Within the Twilight

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Black Order

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"Wow, so this is the Black Order? It's huge!", Timothy shouted while looking over Allen's shoulder, "But why did you build it on a mountain?"

He scooted around for a better view, which caused the white-haired boy carrying him to flinch in pain and almost dropping them back down the cliff. The wounds the Level 4 had left on Allen were still fresh, heck, some were still bleeding. Using far range weaponry was, at least in Allen's opinion, very troublesome and almost unfair, especially since most of Crown Clowns abilities were close-range. There was obviously something wrong with those wounds, or more precisely with what had caused them, because even after almost a week, the healing process was slow at best and those cuts kept on reopening, though it was slowly getting better. He still wasn't quite sure how he managed to destroy that Akuma, he only remembered that something had distracted it long enough for him to land a finishing blow. Kanda had cut the Level 3 to ribbons. After that the barrier that blocked Allen's eye and the usage of the gates of the Arc collapsed, but somehow he still couldn't summon the gates and to make matters worse, Reever had shown up and told them that the waterway would be closed for a while and they had to take the way up the mountain. Needless to say, nobody had been looking forward to that.

Timothy didn't seem to notice the pain he was causing as he squirmed even more while hardly ever stopping his endless flow of questions. What the group of Allen, Marie, Kanda and, having to be supported by the Samurai after taking a hit from a Level 3 to protect the boy taking a piggyback ride on Allen, Link found most annoying was the fact that Timothy's Innocence seemed to be sentient, having considerate knowledge about Akuma, and, as the boy never stopped bragging about, looked "like a really cool, older version of me". But since no one but Timcampy and Timothy himself were able to see and hear it, they were never really sure who the boy was talking to.

"Couldn't we have taken the others from the orphanage with us?", Timothy asked, this time obviously them and not his Innocence.

"Absolutely not!", Link immediately replied, "That would be a direct violation of protocol 7 paragraph..."

"We wouldn't have been able to get them up here", Allen interrupted, realizing the boy had been breaking protocols practically his entire life and wouldn't accept this one either. "And we would get in serious trouble with the higher-ups." he added as he caught Links gaze. It was surprising how strict he could look even with his broken ribs.

"Okay." Timothy pouted, before continuing "But is this really the place where you live? It looks so creepy, like it's..."

"Moyashi, tell the pipsqueak to shut up", Kanda interrupted Timothy and, placing his hand on Mugen, added "or I'll shut him up myself."

"My name is Allen, BaKanda, not Moyashi." Allen immediately answered. 'And I've already tried' he added mentally. He really liked Timothy, but they were all exhausted and wanted some quiet. But more importantly, Kanda had called him Beansprout AGAIN!

Kanda was equally annoyed with Allen. The stupid Beansprout had dared to call him that again. He was starting to become as irritating as that stupid Lavi.

Both seemed ready to attack each other when Marie interrupted them, pointing at the gate. "Calm down, you two, were almost there. Oh, and Timothy" the boy looked up.

"Yes?" the boy asked, curios what the blind man wanted.

"Since you're not hurt, maybe you should get of of Allen." Marie said seriously. Timothy looked at Allen's back, only now noticing the blood stains that had formed on his shirt, and jumped to the ground.

"Sorry Allen.", he pleaded "I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry, it's nothing." Allen lied. Then the scene before them caught their attention. Kanda, who had passed the duty of being Links crutch to Marie and walked ahead, was having a discussion with the Gatekeeper, which, of course, ended with Kanda drawing his sword and threatening the Gatekeeper into opening the gate.

"You sure have a way with words, don't ya, Kanda?" Allen asked Kanda sarcastically as they entered the Order.

"Che, shut up Moyashi. We'll bring him" he nodded to Link, who had been amazingly quiet the entire time as he now leaned on Marie "to the infirmary, while you bring that pipsqueak" he pointed at Timothy, who showed him his outstretched tongue in return "to Komui and give a mission report. By the time you get to the infirmary, I should be long gone and won't have to see you."

Allen glared at him, before muttering, loud enough for everyone to hear "Hm, if I'm lucky, I don't have to see BaKandas girly face for the rest of the day." There was a moment of silence before Kanda snapped. He drew Mugen and Allen activated his left arm, ready for a fight. Timothy's eyes widened as Kanda raised his sword above his head, seemingly ready to strike. At that precise moment something broke the tension. Kanda let out a pained hiss and turned his upper body around, looking at his lower backside in shock. There, as big as a child's head, was Timcampy, his teeth sunk into Kanda's… Behind. Timothy laughed out and Allen saw his chance, grabbed him and made a bolt for the door leading to the science department, going as fast as his injuries allowed. Timcampy released Kanda and followed them. Before Kanda fully realized what had happened, he, Marie and Link were the only ones in sight. He turned to them and hissed "If anyone hears about this you're both dead!"

Allen leaned on the wall, still grinning about what had just happened. Timothy was shaking with laughter. He didn't like Kanda since he first met him, as Phantom thief G he gave him a beating, and when he met them in, or rather with his body, the man had held his sword to his throat. Allen smirked and looked at Timcampy."Thanks Timcampy, but I'm worried. You bit in something really gross and I don't want you to get sick."

At that point, Timothy howled with laughter. When he had finally calmed down enough to speak, he asked Allen "Is it always this fun here?"

Allen smiled. "Not always, but it's hardly ever boring. Welcome to the Black Order, Timothy."


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