get a sneak-peak. So ttyl(Type To You Later)