"I think Gibbs if he stops in the next few minutes and he's fine and just sleeps for the next few hours then he can be taken home, and he can rest but he would need to be supervised, making sure that he doesn't leave his bed, and because of these emergency's I bought a bell," said Ducky pulling out the bell from under the autopsy table.

"Well, OK I would like him to go to hospital but if you think he's fine," said Gibbs.

"Duck.....," mumbled Tony, trying to get up off the table.

"Just sit down Tony, what's the matter? You going to be sick again, we've got another bucket seen as though you filled the last one, hahaha," chuckled Ducky trying to make Tony feel that it's not his fault for the mess on the floor.

"'M sorry about the floor," mumbled Tony, this time he wasn't so lucky to make his head turn to the bucket and it just splashed onto the floor, this time it was Kate who cringed she put the bucket under him just as he had finished because she was so shocked at what she saw, she had never seen Tony get this bad yes, he had the moment where the smell of a marine got to him and he had to leave the room on the ship, but this was worse than them times.

"'M sorry," said Tony, as he started to cry, Kate comforted even though it felt strange to her normally it'd be him comforting her went she felt down or sick not the other way round.

"I think I won't be sick again, it feels like all the hot dogs have all come up, now boss can I get back to work?" asked Tony.

"No, your to sick to even move slightly I'm not letting you be sick all over a crime scene if one comes up," said Gibbs with a stern look, to say that I'll have you off for the next week instead of a couple of days.

"No," whined Tony, turning onto his back but stopped when he felt the bile come up to his mouth it took all his strength to try and keep it down.

"Tony, you look even worse than before you look like the green room, you'd probably be camouflaged if I left you in the room," said Gibbs with a stern look onto his face, which Tony new better than to argue with him.

"OK, well can I be moved then please but take it easy because my stomach ain't good or my head it's got little baseball players in my head hitting me with their bats," said Tony, putting his hand up to his head wincing as he looked up to the light.

"OK, I'm glad your being honest now," said Gibbs still looking worried about how Tony's face keeps going a darker green but then going white.

"Right easy now Tony, Kate get the bucket, me and Ducky will carry him to the director's couch it's nice and cosy.

"Kate, Kate," mumbled Tony, Kate was there with the bucket, this time she had to look away as Tony had a reunion with his tea and breakfast.

"Come on, we can't just hold him for ever while he's sick," grumbled Gibbs.

They started to move him bit by bit stopping for Tony to up chuck his breakfast, which was every few steps.

"Come on Tony you can't have anything left in your stomach," moaned Gibbs as he was taking most of Tony weight as he was barely concious.

"Come on Tony just a few more steps to the elevator," whispered Ducky into his ear.

Just then they opened and there stood Abby.

"Ducky, have you seen, oh my god, what's happened, Kate, Gibbs?" asked Abby.

"We suspect food poisoning, young Kate here has said that he ate some hot dogs that she suspected food poisoning because they didn't look cooked," answered Ducky.

"Tony are you OK?" asked Abby, with a concerned look on her face because next to Kate and Tim Tony was her favourite as well as Gibbs.

"Abby if you want to stay and help us take Tony to the directors room then get another bucket," said Ducky.

"Why to the director's?" asked Abby.

"Because it has a couch and he needs to rest but doesn't want to go to the hospital.

Just then Tony got a stabbing pain in his stomach he doubled over in pain.

"Tony I'm sorry we are going to have to call an ambulance," said Ducky.

"Noooo," mumbled Tony, who started up chucking half in the bucket half down Gibbs leg.

"Call an ambulance Abby while me and Ducky place him back onto the table," said Gibbs, with half a worried voice half an angry voice because it got this bad, and it's his brand new suit he put on that day.

It was only a few minutes before an ambulance arrived but for Tony it felt like for ever.

"'M fine don't need," mumbled Tony still curled up in a ball and sweating all over, the pain over took him and he didn't even get to finish his sentence, because he had another shooting pain through his stomach.

"The paramedics are coming down, the security has just rang from upstairs.

Just on cue the elevator doors opened and out stepped two paramedics, one carrying a first aid box, and the other one dragging a gurney, when they saw the state in which Nick was they were shocked they didn't think this was a simple food poisoning case.

"We need to get some fluids in to what's his name?" asked the taller paramedic.

"His name is Tony and I'm Gibbs," answered Gibbs.

"Right Gibbs Tony is dehydrated and he needs some fluids in him is this sweat all from Tony?" asked the smaller paramedic while trying to place a drip in Tony's arm but Tony was resisting.

"Gibbs could you help he's not letting us do our job, and if he doesn't then he won't get better," said the smaller paramedic, so Gibbs went over to Tony.

"Tony, calm down he's only trying to help," said Gibbs.

"Will you," said Tony stopping as he was sick all over the paramedic, who didn't cringe or anything, like it's happened before.

"Sorry , boss, will you stay with me?" asked Tony, trying not to heave from the smell.

"Can we hurry up, I think it's the smell this time?" asked Gibbs to the smaller paramedic.

"Yes, I take it that your coming with us, come on I've put the drip in," said the paramedic.

"Ducky, I'm sorry about the floor," whispered Tony barely audible, this time all he did was dry heave.

"Tony, young man it's alright it will clear up, mop and bucket from the cupboard will do the trick, you just get yourself better," said Ducky.

"OK," said Tony he would have said more if he wasn't dry heaving again, the pain when he dry heaved went from his head to his stomach, which made him bring up his knees to his stomach.

They got into the ambulance after Tony kept on dry heaving all the way to the ambulance but he then he lost conciousness due to the force of the dry heaving, when he reached the ambulance.

They got to the hospital in no time but to Gibbs it felt like they could've got there quicker for Tony's sake.

By the time they got to the hospital Tony had started to get a little bit of colour in his face but still looked quite green, he had started to wake up but didn't dare to open his eyes, move or even tell Gibbs that he was feeling better than he was before, but he didn't know if Gibbs was there because he didn't hear him, so he opened his eyes and he thought it was a bad idea because all he wanted to do was throw up and he didn't care where any more, he felt so bad, his head was killing and his stomach had got worse than before.

"Tony are you OK?" asked Abby, stroking his hair which was full of sweat.

"Bucket," whimpered Tony as a really strong pain went through his stomach but Abby wasn't quick enough so as Gibbs held Tony up all Tony could do was throw up all over the bed and all over his legs.

"Some one come quick, Tony's burning up again, and he's just vomited," said Gibbs in a nervous, worried voice, to one of the doctor's that came over to help Tony get off the bed and out of the wet clothes into a hospital gown.

"Doc I'm sorry couldn't help it, would've waited until dish came," said Tony through bouts of coughing.

"It's alright Tony, no one blames you," said Gibbs.

"But I made a mess of the bed, I want to sleep, but stomach won't let me," mumbled Tony, who started to cry as the pain got worse.

"Tony, where does it hurt?" asked the doctor, shaking him so he could answer the question.

"Side," is all that Tony could mumble, before falling asleep.

"Ow," moaned Tony, who was just getting off to sleep, the doctor had pressed him in the side, this caused Tony to move onto his other side.

"Shouldn't have done that," said Tony with a grimace on his face.

"Gibbs, I think I suspect it's an appendicitis, we are going to have to get an ultra sound if it an appendicitis then we will have to perform an appendectomy," said the doctor as he started to wheel Tony out of the cubicle towards the ultra sound room.