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Anime:Ouran High school Host Club



Summary:After a long time of being away, Haruhi found herself on a plane headed towards to the last place she wanted to be. It's not because her heart never wanted to be back, but because there's someone she didn't want to see… how could she faced a man she betrayed after loving her with all of his life?

Disclaimer: I don't own Ouran… the Host Club… nor Kyoya… but I'm planning on buying some tickets to attend the bidding on who could keep him locked in a bed room… I just hope his real owner couldn't find him for at least… forever! (Not unless somebody else got him aside from me, of course.)

Note: Please be advised to note the difference between the time in two opposite sides of the world… it's a day difference.

Chapter ONe

Taking a quick glance towards the entrance of the café he was in, he took a while before giving his attention back to the cup of coffee he was nursing with his hand. After going over the counter of the said famous café, he watched as the woman took a seat opposite him. She was the same as he remembered from the last time they had met and he couldn't help himself but smile.

"Honestly… I don't find anything funny at all." She sternly told him as he relaxed from his seat. The woman's frankness and boldness never ceased to amaze him even after being acquainted with her for more than 15 years.

"You still have the same look with you every time we meet." He told her as the server laid her cup of cappuccino in front of her. "You're still scowling… just like the last time."

"That's because you're still stubborn." She told him. "Besides, we just saw each other last week."

"Have you received the results?" He asked masking his own feeling of dread. "I was hoping to hear it earlier… if possible."

"We both know the result…" She said quietly, as she turned her head away from him, trying to mask her emotions from him. "It doesn't take a genius to know what those initial tests entailed."

"It doesn't hurt to hope… I'd been told." He said while smiling bitterly to her. "It's not like… it's predictable… maybe the relief would be sudden as well.'

"It's not predictable but could be foretold if checked earlier." She argued while keeping her schooled face.

Silence reigned between them as he kept right hand around his cup of coffee while his left elbow rested on the chair beside him as he looked on the scenery outside the posh café where a beautiful solemn piece of piano concerto played.

"Ootori-senpai…" He smiled, the woman never get used to calling him by his name. "Have you told her about it? She deserves to know."

"She deserves happiness." He told her, never bothering to look her way to know how she looked. He's positive she looked upset with him. "I don't like to bother her with trivial things."

"There's nothing trivial about…" She started to say with stern voice only to be cut off.

"I don't need to hear it and we don't need to discuss this at all." He said with finality before closing his eyes and looking at her. He decided to drop the menial discussion and get straight to the point with her.

"Sakura…" He called her by her first name, making her scowled but her eyes held certain spark of fondness. "I'm going back to Japan… as my immediate physician; I need your certification that you permitted this sudden travel on my part…"

"That's ridiculous!" Nikigami Sakura burst out making some closer patrons to look their way. She took some deep breaths before continuing. "You're in no position to travel."

"I have to." He said while keeping his eyes straight to hers. "I'm sure you know what happened back home."

"But you couldn't go." She insisted. "It would be dangerous… this is very serious. You know that things could happen while you're on air and before you even got your feet to the ground, it might be too late… and besides, the authorities would never let you go with this kind of conditions behind you…"

"That's why I need your help." He told her earnestly. "I need you to go back with us."

"With us?" She asked, looking suspicious. "Does she know?"

"Not yet." He told her. "I'm just about to tell her when I get home."

"You know… she might not agree and we would not need to go over this obstinacy of yours if that happen."

"She'll agree." He told her before standing up, preparing to leave. "She doesn't have a choice and besides… she'll have to face him soon."

"You…" He could only smile bitterly as realization dawned on her bestfriend. "You couldn't be possibly…"

"Thank you, Sakura-sensei." He told her before leaving. "I will owe you with my life after this."


Seeing as the man had left her, Sakura could only sigh in grief. For fifteen years she had known him, she's the only person he had allowed to know him deep enough for her to deduct that the said man had never felt happy his entire life, aside from the day that he had married his wife and she had delivered a son, but aside from that… the man never been left to his own devices to be happy at all.

His life revolved around the competition their father had dangled in front of them. He once told her with a mocking laugh that it went with the package of being an Ootori, a powerful and one of the wealthiest families, not only in Japan, but also in the entire world.

When she left for Oxford to further her studies, she was more pained with the fact that she would leave him alone when he had his issues, emotional issues, than the fact that she needed to be away from her own family. It's not romantically linked, she told herself then, it was more of because he got used to having her to pour out his hidden frustrations when he needed to. But after a month of being away from Japan a phone call from him proved that being together wasn't needed for him to give her his confidence.

And so, when he had left Japan with the woman he had cared for… the woman he loves and thought he could never have… she was practically twirling around with excitement to know that his new family would live a couple hours away from her own house. She could finally be happy for him and watch over them as their family doctor… but like anything else… a happy story where the supposed to be princess, in a twisted manner, was finally happy with his prince charming, on his case his wife, a hurdle had found its way to them… to ruin things again… followed by another trouble.

Bringing her fingers to pinch the bridge of her nose, she found herself torn with giving in with his request to let him travel back home and running to the Ootori mansion and announce to his oblivious wife what he had been keeping.

And as another piece started to be heard after one requiem, Nikigami Sakura swore that being with one, Ootori would hasten her age. How could a mere mortal stand being close to a family that's full of power, just as well as skeleton on their closet? But before she could find an answer, she just decided to drop it. She knew for a fact that once an Ootori decided to do something… nobody could stop them… and another thing for sure… No matter what she does, she could not stop an Ootori, especially one that was named, Ootori Akira, the second son of Ootori's immediate family.


February 23, 2009_

Ootori Mansion, London, UK

200 hours

Holding myself as I tried to blend along with the darkness; the feeling of emptiness kept on crawling within me. Even though I know for a fact that I shouldn't be feeling this way, my heart continued to weep as my soul yearns for your touch.

I tried to shake away the truth that my heart kept on shouting, the feelings that I'm trying to keep on burying, and cover it with my deceptions. Successful it might be, but as soon as the moon took its reign, my soul begins to mourn as my heart cried out to be free… to be heard… (Haruhi)


"Haruhi?" A man clad in nothing but a robe called out to her. "Are you sure you'll be alright?"

She stared at the beautiful scenery in front of her, taking her time as she stood still and tried to compose herself. The peacefulness calmed her as she took the enigmatic view of the flowers blooming under the moon's careful gaze, basking the whole place with magical solemnity and allure.

"I know it's hard for you to do this." She heard him uttered. "Kyousuke-nii had been anything but good to you… and as much as it seemed right to go back… I would understand if you choose to stay here."

Her body instantly tensed upon hearing the name of the man who ruined everything for her and brought her into complete abyss.

"But you have to understand…" She felt him moved behind him as he continued to say… "He's still part of the family… my family… our family… We have to be there even though it would hurt you… us."

That's right… the demon reincarnate was part of the family she had been married into and it's their obligation to be there… even how much she loathe it.

"I'm sorry if the circumstances asked for it. But… Haruhi..." She could hear his reluctance but made no move to help him. "… We have to be there."

That's also true. Choice was something she wished she had before but fate deprived her of it and now that she had changed her name into theirs, choice in mattes like this, was something that would come with a high price that she could never afford. In other words, she had no choice at all.

"Don't worry." She heard him said as he let his arms wrapped around her, giving security and warmth. "I'll be there with you. You would never be alone."

And as she let herself relax into his harms, she found herself being turned around. A pair of eyes that resembled a familiar piercing black dark eyes that haunted her everyday caught her gaze… only this set were more solemn and kind… and it pained her every time she would realized that she would notice those traits after seeing somebody else through them.

"Haruhi…" He called out to her ending her musings. "Let's rest."

Taking her by her elbow as his other arm wrapped around her shoulders, he guided her towards the bed before letting her lay on her side of the bed. Waiting for him to slip beside him, she watched as she closed the curtains, blocking the moon's glare.

And she laid there beside him after he gave her a peck on the side of her head, she felt more anxious as she felt his warmth wrapping her while her mind travel back to the place she never wished to step back… not this time, not yet… and maybe… not this lifetime…

Not because she doesn't feel lonely being so far away… nor because she never felt the urge to see them, her friends and family again, but because she knew that once she's there… the life that she managed to build, the peaceful and complete life she had would be disturbed, if not, taken away from her… for she knew that once she's back, everything would start move again… away from her stand still….

And she could never have that… just like she could never forget him.

'Kyoya…' was the last thing she had said on her mind before sleep consumed her.


February 24, 2009_

43rd Flr., Maple Hotel, Tokyo

2000 hours

As I look from a far; while memories of you haunted me, the pain that I had hidden kept on reviving the wounds that you left me. But as I close my eyes to calm myself out of the agony you had caused, your scent teasingly lingered within my senses; fueling my anger and strengthening my devotion to crash you. That's when I continuously realized that you would never be apart from me. My desires may change, but my true feelings would always be there even though I repeatedly lie to myself… I just know that you still held me… controlling me in your cunning palm… and then when I think that you still have me… even though it hurts… the feeling of ironic solemnity would overwhelm me, keeping my inner self serene and driven, making me love the feeling it gave me… even though at the end of the day… I still hate it… because I know that it's near impossible to have you back; even if traded all I have for just one you. (Kyoya)


As the tiny droplets of liquid slid from his forehead, travelling down towards his jaw, the strong glare from the moon high on its throne kept the room illuminated, enough to discern a vogue silhouette of two humans in the middle of a dance as old as times.

"Kyo-Kyoy..ya…" The seemingly pained struggling voice echoed around the elaborated room as he kept on exhibiting his mastered art of satisfaction. "Ha-Harder…"

Holding her shapely hips tighter, he thrust forward with more force, not because she asked for it, but because he needed it. Every thrust, every hammering he did was all for his satisfaction. He never cared about what they wanted; he only needed to expel this force coming from his core, especially tonight.

But of course, even though he never really cared for any of them, bitch in heat as he called them secretly, he still had a reputation to keep. Leave the reputation of loyalty and faithfulness to someone else, but the best lover, the best bedmate, the best male in town, even the tag that says the best… excuse him for the vulgar word… 'fuck' in town… no, in the whole prefecture… no in the city… no, in the world, he just knew the country wouldn't satisfy his appetite, he wanted them, hence his patience in waiting for them to cry out his name due to euphoria even though he never wanted to please them.

"KYOYA…." Screamed by the youngest daughter of a French Ambassador, making him know that he had done the tedious task of waiting, not that her clamping walls indicated otherwise, he then started to carelessly pound on her from behind, while closing his eyes as he imagined a pair of brown orbs lustfully looked at him, while she whimpered and writhed underneath him… only then he felt his on tremors as he gave in to his own desires.


As the air condition breathe cold air, replacing the warmth of one heated sex… Ootori Kyoya, third son and finally, after the recent events, heir to the Ootori fortune, found himself overlooking the greater Tokyo.

As he let his eyes looked on, he found his pulse rate beating in a complete serenity… a feeling he had never felt for almost five years… after she…

Stopping some train of thoughts, Kyoya walked to the bar at the right side from where he stood, taking a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet before pouring an ample amount to the glass.

With a glass in hand, he then let himself settle in front of the glass wall once more as he finally let his mind torture his heart.


"Kyoya, Tokyo would still be the place I want to see before I go to sleep at night." She told him wistfully. "Even though I've never been to Paris or Milan… Las Vegas or Macao, I just know that there would never be a single place in the world that could make me feel so lightheaded like Japan."


The recollection of the said memory hardened his jaw; he chose this particular suite to be his own private sanctuary. This particular room captured the best of Tokyo City, especially at night, and it pained him to remember that this was due to the fact that he intended to show it to her, to have her here and so… just to keep the innocent memory away, he started bringing women to this room, trying to erase the sweetness of the memory, trying to take away of that sweet innocence, brandishing it with filth as many as he could throw to it.

He could still remember how ecstatic he was to see this particular place when they were developing the floor. He could imagine the twinkling of her eyes as she took all of the scenery to her heart. He was so sure she would smile at him with the same smile he loved so much before uttering her gratitude to him just for letting her see the site before her, not even thinking that he deemed to make it her own.

But that's meaningless now; those days of walking blindly in the clouds were over. Those times when he felt like waking up in heaven was just a memory and the feeling of being able to fly in the sky was just another idiotic sense to his now rational mind. For she was gone, bringing all those wistful thinking. She left him, letting him fall unguarded and what a hard fall that was.

Letting a breath out, Kyoya could feel movements from behind him. He wasn't planning on having a companion for tonight. He had a business meeting tomorrow, a very important business meeting, with regards to a matter that he had postponed for more than enough time, but sudden events happened, changing everything and robbing him out of the pleasure of taking the opportunity that just decided to dump itself on his lap.

For the past five years of his life, all he could think about was how he was going to take everything one Ootori Kyosuke, his most despised elder brother, took away from him. After hard work, extreme ruthlessness, and, of course, planning; he had managed to acquire those assets little by little.

He had already acquired and taken to his wing two parts of a third of everything his brother embezzled and tomorrow he was supposed to take over. He was supposed to take control of Ootori Empire, like he was about to do so five years ago if only his bastard for a brother didn't interfere with his life.

Tomorrow he was supposed to have a part of what he had lost. He was about to take what was rightfully his, but tomorrow wasn't that important anymore, since tonight happened, ensuring that he would feel the same dissatisfaction he had felt for too many times to count.


"Kyoya…" His father's voice greeted him after taking a phone call at his office's direct line.


"Kyoya…" He heard him cleared his throat. "You have to go back here at home."

Letting a sigh escaped him, Kyoya tried to calm himself before loosening his tie.

"Tou-san, you know that I couldn't stay in the same house as Kyosuke. I would never do that. He ruined everything I had, and if this is about the take over… I have nothing to tell him nor has he something to say that I'll hear. It's pointless to meet him at all."

Silence engulfed the line between his father and him before he managed to sense the tense sorrowful aura from the other line.

"Tou-san…" He started, breaking the silence between them. "Is there anything else you wish to say to me? I still have things to prepare."

"Kyosuke's dead." The Ootori patriarch announced solemnly, "The maids found him earlier this evening. He died due to drug overdose… so your meeting tomorrow was supposed to be pointless."

"I know you had suffered a lot but for the last time Kyoya…be here as part of our family, even if it's just make pretend." His father said as he kept quiet.

"You are to go back here." His father continued. "You're the new CEO of Ootori Empire. The Board decided already as to not trouble the stock holders, they always wanted you to be the one sitting on the throne anyway… and as my heir, you had to live here at the ancestral house. You know what I meant by that Kyoya."

Silence… Impenetrable silence.

"I understand." He answered. If he's going to take half of what was his, might as well take the house as well. "I'll ask Tachibana to send for my things. I'll be there tomorrow."

Kyoya was about to end the call since he needed something strong to drink when his father decided to add something else.

"Your brother called." Kyoya instantly stiffened. "He said they had decided to attend the funeral. His entire family's going home."


'Entire family, huh?' He bitterly muttered to himself. 'The other part of my property is coming back to tempt me…'

"What are you saying Kyoya?" The brunette asked as she kissed his back. "Who's tempting you?"

He didn't answer. He just stared at her bluish eyes. The stupid blonde turned her hair brown when he said that he's not interested in blondes, red head… he's just interested in brown-heads, on an occasion two weeks ago where she outspokenly told him that she's willing to be his flavor of the month.

The woman was quite persistent that's why he decided to use her to deviate some of his unnecessary energy after the said phone call from his father. The moment he had placed the phone back to it's cradle and managed to had drink of brandy from his office bar, he took his keys and briefcase from his table, went out of his pristine office, told his secretary to call one Reila Montfort and send her to his suite at Maple, then proceeded to wait for his lay.

He kept his eyes staring from afar as her hand travelled from the back, to his waist where it left lingering touches before pushing his robe out of the way as she let a hand wrapped itself on his sack before gliding up and down to his member making it respond by instinct and not really desire.

He was planning to avoid the said foolish blonde after this night like his every other women but due to certain developments In certain circumstances, he had to keep her until the said family leave for England and out of his life once again… and so when the said fake brunette went down on him, he let his hand grasped her fake colored-hair before thrashing her mouth with his wood.

'Haruhi…' Was what his mind scream as he made his released on that stupid mouth.


February 24, 2009_


1400 hours

"Flight 127, Flight 127… destination, to Narita Airport, Japan… Kindly proceed on the third lift on the right side of the departure area; boarding from gate 12 would proceed until 1430 hours… I repeat… Flight 127, Flight 127…."

"Haruhi…" A kind voice called her out as she sat on the waiting area with a book in hand, effectively catching her attention from the said book. "It's time."

"Right." She said before closing the book and placing it inside her handbag. She let her eyes graced the area around her where she spotted a raven-head boy standing still beside their butler who continued to look around like a vigilant he was. "Let's take Akira away from Louie now then."

"You make it sound like it is a task, darling." Akito told her amusedly. "Do you really think it would make a scene?"

"Wanna bet?" She smiled challengingly towards her husband. "A few of your millions wouldn't hurt you, right? Anata?"

"Really now?" Akito asked while a twinkle reached his eyes. "How about a night with you tied in bed, sweetheart?"

"Sure." Haruhi smiled innocently. "As long as I could tie you as well."

Akito could only boggled his eyes out of its socket after hearing what she said, after being married for five years, this was the first time, Haruhi, his prim and proper wife, actually uttered something naughty while sober.

"Of course, a million sterling pound checks would be deposited to my account the next day." Haruhi continued as they approach their son and their butler slash nanny.

But as playful and perfect it may seem, the only thought that goes to her mind was how he would face a certain Ootori; while his thoughts was; how he would have it all play out?

************ End of chapter One

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