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July 1st 1983; Tokyo, Japan; Lanyon Mental Asylum; Basement

"I still don't feel comfortable keeping him here Jack," I said as we ventured down to the restricted areas of the infamous "Lanyon Asylum".

"Tough," is all he said. It was his default response to any kind of complaint. I hated that about Jack Lanyon, among many other things.

We came to the massive titanium double doors that led to the cell of "M", one of the most dangerous psychopaths to ever walk the earth. The heavily armed guards just outside the door saluted Jack and I as we passed and unlocked the door for us. This didn't feel like a mental institute… it felt like a military's base of operations.

When the door opened another, even thicker door was revealed underneath. One of the guards stepped forward and punched in a code on the terminal and there was a hissing sound emanating from the massive steel door as several metallic sounding locks clicked and the door rose up from the ground, revealing a massive padded cell the size of a basketball court that contained a single man. A man we could not see.

Jack held out his hand and one of the guards gave him a pistol that he tossed to me while he took out his own gun and walked into the cell as the doors shut behind us. As we stepped further inside the florescent lights overhead flicked on with several loud clicks, gradually revealing the rest of the bleak cell. "M" could still not be seen.

"Where is he?" I asked, my hand trembling.

"Behind you…" answered a raspy voice.

I jumped and spun around, my gun held tightly in my shaking hands. He was crouched down right by the now closed door; apparently he has been planning to escape before the doors shut.

"You knew we were coming then?" asked Jack as if he was talking to a child with a reputation of misbehaving.

"Yes…" wheezed "M".

"You should know by now Maebarra-san: escape is impossible within these walls," Jack said while taking out a pipe and filling it with tobacco.

Maebarra, or "M", stared up at Jack with utmost loathing. He seemed to have forgotten I was there.

"Smoking kills…" he coughed.

"And so do you," said Jack with a sneer, "which is why you're still here."

"One time…"

"Yes but on that 'one time' you slaughtered twenty five people and traumatized one little girl. Dr. Koizumi down at the therapy center saw her for at least two whole years until she was able to forget you."

"I was a child…"

Jack gave him a disbelieving look, "You think that matters?"

"M" ran out of things to say at that point, he just resumed his hateful staring contest with Jack while he lit his pipe.

"I hate you…" he hissed, a tear leaking from his cold gray eye.

"I hate you too Maebarra. But that's now why we're here. We need another blood sample."

Ryuu's head shot up, his pupils shrinking with fear. "A-another one?" I was reminded of a small child being told he had to get a shot when I saw his face.

"Actually several other ones," Jack blew a fresh plume of smoke in "M's" face with a grin, which made his eyes water even more, "You're in for a rough night Maebarra."

"M" leaped up from his sitting position and jumped on Jack, smashing his head against his sternum. If it weren't for the straightjacket keeping his arms restrained Jack probably would've died then and there.

"Masato! Shoot him now!" bellowed Jack over "M's" manic laughter and furious grunts as he flailed his head against Jack's chest.

I whipped out my pistol and shot him in the back, surprised to see a tranquilizer dart come out rather than a bullet.

"M" turned on me, his eyes looking vicious and murderous.

"Shit!" I pulled the trigger again, the only sound I heard was the click, click of a gun without ammo. "I'm out!"

I felt the wind leave me as "M" plowed head first into my gut, knocking me full force against the padded wall. He seemed intent on drilling his head through my stomach as he continued to press his head against my abdomen. I felt something warm trickle out of my mouth and blood began to trickle downward onto "M's" white straightjacket.

"JACK!!" I pleaded with a mouth full of blood. He was just standing there, watching. I cringed in pain as I felt my ribs crack under "M's" head. "SHOOT HIM!!"

"Fine, fine… I guess that's enough." Jack finally pulled out his tranquilizer gun and shot two darts in his back, causing "M" to slump over on my feet almost immediately. I fell over on my side, clutching my broken ribs. "Bastard… I could've died!"

Jack blew a out another plume of smoke as if nothing had happened.



July 3rd 1983; Tokyo, Japan; Lanyon Mental Asylum; 4th floor

I flipped through the patient's files, in search for "M's". I placed a hand over my bandaged ribs at the thought of him and grimaced. "Damn you Jack…." I whispered angrily. I finally found it. It had its own filing cabinet it was so big. I looked through the tabs and pulled out "Background Info".

"M's" real name is Ryuu Maebarra. His only family is living in Hinamizawa. Apparently they moved on his parent's old property shortly after he was institutionalized. The only remaining members of his family are Ichirou Maebarra, Aiko Maebarra, and their son: Keiichi Maebarra. Ryuu is guilty of murdering 25 people. I also heard he tormented a Sonozaki Mion, she had to see a therapist for two years until she just showed up one day and completely forgot everything that had happened.

After they had him institutionalized he was diagnosed with L5 Hinamizawa Syndrome. However he didn't end up ripping out his own throat like all of the other victims who fall to this disease.

How strange…

I've talked to him before. He likes me. Or he used to before I shot him in the back the other day. I almost wish I let him kill Jack… he nearly did the same to me! He reminds me of a scared little kid at the doctor's office just waiting for his check up to finally end. I pity him actually. Whenever we talk about the murders he gets fidgety and starts tearing up. I think that memory is as painful for him as it was for that Sonozaki girl.

We took more of his blood samples yesterday. "M" hates getting his blood taken. Jack, that son of a bitch, insisted on waiting until "M" was conscious for it just to taunt him.

I swear sometimes I can't tell who belongs in a cell, Ryuu or Jack.

My train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a loud whining sound and flashing red lights overhead. Quickly, I shoved the files back into their designated cabinets.

I wasn't supposed to be here!

I expected the door behind me to have locked automatically to keep me here until security arrived but it opened easily.

Clearly I wasn't the cause for the alarms going off like this.

I closed the door behind me and tried to act natural as several security guards with automatic rifles stormed down the hall, looking terrified. Jack was among the marching guards, wearing a bullet proof vest over his white ankle-length lab coat. "Jack! What's going on? What happened?!"

" 'M' escaped," he said through the pipe clenched in between his teeth.

My pupils shrunk in fear, "…no way…"

"Indeed… If we don't stop him soon the whole facility will be in danger."

This was news to me. How can one teenager be a danger to the entire facility? I was more afraid for "M" than I was for the facility a moment ago.

"I see something! Around the corner!" said one of the guards, quickly putting up his hand to signal his colleagues to stop. They raised their weapons, ready to fire at even the slightest movement.

"Who's there!" demanded Jack, holding his pistol threateningly.

No answer.

Jack raised his gun in the air and fired at the ceiling, sending small bits of rubble bouncing off our heads.

That didn't sound like a tranquilizer gun…

"We're not playing this time 'M'! Come out or we will kill you!"

No answer.

"Coronel, you take your men and try to retrieve him without killing him. But if need be you must not hesitate to open fire. Do you understand?"

Wait… coronel? He's a security guard not a member of the Japanese military!

"Understood sir!"

He signaled his men to follow him and they turned the corner, fear shimmering in their eyes. There was a scream and someone opened fire but was quickly silenced after I heard a sickening splashing sound that sounded a lot like blood splattering against the floor.

I almost collapsed when I saw a human arm slide across the floor, leaving a streak of dark blood.

More gunfire and screaming, followed by more splashing sounds and cries of fear from the soldiers.

I started forward, intent on helping whoever was still alive but I was stopped by Jack's arm and his stern glare.

I could hear the colonel shouting, "STAY BACK! STAY BACK!"

That was the last thing I heard before I saw him step out of the hall, "M" holding a knife to his throat.

No… he was holding a knife in his throat.

"M" ripped the knife out, sending a stream of blood spraying out of the colonel's neck. He spun around before collapsing to the floor.

"M" showed no emotion, no amusement and no remorse. He saw Jack standing there however and his mouth cracked into a murderous smile. I looked at Jack and for once I saw genuine fear in his eyes.

I had to admit… it was quite refreshing.

"M" came charging down the hall screaming bloody murder, the knife still clutched in his right hand. Jack raised his gun and fired straight at his head. But "M" made a remarkable dodge. He fell on his knees and laid down on his back in the blink of an eye as the bullet zoomed over him. Jack fired again while he was down but "M" flipped over to the left, dodging the bullet once more.

He sprung up in a flash, holstering the knife as he charged Jack. Jack aimed for "M's" knees this time, thinking he'd be unable to dodge that. But "M" saw it coming and did a front flip just as the bullet was about to rip through his knee.

"M" was now pressing the knife up to Jack's gut, staring at him with a sinister grin.

Jack had dropped his gun in shock and could do nothing but stare into "M's" cold eyes.

"M" raised his hand and slashed the knife across Jack's face, sending blood splashing all over "M" and me.

Jack cried out in pain as he stumbled to the floor.


"You don't like it?" asked "M" in a mocking baby-voice.

Jack's only reply was his screams.

"Tough," said "M" with an ever widening grin.

"M" brought Jack down so his stomach was on the floor and he placed a foot on Jack's left fore-arm and began pulling up on his hand with all his strength. There was a sickening crack and a rip as Jack's arm was torn from his body, sending blood splattering across the once white walls. I could only stand there, paralyzed with fear and disgust.

"That is for every unnecessary shot and needle you've given me!" he screamed furiously before ramming his foot into Jack's face.

I couldn't take it anymore! I had to do something! I ran up to "M" and grabbed his arm, looking at him pleadingly.

"STOP IT!" I begged, tears rolling down my cheeks, "STOP IT RYUU!"

For a moment, I thought he recognized me. His cold gray eyes became soft and vulnerable like that of a lost child's. But when he saw where my hand was his face hardened.

"TRAITOR!! YOU HURT ME THE OTHER DAY!!" I felt something hard ram my gut and blood shot out of my mouth.


"M" grabbed my finger and began pulling back on it until I felt it leave my hand. Bright lights flashed in my head as the pain flooded me.


I was pushed forward onto the wall and I felt his blood soaked hand grab my hair and slam my head against the wall. It wasn't long until blood began trickling down my face and into my mouth. Out of my peripheral vision I saw Jack slowly rise, clutching his missing limb. I turned my head as much as possible to get a better look at him.

I tried to say something but when I opened my mouth nothing came out but a wave of vomit as my head was continually bashed against the wall. I was only able to silently mouth the words, "Help me…"

I know Jack understood me because at that moment he smiled, striking fear into my heart. And he mouthed the word: "Tough."

Jack ran, his footsteps splashing in the puddles of blood "M" had created. My head was shrieking in pain. I couldn't think straight anymore. I just wanted to die now… I didn't care who killed me.

My wish was granted shortly. As "M" delivered one final blow to my head I felt it shatter and then… I died.


"M" escaped that day and Jack was the only survivor.


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