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Hotaru closed her session room door after Serena and Elaine left. She leaned her head against the door heavily and ran s shaky hand through her dark tresses.

Serena had told her everything!

Starting from the moment she had left school that Friday afternoon down to the moment she and Amara had been picked up by Setsuna and.A.J from Artemis's and Luna's residence.

To put it frankly; she was mortified and felt sick to her stomach. The details that were described to her had let her know what kind of monster Wallace had grown too.

She wished Serena had put that bullet in his forehead.

Pushing away from the door, Hotaru made her way to her desk and sat down heavily. She leaned forward and grabbed the phone and quickly dialed her lover's number. The line rung before a familiar voice broke through.


"Hey." whispered Hotaru.

"What's wrong?" questioned Setsuna worriedly.

"Serena's session just ended."

"Oh? How did that go?"

"She confessed."

"Excuse me?"

"Serena confessed to what happened that night she and Amara ran away."

"Holy shit!"

"Holy shit indeed and I think I need a drink."

"Do you want me to pick you up?"

" just meet me at home."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure and have A.J. meet us there; he is going to want to hear this too. "

"Alright Love, I will see you soon."

Hotaru smiled warmly, craddling the phone in her hands. "Bye, love you." The raven hung up, running her fingers through her short dark tresses

She stood from her seat and opened up a side draw in her desk and pulled out her black leather purse. Digging through it, she pulled out a set of keys and slung the bag over her shoulder.

Just as Hotaru was about to take her leave for the night, the door to her office suddenly opened. Dusty boots and worn out greasy jeans were the first things to catch her attention, followed by a ripped up dark grey and black flannel button down shirt.

When violet eyes finally looked upon the intruder's face, Hotaru froze in sheer horror and stumbled back, pressing herself up against her desk.


Wallace smirked, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him with a small click.

"Looks like the freak is all grown up." muttered Wallace in disgust as he looked around her office. "And it looks like you made a name for yourself."

"Looks like you made a name for yourself too with your face all over TV." spat Hotaru as she looked upon the ragged man in disgust. It blew her mind how far Wallace has fallen…back when she was in high school she could honestly say that the man was once very attractive. Now he looked nothing like his former self, he was overly thin; his sandy blonde hair was dirty and matted into a loose ponytail. His once flawless face had aged greatly and he was forming sores on various places on his face from his drug use. She honestly wouldn't be surprised if the man was missing teeth as well. His clothes were ragged and he had a bit of an odor coming from him; sweat and alcohol was the rancid stench. His once bright emerald orbs were cloudy and blood shot red, and she could see the white in his eyes were beginning to turn yellow from the alcohol abuse.

Wallace has fallen off indeed.

The man sneered at Hotaru and before the raven knew what was happening, Wallace was in her face and grabbing her by the throat. They psychiatrist soon found herself being snatched from the table she had just been leaning against and was slammed against a wall, gasping in surprise and pain as the lunatic began to apply pressure to her throat.

"You watch your fucking mouth bitch; I have no problem killing you." Snarled Wallace and to add to threat, he reached into his pocket with his free hand and pulled out his trusty knife. Hitting a button on the side, the 6 inch blade swung out; the once flawless silver blade stained red.

Hotaru eyed the dried blood stained blade as a fear she never experienced before began to well in the pit of her stomach. She began to wonder if the blood was from the woman he had tried to kill but quickly shook the thought from her mind as a shiver coursed its way up her spine. She wheezed as she grabbed at the hand that was currently cutting off most of her oxygen supply, tears springing to her eyes.

"What do you want?" she barely whispered.

Wallace grinned…that same sadistic grin that she had seen on Serena's face not too long ago. A bead of sweat began to trickle down the side of her face as Wallace lowered the knife and began to drag the blade up her thigh, cutting into the material of her black dress pants, wincing when the blade nicked her flesh. She began trembling when the blade began trailing up her side and the tears finally fell from her eyes as the blade began to lightly trail across her face.

Wallace snickered at her reaction before finally speaking. "Hmm…and I actually thought you grew a back bone after all of these years." He muttered. "You're the same ol' scared little bitch you were back in high school."

Hotaru glared at him despite the fear which only humored the man. "You're a monster!"

Wallace threw his head back with a laugh, nearly cutting Hotaru's face from the action. "You have no idea." He suddenly growled before tightening his hold around Hotaru's throat, making the woman's violet eyes bulged as she let off a strangled cry. The blonde haired man grinned as he watched the claw at his hands, the panic screaming in her large tear filled eyes. Her complexion was beginning to go from a bright red, to a startling blue and he couldn't help but fascinated as he started to watch the life fade from her eyes.

Before he got to the point of no return, he loosened his grip and the raven fell into a coughing fit as she hungrily sucked in air for her deprived lungs. Before Hotaru could fully recover, Wallace reapplied more pressure to her neck and slammed her head against the wall, nearly making the wall crack. Pressing his blade back to Hotaru's flushed face, he grinned.

"Now…the reason why I'm here." He muttered, once again trailing the blade along the woman's face. "I want you to relay a message."

Hotaru furrowed her brows as she struggled to breathe. "Message?" was all she was able to squeak out.

Wallace nodded, stopping his blade at Hotaru's left cheek, digging the tip in and staring intently at the trickle of blood that began to trail down her face. "I know you still hang around that bastard A.J"

Hotaru stiffened at the mentioning of her friend and her eyes locked onto Wallace's chilling hazy eyes. "You tell that mother fucker that he better back the fuck off…if he keeps sticking his nose into my business he will suffer the same fate as his dear ol' buddy Donny."

Hotaru gasped as she starred back at him in horror. "You killed Donny…you…you bastard!"

Wallace didn't respond, just smirked before taking his knife and slashing Hotaru across the face. He released his hold on her and watched as the woman clutched her face with trembling hands as blood began to spill between her fingers. He closed his knife before replacing it back in his pocket as Hotaru slid down the wall till she sat on the floor in a broken mess.

Wallace stepped away from the woman, turning his back on her. "If I were you…I suggest you and your bitch better back off too. I know they come here…and I know your bitch is the reason why they're here in this fucking town in the first place!" he snarled.

Hotaru flinched before turning weary eyes on the man she despised with every fiber of her being and asked the one question that's been plaguing her since Amara and Serena made their ways into her life.

"Why…why are you doing this? Why can't you leave them alone?"

Wallace's dark laughter filled the room as he turned his head to look at the woman with a manic gleam in his eyes. "Because they're mine…and I will get back what rightfully belongs to me!" he growled before he made his way towards the door. Stepping through he paused, casting one more glance towards the woman who was still huddled up against the wall, trembling hands pressed against her heavily bleeding face.

"Until next time." He replied casually before walking out of the door and slamming it behind him.


Hotaru pulled up into the driveway over her home, seeing both Sesuna's and A.J's vehicles already in the driveway. The raven haired woman sighed heavily, pulling a bloodied paper towel from her face wincing as the wound began to throb immediately.

Holding back tears, Hotaru stepped out of the car and made her way up the pathway to her home. Pulling out her keys, she quickly unlocked the front door and stepped inside. The aroma of freshly brewed tea filled her home and she followed the scent to the kitchen where she found Setsuna and A.J.

A.J sat at the kitchen table, snacking on a cookie as Setsuna was in the middle of taking the kettle off of the stove and was bringing it to the kitchen table. A.J was the first to see her and he gasped, standing to his feet with his eyes wide open in shock.

Startled, Setsuna looked upon her longtime friend in confusion before following his gaze. She gasped as she looked at her girlfriend's appearance, the kettle slipping from her hands and colliding to the tiled floor with a 'clink'

"Oh my God…what happened?" questioned Setsuna as she made her way to her lover, shaky hands cradling Hotaru's face a she eyed the deep slash across her face. The cut began just below Hotaru's left eye and trailed down the side of her face, stopping just before the woman's trembling lips. The Social Worker's eyes narrowed as she eyed the dark purplish blue bruises that decorated the woman's throat.

Hotaru finally let the tears pill as her violet eyes stared in to her lover's worried filled garnet orbs. "Wallace came to my office." She whispered, starring up at Setsuna with horror stricken eyes. "He knows where I work Sets…he knows so much!"

Within a matter of seconds Setsuna was ushering the distraught woman to a set at the table as A.J began to pace the kitchen, hands balled up into tight fist. Setsuna quickly left the room to grab a towel and brought it back and pressed the dark cloth to Hotaru's still bleeding face. Setsuna stared up into her girlfriend's face worriedly as the raven had begun to stare of blankly; licking her suddenly dry lips, she took ahold of her lover's hand, snapping the woman out of her reverie.

"Tell us what happened, Hotaru."

Hotaru nodded and began to retell what happened not too long ago. "It hadn't even been 15 minutes after Sakura and Elaine left that Wallace had walked into my office. He made a rude comment and I snapped at him…next thing I know he had me by the throat and was slamming me up against the wall. He told me if I didn't watch my mouth that he had no problems killing me…and then he had pulled out a knife from his back pocket." Hotaru shivered. "The blade was coated in dried blood…I think it was the blood of the woman he had attempted to kill."

A.j narrowed his eyes on the woman as Setsuna grabbed a seat from behind her and sat in it heavily, reclaiming Hotaru's hand within her own again. "He told me that he wanted me to relay a message."

"What message?" questioned A.J.

Hotaru shifted eyes upon her friend. "He told me to tell you that you needed to back off or you will suffer the same fate as Donny."

A.J growled in outrage and slammed his fist upon the kitchen table causing its contents to rock at the abuse. "That bastard!"

Hotaru smirked. "I said the same thing and that's when he slashed me across the face and he proceeded to tell me that Setsuna and I better watch out backs as well. That he knew that the girls come to see me and that he knew that Setsuna is the reason why the girls now reside in Juuban."

Setsuna snapped her eyes to A.J. "Where the fuck is he getting all of this information from?"

A.J sneered. "I get the feeling that Dom is behind all of this."

Setsuna sighed, running a hand through her bangs. "Do you think we should pull back?"

Hotaru snapped her gaze towards her lover in shock. "We will not fall back!"

It was Setsuna's turn to look incredulous. "That prick came to your fucking job Hotaru! He hurt you and threatened you!"

Hotaru's eyes narrowed dangerously close. "And what do you think he's going to do when he gets a hold of those girls Sets? You think he's going to give them the love and care that they deserve? No! He's going to kill them…I saw it in his eyes!"

Setsuna turned her gaze away from her lover feeling ashamed, though Hotaru reached her hand out, cupping Setsuna's cheek and turned the woman towards her. "I know you're afraid…hell I am too but I already made a vow that I would do anything to protect those girls. I've never once gone back on my word and I'll be damned if I start now." Hotaru sighed, dropping her hand and stared down at her lap. "I was only in his presence for a few moments and I reverted back into that terrified 14 year old I was back in high school so I can only imagine the horrors Amara and Serena have witnessed. " The psychiatrist shook her head. "No I can imagine because I can see the look in their eyes whenever he is mentioned. "

Setsuna sighed. "I know…" she whispered as she turned her gaze upon her fuming friend. "What do we do now A.J?"

A.J paused in his pacing, dropping both hands down upon the kitchen table with a frown. "We're going to have to be more cautious…and I think you both need escorts as well."

Setsuna frowned. "What about you?"

A.J smirked. "That bastard has one time to show his face in my presence and I won't hesitate to put a bullet in his fucking head. That mother fucker killed my best friend and now a little boy has to grow up without a mother or a father. Not only that but he killed a child that night and an unborn infant!" A.J gritted his teeth. "I will make sure that someone is outside your homes and jobs at all times. This will not happen again!"

Hotaru nodded, absentmindedly watching as Setsuna picked up the dropped kettle and brought it to the sink to refill, so she could make some more tea to calm her rattled nerves. "There's still more."

A.J arched a brow in curiosity. "Such as?"

"Serena confessed."

A.J's eyes widened. "What?"

"Serena told me what happened the day that they ran away and you were right A.J, Serena was the one to shoot Wallace."

Setsuna dropped the kettle in the sink and snapped her head towards her lover with wide eyes. "Explain." A.J nodded in agreement as he took a seat at the table.

"Serena told me that her father was never home on the weekends, but for some reason that Friday he was there…" Hotaru turned her gaze to A.J. "It was the same day that Donny and his family were hit by that semi and were knocked off the side of the mountain. Anyways…she said that her father was extremely angry because Amara had gotten into a fight at school and Serena's teacher had given Wallace a phone call complaining about Serena sleeping in class and not completing her homework. She said that her father had attacked them and at one point, Wallace had pinned Serena down and started to touch her like he was going to rape her…but Amara had stopped him by bashing a lamp over the back of his head. They both tried to escape but Wallace recovered faster than they thought he would and he had turned his anger onto Amara. Serena said that she had tried to help her sister but Wallace had thrown her into the table that held all of his drugs and when she had recovered she could hear Amara screaming. Once she realized that it was coming from her father's bedroom she immediately went in there and that's where she saw her father raping her sister. To make him stop, she went into his closet and grabbed the gun that he kept in a shoe box. She aimed the gun at him and told him to stop…he demanded that she give him the gun and when she refused he lunged at her and that's when the gun went off. Serena said that she freaked because she thought that she had killed him and Amara was the one who had got them out of there. They had gone to a restaurant to clean up and eat, but left when they relized one of the employees had called the police. They snuck out and hid in a nearby alley and that's where Luna had found them."

Hotaru sighed, "She had gone into great detail about that night but I just can't stomach repeating it so I gave you the basics."

A.J placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It's okay Hotaru…you gave me enough information."

The psychiatrist nodded as she leaned back heavily in her seat with a sigh. "We have to end Wallace's reign of terror. I've already gotten Serena to confess…now I need to get Amara to confess what really happened the night their mother died."

Setsuna placed the kettle back on the stove top and turned to Hotaru in curiosity. "Do you really think you can get her to talk; we all know she's a tough nut to crack."

I know." whispered Hotaru. "I honestly didn't think that it would take this long for Serena to confess but I do believe that if I expose myself to Amara she will open up to me. I have to show her that I know what it's like to lose a mother and to have a father be my personal monster. As much as I don't want to reveal my personal demons, I have to do what I must to keep these girls safe." Hotaru shifted her eyes towards A.J "If I can get Amara to confess; the girls will never have to worry about him again?"

A.J nodded his head. "Wallace will never step foot out of prison until his dying breath."

Hotaru smiled for the first time that evening. "Then exposing myself will be worth it."


Hotaru sighed heavily as she stood within her office waiting on Elaine to drop off Amara. She made her way over to the window, peaking through the blinds and eyeing the police officer that sat in his car that was parked outside of the building. Releasing the blinds, her hand slowly ghosted over the still healing gash on the side of her face. Lucky for her the cut wasn't deep enough for stitches and would heal with little to no scaring.

Dropping her hand she turned towards the door as a knock resounded. Making her way to the door, she opened it quickly and smiled as was greeted by a smiling Elaine and a rather smug looking Amara. Arching a brow at the short haired blonde she shifted curious eyes towards Elaine and the lavender haired woman shook her head with a grin.

"You'll have to ask her." replied Elaine as Amara made her way into the room and quickly found a seat at the table that Serena had sat at two days prior.

"I will." replied Hotaru before looking back up at Elaine. "How is Serena?"

Elaine smiled warmly as she laid a hand on her swollen belly. "She's back to her bubbly self again!"

"That's great." replied Hotaru. "I'll have Amara ready for you within an hour."

With a quick nod, the expecting mother bid Amara a farewell and left as Hotaru closed the door and made her way over to the sandy blonde whom still looked rather smug.

"You seem quite happy, is there a reason?" Hotaru couldn't help but ask.

Amara grinned as she stared up at the psychiatrist. "I won the bet I had against Serena."

Hotaru arched a dark brow in curiosity. "Care to explain?"

Amara nodded her head vigorously. "Yeah, Elaine picked me and Serena up early today so we can finally see what the baby is going to be!"


Elaine grinned as she lay back on the hospital bed within OBGYN, wearing her hospital gown and her swollen belly exposed to the world. She shifted her eyes to the Serena, the bubbly blonde barely able to contain her excitement as she leaned against the bed and was practically trembling. Shaking her head Elaine turned to Amara whom was doing a much better job with concealing her excitement as her piercing green orbs watching the young female doctor move about the room. Elaine held back a snicker as she eyed the eldest child; she was definitely the protective one of the bunch.

The doctor soon came towards the pregnant woman and rubbed a cold jelly like substance upon Elaine's belly and both Serena and Amara leaned in to examine the jelly.

"What is that?" questioned Serena as she scrunched her nose up in disgust.

The doctor smiled at the small blonde. "This will help me to see the baby when I use this device." She replied as she held up a contraption that looked similar to a scan gun you would find in a grocery store. "This will scan the inside of your mom's belly and a picture of the baby will appear on this screen." The woman replied as she pointed at the screen that was slightly behind her.

Amara looked at the woman skeptically. "That little gun can do all that?"

The woman nodded with a grin. "It sure can, now tell me. Do you want the baby to be a boy or a girl?"

"Girl!" Serena immediately yelled with a huge grin on her face.

Amara rolled her eyes at her sister. "It's a boy Serena!"

Serena scowled as she glared at her older sister. "Says the one who's going to be washing my dishes for a month!"

Amara scoffed as she cross her arms over her chest. "We'll see about that." She muttered and turned towards the doctor and waited for her to do her magic.

The doctor giggled at the girls' antics and placed the contraption on Elaine's belly. Both girls gasped as the baby appeared on the screen and doctor began to point out the baby's head, hands and feet.

"It's sucking on its thumb." whispered Amara in amazement; this had to be the coolest thing she had ever seen!

Elaine felt tears of joy well in the corners of eyes as she watched the girls stare at screen in adamant fascination; she really wished that Ken was here to see this. The poor guy was unfortunately stuck at work, fixing a go-kart that had a horrible gas leak and Elaine had promised to bring home plenty of pictures and video so he wouldn't feel left out. She snapped out of her thoughts as the doctor spoke the words she had been dying to know from the moment she found out she was pregnant.

"Are you ready to know what the baby is?"

At the lavender haired woman's nodded and two excited "yes!" were heard, the doctor told the three females what they wanted to hear.

"Congratulations Mrs. Tsukino; you're having a boy!"

"I knew it!" shouted Amara as she pumped her fist in the air and smirked at her distraught sister. "Looks like you're washing my dishes for a month!"

Serena threw her head back and wailed. "Noooo!"

*End Flashback*

Hotaru couldn't help but snicker as she knew that Serena was distraught over the information. The blonde for the past few weeks had been telling the psychiatrist that she was going to have a baby sister and now it was a well-known fact that she was now going to have a baby brother.

The woman soon sighed as the happy atmosphere in the room was going to qickly change as the raven knew the change of topic was going to go onto much more depressing matters.


The short haired blonde turned her gaze towards the woman and eyed here warily at the tone of voice and the sudden tension that filled the air.


"We need to talk."

Amara frowned as an unsettling feeling began to well in the pit of her stomach; she just knew she wasn't going to like this conversation.


'She's already on the defensive.' Thought Hotaru to herself as she grabbed one of the chairs and took a seat across from Amara. Deciding that being blunt was the best way to approach the situation, the psychiatrist spoke to the defensive child as calmly as she could. "I want to know what really happened the day your mother died."

Amara flinched and her light green eyes narrowed dangerously close. "I've already told you what happened."

Hotaru sighed as she shook her head, looking at the child seriously. "You and I both know that your mother didn't die from a car accident."

Amara suddenly sneered at the woman and Hotaru nearly gasped because at that moment Amara looked so much like her father that she couldn't help the sliver of fear that coursed its way up her spine and she had to stop herself from shivering.

"Why are you asking me this?" the shirt haired couldn't help but ask.

Hotaru leaned forward in her seat, lacing her fingers on top of the table; looking Amara straight into her eyes. "I'm asking you this because I want to help you."

Amara laughed humorlessly and the act didn't settle well with Hotaru in the least. "Help me?" questioned the blonde skeptically. Her sneer returned by a tenfold as she glared at Hotaru with such intensity, the woman began to shift in her seat uncomfortably. "You don't want to help me…you just want me to bring up things that I don't want to remember." The blonde turned her gae way from the psychiatrist, much to the woman's relief as the girl stared blankly at the wall. "You have no right to ask me that!" she snapped. "You don't know what my sister and I have been through! You don't know what it's like to lose a mother."

HOtaru smiled sadly as she tugged at the long sleeves of her blouse. "That's where you're wrong."

Amara snapped her head towards Hotaru and eyed the woman skeptically as she continued talking. "I do know what it's like to lose a mother…and I know what it's like to have a father be your own personal monster."

"How so?"

Hotaru met Amara's gaze, realizing she had the child's full attention. Without saying anything, she rolled up the sleeves of her shirt and Amara gasped as she eyed the grotesque scars and burns that covered the entirety of the woman's arms.

The sandy haired blonde eyed the scarring for a moment before staring up into Hotaru's tear filled violet orbs. "That's why you always wear long sleeves?"

At the woman's nod, Amara licked her lips slowly as her eyes trailed down towards the woman's arms once more. "What happened?"

Hotaru took in a shaky breath to gain control over her emotions before replying. "My father used to be a well-known scientist here in Juuban. He lost his job when his colleagues realized that my father's experiments were rather cruel and inhuman as he practically tortured animals in his research. They did not want his experiments to represent their company and my father didn't take it too lightly…his research was his life. My father soon started to drink and kept himself locked in the basement of our home where he performed his experiments. He started to become mean and violent towards my mother and soon the treatment was bestowed upon me. Mom wanted to leave him but she was afraid, he would threaten her saying that if we left that he would kill us." Hotaru sighed as she ran a shaky hand through her short raven locks. "One day I let the curiosity get the best of me…"

Hotaru shook her head with a wry smile. I should of never of gone down there but I wanted to know why my father stayed in the basement for hours and I wanted to know what he was hiding that I wasn't allowed to see. I was about your age and my father was sleeping in his room and my mother was making lunch and I decided to sneak into the basement. What I saw scared me…he had all sorts of weird things down there…like different animals sewed together, I could see dried blood splattering the walls and the stench of the room was ungodly. Becoming freaked out, I went to leave and my father was standing at the bottom of the steps and he was furious. Before I knew it, he had jumped on me and started beating me. My mother rushed down stairs after hearing the commotion and tried to get him off me. I remember him shoving her and she crashed into his chemicals and the majority of them fell to the floor. I think that's what had started the fire and within a matter of seconds the room was covered in flames. I remember someone picking me up and before we could get out of there the room exploded."

Hotaru sighed. "I woke up in a hospital with the majority of my upper body covered in bandages. With the doctors telling me that I was the only survivor. My mother was the one that had picked me up, but when the explosion went off it had knocked her down and she had fallen across the lower half of my body which is why the upper portion of my body was affected so badly. The doctors had said that it was a miracle that I had survived."

The psychiatrist looked towards the sandy blonde as the child stared down at the table blankly as she tried to wrap her mind around the story. Pulling the sleeves back over her arms and sat back heavily in her seat. "I'm being honest when I tell you that I want to help you Amara…I know what it's like to lose someone you love and I know what it's like to have a loved one hurt you. I know your father has down terrible things to you and your sister…and I know he has done horrible things to your mother. I want to make sure that your father will never hurt you again."

Amara slowly raised her head and Hotaru could finally see the trust and if she wasn't mistaken a new found respect began to well in the child's eyes. "If I tell you what really happened…are you sure Serena I will never have to worry about him again."

Hotaru nodded her head. "Yes…once he is found he will be behind bars for the rest of his life."

Amara frowned not liking the words "once he is found" but in all honesty, it was better than nothing. The young tomboy gazed up at her psychiatrist with a seriousness that startled the woman. "I will only tell you this one time and one time only…I don't want to talk about this again."

The raven haired woman smiled at the child warmly. "You have my word Amara…I will never ask you to speak on this again."

Amara nodded and began her tale. "Dad had was way worse than he had been when he had come back home from jail. He was always angry and I was beginning to think that it was even us that he was really mad at." The child frowned at her thoughts. "He started using that white stuff a lot more too which made mom really angry."

Amara furrowed her brows as she tried to remember everything clearly. "I can't really remember what it was that Serena had done but dad was really mad. He had grabbed my sister by the throat and was screaming in her face and just when I went to go help her, mom had come home with bags of groceries in her hands. She had dropped them to the floor and immediately tried to help Serena. My dad just let Serena go and she dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes and just as my mom got to him, he turned around had hit my mom so hard across the face that it knocked her off of her feet. He had looked like he was going to hit her again but stopped himself and he had stormed out of the house. Serena was still one the floor and she was holding her neck crying and mom was lying on the floor completely knocked out. It had taken a while but I had finally got Serena to calm down and we both tried to get my mom to wake up but she was out. We even tried to get her off of the floor but she was too heavy for us to pick, so we sat with her until she woke up hours later…and that's when things got bad.


Ellen groaned as she raised a trembling hand to her painfully throbbing head. After a few seconds she opened her unfocused blue eyes and winced at the lighting in the room. Groaning again, the woman rolled onto her side and tried to sit up, but stopped when she felt a small hand rest upon her shoulder.

"Are you okay mom?"

Ellen turned towards her 7 year old daughter and tried to give her a reassuring smile but it looked more like a grimace. "I'm okay Amara." She whispered. "Where is your sister?"

The short haired blonde didn't say anything, just pointed towards the nearby wall. Ellen looked towards the direction and felt tears well in her eyes as she saw her youngest huddled up in the corner, legs drawn to her chest with her arms wrapped around them and face buried into her knees.

"Serena?" the small blonde slowly raised her head and the woman felt her heart crack at her daughter's tear stained face.

"Come here Honey."

Serena slowly un-wrapped her arms from around her knees and crawled across the room. Ellen sat up slowly and pulled her daughter into her lap and wrapped her arms around the child tightly. Serena immediately began to tremble as she sobbed against her mother's chest. The blonde haired woman rubbed her daughter's back to console the distraught child before she gently pulled Serena back.

"Let me see your neck sweetie." whispered Ellen. The child nodded as she wiped at her tears with the back of her hand as she sat up straighter for her mother. The woman eyed the dark purplish blue bruises wrapped around the front of her daughter's throat and couldn't help the choked sob that escaped her as she pulled her daughter flush against in another tight embrace.

"Did he hurt you anywhere else?"

"N-no." hiccupped the distraught child as she gripped the front of her mother's shirt in her small hands. Ellen quickly turned to her eldest, reaching out an arm and beckoning her forward. Amara was at her mother's side in an instant and Ellen clutched the child to her side as well.

"Did he hurt you too sweetie?"

The sandy haired blonde shook her head as she sunk into her mother's embrace. "No, I'm okay Mom."

The battered woman sighed in relief, clutching her babies close to her. "Do you know how long I've been out?"

"A couple of hour; it's after midnight."

Ellen nodded slowly as she became lost within her own thoughts; this had to stop. Wallace wasn't going to change and she needed to get her children as far from him as possible. Closing her eyes, she felt more tears roll down her cheeks; her sister had been right.

How could she be so fucking stupid!

Not only had she endangered her own life but she had dragged her girls into this mess; she truly felt like a terrible mother!

She kissed both girls on top of their heads and held them to her more tightly. "Girls…" Both Amara and Serena raised their heads and gave their mother their undivided attention.

"I want the both of you to go upstairs and pack some clothes; we're not going to stay here anymore."

Amara furrowed her brows slightly. "Where are we going to go? Are we going to stay at Aunt Emily's again?"

"I don't know honey…all I know is that we are not staying here so hurry on up upstairs and pack something before your father comes home. I have to make a quick phone call and I'll be up there in a second."

Both girls nodded their heads vigorously and Amara helped her little sister stand to their feet and the both of them quickly left the room and bounded up the stairs. Ellen sighed warily as she slowly stood to her feet as well; she really needed to call her sister.

Amara and Serena were in their shared bedroom and were currently flinging anything that got their little hands on into their respective book bags. Neither one of them really cared what they grabbed, all they knew was that they were finally getting out of this hell hole and they needed to be fast.

Zipping up her overly stuffed bag Serena looked up at her big sister curiously. "You think we're going to stay away for good this time?"

Amara nodded her head as she zipped up her bag as well and shifted her gaze to her baby sister. "Yeah…I really think mom doesn't want to be with dad anymore."

"Good." whispered Serena as she picked up her bag. "I don't want to be around daddy anymore either."

"You and me both." muttered the tom boy as she grabbed her bag off the door as well.

The Tenoh sisters jumped as they heard a door slam they both looked towards each other with wide eyes before bolting out of the bedroom and towards the stairs. Before Serena could jump off the last step and bolt into the room, Amara grabbed her sister by the back of her shirt and pulled her back just as their father walked further into the living room.

"Who the fuck were you talking too!?" shouted Wallace as he stalked his way over to his wife, his face contorted in pure rage.

Ellen took a cautious step back, gripping the cordless phone tightly in one had. "No one Wallace…honey calm down." Ellen casted a quick glance towards the stairs, giving her daughters a look that they knew all too well; stay where you're at and don't get involved.

"Don't fucking lie to me!" growled Wallace darkly as his hands balled up into tight fists and he took a menacing step towards his wife.

Ellen visibly gulped as the look in her husband's eyes was beginning to scare her. Starring into the light green eyes she had fallen for over 8 years ago, she noticed the wild crazed look that he held within them and it quickly dawned on her that her husband was high out of his fucking mind! What she realized next was that she shouldn't have told the girls to pack and that she shouldn't have made a phone call…she should have grabbed her girls as soon as she had awakened and got them into the car and high-tailed it out of there.

The blonde haired twin swallowed deeply; her heart pounding in her ears. "I'm not lying Wallace."

Wallace sneered at his wife and he suddenly shoved the woman. "You're trying to leave me aren't you?!"

Ellen cried out as her back slammed against the wall and she slid to the floor with tears welling in her eyes. She turned towards her husband as he slowly advanced towards her with ragged breaths, hands clenched into tight fists, eyes dripping with rage and malice. The mother of two turned her gaze away from the man she vowed to love till her dying breath and looked to her little girls' and she wanted to sob as she saw the pure terror in Amara's eyes as she held her sister back as Serena began screaming and tried to break free from her older sister's hold.

The woman gasped as her husband was now standing before her, ripping the cordless phone from her hand. Ellen stared up into her husband's wild eyes as he raised the phone above his head and began bringing it down towards her head at an alarming rate. She closed her eyes and sent a silent prayer hoping that her girls would be okay before Wallace came upon her head with a devastating blow, that rendered the woman unconscious immediate. Though instead of stopping, Wallace continued his assault and repeatedly brought the cordless phone down upon his defenseless wife as the blood began to splatter the walls and soon across his daughter's horrified faces.

After a few more moments, Wallace finally stopped his assault as he let the bloodied broken phone drop from his hand. His gaze slowly turned towards his daughters, first staring into his eldest tear filled eyes that were identical to his own; his wife's blood decorating her face as she stared at her mother's motionless body. He lowered his gaze towards his youngest that was sobbing hysterically, staring back at him like the monster he was as she too had his wife's blood splattered across her face.

Blinking slowly, he looked towards his wife and felt his throat tightened as he stared at the bloody mess…the bloody mess that he created. He honestly couldn't recognize the woman as half of her face and the right side of her head was completely bashed in and the upper portion of her body was drenched in blood. Dropping to his knees he placed a hand on the woman's shoulder, giving it a gentle shake.


The gestured only caused the motionless body to slump over to the side and it was Wallace's turn to feel a fear that was completely foreign to him.

"Ellen." He whispered desperately, reaching his hand out again and pressed it to the side of the woman's neck. He snatched his hand back quickly when he couldn't feel a pulse and he felt his heart constrict in agony.

What had he done?!


Wallace snapped his head towards his children as Serena freed herself from her sister's hold and slowly made her way over towards them. Amara dropped weightlessly onto the steps, her eyes glued onto her mother as the tears finally fell.

Serena took another step towards her mother as if she were in a trance. "Mommy?"

Wallace abruptly stood, grabbing the small child by the shoulder, making her tear filled blue eyes snap towards him. "Go upstairs with your sister."

Serena shook her head, her eyes falling back on to her mother. "No! I have to make sure she's okay!" the child's form began to tremble as the sobs came back with a vengeance. "She's not moving…why isn't she moving?!" screamed the small blonde becoming hysterical and trying her hardest to remove herself from her father's grasp.

Wallace reared his hand back and slapped the child across the face, immediately shutting her u and she stared up at him with wide eyes. "Go upstairs with your sister and clean yourselves and get ready for bed." He took in a shaky breath as he began to panic as the realization that he killed his wife in front of their kids began to dawn on him. "She's okay Serena…I promise. I'm going to take her to the hospital and she will be home before you know it." He could tell that the small blonde knew he was lying but she slowly nodded her head none the less and Wallace released her. She slowly backed away from him, her eyes falling onto her mother once more.

Wallace turned towards the girls and snapped when Serena stood frozen at the steps and Amara hadn't budged from her spot either. "Move it!"

Amara seemed to snap out of her trance and grabbed her sister's arm and tugged her towards the stairs. "Come on Sere before he gets mad." She whispered desperately.

Wallace didn't turn away from the stairs till he heard the girls' bedroom door slam shut.

*End Flashback*

Hotaru stared at the Amara in horror as the child had tears slowly streaming down her face. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. The psychiatrist stood from her seat silently and made her way to the silently sobbing child and pulled her into a tight embrace that she knew the girl desperately needed.

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