It didn't take Alice long to do my hair, by the time she was done I had three hours left before my date. Great...

"So where are you guys going," Alice asked waiting patiently with me.

"I don't know, she did show any signs that said a certain place. All she was worried about was taking a cat nap."

"She naps randomly," Jane stated. "It has something to do with the whole wolf thing."

"Does she sleep daily," I asked getting interested.

"Monthly or it depends on how much she goes into her wolf form."

"That's cool."

"Mhm, so when you guys start dating we should try double dating."

"Double dating?"

"Yeah, Jane thinks that we need to be more social," Alice shrugged. " I think that we're okay though."

"I see, and what makes you think that their going to be any more dates after this one?"

Jane raised a questioning eyebrow and looked at me with a look that screamed are you serious. "You really don't give yourself much credit. Sure vampires are beautiful but you surpass our standers. Plus your sweet when you want to be; what is there not to like about you?"

"I know that I look better then the love goddess herself but I'm to much for one person to handle..."

"We're vampires! We can handle anything that comes our way and I think Bella is the thing that can do it for you."

"I guess."

"Rose, Jane is right. Bella can handle whatever you have to throw at her. She's not the same girl that you met a year ago."

I smiled softly. "You guys maybe right."

"Of course we are."

A soft knock on my door caused me to jump and speed to the door. I took a few deep breaths and opened the door slowly to see Bella dressed in a blue summer dressed and that was it. She looked at me as if she was waiting for me to say something.

"You look nice," Bella said smiling softly.

I looked down for a few seconds and back up to her. "Thank you so do you."

"I'll have her back before one," Bella called into my room.

"Have fun you two," Alice said poking her head out of the room waving at us. I chuckled softly there was no way anyone couldn't love the bubbly sister of mine.

"So where are we going," I asked following her to the garage.

"To my private beach," Bella answered smiling at me softly.

"You have a private beach," I asked.

"Yes, Aro gave it to me as a gift when I saved Jane from a moon child," She explained as she opened the passenger door of a 2008 black mustang. I slide into the seat quickly and took a long whiff of new car smell. I exhaled happily. "I see you like my car."

"I'm what you call a car girl."

"Well maybe you can drive it sometimes. With all the missions that I do I don't get a chance to drive this baby. Plus it would be a shame not to show this girl off."

"I would love to."

She smiled as you waited for the garage door to open. Once it was high enough for the car to fit she peeled off. "My beach is like an hour away but with my driving it'll only take about twenty minutes."

"That's fine with me. So when did you get this car?"

"After my first mission was a complete success. I had to kill a few vampires that were attacking the villagers but after wards I had to bring a couple of villagers back so everyone could eat. I felt so bad that I saved them only to get them killed right after that I refused to drink human blood and only drank animal blood. Jane joined me in this and actually admitted that she liked it."

"If you felt bad about killing humans then why do you drink human blood?"

"I get it from blood donors so it's like I'm not causing the human any pain myself or killing them. I try to drink it once every week and then if I get hungry I'll just drink from the local animals blood. Why dn't you drink human blood."

"Because it keeps me strong and I don't feel as guilty as I would if I drained a human."

"I see." Was all she said as she pulled into a vacant beach. She got out on her side and quickly went to my side and opened it for me. "I have blankets, towels, swimsuits, a bucket and pale, and a bottle of wine in my trunk. Um if you would like I'll give you some privacy so you can put a swim suit on."

"What colors do you have?"

" and black and the other one is red and black."

"I'll take the red and black."

Bella blurred to the trunk and then return in the blue and black swim suit. "I'm going to set up the stuff real quick. Just take your time."

Before I could answer she was already by the lake setting everything up. I sighed heavily and quickly put on the swim suit placing my dress, underwear, and shoes neatly in my seat. I walked slowly over to Bella who was opening the wine and pouring the red liquids in two plastic cups.

"I wished I would have knew that we were going to the beach," I said taking one of the cups. "Then I would have dressed a little more casual."

"No, I thought you looked really good in the dress. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you where we were going but I wanted you to dress in whatever you wanted to. Besides I wasn't going to make you sit in sand while you were wearing the pretty dress of yours."

"You know I wasn't complaining right?" Looked at me and frowned. "I was just say I felt like I dressed over the top but that's just the way I am."

Bella chuckled softly before downing her wine. "So what do you think of my beach?"

I looked around taking every thing in and then stared at the lake. "I like it. There's this peacefulness to it."

"Yeah," She agreed. "I like coming out here after a mission to calm myself and try to remind myself I'm not a monster. Which is hard to believe with all the things I have done."

"Your not a monster," I growled.

"Your kind for saying that but your wrong my lady. I'm a monster."

"Bella your anything but a monster."

She looked at me and tilted her head to the side. "I've killed countless amount of innocent people and vampires. When when they were begging me to stop." Her eyes began to gloss as if any moment she was going to cry. "You didn't hear there pleads or seen the look in their eyes when they say a family member or friend ripped in half and tossed into a fire. Rose I'm a monster!"

"Isabella you are not a monster! You can walk away from this whenever you want. You just haven't because you didn't know where to go if you ever did. Now you know that you can come back with me and live a life without killing. With a real family that loves you for you and not that you have a power that they can benefit from." I gave her a soft smile. "I love you for you."

She chuckled softly and took a swig of the wine that she brought. "You are super sweet my dear to be able to love someone like me after I told you what I have done."

"Bella you can always walk away from this life if you wanted to."

"How? Huh how? They saved me from being drained dry! And when I was going through my transformation Aro and Jane stayed by my side and try to make it easier for me. I owe Aro so much that if I need to do theses missions for him."

"No you don't! Your stronger then all three of them put together and I'm sure you'll be able to beat Felix and Demetri with both of your hands tied behind your back." She gave me a look saying that she would never harm any of them. "Then at lease tell them how you feel!"

"Okay, I will on one condition."

I raised an eyebrow. "What's the condition?"

"Kiss me," she simply stated.

I smiled softly leaned close to her. "Is that all?"


She placed a finger under my chin tilting my head up. I closed my eyes as her lips came closer to mine. Once her lips touched with mine I felt as if I was having an out of body experience as our lips moved in rhythm. As the kissed deepened I found myself slowly being pushed back on to the blanket and Bella on top of me.

She looked into my eyes searching for something. When she found it she smiled softly and kissed me again. " I have to say that I am truly and deeply in love with you," she said rolling off of me and laying on her back.

"I'm so deeply in love with you as well."

"You wanna make a sand castle," she asked.

I groaned softly daring myself to look at her. Once I turned my head I seen the cute pout that I have ever seen. It was so cute that I think that it would beat Alice's if it came to a battle. "Let's go make a castle."

Bella's pout quickly went to a cheeky smile that made her look as if she was fourteen. "I'll go get the water you find a nice spot."


We were outside my door staring at each other. "I had fun tonight," I whispered shyly.

"I did too. We should do this again, really soon."


She cupped my cheeks with her hands as she closed the space between the two of us. "Rose I want you to understand that this was one of the funnest nights that I can remember and it wasn't because all of the races or drinking or sand castles. It was the best night of my life because I was with you." She leaned in the rest of the way and kissed me softly. "It's twelve fifty-nine, I told Alice I would have you back by one."

This caused me to chuckle softly. I kissed her again and turned to see Alice standing in the doorway with her arms crossed glaring at me with full force. "It is one and time for you to get your butt back into this room young lady," she playfully growled.

I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily. "Okay mom." I looked over my should and gave Bella a wink. "I'll see you later today."

Bella nodded her head. "I'll see you in the morning love."

Once Bella was gone Alice pulled me into the room closing the door behind us. "SOOOO," Alice asked getting excited.

"It went great," I said smiling.

"You don't have to tell us anything. Alice was watching the whole thing," Jane sighed. "It was like a fucking movie to her."

"It was the cutest movie I have ever seen in awhile. So you two are a thing now," Alice said turning her attention back to me.

"Yes, we're a thing now."

Alice squealed in excitement. "See everything went great!"

"Yeah, you guys were right."

"I could of told you."

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