"How's Tony?" asked Abby, standing next to Gibbs.

"He's fine, he's just gone into surgery, it should be about an hour before he comes out, then we should now how he is, OK, he'll be fine he's strong," said Gibbs.

All Gibbs could do was pass up and down in the waiting area, but about half an hour later he was tired so he sat down.


"Gibbs, the operation went well," said the doctor, while wheeling Tony out of the operation room, into the recovery room.

"That's good isn't it Gibbs?" asked Abby, looking at him for some reassurance.

"Yes, he's strong, he'll be fine," answered Gibbs, still wit a worried look on his face, but then looking at Abby he smiled the best smile that didn't look fake or he was trying to hard.

"When can we see him?" asked Gibbs in an authority voice.

"You can see him when we know that he is comfortable and he's fine that nothing went wrong in surgery now I have two beds made up for you two if you'd like to have a lie down, you two look knackered," said the doctor guiding them towards the two freshly made beds.

"I'd just like to say thanks," said Abby.

"Just you two get some sleep you look worse than I do if I do a double shift," said the doctor chuckling at the end to make it not sound that it was a bad thing because it wasn't they were just looking out for a fellow colleague.

Gibbs got into one bed and Abby into the other bed but neither could sleep they didn't want to see if the other one was asleep because it might have been awkward, but they both fell into uneasy sleep, Abby crying over Tony's bed and Gibbs dream consisted of him shouting saying that he better be able to see his officer now and he pulled a gun he woke up just as a nurse came in to say that they could go see Tony, they hadn't been asleep for long but they didn't feel as bad as they had done.

"Tony, how you feeling?" asked Abby, who rushed past everyone to get to his bed side.

"'M better than I was," answered Tony with a little chuckle at the end, but started coughing.

"Tony, take a sip of the water," said a nurse, handing a cup of water.

"Thanks," mumbled Tony, handing the cup back.

By now Gibbs had joined Abby at the bed side as well.

"'M sorry boss," mumbled Tony not quite looking into his eyes.

"Sorry for what?" asked Gibbs.

"Sorry for getting sick," answered Tony still not making eye contact.

"It's not your fault, how was you supposed to now that you'd get an appendicitis?" asked Gibbs.

"I don't know but I had a feeling that it was a little bit more than food poisoning when I vomited all down you, me and the basement floor," said Tony, with a weak smile.

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked Gibbs, with a look of sadness on his face because he thought that all his team could come and talk to him about anything, but now he felt sad because he hadn't come to him for help whether it was physical or mentally.

"I don't know I thought I'd be able to cope on my own," said Tony actually looking into his eyes this time.

"You know I'm here if you ever want to talk, and how come you thought that it'd be something other than food poisoning?" asked Gibbs, just realising what Tony had said.

"Well I was vomiting all night , I had a high temperature actually bought my own thermometer instead of using yours or Ducky's and it was slightly high, and I had pain in my stomach," answered Tony.

"Well you should be fine now that it's been removed, you will have a small scar," said the nurse that had just overheard the conversation.

"Yeah Tony you will be able to tell us the whole story like you always do with scars," said Ducky appearing at the door with a bunch of flowers from Kate.

"Hello, Ducky, How long where you stood there for?" asked Tony.

"Oh, not long," answered Ducky, moving over to stand with Kate and Gibbs.

"Boss, when can I get back to work soon I hope," said Tony, trying to sit up but his stomach protesting.

"Sick," mumbled Tony, who had a kidney shaped bowl under his mouth while he retched."This might be due a different infection, but most of what he threw up yesterday was due to an appendicitis, I will go get one of the doctors to have him checked out," just as she said this Tony had stopped retching and laid back not daring to move because he still felt nauseous.

"Doctor, Tony is throwing up still," said the nurse, walking the doctor back to the recovery room Tony was in.

"Well, let me see here what symptoms have you got?" asked the doctor taking his temperature.

"Mmmm," said Tony not wanting to open his mouth let alone his eyes.

"Sir, we can't help you if you don't tell me the symptoms you are having," said the doctor, who was still checking everything was OK.

"Tony, you better tell us what your symptoms are or your off my team," said Gibbs.

"Alright, it feels like my food wants to have a reunion, I've got a headache, and I feel," said Tony trailing off as he bent over and vomited, no one expected it so there was no kidney shaped dish so he was sick on the opposite side of everyone else.

"I see," said the doctor as he signalled for a cleaner to come in and clean up the mess Tony has just made.

"I'm not sure I think it's just a reaction to the anaesthesia, it shouldn't last any longer, Gibbs when he stops vomiting and feels hungry come get one of us, we'll get him some good soup," said the doctor walking away from the room.

By the time Gibbs had looked back at Tony, he had stopped vomiting and was now sleeping like a baby, curled up in the foetal position.

"Abby, why don't you and Ducky go get something to eat," said Gibbs.

"OK but if something happens to Tony you or someone comes and finds us," said Abby, who started to walk out of the room with Ducky.


"He still, hasn't woke up yet?" asked Abby who sat next to Tony just as Gibbs had stood up and moved away.

"No, and would you jump in my grave that quick?" asked Gibbs, giving her a stern look.

"No, but I don't want to move away from Tony," said Abby, stroking Tony's hair.

"Alright," said Gibbs moving another chair near to Tony's bed.

Just as they had said that, that Tony had woken up, and started to move about under the blankets.

"Mmmm, hello," said Tony squinting to the figures in his room.

"Hello, Tony how you feeling?" asked Gibbs who was now standing up next to Tony's bed.

"Better, stomach still hurts though, headache has gone," answered Tony, sitting up.

"Well that's better and your stomach will hurt for a bit, you've just had an operation," said Ducky, who had joined Gibbs, next to Tony's bed.

"Do you want something to eat?" asked Abby.

"Not at the moment maybe when my stomach has settled a bit more, then I will eat," said Tony as he saw Gibbs stare to say that he needs to eat.

"OK just get some sleep Tony," said Gibbs.

"I don't need YAWN sleep," said Tony.

"I think you just answered your own answer there," said Gibbs, but Tony had fallen asleep, so he just settled into the chair and fell asleep as well.

"Do you think we should get some sleep as well?" asked Abby, who was now looking at Gibbs and Tony asleep.

"I think we should, you can take the bed Abby," said Ducky.

"It's alright you get the bed, most of the time I fall asleep in my chair in front of my babies," said Abby.

"Babies?" asked Ducky confused.

"My computer, Ducky, Do you think Tony will be better when we all wake up?" asked Abby, whilst settling down in the chair, while Ducky settled in the bed.

"I'm sure he will be fine, now just get some sleep," answered Ducky.

"By the time the doctor came in to check on Tony he found all four of them asleep either in chairs or the beds, he checked on Tony ops and then turned the light off when he walked out of the room.

They are like a family all there for each other through thick and thin thought the doctor and went to sit down at his desk to do some paperwork.

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