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Previously on You Will Not Be Forgotten...

I stared blankly at him before the reality hit and I started crying.

Alice's POV

Wow... I didn't know I could yell that loud! But what I have to worry about most right now is the fact that my fantastic plan isn't working all that fantastically.

Carlisle is trying to reason with Aro, Caius and Marcus. It doesn't seem to be going too well. Actually, it's going about as well as our fight which is terrible. We're all trying to take on two of the guard at the same time. Funny thing is, is that I see us all getting out of here in one piece. If only I could figure out how that's gonna work.

Carlisle's POV

I watched my children fighting, and I couldn't help but feel hopeless. I knew that Alice would stay if it saved Bella. And Bella was safely away now. But I knew as well as anyone that with Alice gone our whole family could fall apart. I was desperately trying to reason with Aro, Caius and Marcus, but they were convinced that letting Alice go would show weakness on their part. I didn't think so. I felt that they could use some lessons in compassion.

But in all fairness, they had told us one chance, and we hadn't followed through. Maybe that route would work...

"I accept complete and total blame for our mistake. I was controlling Bella's transformation date. We should have changed her by now, but please don't tear our family apart. In less than a month, Bella will be a vampire and your "weak link" will be gone. We were merely trying to remain inconspicuous. Surely you can understand that, yes?"

Caius began to say no, but Aro held up a hand to silence him. "I see where you're coming from, Carlisle. And of course we don't want to encroach on your family. You can have your way this time. But just know that we will be there and that is a guarantee. And if the girl is not a vampire, we will kill her and then kill you all as well, is that understood?" I nodded.

"Very well, off you go. I will see you soon, my friend!" I was amazed at how Aro acted like nothing had ever happened.

I collected my family, and together we exited the home of the Volturi and followed Edward's scent.

Bella's POV

I felt like the world had been lifted off of my shoulders when I saw my entire family running toward Edward and I. No one was injured, no one was missing and that included Alice.

I leapt out of Edward's arms, momentarily forgetting my injuries.

"Is it over?" I asked Alice. She nodded.

"Yes, Bella. It's all over."

"Alice, what's the date?"

She thought for a moment. "August 6th, why?"

Slowly, I turned to face Edward.

"Edward, our wedding's in a week!"

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