Chapter 7

Two years Later….

"Are you sure about this Haruhi?"

Looking at the woman in front of her, she couldn't help but feel.. relieved.

Relieved that for the first time after that unfortunate night at the Ootori Mansion she finally felt at peace.

"I'm not asking for too much you know." The woman told her as she faced the calm sparkling blue ocean from a distance. "I'm alright with just keeping these memories with me."

"I know." Haruhi smiled. "You're living well even if you quit that high paying job back in London."

"This place is much more satisfying than that crowded dull place." She chuckled. "I don't really like the rain and it rains too much in London."

"Yes." She agreed. " The rain had this effect on you. It makes your pain more… palpable."

"Yes, it does."

Taking a cue, she kept her eyes glued on sparkling ocean. The place is really something. It's not as developed as other coastal areas but the place had its own allure.

Taking the vast land on the other side, the rustling of the leaves are like music to your ears while to rolling of waves seems to be soothing your every soul.

"You're lucky to have found this place." She told her.

"Yes. I am lucky to have this place." The woman agreed.

"I wish I could find the same thing."

"I know you will, Haruhi." Sakura smiled at her before a couple of giggling kids caught their attention.

"Mommy!" Haruhi watched as her little boy run towards her. "We found little crabs. They are so small."

"Really?" She smiled. " Can you show me?"

"Yes!" His son run back towards the sandy playground he just found.

She watched as he thread carefully towards them while holding on a red beach bucket. She couldn't help but feel amused as her son so carefully walks to their direction as if afraid that he might missed a gem… a bright sparkling gem.

"Mommy look." Akira excitedly offered her. " they are still trying to escape."

"You're right. They are." She said. "Did you have fun?"

"Yes Mommy. I did!"

"I'm glad." She turned to black hair in a sun dress behind him. "Mayumi… did you have fun?"

"Yes, MOmmy. I did." The timid little girl with black hair said. "Onii-san took great care of me."

She had finally managed to get here. She flew hours across the pacific ocean just to be able to meet her and she finally managed to locate her.

Up to now she still isn't sure how she felt about her. She's the woman who had the heart of the man she loved. Even when he asked her hand to be his wife, she knew it was just another ploy of his to salvage his wounded part. After all, Kyoya Ootori would never be manipulated into doing something, even if that is marrying the woman he loves with all of him.

And so, after finding out he's the father of that little genius instead of running towards his son and his son's mother, the idiot asked his hand in marriage.

Funnily, the crazy her agreed.

Two years ago….

"Marriage?" She dumbly asked. "You're asking me to marry you?"

"Yes." He said.

"After you learned that she had your son?"



She could not believe what's happening. Just this morning, she got a call from the matriarch of the Ootori family asking her for lunch. She thought it was so that he could meet her, potential woman who will soon be part of the family. But upon arrival and upon seeing those unflinching stoic face, she knew that the meeting was far from the marriage for convenience, it was something else and how right she was.

She just learned that Kyoya was the real father of Ootori, Akira; Ootori Haruhi's son. It was a grand scheme cooked by his deceased brother, Kyosuke. She also learned that Kyosuke wished to correct all the wrong things he had done, not only to his brother but most importantly to the woman he loved until his dying moment.

And so, what the Head of the Family wanted from her? He wanted her to stay away from his son. He asked her to severe all ties with his family and he had the gall to threaten her entire family if she doesn't agree to his terms.

And then here, in the room where Kyoya's most carnal desires were mostly satisfied, Ootori Yoshio's son asked her to be his wife. What an irony but a welcome irony.

If there's one thing the Ootori must know about her is that she never like to do what she was ordered to do.

"Of course, Darling." She eagerly agreed. "I accept."

Present time…

And here she is, after that moment when she relished the feeling of being proposed to by Ootori Kyoya, she's seeking Ootori Haruhi's help.

"Haruhi?" She called out to a woman she knows to well. "Can we talk?"

The brown haired woman turned to look at her. She knew that she knows her, those expressive eyes glinted when she saw her.

"You…" a small voice called out to her. " What are you doing here? Where's uncle Kyoya?"

"It's nice to see you too, Akira-chan." She cooed.

"I can't say the same." The little genius uttered with distaste. "Why do you have to be in every place we go?"

"I'll be quick, I promise." She said while chuckling. " I just need to talk to your mother."

"Of course." Akira uttered. " You always do."

"What can I do for you, Reila-san?" Haruhi softly asked as she ruffled his son's hair. "Go play with Mayumi, Akira. She looks like she's waiting for her Onii-san."

She waited until the little genius, Kyoya's son, was far enough before she faced the woman she envies with every single bone in her body. How she wanted to be her.

"Reila-san?" Haruhi urged her. "The Firm let me know that you're looking for me."

"I made sure that they'll do just that." She smiled.

"But I have to say that I'm surprised to see you here."

"I can't wait for you to be back to Tokyo." She said.

"Then, what can I do for you, Reila-san?"

"I need your help, Haruhi." Reila said before adding. "I need a lawyer to represent me."

"Really…" Haruhi blinked. "What's the case?"

She looked at the woman in front of her before answering. "A Divorce case. I'm finally divorcing my husband, Haruhi."

The End of Chapter 8…

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