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A young girl ran her fingers through her short sandy blonde locks, as she shifted her book bag on her shoulders. She was adorned in the boys' elementary school uniform, clad in a white button down shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes. She kept her head bowed and ignored her surroundings and the people around her as she walked down the hallways of her school.

She suddenly stopped when she stood in front of a classroom and slowly raised her head up, revealing emerald green eyes and a dark black and blue bruise beneath her left eye. Her eyes rested upon a smaller blonde whom had long golden blonde hair held up in two odangos and wore the female version of the school's uniform; white long sleeved button down blouse, black knee length skirt, white knee high socks, and black dress shoes. She was placing her belongings in her book bag as her 2nd grade teacher patiently waited for her student to complete her task.

The younger girl placed her book bag upon her shoulders and turned towards the one standing in the doorway, a grin creeping upon her face. She quickly made her way towards the doorway and wrapped her arms tightly around girl in a loving embrace.

"Hey Amara!" she exclaimed with a soft giggle. She leaned back and suddenly frowned, crystalline blue eyes staring upon the dark bruise on the girl's face.

"What happened?"

"I'll tell you later."

"Serena!" the young blonde turned her head towards her teacher questioningly. Ms. Bloomberg stood from her seat and came around her desk to gather some paperwork.

"Please don't forget to give your father that letter."

"Yes Ms. Bloomberg." replied Serena as her frown deepened. She then turned back towards Amara and began to head out of the classroom, bidding the teacher a farewell as she did so. The duo made their way down the now quiet hallways, making their way to the school exit, and soon off the property.

Amara buried her hands deeply into the pockets of her slacks and bowed her head. "Seiya and his brothers were picking on me again and Seiya punched me in the eye on the playground." Amara stated suddenly, then frowned at the memory and traced her finger tips along her bruise lightly before continuing.

"He only hit me because his brothers were holding me back." A smirk and a dark look flashed in her eyes. "but I got him back; I cornered him in the bathroom and knocked his tooth out."

Serena couldn't help the smile that came across her face, she really didn't like Seiya, especially since he always picked on Amara because of the way she liked to dress. Amara shifted her eyes down to her younger sister questioningly.

"What's up with that letter the teacher wants you to give to Dad?"

"I've been sleeping in class and missing homework."

"You giving him the letter?"

"Do I ever give him the letters?" Amara snickered at her sister, licking her lips and looking up at the bright blue sky. Serena looked up at the taller blonde as she wrapped her arms around herself, a sudden chill creeping up her form.

"What are you going to tell daddy?"

Amara flinched, shifting her eyes to the ground. "I was hoping I could dodge him. It's Friday, he's usually gone till Sunday night...I'm sure my black eye will be barely visible by then."

Serena grinned as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. "It's Friday…"

Amara flashed her little sister a grin as she wrapped an arm around the girl's shoulders. "The whole weekend to ourselves! We…"

Amara suddenly paused, standing frozen in her spot. Serena arched a brow in confusion as her sister clutched her shoulder tightly. She raised her head and looked up at her ready to ask what was wrong, until she saw the fear etched across the girl's face. Serena then turned her head toward what Amara was staring at and time seemed to have frozen as she spotted her father's car sitting in the driveway of their home.

"What is he doing here?" whispered Serena.

Amara released her hold on her sister and chewed upon her bottom lip. "I don't know." She stared at the car, her mind racing a mile a minute. Her instincts were telling her she was in danger and to run, but she couldn't…her damned legs wouldn't obey the simple command. She turned her head and looked down at her sister as the smaller blonde laced her fingers with her own, tears welling up in those large blue eyes of hers.

"I'm scared." Amara clenched her jaw and tightened her grip upon her sister's hand, trying to force down her own fear that was bubbling inside her.

"I won't let him hurt you."

Serena swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as she nodded numbly. She closed her eyes for a moment as she tried to steady her racing heart beat. She reopened her eyes and looked upon her sister who now held a determined look on her face.

"The quicker we do this, the better." replied Amara as she began leading them towards their house. Their pace was slow as they were both trying to prolong the inevitable. Now standing upon the door steps, they both gulped as Amara began to reach for the door knob. Serena suddenly began to take a few steps back, causing Amara to halt in her actions. The short haired blonde looked towards her younger sister who now had tears trailing from her eyes and was shaking her head.

"I don't want to go." Amara sighed heavily; hell she didn't want to go in there either, but what choice did she have?

"Sere…" Amara was interrupted as the front door was thrown open. She whipped her head around and her green eyes were fixated on the tall burly man that was her father; Wallace Tenoh. He stood about 6'2, dirty blonde hair that reached his shoulders and emerald green eyes that were glossy and blood shot red. He was adorned in a black beater, revealing massive muscles and wore a pair of dark grey sweat pants.

He sneered at his children, upper lip curled up in disgust and before either of the girls could react, their father reached out and snatched the both of them up by the hair. He yanked them inside the house, slamming the door shut by kicking it closed. He slammed the two children into the wall and ignored their cries of pain, looking them both hard in the face before his attention shifted towards his eldest child.

"Where'd you get that?"

"Get what?" questioned a dumbfounded Amara, causing her father to growl and ram her head into the wall.

"Don't play fucking stupid! Who did that to your face?" he barked, ramming her head into the wall with each word he said, gripping the girl's hair all the more tighter. Amara now had tears flowing down her face as she couldn't hold them back any longer.

"Seiya did it." Apparently he didn't like the answer because he rammed her head into the wall once more, cracking the material in the process.

"You let that little shit do that?" growled the man, unconsciously gripping his hold on his other daughter as well. Amara hissed as she could feel some of her hair coming out the top of her head from her father's steel like grip.

"His two brothers were holding me back!," she cried out.

"She knocked out Seiya's tooth though Daddy," budded in Serena, trying to help her sister out. Though this action earned a hard back handed slap across the face, causing the child to crumple to the ground cradling her now bloody nose.

"Was I fucking talking to you?!" shouted Wallace and in return Serena shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes.

"No sir."

"Then shut the fuck up!" he glared down at her. "Besides I just received a call from your teacher…you're next." he turned his attention back towards the child at hand as he felt her move towards her little sister. He yanked her back in place, slamming her back up against the wall.

"Where the hell do you think you're going? I'm not done with you yet." He gave her a sickening smile, eyes darkening cruelly before Amara's eyes, perspiration trickling down the side of his face. He pulled her from the wall and dragged her into the kitchen by the hair. Once he was in the said room, he shoved the child from him and watched as she fell and slid across the black and white tiled floor.

"You should of knocked out all of that little fucker's teeth!" ranted Wallace as he made his way to the broom closet and pulled out a wooden broom and gripped it tightly in his hands.

"If you quit acting like a boy, maybe you wouldn't get picked on." He continued, making his way back to the short haired blonde and struck the girl across the back as she attempted to rise from the floor. Amara cried out as she felt excruciating pain come across her back, as the wooden broom mercilessly abused her; curling up into tight ball for some form of protection.


Serena began to climb to her feet as her father started to kick Amara upon her exposed back, laughing in merriment at the child's grunts of pain. Serena looked down at the coffee table eyeing the syringes, burned up metal spoons and razor blades. She whirled her head to her father as realization dawned upon her; her father was high off his rocker and if she didn't do something now, she may loose her sister.

She took several steps towards the kitchen. "Daddy! Stop it!"

The man stopped his ruthless attack and stared upon his youngest child with rage confused eyes. He blinked a few times, tacking several awkward steps towards her. He then growled lowly in his throat as he gripped the broom handle all the more tightly.

"I thought I told you to go to the store Ellen." Serena cocked a brow confused., taking a step back from her father.

"Daddy…it's me…Serena…Mommy isn't here."

"Why the fuck aren't you at the store Ellen?" Without warning, Wallace stood before Serena and came down hard with the broom handle against the girl's upper thigh. Serena screamed out in pain, clutching her thigh and dropped down to one knee, just in time for the wooden handle to come across the side of her head swiftly. The impact nearly caused Serena to leave the ground and she fell heavily to the floor below her with a pitiful moan.

Her father dropped down and straddled her waist, leaning in close, cupping the child's face in his large calloused hands. Blood trailed down the side of Serena face, as her eyes kept rolling to the back of her head. Wallace slapped the child across the face to gain her attention, and as Serena's eyes slowly locked upon his, the older man's eyes suddenly filled with tears.

"Why must you disobey me Ellen…do you think I like hurting you?!" he shouted as he began to shake the girl roughly by the shoulders. Serena desperately tried to clear her hazy mind, but the overwhelming sensation to sleep was taking over…that is until she felt a rough chapped set of lips upon her soft delicate ones. On instinct she began to fight off the offending lips and when the person parted from her, her eyes widened in horror as she realized it was her father.

The man stared down at her with a smirk, as he licked his lips. "Want to play hard to get I see." he murmured huskily as he grabbed his daughter's flailing hands and pinned them above her head.

Tears of fear welled up in the child's eyes as she violently fought against her father. "Daddy its me! Stop it please!" she cried. She suddenly cringed as she felt her father caress the side of her face and slowly down her chest. She began to cry harder as she felt her father's hand trail against her inner thigh beneath the black skirt of her school uniform.

"Stop fighting me Ellen, I know you want this." He leaned down and trailed sloppy wet kisses down Serena's tear stained cheeks snf began to unbuttoned the child's blouse. He ignored the girl's pleas as she begged him to stop; trailing kisses down to the side of her neck, hands roaming her young body.


Amara groaned and rolled onto her aching back, placing a hand to her throbbing head. She turned towards the living room upon hearing her sister pleading to their father and slowly sat up, fighting off the dizziness that swarmed her noggin. She scowled upon the man as she saw him straddling and touching her sister in a way he wasn't suppose to and started to stand to her feet. She limped her way into the room and took a hold of a lamp that sat beside the couch and gripped the object firmly in both hands.

She walked up behind Wallace and held the lamp over his form and without hesitation brought the object crashing down onto her father's head. Wallace let out a started yelp as the lamp shattered against the back of his skull, causing him to release his youngest daughter and grab the back of his head which was now gushing with blood. With a low drawled out moan, he rolled off of his daughter and onto the floor with a heavy thud.

Amara quickly dropped down to her knees pulling her trembling sister into her arms. "We have to get out of here!" The short haired blonde began to help her sister to her feet when she was snatched up by the back of her neck and was brought face to face with her father whom was now seething in anger.

"You fucking bitch!" He clenched his hand into a tight fist giving Amara a mind blowing punch to the face. The blonde's head lolled back as she had blacked out for a moment; she rolled her head back towards her father and coughed deeply as blood and her two front teeth landed at her father's feet.

"I will make you regret that." he sneered, taking his tongue and licking away the blood that trailed down the corner of Amara's mouth. With a fierce grip on the back of the child's neck, he began leading them down the hallway.

Jumping to her feet, Serena ran up to her father and began pounding on his back to stop him. The man paused in mid stride and spun on his heels and snatched his youngest up by the throat and raised her off the ground. Without warning he brought her close to his face and glared at her heatedly before tossing her across the room effortlessly and then turned away from her and continued down his path; Amara screaming and clawing at his arm relentlessly.

Serena crashed on top of the coffee table, the bulky furniture breaking to pieces upon impact. The child cried out as the razor blades cut at her skin and syringes stuck in her flesh. As fast as she could she climbed off the crushed table, tearing out the syringes that were embedded into her skin and pulled out a razor blade that had been wedged into her shoulder.

She clutched at her wounded shoulder, half lidded eyes staring upon the direction her father had gone in a little discombobulated. She snapped out of her dazed like state when she heard Amara's scream that shook her to the core. She limped her way down the dark hallway and stood before her father's bedroom door where Amara's screams were more frequent and urgent.

With a deep breath and a moment of silent encouragement, Serena threw the door open and nearly gasped at what she saw. Amara's clothes were scattered about the room as well as her father's and the man had her sister pinned beneath his massive body, one hand over her mouth to silence her screams, his other punching away at her face Seiya had abused only a few hours before. The young blonde felt tears well up in her eyes as she heard her sister's mumbled anguished cries of pain.

Unable to take anymore of this, Serena rushed to her father's closet. With much difficulty she climbed up a few shelves and took a hold of a shoe box. Climbing back down with the box she tore the lid off and revealed a black revolver that her father kept loaded. Taking a hold of the hand gun, Serena shakily held it up to her father's exposed back.

"D…D…Daddy stop it!"

Wallace paused in mid thrust and turned towards his youngest child with a sneer before his features quickly transformed into that of shock. He slowly rose himself off of his daughter he had just violated in the worst possible way and pulled up his sweat pants that hung around his ankles.

"Give me the gun."

Serena shook her head and took a small step back, going deeper into the closet and trying her damnedest to stop her hands from shaking. "No."

Wallace growled and clenched his hands into tight fists. He started to lunge towards the girl when the petite blonde pulled the trigger and a loud bang rung out. Wallace stood stock still till he lowered his eyes to his abdomen and the small hole that was oozing with blood. Placing his hand over the wound, he shifted his eyes back on to his youngest, silently falling to his knees, then flat on his back, eyes falling shut.

Serena dropped the gun and placed her hands to her ears as tears welled up in her eyes. She began to shake her head as she sunk down to the floor and broke down into heart wrenching sobs, eyes locked onto her father's form.


Amara was stuck in her own stupor as she watched her father fall to the ground as if in slow motion. Her eyes shifted upon her sister who was in a middle of a mental break down. With a sniffle, she wiped away her tears with her forearms and slid off the bed with shaky legs, despite her body screaming at her in pain. She slowly made her way around the room and gathered her clothing and took a moment to place them on.

Once she was fully clothed, she crawled her way into the closet and sat beside her sister whom has not yet acknowledged her presence. Amara pulled her sister into a tight hug and let the blonde bury her face into her chest and cry for all she was worth.

After a few moments Amara leaned in close to the girl's ear. "We have to go." she murmured.

Serena pulled back from her sister, blue meeting green. "I didn't mean it…I really didn't."

Amara gave a small smile as her eyes shifted to her father. "I know you didn't Sere." she shifted her eyes back to her sister. "This isn't your fault." The tomboy slowly stood to her feet and heavily leaned up against the closet door frame. She reached out a hand for her sister to take, in which she did and she pulled Serena to her feet.

"Come on, we really need to get out of here."

Serena furrowed her brows, trying to rub the tears from her eyes. "Where are we going to go?"

"I don't know…anywhere but here." Serena nodded as Amara slung her arm around her shoulders for leverage. The duo slowly made their way towards the bedroom's exit, when Amara suddenly paused in her steps before Wallace. She bent down and rummaged through the man's pockets and pulled out a wallet and stashed it into her pocket.

"Amara…what are you doing?!"

"We need money; doesn't look like he can do anything with it." muttered the tomboy.

Serena chewed on her bottom lip as she began to tear up once again. "You think he's dead?"

Amara shrugged her shoulders. "I hope so…besides he isn't moving, so I would think so…"

"If he isn't I don't want to be here when he wakes up." thought the blonde silently to herself.

Serena chocked on a sob and let off a loud wail. "I didn't mean to kill him…I just wanted him to stop!"

Amara grabbed her sister firmly by the shoulders and gave her a rough shake. "Listen to me, forget him Sere! Look what he did to us…if you didn't do what you did then we would be just like mom…dead! Do you want to be like mom?"

Serena slowly shook her head and sniffled. "No…"

"Alright then…this never happened. Lets just get out of here and forget about all of this. Besides…he's probably burning in hell as we speak and we're finally free Sere…like we always wanted to be."

Serena blinked away her tears and let a small smile grace her flushed face. "We're free..."

Amara smiled softly . "Yeah…free…now lets go."

"I think we need to clean ourselves up first." mumbled Serena.

"We'll find somewhere to clean up, lets just get out of here."

Serena chewed on her bottom lip once again for a moment and than made her way to her father's beside table. She grabbed a hold of a picture frame before making her over to her sister, where they both helped each other walk down the hall and soon out of the house with out giving the home they've known all of their lives a second thought.

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