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"Hello, Tony, how come your so cheerful today?" Kate asked as he came in singing, which wasn't like Tony.

"Oh, nothing, well lets just keep in between you and me, if I don't take my mind off being sick I will be sick, OK," answered Tony.

"Why what's wrong?" asked Kate.

"I just don't feel well that's all, I'm feeling nauseous that's all, oh god," said Tony, the rest of his sentence mumbled as he covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom.

"Tony, you OK?" asked Kate.

"Mmmm," mumbled Tony, as he went another round with the toilet.

"Tony, should I come in?" asked Kate.

"No, I don't want you to see to me like this," answered Tony.

"It's alright, I'm coming in OK," said Kate, as she pushed open the door, she came in and all she saw was Tony in front of the toilet dry heaving, she saw how much pain he was in and rubbed her hand in circles, she stopped as soon as he started to lean back against the side of the cubicle.

"Should I go tell Ducky or Gibbs?" asked Kate.

"Noooo! Don't," said Tony as he went back to dry heaving in the toilet, Kate returned to rubbing in circles on his back, she was panicking now because his shirt was full of sweat dripping off his head which you can see every drop coming off his head, Kate put her hand near his forehead and she felt that he was burning up and getting hotter by the minute.

By the time Tony had stopped dry heaving he was unconscious she lifted him up and tried to carry him out of the men's bathroom but ended up dragging him out, where she met the feet of Gibbs.

"Kate, what happened?" asked Gibbs, shocked and started helping her carry Tony to the lift to go and find Ducky.

"He was fine when he came in, but," she sighed and didn't carry on.

"But what Kate,?" asked Gibbs.

"He wasn't feeling well when he came in but didn't want to tell anyone but he told me and then all of a sudden part way through what he was saying he just darted to the toilets, and started upchucking his breakfast and by the looks of it was and what ever he ate the day before," finished Kate.

"Ducky, hurry over here," shouted Gibbs.

"What do you, what happened?" asked Ducky, helping them place Tony onto an autopsy table.